Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Get Your Stinking Hands Off Our Province Gordon Campbell.!

It`s all very clear to everyone in British Columbia what Gordon Campbell and all BC Liberals have done to our beloved Province.

We should have been wiser, the writing was on the wall in 1996 when Gordon Campbell was financed by David Mclean to run for premier, the deal was a simple one, David Mclean finances Gordon Campbell in exchange for BC Rail, that would be bad enough if we actually got paid for the railway, but if one takes into consideration the cost of paying Patrick Kinsella and BC rail executives 10s of $millions for years to play golf, the $50 million dollar cost of the Corruption trial and then there is the tax indemnity inked in the deal, originally a value of $300 million dollars but with a 9% annual escalter clause we now owe CN Rail $600 million dollars, dribs of money from the sale put in the Northern trust has been hammered with financial losses, money could have been put in a safe haven but it wasn`t, all tolled the $1 billion dollar sale price for BC Rail has been reduced to...

A mere $200 million dollars, but the tax indemnity hasn`t been paid yet, it`s rapidly approaching the $650 million range, if CN Rail delays for another 2 years we will owe them every dollar they paid us for BC Rail.

Campbell lost that 1996 election because he campaigned on selling BC Rail, that didn`t stop Gordon Campbell or David Mclean, they bided their time until the 2001 election, David Mclean pumped $millions into Campbell`s 2001 election campaign, nothing had changed and BC Rail was going to be gifted to Mclean, well there was one minor change, Campbell`s 2001 election platform promised Not to sell the railway, Campbell knew to get elected he must lie his face off and lie his face he did in spades, Campbell had many more lies in his election platform, including honouring the lowest paid hospital workers contract, he made that promise in the Guardian magazine......

But in a hastily called late night weekend session at the BC Legislature with no media present Campbell ordered by decree to shred that HEU agreement, the rush of adrenaline while breaking promises and tearing up contracts was not only intoxicating to Campbell but addictive, it mattered not that the United Nations chastised Campbell, it mattered not that his shredding was illegal, it mattered not that Campbell spent $20 million dollars on lawyers in a case that went all the way to the Supreme court of Canada....Even that loss in court and the $100 million dollar cash settlement awarded to the HEU couldn`t quench Gordon Campbell`s lust for lies or his addiction to the shredder.....

The lowering of the minimum wage to $6 dollars per hour wasn`t enough to fill the void in Campbell`s hate chamber, one by one Campbell stripped away rights of towns, of community, the selling of our Ferry system to German banks couldn`t stave off his empty soul pings, the wealth transfers from the builders of our province to his American masters was only a temporary solace to Campbell, even with billions of Canadian dollars heading south and billions more being put on our credit card couldn`t satisfy the premier, vast tracks of land, forests, 17% of Vancouver island gifted to his financing friends....

Money transfers, land giveaways, future debts, nothing seemed to please the premier, perhaps the empty vacuum in the premier`s mind needed more, needed human suffering, pain, maybe blood stained hands could fill his needs, he closed hospitals, burned schools, woman shelters boarded up, thousands forced to live on the streets, legal aid eliminated, courts priced out of reach, every last scintilla of hope must be razed from our province to satisfy Campbell`s thirst and addiction.......

The sleeping public wasn`t waken by our media, Campbell`s addiction to human suffering was abetted by the printers of news, by voices on our radio, how, why, media writers, radio voices, news reporters were bought one by one, wives, sons, daughters and relatives of media were hired by Campbell, how better to control the message than to pay for the message, the wealth transfer from the poor was used to gloss over, paint and perfume the foul stench rising from the bloodied and wounded laying in the streets.

A well oiled propaganda machine that isolated town from city from village, everyone thought they were suffering in isolation when in fact the carnage was province wide.

The stench, the circling vultures, the rotting flesh was getting harder to conceal but gordon Campbell`s addiction to lies and confetti was not yet satisfied, gag laws, gerry mandering and a coordinated effort was required if Campbell was to continue feeding on human suffering, media was bought, radio voices were owned, Suzuki, Berman, Jaccard and Weaver, phony voices once respected aided and abetted the vampire, tactics of fear, lies and spin was required, socialist hoardes, taxation and threats were all cue,ed on masse to serve the premier his last supper.

And once his last mandate was granted the execution started, $billions in new taxation, health care being dismantled, our courts of law removed, judges on the payrole of those whose our wealth was transfered to, mobsters, human traffickers were granted keys to our province for brothels and casinos.

Rivers sold, contracts inked that last for decades so Campbell`s blood feeding will continue forever.

"The tunnel is always darkest before you come out the other side"

Then there was light, the people awoke through massive efforts by the new media, by concerned citizens, bloodied, battered and bruised the public rose up by the thousands, signatures of millions, screams of foul directed at print, radio at the legislature, at the enablers, the voices of dissent have permeated every corner of our Province.

And on October 27/2010 the vampire will rise, crocidile tears will roll down his cheeks, the vulture will tell mythical tales of prosperity, of taxes and tough choices, he will lie, spin and confuse, the demon beast with belly stuffed full with human suffering and lies will walk off the stage after announcing his departure leaving a mortally wounded Province in a state of shock and joy.

"Keep your hands off our province you stinking ape"

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Well said, well put.

Looking forward to recall.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for you comments. I find them theraputic somehow. I have been writing my useless MLA, Norm Letnick and telling him that in my view he is complicit in this garbage government we are suffering under. His handlers only response "norm would like to meet you for coffee."

Is recall still planned?


Anonymous said...

Grant thank you for what you do,
truth to power and corruption, justice against injustice,a happy day when
this monster gone.

The damage to this province will take a decade to repair if not longer,
as for Gampbell I've seen him for what he is since he first ran for office.

Gampbell is just the head of the corporate penis that has raped us all,
its the ceo's and chairman's of the board's that are really running this
province and even they are willing now to throw him under the bus for
they know its a lose-lose situation to keep him as their puppet.

Sincerely yours a foot soldier for democracy,

Walter v E

dave said...

Grant,you speak from the heart and thus reflect the same feelings of revulsion I too have for Campbell and his followers. The Lieberals however, are in a state of denial and when recall becomes a reality,then they will truely realize the enevitablity of their downfall. Hope is eternal.

istvan said...

How much coffee did you drink,Grant? Great post.Planet of the Apes. Just heard CJ on cbc,nothing on the coruption trial.Thanks for doing the work,I hope people wake up and protest this travesty of justice.

Kim said...

Globe has an online discussion at 1 pm with Mark Hume and Bill Tieleman. Taking questions.

Kim said...

They also have a poll. Should the Feds approve Prosperity Mine?, so far it's too close for comfort. Please vote.

Anonymous said...

Kind of funny... The rightie tighty wingers are very quiet now. Perhaps even they can't believe their leader gordo. Karma will get him. Whether its his x-wife, his x-girlfriend (and her child), or maybe some of his backbenchers. OOPS, I forgot, they would have to grow some balls. RECALL THEM ALL!

Kam Lee
See you all at global in burnaby when the drunk is there. Lying his ass off.

Kam Lee

Anonymous said...

Grant, we dont understand the tax indemnity owed Korsikoffs Kampbells friends. Could you put that in laymens terms for this family. What is it and how does it work ? Thanks Grant.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with a post saying, Campbell, Hansen and the BC Liberals, are the worst, and the most corrupt party in Canadian history. Canada has the worst crop of governing officials ever. The BC citizens knew, how Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR would play out. From day one, we knew the trial was a farce. Campbell is the fraudulent one, who sold the BCR, he should have been in prison long ago. Campbell is so evil, he turns my stomach. Who ever said, crime doesn't pay, needs to have a good look at, Gordon Campbell and his henchmen. There are no agencies or services in BC, that aren't corrupt. The RCMP, the judicial system, are two good examples. Campbell is forcing himself on the BC people, who despise him and everything he stands for. He has now sunk to 6%. There is no way, we want, Ding, dong De Jong, in place of Campbell, he is one of the worst ministers. He is aiding a, most hated criminal. The BC Liberal government, is a phony government, that should be dissolved. They have destroyed our province through corruption. We now know, Campbell works for Harper, another snake in the grass. I think, Alberta has the best idea. The western provinces should separate from the east. Keep the west's taxes in the west. We in the west, would be 40% better off. Best of all, we could kick the corrupt BC Liberal party, right off the planet. Sounds good to me.

Grant G said...

I am working on getting more info on the CN Rail tax indemnity as we speak,.....I am working on clarification.

But here is what I sortta know....

When the BC Rail sale was inked, BC Rail theoretically if it was a private company could have qualified for tax write-offs on various things, capital investments, possible operating losses(even though their weren`t any), etc etc...

But as a crown owned corporation(which BC Rail was)...BC Rail being owned by the province, a tax write-off would really only be moving money from the left hand into the right hand(paying ourself).

So when the deal was inked, somehow CN Rail negotiaters(read Patrick Kinsella)...Got a $300 million dollar tax write put into the deal...From what I gather or what I heard, the tax write off was deferred to the federal government....

But, and here is the big but...The Federal Government has never accepted the indemnity, but in the BC Rail deal, the way the deal was inked, if the feds denyhonouring the indemnity it falls back to being the responsiblity and liability of the province(BC Taxpayer)

And this indemnity, there was a 9% escalator clause in it...Meaning the original $300 million dollars was growing by 9% per year, ...

Do the math, it`s 2010, almost 2011...The figure has grown to $600 million dollars and still growing...

The figure is a line item in the BC Government public accounts.....

So here are the questions

1)If we don`t owe the money why is the $$$dollar amount in BC Gov public accounts.

2)If we don`t owe the money why does the amount keep growing?

3)If the Feds owe the money why have they let it grow at 9% a year?

4)If we owe the money why didn`t we pay it when it was $300 million dollars?

5)The Province can borrow money at a 2% interest rate, why wouldn`t we pay it at $300 million?

6)Da big question..Did we(the province)not pay the original $300 million dollar tax indemnity because of the BC Rail trial...Did the BCRail Corruption trial have a "Unexpected unintended consequence" of allowing the $300 million dollar tax indemnity to grow..and grow and grow...

And the longer the trial went,like say 7 years.....!!!!!!!

The so-called unintended consequences allowed the indemnity to grow to the point that CN Rail gets BC Rail for free!!!!

Which means the whole trial may have been staged as a means of......

You can figure out the rest.


RossK said...

Part of the reason for the indemnity was the fact that at the last minute, when his feet were actually being held to the fire for about 6.5 seconds in 2003, Mr Campbell went from calling the thing a 'sale' to a 'lease'....The Brightboys then working for BC Rail who were being paid the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year (both then, and since) to screw us over legally* got very, very, very concerned because, 'allegedly', CN started to squawk that all that (mostly bogus) debt that they were paying $250 million for so that they could write it off for a massive tax break on their other operations might not actually be theirs if they weren't actually 'buying' the Railway (ie. if it was really just a 'lease' we the people being screwed over royally might be viewed by the Feds as the rightful legal owners of the debt).

Rumour (and Emails between the well-paid Brightboys) suggested that a certain very special 'strategic advisor' brokered the deal in the late spring of 2003 that now has us on the hook for more than $600 million (an amount that grows, based on the ridiculous size of the principle and the even more ridiculous interest rate of 9%, at greater than $4 million per month).

*Please note how much the BrightBoys that screwed us over legally were paid compared to the (not-so)BrightBoys that screwed us over illegally and copped a plea on Monday (and, of course, did the real heavy lifting).

For anybody interested, I wrote about all of this in some detail here.


Brent said...

So Collins was the next witness to be called.

Late Wednesday afternoon Deputy Attorney-General David Loukidelis released a statement saying he and Deputy Finance Minister Graeme Whitmarsh made the decision to cover the Court fees for David Basi and Bobby Virk, after the legal services branch referred the issue to him.

Attorney-General Mike de Jong says that confirms this was not a political decision, "When these other discussions took place, the Deputy Minister conducted them, he informed me of the decision that was made. I agreed with the decision for the reasons that I think he made the decision and again it is made independently of the political arm of Government."

The Loukidelis statement also notes Basi and Virk have been released from a condition requiring them not to discuss the financial aspects of their settlement.

Graham Whitmarsh, the province's new top climate action bureaucrat, appears to have had a long-standing business relationship with Harmony Airways - the company once presided over by former finance minister Gary Collins. Earlier, we reported Mr. Whitmarsh, the former president and chief executive officer of Mercury Scheduling Systems Inc., worked at the now defunct full-service airline. And now we've learned, HMY Airways - Harmony's predecessor - purchased software from Mr. Whitmarsh's firm. In March 2003, it was announced HMY had "signed a 3-year agreement to license Mercury's crew tracking system, Magellan." At the time of that deal, Mr. Collins was not president of Harmony. Mercury's airline software business was subsequently sold to AD OPT Technologies Inc. in July 2003.

The rot is SO DEEP!


Anonymous said...

Its about time we change the law and put them in jail for a long time. That might change future politician's mind to not to behave like criminals who don't have to serve jail time when they screw up! Anybody who commits a crime like they do serves some time in jail. Why don't the politicians when they commit such crimes like Campbell.

Marla Mumble said...

Wonderin` what some of these boys should consider leavin` town.
Kit says HE (the CEO) is very well respected in China (You betcha!)...maybe he could go there?

Anonymous said...

Why do politicians get away with crimes and why isn't there a safety measure in place to discourage such corrupt behaviour, anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Had the average BC citizen, committed the same crimes as Campbell's....We would leave the court room in handcuffs, and do some serious time in prison. Campbell thieving the BC Railroad and selling it, is grand larceny. The BCR belonged to the BC citizens. Campbell had no right to put his filthy hands on it. Campbell and Hansen shouldn't have put their filthy hands on our rivers either. Campbell is down to 6% from 9%?? To the honest people of BC. Campbell has sunk down as far as, Dante's Inferno. That is where the entire Liberal cabinet and Liberal mla's belong. Prison is too good for them.

Curt said...

It is time for us all to take a stand and do what we can to throw this corrupt bunch out. We can all start by signing up for recall. Even if your mla's name is not on the "list", they should all be. But for now, I personally will do what I can to toss those named out and hopefully my mla's name will appear soon. I will go to any riding to walk and collect signatures and help out. The power is within us all to make a difference, and so we must. and then click on the "Register to Recall"

Crankypants said...

I just got back from a 2 week vacation overseas and have spent the last few days catching up on the news through the blogs I read on a regular basis and trying to absorb as much as possible while still suffering from jetlag. I am amazed by how much can change in such a short time.

Rather than try and comment on each individual article Grant has posted over this time, I'll throw my 2 cents worth in all at once.

Grant is totally correct in that Carole James should be reaffirmed as the leader of the BC NDP Party after losing twice in a row to Gordo and his gang of miscreants. The fact that her biggest detractors that are now singing her praises make it obvious that they feel she may once again snatch defeat from the hands of victory come 2013.

The Basi-Virk-Basi trial has gone from the mother of all trials to nothing more than a failed Grand Marnier souffle. Poof! As far as I'm concerned, this is one of the biggest miscarriages of justice one could imagine. Anyone that states that there is no evidence of wrong doing by anyone but Basi and Virk must be clairvoyant. The only people that viewed the evidence gathered by the RCMP on their infamous raid are the Queen's cowboys and the special prosecutor, Mr. Bernardino, who by most accounts may have been as independent as Terrence Robertson. The police are nothing more than collectors of evidence. It is the special prosecutor that decides who gets charged and who doesn't, and in my opinion for anyone to state categorically that the sale of BC Rail was conducted in a lawful manner is full of crap. Think about it. The first two witnesses served up no incriminating evidence to support the prosecution's charges, so why the urge to make a plea bargain? The various defence councils would have been given all the evidence Bernardino was going to ellicit from his witnesses and both they and the accused could have chosen to make a deal well before the real trial began if they thought that they would be found guilty. The logical conclusion has to be that the accused are walking away from all this with much more than just having their legal fees covered by the taxpayer.

Grant, I know that you now believe that the Campbellites will no longer be able to hide behind the "it's before the courts" mantra regarding the BC Rail sale, but I have to disagree. First off, most of the principles that were involved with the sale are no longer in government, and the few Liberal MLAs that are still around will plead ignorance. Even if Campbell is still around when the Legislature sits next, will just ignore any questions from the opposition. And don't expect the pro-Liberal media to ask any pertinent questions. They are bought and paid for.

As for Campbell's mistatement of the union address on Wednesday, the only way I would watch it is if he stated categorically that he would do the honourable thing and perform harakiri. We already know that there is no honour in Campbellville, so I will give it a pass. Maybe if the ratings for his address are so miniscule, he will take a hint and just bugger off. One can only dream.