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Christy Clark Gets Shanked By Conservative Flank Of Her Own Party

UPDATED AT BOTTOM(January 8th/2013)

It`s no secret that I am no fan of Christy Clark, however, this post isn`t about my personal dislike of Christy, this story is about disapproval of Clark that`s coming from members of the Liberal party itself,  blatant sabotage directed towards Clark and this sabotage is coming from seasoned Liberal politicos, Christy`s caustic cauldren has finally boiled over , now factions within her own party have shoved a knife deep into her back..There is no other way to describe it..

Now before I lay out the recent facts that led me to this supposition let us review the not too distant past..

The BC Liberal party are not Liberals, the majority of the party are actually disguised Conservatives, old corrupt power brokers from the BC Social Credit party, when the Socreds imploded and were sent to the woodshed..Gordon Campbell hijacked Gordon Wilson`s BC Liberal party and filled it with Socreds and disguised them as moderate BC Liberals, the party was never Liberal, or moderate, they turned out to be a corporate interest`s first party, Crony capitalism, a modern day facist/corpo run Government.

The BC Liberal leadership campaign of 2011, Christy Clark is/was a member of the Federal Liberal party, in her youth(decades ago) Christy Clark was a member of the Young Liberals of Canada..

Kevin Falcon comes from the hard right Conservative wing of the Liberal in name only party..After a hard fought often cantankerous leadership battle, with many shenanigans reported(after the fact) as to how  Clark ultimately bested a close second place candidate Kevin Falcon...Christy had but 1 MLA support her campaign, the lowly intellectually challenged Harry Bloy... Kevin Falcon had many many MLAs supporting him..

Immediately after Christy`s victory coronation the riff within the BC Liberal party reared its ugly head..

 Clark tried to subdue her critics and reinforce her newly acquired Conservative credentials.. she threw her Liberal roots under the bus and proclaimed her rebirth as a Harper Conservative...Along with her Conservative talking points Christy brought in 2 Stephen Harper(disciples) staffers..

She brought in Wrigley`s poster girl Sara the Gum Macintire and Ken Boesenkool ...Sara turned out to be a chompy bust and Ken Boesenkool turned out to be a serial groper, both were quickly removed, the point being, these people were brought in to soothe the Conservative savages within the BC Liberal party..

After 1 year under premier Clark, her gaffes, her inability to speak fluent English, her now obvious intellectual shortcomings rose to the surface like slag scum rising from a steel kiln..

The rumblings grew and the first major salvo was launched by the less than honourable Saint John Van Dongen...

Van Dongen without any warning after a question period in our rarely open BC Legislature let loose with a Christy Clark verbal lashing..John Van Dongen quit the party and joined the fledging BC Conservative party.. Dongen claimed? he was upset over the Telus BC Place naming rights scandal and he asserted Clark had unanswered questions and involvement with the BC Rail scandal..

In my opinion John Van Dongen had other motives far more nefarious

 Motives, indeed, a new leader, a Conservative leader, anyone but Clark, isn`t that what Dongen and others wanted all along, at least as long as Christy`s been tanking in polls, with no signs of turning it around..

Let us be perfectly clear, John Van Dongen followed Gordon Campbell like a puppy dog, he followed orders and script like a compliant extra , John had no problem with the sale of BC Rail at the time, the illegal shredding of negotiated union contracts, illegal stripping of teachers rights,the HST betrayal, the $4 billion dollar fudged budget lie the Liberals foisted on the public during the 2009 election, John Van Dongen had no problem with the $6 million dollars in legal fees paid for Basi n Virk(Clark was not part of the BC Government when Mike De Jong okayed the Basi/Virk payoff, Christy  was still on the radio} when Gordon was the BC Liberal leader, in fact Van Dongen accepted, and endorsed everything Gordon Campbell did, not until a Federal Liberal took over leadership of the Lib/Socred party did John Van Dongen find fault, and as for his fault finding, he`s leaving every suspect out except Christy Clark..

John Van Dongen had open scorn for Clark during the BC Liberal leadership campaign..And considering John has so many of his own personal skeletons this display of contempt for Christy Clark rings hollow, at least in my eyes..

Never the less Dongen started the remove Christy Clark coup in the hopes that other members of the Liberal party would follow...

They didn`t follow, Dongen was now isolated as a traitor(or was he?) Christy remained..

Maybe other members of the party at that time were prepared to give Christy a chance, PAB went into overdrive, paid BC Liberal promotional ads went into high gear, the game of propaganda was afoot..

But...Christy continued her gaffes, her blunders, her pathetic Enbridge/Frosty relationship with Allison Redford skit that was exposed as a low grade theatrical trick, her fall from grace continued, not so much by men that let their penis do all their thinking but with female voters, a 30 percentage point rift developed..Christy was all but finished..

And I`m not quite sure what finally happened to open the floodgates(perhaps Milfgate was the final straw)..The hardcore rightwing flank of the Liberal Government on masse seem to be conspiring to drive Clark even lower in the polls, could it be a last ditch 11th hour gambit to force her out...

The proof....Well, before we get started, Christy is not too swift, she is though a very astute politician and dogged campaigner, she knows how to garner votes, yea, winks and smiles still work..

Drivers who used the over budget tolled Golden Ears bridge never got free rides for 10 days and or half-price tolls for 1 year, the reason, there was no election on the near horizon, however, the Port Mann skating rink bridge is a whole new ball game, free tolls for a month and half price tolls for the 1st year because...

Because the BC Liberals didn`t want to reach too deep into the pockets of their voters, voters from the bible belt, the Fraser valley, it was a election decision, a political decision designed to garner votes before an election, there is no other reason to delay charging the real and future toll price, this was a politically motivated and savvy move, so, the liberals ARE capable of astute political moves..

Was Milfgate the catalyst, the next salvo fired came from Mary Polak, a hard right wing member of the Liberal party, a Libertarian, a homophobic hard rightwing Conservative member..

After the ice bomb episode on the Port Mann bridge, then after the iced-up bridge deck that caused 40 plus cars to be damaged, damaged because of incompetence by the maintenance contractor Mainland..last Thursday as cars spun out on the bridge, in both directions of travel, TREO, the BC Government crown agency overseeing Port Mann bridge operations admitted there was negligence..

Instead of letting the issue go, Mary Polak, the next day, Friday evening, after TREO confirmed negligence by the maintenance contractor, Mary Polak told the Vancouver Sun that those drivers who slid, spun and got damaged on a ice-covered bridge, when there was no ice on either side of the bridge, when no other roadways suffered the same fate...

Rather than say nothing cabinent Minister Polak blasted drivers for reckless driving, for speeding, a day with thick fog, when no one was cited for any speeding, or any other infraction, Polak blasted those drivers, drivers from the Fraser Valley, BC Liberal driving voters with wives, friends and associates, Mary Polak, with rude and condescending tone gave those victimized drivers the middle finger on the front page of the Vancouver sun, Mary threw all blame onto those drivers...Now, if Mary Polak blamed those drivers BEFORE it was revealed Mainland contracting and TREO screwed up would be one thing but after negligence and malfeasance was implicated, and reported in all the major dailies, when she really should have apologized to all drivers Minister Polak turns the blame towards the innocent, are you kidding me ..Well..

Those drivers were not from a NDP stronghold riding like the Sunshine coast, or Vancouver island, those drivers come from BC Liberal stronghold ridings..What are we talking about, 1 minor injury claim and 40 damaged cars..Why would Mary Polak poke a stick in their eyes, how much would those claims cost, maybe a couple of hundred thousand dollars at most....Why did experienced mary Polak do that?..Why did she say anything?...Even if the BC Government was planning on stiffing those victimized drivers why not let ICBC staff do the stabbing?..After all, ICBC has been sticking it to drivers on both ends for years, that tactic would not have garnered front page exposure...So why did veteran politician and seasoned campaigner Mary Polak make that amateur move...Why indeed..

The next salvo launched..John Les, another very senior, ancient actually member of the BC Liberal party, a member who resides in and represents constituents from the bible belt, John Les a very Conservative member who dwells on the far right flank of this Liberal in name only party, and senior member on the committee who just dumped our courageous and doing a stellar job Auditor General John Doyle....Why?

There was no political upside to this move, none at all, Simi Sara on CKNW remarked today...What a stupid political move, why would they do that on the eve of an election..

And, the hard rightwing Conservative and former Chief of Staff for Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, a one Norman Specter on Bill Good`s Monday morning quarterback show(10:00am to 10:30am) said this, and I quote..

"This is by far the stupidest thing the BC Liberals have ever done" snip

To which Bill Good responded "Now that`s saying something" snip

Why,  there was no political upside to removing John Doyle, first off, John Doyle`s contract runs through to October/2013...The NDP can save John Doyle if they win the election..and,  John Doyle still has 8 months to embarrass these Liberals, how wise can that be before an election, mess with an accountant who has access to your books...John Doyle made his views apparent, he wants another term as auditor general, so there is no Liberal argument available that John Doyle wants out..

So why did Transportation minister Polak do what she did, less than 24 hours after 40 cars were damaged Polak claimed her investigation was over and drivers were bad, at fault...a 20 hour investigation..Heck, these Liberals can`t even finish the BC Ferries review before the May election(so they claim)...

Why did John Les do what he did, and actually appear on the Sean Leslie show(Saturday January 5th..4:00 pm to 4:30 pm) and confirm, admit they didn`t like John Doyle..Why, why was John Les talking about this move so quickly, while the iron was hot, why did Mary Polak so soon strike out at drivers whom hadn`t even seen an ICBC adjuster yet, and in such a public way, and on the same Saturday Sean Leslie show(January 5th Saturday 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm)..Yes, Polak blasted these drivers, again, this time not in the papers but on radio, she accused drivers of speeding in fog that was so thick they couldn`t see 20 feet in front of their face, accused drivers of going 120 KM per hour, not paying attention or taking precautionary care in winter driving conditions, without one stitch of proof, 40 cars damaged, 1 minor injury...little fender benders...Really Mary(traffic accident investigator) Polak?..

Anyone getting into accidents traveling at 120 KM per hour, there would`ve been serious injuries, many serious injuries..Why did Mary Polak spank these drivers in such a public way?

John Van Dongen...John Les(land zoning winner)...Mary Polak...All very rightwing members of the BC Liberal party, all members who supported Kevin Falcon during the BC Liberal leadership campaign, all members representing Conservative bible belt ridings in the Fraser Valley, all neighbors of each other, coincidence?...Not a chance..

John Doyle was not investigating Christy`s involvement in BC Rail John Doyle was investigating the $6 million dollar payment for Basi/Virk`s legal fees, Clark was still a radio host when that deal was struck, that means Christy  had nothing to personally fear from John Doyle`s very limited in scope investigation, Doyle was investigating who authorized legal fees, and what legal grounds Government used to justify paying those legal fees...

Christy is intimately involved in the BC Rail scandal. but, she has no fingerprints on the Basi/Virk legal fee deal, there was an indemnity breach, the indemnity was clear, no ambiguity, those pleading guilty, or found guilty get no free legal team..

 Jon Les, Mary Polak knives..

And when did these latest knives appear, when the cat is away the mice(rats) will play.. They appeared when Christy is away, on holidays, the damage is done, the very Conservative members of the Liberal party just threw Clark under the bus, is this an attempt to force her out, to drive Christy so low in the polls that for the good of the party she quits?

And, Christy has not yet been nominated to run in the election, power brokers behind the scenes have left themselves an out by not nominating Clark to run in any riding, party officials are using the excuse that...

 "Christy Clark will be nominated closer to the election"..

That`s not the reason, Conservatives factions within this BC Liberal party have made their move(It was now or never)..The party has left that door and option open..Time is running out...

Here`s what appears to be happening.., drive Christy`s popularity down.(rumours were rife already that Clark had until February to turn the polls around or leave)..February comes around, she is still polling in the sewer, Clark finds a reason and or excuse to leave, a leadership campaign is announced and these Liberals use their majority in the house to delay(because of a leadership campaign, ala Dalton McGuinty style) the election until the Fall of 2013 or even next May..May 2014..

Those are the merging> dots, maybe Milfgate and sex was the final straw for CONSERVATIVE, (Read socially Conservative) MLA`s and co..... they could stomach no more, whatever the reason, right now there is a major bloodletting going on in the Liberal party, Conservatives within the party with their actions are virtually guaranteeing Christy an early exit..John Doyle`s appointment could have been rescinded by these BC Liberals after the election, there was no rush so why create a brutal front-page headache...only someone engaging in political suicide would piss on Fraser Valley drivers in such a public way, only those hell-bent on lowering a party`s standing in the polls would attack so publicly a Auditor General who has done a stellar job..

In other words, BC Liberals are throwing knives at voting targets, through backdoor guile these knives ultimately end up in Christy`s back, all in an attempt to drive her out before the election?.. either on purpose or by accident the end result remains the same, and it doesn`t bode well for Clark..for a chance at a leadership do-over, perhaps Dianne Watts has been persuaded into running for the BC Liberal Leadership IF the job becomes open.

No party can be that stupid in an election year, can they? no long term experienced politicos like Mary Polak and John Les would make these brutal election errors by accident..

 When these Liberals have nothing to lose, only one direction left..

Get ready for a new BC Liberal leader friends, and a later election date..


Les Leyne has confirmed that the John Doyle firing scandal, Les Leyne also believes that the orders to remove John Doyle came from backroom power broking politicos within the Liberal party....
News flash, the backroom power-brokers are Clark`s handlers, direction comes from the top and obedient sheeple like Mary Polak and John Les jump to action, that action resulting in more extreme embarrassment for a flailing failing premier designate....

In other words.....Refer to above post..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open 


Grant G said...

Oops, sorry about the late editing..Really busy today.


Anonymous said...

Grant, wasn't it Christy that trotted out a test election date of May 2014 on a recent radio interview? She would do that if this coup was happening in her party against her. Right?

Grant G said...

In this TV interview..

Christy Clark twice(2 times)in that interview says 2014 election...

And on this New Years Eve video message Christy Clark jokes about accepting Richard Branson`s naked kite surfing offer.

Where is Christy Clark, she`s on holidays somewhere, maybe she is with the $billionaire as we speak..

And perhaps, perhaps Christy Clark is well aware of what`s going on and is following the "script" to the letter...

Check out this post.

And this one..


Anonymous said...

Diane Watts would be a disaster. She's as much right winged as her pals, Kevin, Mary, Rich etc. And what's going on in Surrey with development, no infrastructure, shoving a casino down the throats of those who don't want it. The financial shenanigans going in in Surrey also. (What ever did happen to her court case and her being sued? RCMP, friends of Diane and CO.) No, she and her party are as right winged as the BC Lieberals/Conservative (Socreds). Do not be fooled by this woman and her "friends".

Anonymous said...

Canada is a giant sieve of corruption, which has leaked down through the country, into every nook and cranny.

Christy works for Harper, as Campbell did before her. Harper rewarded Campbell, the High Commissioner to England, for doing his dirty work for him. The dirt comes right from the top. The books at the top, seem to be firmly closed too.

As with Campbell, anyone opposing the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals has to go. John Doyle can't do his job, without the information he needs to do so.

BC has been run on dirty tactics and dirty politics since, Gordon Campbell's reign of terror. Nothing has changed with Christy.

G. Barry Stewart said...

Not another well-written blog!

I'm going to have to give up an hour's sleep if I find any more BC political bloggers.

Grant G said...

Thanks G Barry Stewart..

I See your comments around, welcome to the propaganda free zone.


paisley said...

Thanks for all your hard work Grant. You are very much appreciated.

Grant G said...

Thanks Paisley, I aim to please..

We need more interested politicos like you..

With your help, we will prevail.


judi sommer said...

Hi Grant,
I am a newbie to this blog and seem to be following the breadcrumbs Barry has strewn to lead me here. I too will have a lot to read given some tremendous work bloggers like you,Laila,Alex T. Harvey O and Norm are doing.This entry in particular was an eye-opener and I've been a political junkie for a long time.Your scenario makes sense given the powerful men behind Christy's throne,powerful men who have a lot to lose.On the Doyle front, good to see 2 solid articles in today's Times Colonist holding Foster's feet to the fire about some dodgey record keeping that got him cited by Mr Doyle. Vendetta? Foster's own local Vernon gave him a bumby ride as well.

Grant G said...

Hello Judy..Glad you are passionate about politics.

And you certainly aren`t shy..I like that too.


judi sommer said...

I need to get a life but I'm still bloody mad on this issue so I need my soapboxfor a minute or two more. On tonight's Global, it was made clear that Eric Foster's dodgey role in the Doyle affair was a clear conflict of interest given his being cited by the Auditor General.Vicky Hunnington (sp) said there was no way Foster wouldn't have been aware of the letter sent by Doyle about poor accounting on "renos" Then, I think it was Keith Baldrey who, in a voice-over, stated Foster was not calling his own shots on the committee, broadly hinting he was getting his marching orders from someone else. It was also hinted that if it were not him, the outcome would have been the same. I hope this has major political reprocussions-for the backroom boys who really run the show.

Ron S. said...

Why do you think she's on holidays? She has to let the infighting play out then return to announce she can't continue because Hamish needs her at the hockey rink or some such BS.

Joe Canuck said...

Complaint made to Lt. Governor to dismiss Christy Clark

RE: I have seen the Enemy, and the Enemy is a MILF!

Christy Clark says it is “a compliment” to be thought of as a MILF. Well, we do not want a Premier who is a MILF. If you don’t know what that acronym stands for, find out by reading my letter to the Honourable Lieutenant Governor, Judith Guichon.!__letters

Yours truly,
Joe Canuck, The People’s Artist

Grant G said...

Mr. Canuck...Those are some very serious letters, I admire your brass..

Wish we had a million more like you, we`d change the world.

Welcome to the house.

Good Day