Monday, October 25, 2010

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Its bad enough we are paying to Maquarie group $100 million dollars per year for 25 years for maintenance on the sea to sky highway...

Now we learn, thanks to the blonde bomber Laila Yuile.....That there is a shadow toll on the sea to sky highway, isn`t that special, so poor working stiffs have to pay tolls to cross the Golden Ears bridge and soon the Port Mann bridge yet the high flying whistler crowd gets their tolls paid by ALL the TAXPYERS in the Province. Why not have shadow tolls on the Golden Ears bridge, the Port Mann bridge....If we the taxpayers are paying the tolls for Ida chomp chomp Chong and Jane chug alug Thornthwaite to wine and dine in Whistler why not for the working stiffs!

Laila has the story here

And my story here about the $ 2.5 billion dollar maintenance contract

Whether or not "shadow tolls" are appropriate is for the economic wizards to decide, but honesty is something else...

Why weren`t the shadow tolls divulged to the public, how many more roads have shadow tolls, does the new floating bridge in Kelowna have shadow tolls, does the Canada line have shadow tolls....

The answer is yes to all of those questions...

Perhaps Gordon Habitual Liar Campbell will explain all this to us on Wednesday night...Or perhaps all these questions and more will be asked and answered in estimate debates for the ministry of Finance and the ministry of transportation.

Stay tuned folks, there will be more shocking revelations revealed about another Campbell scandal involving E........... ..C.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the props Grant. All I can say is that the whistles are starting to blow. And I like it when they blow in my

Blonde bomber... I like that ;)

Crankypants said...

Let's hope this information goes viral so that all the residents of BC come to realize that they are coughing up tax dollars towards a road that many of them will never see, much less drive upon. It also belies the constant mantra we are being fed by Gordo and Co. that the costs for a given project are X dollars, when in fact they should be X dollars plus 25 years of tolls which, depending on the toll rates levied for the term of the tolls, could increase the cost factor by an incredible amount. I'm not too thrilled by the methods they may be employing to obtain the volume of traffic and sundry information such as to how many occupants in a given vehicle, and with the advent of having micro-chips installed on credit cards, debit cards and many identification cards, how do we know whether an unauthorized third party is capable of identifying many of these occupants? So much for privacy legislation.

It would be interesting to find out whether the new Abbotsford Hospital, another P3 endeavor, has a shadow toll either on the number of customers served or maybe on the number of vehicles driving onto the property.

I guess as long as the government is spending someone else's money, yours and mine, the sky is the limit when they want to line the pockets of their friends and financial backers.

Where have the crack reporters of the MSM been on this story? Probably munching on taxpayer funded doughnuts and paraphrasing PAB issued information sheets for public consumption, I suspect.


Crankypants said...

By the way Grant, thanks for giving us links to interesting and informative posts you come across on various sites. I'm sure we all have our favoured few that we visit on a regular basis, but it can become easy to miss some of the better revelations such as this one.

I would have seen this article, as Laila is on my favourites list, but many others may not operate in the same manner. Also, links from one site to another help us to expand our horizons, so to speak. Word of mouth is still the best advertising, especially with the woeful job the MSM is doing in enlightening the masses where our governance is concerned.

Thanks, again.

Grant G said...

Thanks and No problem Cam...I may have the occasional dis-agreement with fellow journalists(bloggers) but we do live in a civilized society don`t we?

Credit given where credit is due.

Glad your back Cranky Cam....Thought maybe you got a RAP RAP RAP on your door.


Beth said...

Hey Grant.. how true your words are today,
I had to force myself to listen to bill good today that weasle colin hansen...jeesh and the anger in bill goods voice as he attacked the bloggers.. thats the only thing that made me laugh thank god for the bloggers... are we in the "golden era yet???