Friday, January 25, 2013

CKNW`s Question of the Day(updated, January 26))

UPDATED AT BOTTOM__11:23 am...

CKNW`s question of the day...The results at 10:00 am...are..

If a provincial election was held today who would you vote for


I guarantee you readers that as soon as the BC Liberal public affairs department gets wind of this poll question the numbers will turn around 180 degrees..
My early guess is the numbers by 3:00pm  today will be BC Liberals 65% to to wager?

UPDATED HERE, 11:28 am.. latest results courtesy of the BC Liberal PAB

Liberals..... .....53%


Updated-Saturday January 26...

The question of the day, at 10:00 am PAB was not quite awake, but, the poll numbers(The top set of numbers) were very similar to the latest Angus Reid poll, albeit the Green vote provincially is much higher, the reason the Green vote was so low is because, Green voters don`t listen to cknw, they listen to CBC and FM stations..
Yesterday, Friday, January 25th on Billy Good`s cutting edge of the ledge, believe it or not, that`s the first time I have ever heard Bill Good advertise the question/poll of the day...
Desperation is oozing from the BC Liberal party, they have nothing left but bad partisan advertising..And PAB has done this many times, remember this post about PAB messing with CKNW`s question of the day, I busted their asses on that one too..

On another note, Billy Good set up Adrian Dix on Friday on his 8:30 am to 9:00am segment, it was disgusting..and as of late Jon McComb has got his marching orders, he`s pimping the Enbridge pipeline and slapping at the NDP..

In Bill Good`s segment where he set up Adrian Dix, a vicious caller called Adrian a crook, his tone was vitriolic hatred, it came at 8:58 am, right as the segment ended...Jon McComb also on Friday(January 25th, 3:06p.m. to 3:21p.m. started his show blathering about Adrian Dix and memo-gate, and guess what, he played the vitriolic call from Bill Good`s morning attack on Dix..

McComb could have raised the issue without playing a nasty vicious phone call from earlier in the day on Billy Good`s show..The whole segment was preplanned, preplanned with BC Liberal operatives..

This too is a sign of how desperate the BC Liberals are..

Adrian Dix back-dated a memo in 1998, it`s no secret, it cost him plenty, he resigned, however Adrian Dix worked his butt off and has been elected twice since then, the hardest working MLA in the province, he listens to, and fights for his constituents, he fights for all BCers...every election opponent who ran against Adrian has highlighted memo-gate..The BC Liberals have attacked Adrian in our rarely open legislature over memo-gate for years, remember Harry Bloy`s weird statement last year..

Hocstein has highlighted memo-gate, now Jim Shepard is spinning and twisting, hoping and praying that memo-gate gathers traction, however, these desperate Liberals have already used that tactic, remember the Risky Dix attacks and website..

Still with Jim Shepard, in their attack they are using the island highway(on Vancouver island) as some weird angle to attack, talking about how union labour was used thus costing a made-up number, 37% more, more than what?

It makes no sense, and, the island highway is spectacular, my favorite highway in BC, a great build..What is Jim the spin Shepard driving at, there is no proof a non-union shop could`ve built the Island highway cheaper, should minimum wage earners have built the highway?..Highway builders are made up of tar and gravel workers, machine operators, surveyors, geologists, truck drivers..

Everything the BC Liberal`s have built is way over budget, the Canada line was $1 billion over budget, Convention center was $500 million over budget, Golden Ears bridge was $400 million over budget..

The workers who built the Island highway spent money, fed children, paid mortgages..

And as For Christy Clark`s jobs agenda..Kiss you meter readers good-bye, foolish, meter readers being vanquished will allow the drug trade to flourish, no longer will humans have to enter properties to read meters, meter readers are important, they point out hydro electric diversions, report suspected grow-ops..In fact I believe in part that smart meters are being brought in to facilitate more grow-ops..

Translink outsourced building our new Seabus, $25 million to build in BC..$23 million to build in Singapore...The spin-off alone would more than triple the domestic benefit..

Bill Good, Phil Hocstein, Jim Shepard...Desperate pigs..

And, I love the island highway...

Lastly, Washington Marine group refuses to tell the BC Public what they sold the fast ferries for, Gordon Campbell used those ferries as a political attack for a decade, he sold them cheap on purpose, it was all politicking...Because..

Abu Dabai Ma, the company that bought those ferries....My sources tell me they paid over $200 million dollars for the Fast Cats..

And ask yourself, why would the Washington Marine refuse to tell what they sold them for, isn`t that something shareholders would need to know, accountants, investors?

Perhaps the real sale price will get leaked, ....Stay tuned.

Keep on Freeping you pathetic creepies..


"To slew or cheat an online poll by repeatedly voting (clearing cookies, using proxies) or to make a blog appear to be commented by numerous posters by the same means. (From the practices of the Free Republic or "freepers")
The results of the CNN question of the day were running 70:30 in favor until an hour ago when it got freeped."

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

I sent this to Bill but he will never admit his show is a 3and a 1/2 hour add for the BC lieberals.Your edge of the ledge sounds like a BC liberal add by the three of you. Tired and boring please do us a favor and retire. And since when does some one have to cave into something like the suggestion of a 10 year contract and how is it only Vaughn can read it right ,the teachers wrong.

Anonymous said...

This would be in preparation for another rigged election, IF or WHEN they call it, by the Harper/Campbell/unelected Clark BC Liberal crime mob in bed with their mega-rich corporate friends and their liar friends in the mainstream corporate media and the lying polls. All bought and paid for by our tax dollars.

If the so-called election ever happens it will be cheated and stolen by this mob through yet again more gerrymandering, likely easily corrupted online voting and overseen by the corrupt BC Liars and the corrupt BC Elections.

The citizens of BC represented by ????...well NOBODY.....Jean

Anonymous said...

I hate polls. Especially from sites such as CKNW.
When I get calls, or see these polls and participate, I BS 100%.
We all should play the game.

Hugh said...

IPPs killing fish:

Grant G said...

Thanks Hugh...You should note, I highlight that in an earlier post..

Christy Clark`s public pissing contest..

Disgusting to say the least..

You should read Vaughn Palmers` column tonight, he basically says..

It`s all over for the BC Liberals..


Grant G said...

Ooops, Hugh I highlighted that article in this post..

paisley said...

The likes of Baldrey and Palmer have been complicit with the liberals selling out the province. I interact with a number of politically engaged friends on Facebook who post news articles and such. A number of us have agreed not to share or post links that involve the MSM. This is our effort to make them irrelevant. If have to get a story from them I will link through the Tyee but this will only possibly happen once a week. Though I listen to NW occasionally I never visit their site or interact with them in anyway and avoid their advertisers. If more people did this we could teach them a lesson they will never forget.

judi sommer said...

Hi Grant, I stopped listening to that station ages ago as I couldn't stand the stupidity of those who called in. Being ill-informed is one thing with now Mr Good's show is an extention of the backroom boys of the Liberals. My question is this: how much influence does that show have? How many people really have the time to listen to it? I am curious as voters have a myriad of ways to find out news. More and more seem to be turning to bloggers such as you, Ian, Alex,Norm,Alex T,
Laila and Harvey

Anonymous said...

Cheating to win in this country is a requirement, especially if you want a cushy overseas job. You can also be P.M. The media as their propaganda machines, are also a huge benefit for the corrupt.

We know what spiteful Gordo did to this province before he was booted out? Expect the same from Christy.

Campbell signed sneak deals with Harper, on his way out. Christy works for Harper too. If we don't watch our backs, we will get knives in them.

Eric said...

Hey Grant. Following you for quite some time now.I really have to laugh at this debacle they call a radio station. I was an avid listener way back to Webster days. I heard Rafes own eulogy when he left CKNW. I quit them very shortly after and have never gone back. Your poll predictions in ths post should be a major wake up call for these shills. But it seems to me you made a prediction like this before. Keep up the good work.

Grant G said...

Yes indeed Eric..It was the weekend of October 25/26th, their convention at Whistler.

Here`s the link.

e.a.f. said...

the lieberals can try to drag up things like "memo gate" but all people need to do is remember B.C. Railgate and where Morgan comes from some company called, lets see L something, and those corruption charges. oh ya.

The lieberals are dirty. they make the hells angels look good.

Crankypants said...

The BC Christy Clark Liberal Party and their operatives are definitely playing games whenever possible. One would hope that anyone with half a brain would give little creedence to a poll that is anything but random.

Simi Sara conducted a snap poll earlier in the week with a result that seemed a little more credible when compared to the polling results recently reported by Angus Reid.

What I find a little more disturbing is the type of calls that have been coming through lately. The theme seems to be that the caller will start out by attacking a few of the Liberal's many screwups and then go into a tirade about the NDP's performance in the 90s or state that they will still vote for the Liberals. These calls have to be plants as they defy any semblance of logical thinking.

The best call I remember from this week came from a young lady. She said that she would vote Liberal because of the NDP's past performance and then stated she has voted for the Liberals ever since she was able to in the 2001 election. This got me to thinking. If she was too young to vote in the 1996 election then she must have been 18 or younger at that time and 12 or younger when the NDP took power in 1990. Is it logical to assume that she paid any attention to anything involving politics at such a young age? I think not. Barbie dolls, Michael Jackson and the coming of age would have been her focus. Politics, the economy and our governance wouldn't have even been on her radar. I think that she deserves the "Bobby in Burnaby" award to honour the past endeavors of Bobby Virk in his early days.


Grant G said...

Correct Cranky, anyone who comes out saying..

The BC Liberals stink but I`m voting for them anyway, I`ll hold my nose and vote for Liberals..

That too defies logic, because..

Anyone who is A-political, familiar with even 1/2 of the BC Liberal scandals, couldn`t in reality vote for them..

The NDP sins of note

Fast ferries(they were built here)..Money was spent

Fudgy budget in 1999, the fudge number was about $300 million, memogate..A couple of gambling related indiscretions..

If you want me to list the BC Liberal`s scandals..

Do you have more band width Cranky?

I`ll need another harddrive and about 50,000,000,000,000,000 words

The NDP were far from perfect, but at least they didn`t lock us into long term debt and obligations, they never sold our assets and assaulted the environment..

You should listen to a very disturbing call on cknw, it occurred Friday, january 25th, was the last call of the 8:30 am to 9:00 am segment..About 8:58 am..

Jon McComb played the caller from 8:58 am on his opening segment, at about 3:07 pm..

He did 2 segments on that vicious 8:58 am caller..

Very rarely have I ever heard 1 radio host play a phone call from another hosts earlier time slot..And never one so nasty..

The call was staged..Adrian Dix got blind-sided by Billy Good, Friday, January 25th, 8:30 am to 8:58 am..And McComb ran with it..

Desperate days in LINO land

James said...

Just a few thoughts from a frustrated average citizen..Sometimes I wonder about the political differences between people.Do people like B.G. really deep down believe the propaganda that they spew? Are they that distorted politically, that common-sense gets chucked out? I don't agree with everything any party has as their platform.I know that any majority in government is actually NOT good for the majority.We need leaders that just show that they are working for the best interests of the future of the jurisdiction and people that they represent.You cannot please everyone.Be honest.Be a power against greed or corruption, or it will be empowered.... Stay strong, Grant, I believe in you.