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Enbridge Pipeline and Stephen Harper, Both Will Be Stopped



 Breakaway Oil Rig, Filled With Fuel, Runs Aground

 " An enormous Shell Oil offshore drilling rig ran aground on an island in the Gulf of Alaska on Monday night after it broke free from tow ships in rough seas, officials said.....

The rig, the Kulluk, which was used for test drilling in the Arctic last summer, is carrying about 139,000 gallons of diesel fuel and 12,000 gallons of lubricating oil and hydraulic fluid, the officials said. ....

officials from Shell, Alaskan state agencies and other groups that has been directing the response since the troubles with the rig began last Thursday..... 

a Shell spokesman had said that the rig had been brought under control after towlines were reconnected to two ships during a break in what had been several days of extremely rough seas and high winds.

But late Monday afternoon the line from one of the ships, the Aiviq, became separated. Then several hours later, the other ship, the Alert, was ordered to disconnect its towline, out of concern for the safety of the ship’s nine-person crew. At the time, Ms. Sinclair said, swells were as high as 35 feet and winds were gusting up to 65 miles an hour.....

 The Aiviq then lost power, and other support ships and a Coast Guard cutter were brought in to help with engine repairs and to reconnect towlines to the Kulluk, which does not have its own propulsion system. The 18 workers aboard the rig were evacuated by Coast Guard helicopters on Saturday...

Over the weekend, support crews struggled in 25-foot swells to reconnect towlines, succeeding several times. But each time the lines separated again, leaving the rig in danger of drifting toward land......


Several things come to mind, first off, today seems, at least in our local MSM papers like the Vancouver Sun, the Province, even on the CKNW news alerts that come to my email box, not a single word on this story, nothing on Global news, nothing on CTV news..

I wonder why?....NOT.

Now considering that the Enbridge pipeline debate has been voted the number 1 issue(and story) in British Columbia for the year 2012..Considering Enbridge has been carpet bombing media airwaves with propaganda about how safe supertankers can be maneuvered in and around Kitimat and animated cartoons that removed islands and hairpin turns in Douglas channel, deliberate deception considering there are hundreds of islands, reefs, shoals and treacherous turns in a natural wind tunnel..Considering Enbridge ads are proclaiming super tankers will be tethered to 2 tow boats, considering that the Douglas channel and Hecate Strait is the 3 roughest waterway in the world, a place where hurricane winds blow without fail many times per year, and these northern storms blow for days...

Considering all this shouldn`t this story be on the front pages of our lame-stream media?

Here we have 2 tow vessels, we have broken tow lines,  we have engine troubles with tow vessels..

" The Aiviq then lost power, and other support ships and a Coast Guard cutter were brought in to help with engine repairs and to reconnect towlines to the Kulluk,"

So here we have rough seas of 10 meters, 65 mile an hour winds, broken tow lines and engine troubles...

Runaway Alaska Oil Rig Dragged Two Tugs for Miles

The runaway oil rig that ran aground in Alaska on New Year's Eve dragged two vessels trying to control it more than 10 miles ( 16 kilometers) to ward shore in just over an hour before the crews cut it loose to save themselves in "near hurricane" conditions.

Details were still emerging on Wednesday from the U.S. Coast Guard and Royal Dutch/Shell, the company at the center of a controversial and accident-prone Arctic oil drilling program of which the Kulluk drillship is a vital part.

They paint a frightening picture of the 28,000-tonne, saucer-shaped rig being thrust toward the shore on waves up to 35 feet ( 11 meter s ) h igh driven by winds up to 62 mph ( 10 0 kph), pulling its towing vessel, the Aiviq, and a tug, the Alert, behind it.


And the Vancouver sun, The Province, our local MSM all but ignore the story..I guess those New Year`s baby stories and articles citing polls about how optimistic we Canadians are carry more weight..

I have said it before and I`ll say it again, Stephen Treason Harper pushing through a dirty pipeline that traverses over 800 rivers and streams, through the Great Bear rain forest and onward to Canada`s most dangerous waterway, the last thriving temperate rain forest in the world ....Only a madman hell-bent on scorched earth would even consider this pristine area, a pristine area that supports 50,000 marine related jobs, eco-tourism jobs as well as food fishery for First Nations..

50,000 jobs and an ecological paradise put at risk, no, not put at risk but guaranteed to be destroyed by the inevitable tanker spill, and not to mention a pipeline that even Enbridge admits will spill oil over and over again...Considering Enbridge has had over 1000 major oil spills in the last decade, a company described as "Keystone cops"..A company that has lied over and over again, a company guilty of crimes against the environment, a company that has learned to hide oil they couldn`t clean with sand, with canvas, with special genetically modified grass, a company that uses intimidation and bribes as a standard business practice...If  Stephen Treason Harper and Enbridge are permitted to proceed with this project than no pipeline, no proposal could ever be stopped, it`s almost like these big oil whores chose this sacred coastal paradise as a deliberate stab to our environmental heart..

Remember this post..


Issued 10:30 AM PST 03 January 2012
Today Tonight and Wednesday Hurricane force wind warning in effect.
Wind southeast 45 to 55 knots diminishing to 25 to 35 near noon then increasing to 35 to 45 early this evening. Wind increasing to south 55 to 65 late this evening then diminishing to 35 to 45 before Wednesday morning. Wind diminishing to south 25 to 35 early Wednesday morning then veering to southwest 30 to 40 Wednesday afternoon.


Issued 04:00 AM PST 03 January 2012
Today Tonight and Wednesday Seas 2 to 3 metres building to 3 to 4 early this morning and to 5 to 7 late this morning. Seas building to 7 to 10 after midnight.(That would be 34 foot high waves)

Extended Forecast

Issued 04:00 AM PST 03 January 2012
Thursday Wind southwest 30 to 40 knots diminishing to northwest 25 in the afternoon.
Friday Wind southeast 35 to 45 knots diminishing to southwest 20 late in the day.
Saturday Wind south 25 knots increasing to southeast 45.

Weather & Visibility

Issued 10:30 AM PST 03 January 2012
Today Tonight and Wednesday Rain at times heavy.

And this one...


.Here is Enbridge in action creating the illusions of cleaning up...



There is no way British Columbia`s populous will stand by watching a treasonous bastard Stephen Harper sell out our future to Communist China..There will be war in the woods and a removal of this current Federal Government..

Slow news day in British Columbia, no, we have corporate controlled newspapers and any real journalism that has to do with the truth gets squashed, gutless media...

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open 

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Anonymous said...

Harper and Enbidge in their treachery, know all about the perils in this province, land and at sea. They don't give a damn. Everyone and their cat knows damn well, a tanker spill or a pipe burst is a given.

Harper, Enbridge, Communist China and Alberta, can still collect their money, China can still sail through their tanker spills and collect their dirty Bitumen.

Harper and Gordon Campbell have written BC off, a very long time ago. Campbell thieved and sold everything out of BC, he got his dirty hands on. As we see, Christy hasn't lifted a finger, to clean up any of Campbell's thefts, corruption and treachery. She works for Harper, as Campbell did before her.

In a civilized, honest and democratic country? The entire lot of them would be in prison, for those crimes.