Monday, January 28, 2013

Christy Clark Gets Busted, Fake Awards Ceremony IS BC LIBERAL ELECTION PLOY

Here`s the deal, details are emerging, the BC Liberals approached IIFA , ...IIFA is the outfit that holds the Bollywood Oscars, the real ones, the BC Liberals attempted to get IIFA to change the traditional date in late June/Early July to April...IIFA said no..

I`ll let Michael Smyth explain the rest, here`s an excerpt..

"The International Indian Film Academy negotiated with the government to bring their 2013 awards gala to Vancouver, but the deal never got done.
Why? According to an IIFA official, the government wanted to move up the date of the awards from June to April.

“The reason was very obvious to everybody,” IIFA spokesman Sabbas Joseph told me Monday from Mumbai.

We were well aware of the political situation in B.C.”

In other words, he said, Clark’s governing Liberals wanted to stage the awards right before the May election.

“That was a key condition for them,” Sabbas said. “We explained the IIFA Awards are always held in June or July, and we couldn’t change that.
“They weren’t happy at all.”


Well well well, I`m glad Michael Smyth regained his sanity, hopefully it isn`t temporary..

BC Liberals just spent $11 million dollars plus to fake you all out..

It just doesn`t get anymore desperate than that....For shame Christy Clark, for shame BC Liberals..

Hello Indo-Canadian voters, I hope you realize that Christy Clark just played you for suckers..

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Anonymous said...

Unbelievable, stunning, turned down for the real Bollywood Oscars they approach The Times of India and create an illusion.

Wow wow wow

North Van's Grumps said...

In this video Christy Clark on the
International Indian Film Academy that they reach 90 million viewers per day.... MOSTLY in India.

90 million may sound like a lot, to Canadians, but as of 2012, the total population for India was 1,220,200,000, which means, that 1,130,000,000 don't watch Television, at all, because they're too poor, and working hard.

In a speech that Christ gave, recently, she told students in China that she ONLY wants the BEST and the BRIGHTEST to arrive in British Columbia. She goes on and tells them that she hopes one day that she will see them in BC when she walks into a Starbucks in Vancouver ..... the Premier wants the BEST and the Brightest...... waiting on her table ..... she did it herself, to get elected as an MLA for Vancouver Point Grey... for a Day (Broadway & MacDonald)!

Grant G said...

Beautiful NVG..



Grant G said...

Don F. said...

This should be an absolute embarassment to any British Columbian. We have bought and payed for a bogus award show. We are paying 100% for the production costs as it has never before been in existance and is being totally produced for british columbia and christy clark. If you google these awards you are left baffled as the only mention around the world is here. What a scam!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Norm and one of his fellow bloggers:

Anonymous said...

The BC Lieberals themselves, are nothing but an illusion. Their name is fake and stolen. Their policies are hotly touted but ignored for personal greed. Their public statements usually not was is announced but something completely different.
Only in BC can a political party be other than what it claims !


e.a.f. said...

the lieberals are spending all this money during a time when B.C. has the highest deficiet in history? Obviously they don't know how to run a province in a business like manner.

If Christie thinks having this "awards" show in B.C. will get her votes in the south asian community, she must be drinking or smoking some what too much. The south Asian community, just as others in B.C. suffer from the dirty hospitals, the lack of health care, the lack of decent jobs and affordable housing.
Trying to appeal to a segment of B.C. voters through having a movie "awards' show does any group of voters a disservice. What Christie is really saying I think you are dumb. As a matter of fact you are so dumb you will vote me back into office although it means your kids won't be getting the education they deserve or you getting a clean hospital. People are smarter than that.

Anonymous said...

What's next Christy? The Order of BC? That shouldn't be too hard to Con or so it seemed, when they gave it to Campbell?

BC miners, who have to speak Chinese Mandarin, to have a job in their own English speaking province.

There may be seven new mines and mine expansions in Northern BC? Those jobs are not, for BC people. Mines owned by the U.S. and China, will bring their own miners with them. Remembering? Harper's Omnibus Bill, gives China permission to sue, any Canadians getting in China's way. Omission is lying Christy. You know all about that, very, very well.

Anonymous said...

shit grant these clowns have been busted so many times it not even funny anymore their tracks are covered by the msm the cops and thoughout the courts and we can't do shit about it,but pay for it all and shut the fuck up to boot.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that there are millions of foreigners on our B.C. voting list as there are millions of bogus B.C. Health Care cards in circulation - 4.5 million legal and 7.5-9.1 million Health Care cards.

$$$$11 million dollars for B.C. Christys B.C. Liberals campaign and party with the International INDIAN Film Academy.


Anonymous said...

B.C. total population 4.5 million so that would make the legal Health Care cards, with children and dependents included on parents/guardians cards, etc. closer to 3 million legal cards.

Anonymous said...

It is rather convenient that the new Family Day holiday is going to coincide with Chinese New Years too. Why else would they pick a different date for this holiday than the rest of Canada? Look for some slick video and photos of Christy Clark donning her cheongsam come this weekend. I wonder what outfit she has picked out for awards night?