Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bill Good Blasts Bloggers For Calling Him Out On Staged Stacked Calls

Billy Good is in full damage control mode today, his 10:00 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. segment attempted two things, firstly, he defended the fake Bollywood awards as the real thing..

His "view panel" , now absent of Sandy Garrisino, the one person who spoke from the left side, the view panel now with Alise Mills(BC Liberal booster)..Bridgette Anderson,(Gordon Campbell`s press secretary), and now with Sachi Curl(big fake Bollywood booster and new addition)..

Not one mention that the BC Liberals tried to get IIFA , the real awards show to move from their traditional award date in June to April, not one word..And in fact, Sachi Curl accused the IIFA committee(the real ones) of sour grapes for speaking to Michael Smyth..Sachi used this word to describe IIFA`s talking to Michael Smyth..and I quote.."Tsk tsk"...As in the IIFA is just jealous and upset that the BC Government chose to make an arrangement with the Times of India...HA HA, that is funny...And it`s desperate...Billy Boy, meet the new power, thousands tune in here for The Straight Goods everyday..

And the spin gets even better, Bill Good, obviously feeling the heat from my post about stacked calls, and Alex Tsakumis`s almost identical critique of Bill Good about stacked calls then attacked us, the messengers, called us "Little people"..

Alise Mills went further, calling us "bloggers" nasty, accused us bloggers of making up lies.

So, in a nutshell, Bill Good`s view panel today, the new all pro-BC Liberal view panel cheer-leaded the fake awards, not one word about Michael Smyth`s column, not one word about Spencer Chadra Herbert`s critique, not one word about IIFA telling Michael Smyth they were being arm-twisted to change the date to April, not one word about anything, Sachi also said that IIFA and the Times of India have no clue about or BC politics or BC`s election cycle..

And then they blathered on about how the people who answer the phones at cknw don`t recognize voices, their staff is too busy, it`s too hard, and how cknw really want people to challenge  the premier, to challenge guests..And all 4 of them were in complete agreement, they claimed this went on in the 90`s, not now..

Well Billy Good...

You are a sad old man, if you believed your own blather you wouldn`t be crying in your corn flakes, there would be no need to defend your actions..

I hope you see this Bill Good, the last Mustel Poll.

Click that link above, there you will find Mustel`s BC political party tracking line, and, the last Mustel poll has the BC Liberals no more popular today then what they were when Gordon Campbell was forced to resign..In fact, the BC Liberals are polling even lower today under Christy Clark then they were when Gordon Campbell announced his resignation, that my friends is according to BC Liberal friendly pollster Mustel..

Gordo the thief Campbell announced his resignation on November 3rd 2010, according to Mustel`s tracking line, BC Liberals were polling at...

Mustel has the BC Liberals at 37% of support in November 2010....

Mustel today,  has the BC Liberals at 33% of support in January of 2013...In other words, there was a short-lived bump in the polls for these Liberals that happened as they were engaged in choosing a new leader, it didn`t last long, for with Christy Clark at the helm their support has fallen back to their lowest of lows.....And guess what, even Keith Baldrey agrees, fancy that!


Mustel poll shows BC Libs have gone up 1 pt. in 4 mos. NDP down 2. Margin/error: 4.3%. Conclusion: no real shift in public opinion.


Grant G said...

Hello Friends, yes indeed, that is AGT`s name in my post, we still politically disagree with one another ..

We decided to put down our personal sabers, we both feel it`s far better to concentrate on the issues rather than clashing with each other..

This site is a venue for truth, with writer professor Robin Mathews contributing.

And anyone else who would like to submit an article, there is a contact link for me on the right side of the home page..

We have a job to do, the finish line is straight ahead..

And no one owns you, you the readers are free to read anyone, and that includes Alex Tsakumis..

No one should be shunned for expanding their view and reading opinion from both sides..

The Straight Goods

Good Day

paisley said...

Well Grant this is good news that the pokers have been put away. It is encouraging that people can find some common ground no matter their political leanings and it appears the common theme of agreement is the corruption that inhabits our government. The collection of dedicated and much appreciated bloggers here in BC have the Liberals and their MSM buddies running scared, which of course is a good thing.

North Van's Grumps said...

...the people who answer the phones at cknw don`t recognize voices, their staff is too busy, it`s too hard....

Hmmm, have the CKNW jokers never heard of Canada 411

People finder or lookup businesses quickly within Canada using the telephone directory, people search, area code finder, or reverse phone lookup

They do have their own RoboCall Database built upon listeners emailing CKNW on any topic. Premier Christy Clark does the same thing, only she takes it a step further. When you write her, you are required to provide Your phone number, Your Mailing Address ..... and what they take from you is your IP Address. They then match your personal information to your IP Address and anytime you log in to a Government or BC Liberal Website, they know who you are....

The kicker to the whole mess is that CKNW sells their information to the BC Liberals... or perhaps even GIVE it to the BC Liberals.

Anonymous said...

North Van Grumps. Call display works well, too. Recognize the number and, ooops, just where did that caller go?
Mr. Good, you say that voters lie about the Liberals. Could you please be specific as to what lie you are talking about?
As for NW, I haven't listened to the station since Big Daddy left and that's been decades, and if I hear your pathetic station anywhere, I will either tell someone to change it, turn it down, turn it off, or I will unplug your drivel. I may even avoid any of your sponsors-assuming I actually HEAR any of your sponsors.
Fortunately I haven't had the displeasure of listening to your station anywhere in B.C. for 20 years. I do however enjoy free internet radio ( I mean free of your nonsense) and Galaxy. Hey, hey,ho ,ho, AM radio's got to go. Time for the 21st century folks.Hey, Billy, don't think I have forgotten about the HST still here, amazingly remaining 'till a provincial election. What a surprise. Here's to May 14.