Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vancouver Sun, Home of Yellow Journalism

I am actually being too kind to the Vancouver Sun, the word journalism doesn`t apply to most of their articles, a better description would be spin, distortion and or repeating lies, lies from the Campbell public affairs bureau. I had planned on writing this story last week but I was delayed as everyday there was another nail to hammer in Gordon Campbell`s political coffin, now that Campbell`s coffin has been hermetically sealed and lowered to the three foot mark .........

Fazil Mihlar....The head of the Vancouver Sun editorial board, a little background is required, Fazil was a writer for the Fraser institute and is still a high regarded member of the right wing red neck stink tank, in fact I wouldn`t be surprised if the latest article from the Fraser institute was co-written by Niels Veldhuis and Fazil Mihlar...

In the latest Fraser institute spinfest they gave Gordon Campbell a generous mark of 90 out of 100 and rated Gordon Muir Campbell as the best premier and fiscal manager....The methodology on how they arrived at their numbers is a mystery.....

But from what I read the marking`s and scoring went as such.

  1. Gordon Campbell recieved 20 points for lowering the minimum wage to $6 dollars per hour.
  2. Campbell received another 10 points for not raising the minimum wage in 10 years and agreeing to never raise it as premier.
  3. 10 points for giving massive subsidies to the highly profitable oil n gas sector.
  4. 5 points for eliminating the minimum tax on highly profitable banks.
  5. 5 points for lying about our last record setting B.C. deficit.
  6. 5 points for the excellence and efficiency of the BC Government document shredders.
  7. 5 points for appointing Liberal insiders and big business friends in positions of power.
  8. 5 points for devouring and licking clean every last drop of money from the public trough, thus eliminating the need for a trough cleaner.
  9. 20 points for lying to win the election.
  10. The HST was not part of this years rankings, the HST will be part of next year`s rankings, so Campbell`s score is at 90, if the HST was taken into consideration Campbell`s score would be 110
You can read Fazil Mihlar`s and Niels Veldhuis co-written story here

But what I really wanted to talk about is.....Fazil Milhar`s story on the Millennium boondoggle athlete`s village, because according to Fazil the problems at the athletes village was all caused by Gregor Robertson, Mihlar`s story is a classic example of yellow journalism, the title of the story, the premise of the story would lead the uninformed reader to blame Gregor Robertson, and only in the second to last line of the spin does Fazil state.

"Vancouver's successive city councils created a crisis from the outset and the current council continues to make it worse."

Let me be clear, Gregor is a flake and I am not a fan but the blame for Millennium development boondoggle doesn`t sit with juice boy.

The Fazil Mihlar story is really sad and it`s actually a prelude to a law suit that will be launched by Millennium Development against the city of Vancouver.

According to the Vancouver Sun editorial board(Fazil Mihlar)

  1. According to the story, the city of Vancouver left Millennium development to pay for the clean up of the polluted false creek property.
  2. The city changed the scope of the project from leed silver to leed gold standards mid-stream, thus raising the cost per unit by a factor of 50%.
  3. Millennium Development ...Because of irregular development procedures thrust on them by the city prevented Millennium development from going to a "regular bank for financing".
  4. After the city paid off the Fortress loan sharks and took over financing the city of Vancouver didn`t pass on any savings to Millennium.
  5. The city didn`t award the project early enough thus forcing Millennium to pay thousands of hours in overtime pay to workers.
And the last line of the story Fazil Mihlar states....

"Now the city should back away, far away, and leave the marketing experts to sell the units -- all the units -- at the highest prices they can command."

Ok folks, so according to the Vancouver Sun(friends of Mellenium Development).....The units should be sold for what the market will bear and if that means a huge loss for the City of Vancouver so what, because, according to the drivel story disguised as something else, it`s all Vancouver`s fault that Millenium development is having trouble.

Really Fazil Mihlar, was it not Peter Ladner and Sammy Sullivan who picked Millenium over Concord Pacific orWall development, 2 companies that were well financed, with assets, 2 companies that needed no help from loan sharks for financing.

Was it not the NPA insider Paul Barbeau who was the only name on Millenium`s board of directors.

Did Estele Lo not resign over the NPA picking Millenium development over reputable well financed companies?

Did the city of Vancouver put a gun to Millenium development, were Millenium negotiators forced by way of death threat to build leed gold or else?.....Was it up to the city to stop Millenium development from doing business with the Fortress loan sharks?

The Fazil/Vancouver sun editorial board story states that Millenium was forced to pay thousands of overtime hours because of delays caused by the city,......Is that why the units aren`t selling?....Even if Millenium had 1 million overtime hours, 1 million times $30 dollars is a mere $30 million dollars, $30 million divided by 1000 units is $30 thousand dollars extra per unit.

Read the whole story here folks, the Vancouver Sun wrote that story as a favour to their friends at Millenium development. Hey Fazil Mihlar, you forgot to blame the Gregor for Millenium development being forced TO GIVE VANOC $1 million dollars to be a sponsor of the 2010 Olympics.

Classic yellow Journalism folks, designed to cast blame at Gregor Robertson, but what Fazil Mihlar has done is help Millenium development in its future law suit against the city of Vancouver when they default on their loan, a law suit that Millenium will lose but ....The law suit will takes years to resolve.

Poor old Millenium development, the shysters at City hall took advantage of the "pure as driven snow" Millenium development.

Perhaps the Vancouver Sun or a investigative journalist might be interested in writing about the Millenium development escapades from here to Iran!

Put the blame where it belongs, Sam Sullivan/Peter Ladner, NPA council and Millenium development.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Evil Eye said...

Fazil Mihlar is a fascist, in the school of 1920's & 30's fascists which includes some notable people, including Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Fransisco Franco.

Fascism seek to organize a nation according to corporatist perspectives, values, and systems, including the political system and the economy. In a corporatist state, the corporations have more rights than citizens.

A Fascist state does not believe in freedom, but enslavement - free will is to be despised.

To gain political control, Fascists target newspapers and from what I have seen, the Vancouver sun has succumbed to fascist overseers. Left unchecked, fascists will soon control all and when that happens, just look and see what the NAZI Fascist party did with people they did not like.

istvan said...

'eye'you must have seen the 'op-ed'page in the sun today,incredible!

Anonymous said...

You know every time I post on that assholes blog,vaughn the pawn palmer,you know the veg on the ledge he never posts it.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should call into the veg from the ledge and let them know that their view is all fogged up,seriously man who the hell is buying their crap,I just go there to read the contrary comments made to the gordolizer,it's a bit of therapy,I'm so fucken pissed at this situation we find ourselves in,then we got bill teliman getting out the violins for those two assholes,they wouldn't of been in the mess their in if they were honest.

Anonymous said...

Spew from the ledge is just that spew.

Norm Farrell said...

I suppose they are marking out of 100 so this year's 90 is pretty high but next year's 110 out of 100 will be a remarkable achievement for Gordo. Mind you, after recall boots the Liberals into history and an NDP Premier is installed, the BC government score from the Fraser Institute will be minus 10 out of 100.

Regarding Millenium, anyone wanting to assess blame for development problems should look at that company's track record. It's a colorful list of problems and broken promises.

Crankypants said...

Having been out of the country for the past couple of weeks checking out the monuments built by the pharoahs of Egypt and getting up close and personal with a camel, not that personal for you degenerates, I haven't seen the roster of guest editorials brought forward by the Vancouver Sun lately. But if today's version is any indicator, the new ownership of Postmedia has changed nothing. The article by Neil Veldhuis and the other by Phil Hochstein leave little doubt that this daily may as well be produced by the PAB. To even refer to the Vancouver Sun as a newspaper in an affront to the term newspaper. It is nothing more than a printed version of the BC Liberal Party Daily.

There was one letter to the editor in either the Vancouver Sun or The Province that really got my attention. The writer, involved with a charitible organization that represents mentally challenged people that spend their days cleaning up the streets of the slums from used needles, garbage, vomit and excrement for a whopping $200 to $400 per month may soon be forced out of existence. The gist of his letter is that his charity, SEEDS I believe, needs just a fraction of what the taxpayers paid for Basi and Virk's defence bill. This programme gives these unfortunate people a sense of pride in what they do, but may soon be relegated to the trash heap because of lack of governmental financial support. HOW SICK IS THAT?


Anonymous said...

Millenium Development aka Arme Construction of Iran , was bankrupt when awarded this huge project , It should never have been the one picked over Concord Pacific or Wall , let
someone tell us who got the kickback at the time of Selecting Millenium ?????????

Norm Farrell said...

Cranky, for comments about op-eds of the VanSun: