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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gordon Campbell goes bling bling bling

One of my very firsts posts, thought it would be worth re-posting,enjoy the holidays friends(originaly posted aug 12/2009)

As news stories go this one has little merit but I feel it`s worth reporting,last week while the province was in flames and thousands were out of their homes where was our fearless leader?
Well I found out that Campbell was barbecuing burgers and dogs at the olympic village and handing out 1500 gold medals(which just happen to have his picture and name on them)to the construction workers,look I got nothing against construction workers,I did my time,but lets be frank(no not hot dogs)these workers are making good money and getting tons of overtime.......
Let me remind you that this project is 100s of millions over budget,the social housing aspect of the project is all but gone,anyways,why didn`t anyone report this last week,well apparently the MEDIA wasn`t invited,I wonder why.........

Well Gordon Campbell,maybe you should have handed out gordallions to the firefighters risking their lives,heck,they don`t even need a barbecue to roast their weenies!

P.S. I wish I had a whole box full of gordallions,I would use them to pay for the HST portion on all my transactions!

Here is the story....



Gary E said...

I've never seen such a chicken Sh!^ way of running a government. Gives everything to big business and hides from the electorate. Not only should firefighters get their woth. How about the paramedics who he is deliberately stalling on a contract. Watch the bastard. First sitting of the leg in September he will legislate these people back to work and give them nothing.At which point I will personally call for a GENERAL STRIKE. And no BSing around this time. Shut her down until everything is fixed properly.

Powell river persuader said...

I agree Gary E

Paramedics,firefighters,honest cops,out reach workers,seniors volunteer groups,the troops in the field with the ministry of children etc etc.....These are the people who deserve medals,the anger is building,I have heard the backlash in BC over the HST is 10 fold the backlash in Ontario.....
Lets see how many newbie BC Liberal MLAs want to stay in politics,stay tuned,it`s gonna get lively.

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

PeterB said...