Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Canada`s National Energy Board Members are Complete Idiots, or Corrupt, Take Your Pick

Written by Grant G

Christy Clark and the BC Liberals are so desperate to find a company willing to build an LNG export facility, pandering to any energy company with a shovel, ...BC Liberals have cut the original taxation scheme for LNG exporters by 80%...Eliminated provincial greenhouse gas reduction targets and are even offering free electricity in the form of Site C dam...A cost of $15 billion dollars to the British Columbia taxpayer for that offering..

Now the corrupt BC Liberals want to lock in taxes and regulations for decades to come, tying future government`s hands..

BC`s LNG fantasy, here the west side of North America is in a new extended period of man-made/man caused drought,  BC has blown through its yearly firefighting budget and summer has only just begun..

Water, fracking is a massive water user, even in past years the draw-down of water in Northeast BC has been controversial, water restrictions on local people while frackers pigged out on water,

Up in Dawson Creek, fracked gas land epicenter..There is a crisis with water...Just imagine if British Columbia had a dozen LNG export companies all requiring continual hole drilling and hydraulic fracking, each well requires millions of gallons of water.....Here is what is going on in Dawson Creek..


We’ve gone three months without rain up here,” said Mr. Bernier, whose small town is located about 1,000 kilometres northeast of Vancouver, in a rolling landscape where the regional drought is so bad some creeks have dried up and many rivers have dropped to their lowest levels in 20 years.
When it comes to rainfall, the past two months have been the driest since 1942.
Under the city restrictions, home owners are basically told “you can’t use your outside taps,” said Mr. Bernier.

“People have to turn off their fountains, their fish ponds and they can’t refill their swimming pools,” he said.

You don’t want it to sound dire – but it is.”

And the pain is being felt beyond the city, in the surrounding oil and gas patch.
The petroleum industry – which has been drawing about one million gallons a day from the city’s drinking water supply – has been told there isn’t a drop to spare until conditions improve.
Only one company, Shell Canada, has managed to escape the cutoff by tapping into waste water.
“It is a very difficult decision when you go to stage four,” said Mr. Bernier.

“At that point, we go to the [industry] water haulers and say you can no longer haul any more water.”
The city gets “millions of dollars” annually from selling water to industry, and Mr. Bernier said Dawson Creek’s budget will be hurt by the ban.

But he said the oil and gas industry could be hurt more.

“Some of them will drive to Alberta [to truck in water] and that can be very costly,” he said. “Some will just have to shut down.”


Not to mention groundwater levels are in steep decline throughout North America..

Not only are groundwater levels dropping , snowpack and glaciers in British Columbia are forecast to vanish within a century..

Claim: Western Canada to lose 70 percent of glaciers by 2100

From the University of British Columbia
Seventy per cent of glacier ice in British Columbia and Alberta could disappear by the end of the 21st century, creating major problems for local ecosystems, power supplies, and water quality, according to a new study by University of British Columbia researchers.

The study found that while warming temperatures are threatening glaciers in Western Canada, not all glaciers are retreating at the same rate. The Rocky Mountains, in the drier interior, could lose up to 90 per cent of its glaciers. The wetter coastal mountains in northwestern B.C. are only expected to lose about half of their glacier volume.

“Most of our ice holdouts at the end of the century will be in the northwest corner of the province,” said Garry Clarke, professor emeritus in the Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences. “Soon our mountains could look like those in Colorado or California and you don’t see much ice in those landscapes.”

For the study, researchers used observational data, computer models and climate simulations to forecast the fate of individual glaciers.

There are over 17,000 glaciers in B.C. and Alberta and they play an important role in energy production through hydroelectric power. The glaciers also contribute to the water supply and are essential to mining and agriculture. Clarke says while these issues are a concern, increased precipitation due to climate change could help compensate for glacier loss. The greatest impact, he suspects, will be on freshwater ecosystems. During the late summer, glacier melt provides cool, plentiful water to many of the region’s headwaters.

“These glaciers act as a thermostat for freshwater ecosystems,” said Clarke. “Once the glaciers are gone, the streams will be a lot warmer and this will hugely change fresh water habitat. We could see some unpleasant surprises in terms of salmon productivity


At a time when mankind`s most needed resource for survival is under threat from burning fossil fuels..Christy Clark and Rich Coleman want to drain our remaining water supplies for the sole purpose of fracking, ...A temporary sunset industry, a industry which won`t deliver 1/1000th of the financial benefits Christy Clark and Rich Coleman blathered about...The LNG plants employ a mere 200 people...These LNG plants will require thousands of drill holes yearly filled with millions of gallons of scarce water...Plus, these LNG plants, if all the plants the NEB has granted LNG export licenses to were to come into operation BC`s greenhouse gas emissions would rise by 150% over current levels, forget about any reduction targets, our provincial totals would rise exponentially...

LNG prices are in longterm decline, provincial revenues from LNG won`t cover or offset the cost and interest payments on building Site dam let alone contribute to a mythical prosperity fund..

Yes, we know Christy Clark is not a deep-thinker, a school drop-out and corporate cheerleader, nary an intelligent thought in her brain, all campaigning all the time, she stole the 2013 BC provincial election by promising a $trillion dollars to the people of BC..It was a deliberate lie, LNG revenue forecasts were a lie, LNG job numbers, a BC Liberal manufactured lie..And now the whole delusional fantasy is coming apart at the seams...And still these intellectually deficient BC Liberals continual to ride this dead horse...

Christy Clark has made the claim that British Columbia has 150 years worth of natural gas available for export...But, everyone knows that ....For example, if a city has a water supply that has sufficient volumes to supply 100,000 people with drinking water, however, if all of a sudden 1,000,000 people were drawing on the same water the supplies would vanish quickly..

Does British Columbia have 150 years worth of exportable natural gas with one LNG...Or Two..Or five...Or ten..or fifteen LNG export plants...No matter how many proposals are put forward Christy Clark and her BC Liberal gang never change the number, that being 150 years worth...A childmind could figure out someone is lying..Renown Canadian geologist David Hughes debunks Christy Clark`s LNG gas reserve estimates ....

We know the BC Liberals lie, delete records, we know they rely on corporate donations for funding and thus will do and say anything to protect their revenue sources, even if it means harming individuals or selling an entire province off to the highest bidder(or perhaps the lowest bidder), we in British Columbia have come to expect that from Christy Clark`s BC Liberal gang, but what about our watchdogs, the regulator...

What about the National Energy Board, are they not supposed to take in consideration the accumulative effects of multiple LNG export projects, the combined volumes proposed for export, the combined effect on wildlife in BC`s Northeast and of the accumulative effects on water supply...What about even the financial viability of the energy companies making the proposals?..

Meaning if a company doesn`t have a pot to piss in should they be granted an LNG export license..

Only a foolish or corrupted National Energy Board would act like complete morons, amateur hour, National Energy Board members who are bought, corrupted and or wholly controlled by big energy companies and a Federal Harper Government that has a one track oil obsessed mind, regardless of the consequences to Canada and or the world..

When will a sane person or government remove all powers from Canada`s National Energy Board, or must they be put under citizen`s arrest, or worse!..

Here is a partial list of who the NEB has granted LNG export licenses to..

 KM LNG Operating General Partnership--Approved, length-20 years

 LNG Canada Development INC-Approved-length-25 years
Prince Rupert LNG exports Limited-Approved-length-25 years
WCC LNG LTD-Approved-Length-25 years
Pacific Northwest LNG inc-Approved-length-25 years
 Woodfibre LNG Export PTE. ltd-Approved-length-25 years
Jordan Cove LNG LP-Approved-length-25 years
Triton LNG Limited Partnership-Approved-length-25 years
Aurora Liquefied Natural Gas ltd-approved-length-25 years

Oregon LNG marketing Company LLC-Approved-length-25 years

Wespac Midstream Vancouver LLC-Approved-Length-25 years

Woodside Energy Holdings PTY. LTD-Approved-Length-25 years

Like I was saying, technically everyone of those projects could be built, everyone fracking, where is the fiduciary duty to take in consideration the accumulative effects of these projects, and more, many of those companies that received NEB approvals have vanished, been bought out or acquired by other players..The NEB has granted export licenses to companies no longer in business, yet the licenses are still valid..

Clearly the system is broken, more likely corrupted, ...Doesn`t the NEB also have a duty to to study the viability of the companies applying, ...Why not grant me an export license, my neighbour, ..perhaps you think I`m being funny...These NEB export license approvals are like miners making land claims, ..licenses granted knowing full-well the company applying is a bush league loser..

And just yesterday the NEB granted another LNG export license to...

Quicksilver Resources....


Canada’s National Energy Board informed it has approved the application of Quicksilver Resources for a 25-year natural gas export licence with a maximum term quantity of 733 billion cubic metres.

When evaluating natural gas and LNG export licence applications, the NEB considers if the quantity of gas proposed to be exported is surplus to Canadian requirements, taking into account trends in the discovery of gas in Canada, stands in NEB’s statement.

Following the evaluation, NEB has determined that the quantity of gas proposed to be exported by Quicksilver is surplus to Canadian needs.

Quicksilver’s Discovery LNG project is to be located on the north side of Campbell River, British Columbia on a remediated industrial site formerly occupied by the Catalyst Paper Mill. The project is planned to convert natural gas from Northeastern British Columbia into LNG for export to Pacific Rim markets in Asia. The proposed 20 MTPA project is expected to start operation in 2021.


The NEB has turned into a rubber stamp factory....

Perhaps you think I`m being harsh..

Remember Quicksilver, The Straight Goods did a BC exclusive post on those pretend players at Quicksilver Resources months ago..

Campbell River LNG Export Plant Goes Down In Flames, Dead And Buried.


Quicksilver Resources filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Tuesday.
In regulatory filings, the energy company said it had $2.35 billion in debt and $1.2 billion in assets. Management said it would face a "potential liquidity shortfall" in the first quarter of 2016, for reasons including its mountain of debt and the oil crash, according to a regulatory filing.
"Quicksilver's strategic marketing process has not produced viable options for asset sales or other alternatives to fully address the company's liquidity and capital structure issues," CEO Glenn Darden said in a statement. "We believe that Chapter 11 provides the flexibility to accomplish an effective restructuring of Quicksilver for its stakeholders."

 The oil and gas company based in Texas

The company's problems started even before oil prices began to slide last year. Last September, the company tried to sell off all its assets, but it was unable to find any buyers by December, when bids were due, it said. Moody's cut its debt rating to junk.

And back in 2011, it abandoned a bid to be acquired by private investors and raise money to pay its debt, The Wall Street Journal reported. 

Unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy, in which a company must immediately sell all its assets to pay creditors, a Chapter 11 filing gives Quicksilver the chance to restructure its debt.
Quicksilver shares plummeted nearly 43% on Wednesday to less than 3 cents a share.


Quicksilver Resources stock price is below 3 cents per share...The company is considered junk status..A penny stock,..A company with zero chance of getting any money for their proposed Campbell River project...Clearly, Quicksilver will in time just flip their NEB granted license to the best cash offer..

Canada`s NEB granted a 25 year LNG export license to a company on the financial ropes...And more..The NEB didn`t grant a license to a company that had assets and money then went under...

Canada`s NEB granted a 25 year LNG export license to a company they knew was insolvent..

Canada`s National Energy Board....Run by buffoons in a country quickly turning into a banana Republic under Stephen Harper`s oil-saturated brain!

Christy Clark gave away the British Columbia farm to a bunch of greedy energy companies...Now the corrupt BC Liberals want to double BC`s greenhouse gas emissions and waste our declining water supplies on a defunct public welfare grabbing industry..and a sunset industry to boot..

2017 can`t come soon enough,. boot these godamn corporate bought BC Liberals to the curb, or preferably...JAIL!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


John's aghast said...

Quicksilver granted a permit for 700 million cubic METERS? Since when did we start measuring this stuff in cubic meters. Its always been in those unfathomable cubic FEET! This permit to the insolvent company is for 25 TRILLION, 887 BILLION cubic feet, and I have NO IDEA how much that is. But a the current royalty I suppose it would amount to a few million dollars, if Quicksilver had any funds.
Financial wizards indeed! You get what you pay for.

Grant G said...

@John Aghast...How much gas Quicksilver claim it will export is a moot point...Quicksilver will never get enough money to do even any preliminary work on their site...It`s all smoke..

The NEB and the BC Liberals want to keep the LNG delusional fantasy alive, the NEB is playing along..

Let the public think that LNG is moving forward, it isn`t..

Quicksilver`s proposal was one of the most poorly thought out proposals of the bunch..

Pipe gas from the BC Northeast, then pipe gas across the georgia straight, then have tankers have to come up through the juan de fuca straights or down around the top end of Vancouver island..The proposal was silly even before Quicksilver went belly up..

How about an LNG plant in Stanley Park?...Makes about as much sense(cents) as Quicksilver`s proposal..

On those grounds alone the NEB should be hung by their balls until they admit they are taking bribes or admit theey are odered to obey ..or else

Hugh said...

The BC Govt is counting on GDP growth in order to deal with their massive debt. This explains their desperation for LNG. Total insanity.

John's Aghast said...

Me bad. The permit was for 755 BILLION CUBIC METERES (not million)which is 25.887 TRILLION cubic feet in the normal measurement. Why the attempt at confusion? Who knows. Just to keep you on your toes?
Grant, I get your point. Quicksilver is among the most poorly thought out proposals, but they COULD sell their permit, could they not? To someone even less capable. One would think that the NEB would ration these permits for a finite resource (even Chrispy says we'll run out in 150 years) to the most capable contenders. Perhaps if they were treated like fishing licenses, taxi licenses and there was a limit on their availability they'd become more valuable.
Anyway, my point was their use of unfathomable units that cazillions of people don't understand. Just how big is 25 trillion cubic foot cloud of natural gas in common, understandable units? How big is it when its LNG?

Anonymous said...

dont forget the 3 billion free massey lng tunnel bridge.oh can u build it higher suggesting as if it wasnt prethought perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Unicorns are rare creatures few have seen and lived to tell about. Enchant your leadership with a mythical unicorn theme. Caution: may lead to daydreaming.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Site C is totally unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

... first decade and create up to 4,500 jobs ...

What happened to the 100,000 jobs?

No tax increases for 25 years? What is that? What the h...

You wanted half a percent for transit, yet you give out tax free for 25 years for corporations. To hell with the people who pay day to day to get to work, and you want more. And I'm sure it wouldn't have ended there.

A$$holes. All of them sitting over there.

Anonymous said...

trilion dollar lying liberals?