Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christy Clark Government, Jack Daniels And Jackboots

 UPDATED JANUARY 30th/2013....

The power of the blog..This post laid it out, a threatening story 2 weeks ago in the Vancouver Sun was a Jackboots special..

After 1000`s of page views, BC Hydro has backed off, John Horgan was on with Jon McComb today between 3:06 and 3:21 pm..

The BC Liberals blinked, again, because of you, the people, ..Now remember, if the BC Liberals are elected they will Jackboots these smart meters through..

BC Hydro has confirmed that for now, smart meter installations on those opposed to these heathen devices has been canceled..

Thank you readers, this proves the power we possess, as a whole, united, we can prevail, divided and silent we fall..

In my news alert e-box, this statement just issued by BC Hydro..

"BC Hydro issues statement; says it won't install Smart Meters without customer's permission. Up to 140 thousand people have refused the meters."

Below is the story that made them blink...Cheers

The Straight Goods


I read a very telling article in the Vancouver Sun tonight, it was threatening in tone, it was disrespectful with an all encompassing authoritative demeanor, a you have no choice, a submit submit submit message sent from our BC Liberal corporate Government to 170,000 voting households who have refused smart meter installations

 Christy Clark after being anointed premier by several thousand members of a stench stained BC Liberal party has done absolutely nothing, a bumbling stumbling wink and wiggle marionette carrying on with Gordon Campbell`s agenda, a Liberal in name only jackboots Government with but one intent, to transfer as much money from taxpayers to private hands, a BC Liberal Government with a systemic corporate mindset ingrained, public wealth stolen, or in this case the public`s credit card used to steal monies, we haven`t paid for smart meters, Gordon Campbell put the bill on BC Hydro`s credit card, $1 billion dollars plus spent, $1 billion dollars plus still owed and accumulating interest

The article was indeed a jackboots special, an ultimatum....News flash Christy Clark, 170,000 household, let`s say there are 2 adults per resident, 340,000 people, even if 50% of those vote that`s 170,000 voters, what percentage of those are, or were BC Liberal voters...Those numbers would be in tens of thousand, the 2005 election and the 2009 election was decided by a margin of but 10,000 voters among a handful of ridings..

Read the Jackboots article Here..

I remind you fine folk that smart meters were brought in for one reason, for real-time billing, it states as much in BC Hydro`s service plan documents..

Christy Clark, why do you lie?

You promised the public you would call an election, you said you couldn`t be premier elected by party members only, you said you needed a public mandate, you reneged, no, you lied your face off, you said there would be no persuasion campaign to save the HST, you lied, you spent $10 million dollars on stickmen ads, $10 million dollars wasted on stick people, despite the fact that these stickmen figures had more personality that the entire BC Liberal party, why do you lie Christy, have you learned nothing..

Hey Bill Good, you are a phony asshole, you too are a liar, all week blathering on how Adrian Dix was the person who made British Columbia remove the HST, news flash ShillyBilly, it was the people, after a people powered successful attack against corporate cronyism spearheaded by Bill(Social Credit right winger)Vanderzalm, Chris Delaney, NDP pundit Bill Teileman and Cheryl B along with millions of consumer taxpayers, we rejected having $2 billion dollars per year being plucked from our pockets..

Indeed, Bill Good is back to his partisan tricks, his seething hatred for the NDP, we have had the HST for 2 years, prices didn`t drop one dime on anything, consumer goods went up in cost, that is the first HST lie, they claimed prices would drop, they didn`t, these Liars, these BC Liberals claimed the HST would create jobs, it cost thousands of jobs, and Billy Boy, if you want to blame Adrian Dix for the demise of the HST then you must also say that Adrian Dix listened to the wishes of the public, something you and your BC Liberal party have never done..

A couple of weeks ago Bill Good was claiming calls to his program aren`t being screened, he`s a liar, earlier this week(January 21st) he had on a Mr. Caruthers, the CEO of Enbridge, very few callers were actually aired on the pipeline segment, the calls were passive and weak, yet me and three other callers in the household I was in called, we were not given airtime..

Just before the noon hour when email and listener lines are played, Bill the Shill Good claimed there was no angry callers wanting to speak to Mr. Caruthers, the tone was civil, his junior lady bug producer concurred, she did play one angry listener line call, a call against Enbridge, and then buffoon Billy Good actually stated on air, and I quote...

"Why didn`t he call in, it amazes me that Mr Caruthers made himself available, opened himself up to callers and the listener didn`t call in"

The segment with John Caruthers was January 21st, 10:36 am to 10:58 am..

The listener line bit comes around the 11:55 am mark, just before the noon news..

You and your staff are partisan game playing call screening liars, period, I was waiting on the phone, my friends were waiting on their phones, none of us got through..

I wanted to remind the public of Enbridge`s 800 oil spills in the last decade, the Kalamazoo incident, and more, and yes Billy`s lady bug producer asked me what I wanted to say, and my friends, none of us were aired, ..

So for Billy Good to play up how civil the callers were, no ranting, his stage play was obvious, his subtle messaging to his few remaining gullible listeners was...Enbridge is good, it`s needed, the public has become accepting...

This pattern with Billy Good is so predictable, he takes the corporate agenda and runs with it, he promoted the HST, every cknw radio voice claimed they wanted and voted for the HST, now the corporate pig Bill Good is pushing Enbridge, the man is incapable of asking tough questions or any tough follow up questions, a sad old man whose relevance vanished a decade ago, a BC Liberal stooge..

Newsflash Billy, dilbit can`t be cleaned up, it sinks in water, newsflash Billy, the HST might be good for the corporate bottom line but that good came at a $2 billion dollar cost to consumers, consumers who are already drowning in debt..
And today, his view panel, featuring the mouth of the Republican south Alise Mills..

Yes, they bashed Adrian Dix for costing the province the HST..the program featured HST pimp, featured a partisan attack on Adrian Dix over the impending loss of the HST, Social Credit ex-premier and right winger Bill Vanderzalm wasn`t mentioned, Bill Teileman wasn`t mentioned, the millions of British Columbian voters who cast a vote to destroy the consumer gouging tax weren`t mentioned, only Adrian Dix...

And Alise Mills, what a pathetic piece of garbage, Alise Mills said to the listening audience that the BC Liberal Government should have stood their ground and kept the HST, she went further, Alise Mills stated that Gordon Campbell erred by even allowing a referendum, !!!...Alise Mills basically said that Democracy and the will of the people be damned, and the partisanship of Billy Good and Alise Mills was just getting started, besides playing an Adrian Dix attack ad they played a new BC liberal party ad(for free again), then they proceeded to call Adrian Dix a hypocrite for traveling to Los Angeles to talk to the movie business bigwigs, ..And Alise Mills continued with her vitriolic hatred of Adrian..She planted seeds of corruption by stating, "I wonder who is paying for the trip"..Insinuating the taxpayers are being raped..Does Alise Mills talk of Christy Clark`s near $million dollar travel bill over the last year??

Alise Mills, a nasty bimbo who not only lies, spins and deflects, she doesn`t believe in Democracy or human rights, a throwback to the mindest of the 1800`s..Robber Barons and Surfs...Alise Mills, her blather is white noise, her ilk is white trash!

 Billy Good and cknw promoted the Vancouver casino proposal, they lost..Billy Good and cknw promoted the HST with vigor, they lost..Billy Good and cknw promoted the Surrey casino proposal and lost..

You have no credibility left Bill Good, and now that you are once again showing your corporate puppy dog tail and promoting Enbridge, well, I look forward to beating your sorry ass again..

Christy Clark, why do you lie?

Smart meters and Christy Clark`s jobs agenda carpet bombing ad campaign, smart meters destroy jobs, what about meter readers, those workers cast aside.

Enbridge, Terry Lake has been performing his stunned idiot routine again, yesterday in fact, he was on with Jon Macolm, Jon asked no questions, his balls too have been snipped, or maybe his mental illness has returned, Terry Lake was talking about oil spill clean up response, and polluter pay discussions with stakeholders..And to tell how stupid Terry Lake is, here is what Terry Lake said, on air..

"We are looking at what other jurisdictions have, we are looking at what we have and were talking to stakeholders to develop a world class strategy"

Terry Lake, you are supposed to be our environment minister yet yesterday it was revealed that the run of river projects have had near 1000 low water and fish kill violations, violations that went on for months on end, and only counted as a single violation, the ministry have no resources, no oversight, a wild west game of ignoring rules, fish are dying by the thousands, an entire eco-system being slowly killed off, your Government Terry Lake can`t enforce the simplest of water rules to protect fish and wildlife and you expect us, the people to trust you with anything Enbridge, you too Terry Lake will be punted out of office, 16 weeks Terry Lake, 16 weeks...

And earlier yesterday I read the article in our lamestream media about this polluter pay talking group, they did indeed talk, they didn`t however say anything...

In that above article the message is clear, there are 16 BC staffers and a yearly $2.4 million dollar budget for environmental clean up..WOW..

In the above article the oil industry makes it clear, pipelines, tankers, shippers, everyone is on their own, there will never be a industry wide pool of cash funded with $billions of dollars for the inevitable BC oil spill disaster..

Keep on pimping Bill good, keep on threatening the public Rich Coleman, keep on looking like an idiot Terry Lake, keep on advertising Christy Clark..

Internet news, the new media, honest voices writing their hearts out, propaganda through television won`t work, a tech savvy public no longer believes the messaging from the box..

See you in Hell Billy Good

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open



Anonymous said...

Christy is very much like Campbell. She too can look us in the face and lie. There may be jobs coming to BC? They are not for the BC people nor, even for Canadians.

The resource jobs, are for China. China has permission by Harper's omnibull bill to sue, any Canadians getting in China's way. Therefore, China sued in BC to take the mining jobs. China's minimum wage is, $236 per month. Harper has permitted all company's, to hire cheap foreign labor.

Christy thieves our money, to pay for her, out and out lying TV ads. She knows damned well, Harper wants Canadian wages, way, way down. That's why the Chinese will be taking the resource jobs. Christy knows all about that.

Hugh said...

Letter to me from BC Hydro, Jan 15, 2012:

Smart meters "will help us all enjoy safe, reliable, and more affordable power for decades to come."

So hydro rates are going down, then?

Hugh said...

Re smart meters: Reminds me of how we were threatened over getting rid of the HST.

I think the meters have to do with GE's smart appliances:

These appliances need a 'smart grid'.

GE sells turbines and is a financial backer of IPPs in BC.

Don F. said...

Grant, evey word of this post should be immotalized and written into history. The raw truth of it should be spoken at the eulogy of our dear Mr. Good. It should be there forever as a reminder to future generations as bought media run amok. It should embarrass even the casual listener of what the good Mr. Good has to say to shake his head in shame.
Have faith grant, with what is unfolding lately it will all be ending soon.

Grant G said...

Thanks Mr. F....The media lying game is afoot.

Not this time, hundreds of bloggers loaded with double-barreled stories saturated in truth, heart and soul..

That old phrase comes to mind..

"Don`t shoot the messenger"

Wrong, time to turn off the messenger and burn in effigy the message.


kootcoot said...

" Bill(Social Credit right winger)Vanderzalm, NDP pundit Bill Teileman and Cheryl B"

Grant, you forgot to mention exCon Chris Delany who was also instrumental in HST Removal!

A 2.4 million dollar "clean-up" fund is laughable as the costs at Kalamazoo alone are approaching one billion and it still isn't cleaned up as much as covered up for appearances.

You better watch out criticizing Alise Mills or you might upset Slimeball w/o Pause's Washington commenter who has wet dreams about Alise, Mary Polak and every right wing bitch that doesn't need to be double bagged to protect the eyes.

Everytime I start to think affairs in Victoria and Ottawa can't get any slimier, I'm proven wrong yet again. I am so gobsmacked I can hardly begin to think of where to start to create a blog post.

Anonymous said...

Most of us said, we will support the F.N. in their fight against the Enbridge pipeline, right to the last ditch.

Seems Kinder Morgan are building their pipeline to Burnaby, late 2013. Another battle coming up.

The web site of Montreal Simon, has a petition against, Sun News. Seems they are a propaganda machine, for Harper's corrupt and evil dictatorship government.

Good work Grant, as usual.

Hugh said...

NDP Energy Critic John "Horgan is also reiterating an NDP promise to ask the B.C. Utilities Commission to take the entire billion-dollar smart meter program to the B.C. Utilities Commission for analysis if the party wins the May provincial election, something the Liberals have refused to do."

Crankypants said...

I think this ploy by Coleman and BC Hydro will drive away more votes from the BC Liberal Party. The temporary reprieve for those that still refusing a smart meter were probably not going to vote for Christy & Co. in the first place.

Now, what about the millions of voters that already have a smart meter on their home? Some didn't care and will vote based on other issues. Some were forced to take them by coercive measures and may or may not have considered this an election issue simply because they have had them for such a long time that other issues became more important. This announcement brings the issue back to the forefront which could again stir anti-Liberal sentiments.

That's the way I see it.


Grant G said...

I tend to agree Cranky..

It`s electioneering for sure, if these Liberals win they will be donning new shiny Jackboots and smart meters will be installed by force, my mom, and I, 2 different residents, 2 homes without a smart meter...

I am prepared to pay a small yearly rider to keep my dinosaur..

besides, when the day comes when there is a smart grid, and that won`t be for a long long time, without the smart grid there is no advantage having a smart meter..

I believe John Horgan..

He said this issue will go before the BCUC..


This post was well read..

and that article was a Jackboots special..

And lastly, thousands of people are being over-charged, erratic billing..

Listen to cknw/January30..3:15 pm..

Those are but a fraction of the billing horror stories..

And one more thing, the erratic billing going on..

It is no accident, it`s by design, those who complain loud enough get relief, thousands just pay..

Kinda like an over-billing at a pub, or restaurant, if people pay, so be it, if people complain, the error is fixed..

Phone/Cell phone companies have it down to an art form..

These is soon to be a big can of worms opened up..

The deliberate BC Hydro over-billing scandal exposed..

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I really don't understand why you and Alex Tsakumis obsess so much over what Bill Good has to say. AM talk radio has very limited effect these days on public opinion. I can't stand Bill Good, so I don't listen to him. Why don't you just do the same, and save your journalistic energy for things that matter?

Grant G said...

Well Mr. Fawcett, it isn`t Bill Good, it`s corruption in media.

Partisan opinion disguised as news..

Propaganda, twisting people`s minds like pretzels..

If you don`t like my posts, don`t read..

Issues are discussed here..Smart meters right?

Threats from BC Hydro.

Democracy and corruption.

Good Day

Anonymous said...

To Mr. N.F.:No matter where the lies come from, they MUST be challenged. I, like yourself, choose NOT to listen to NW, but I also choose to participate in this blog. If I did not agree, or am tired of the discussion, I would simply go elsewhere. Not every topic is for everyone. You could simply ignore the odd topic if you wish, or you could go elsewhere.
I for one am not pleased with the MSM at this time.