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Canada`s Tireless Oldmen, Thank You For Fighting Tooth and Nail For the Common Good

Written by Robin Mathews

The Brent Rathgeber columns are dedicated to Rafe Mair, tireless worker for a democratic Canada living under the rule of law.

Canada has been – and still is – a country blessed with both real and potential blessings for all its population. 

But the steps being taken to reverse its tranquil, democratic potential by a large group of people can only be called insanity.   Every Canadian has experienced or witnessed the Conservative government’s attempts to destroy Parliament and democratic elections; its attempts to deny globe-threatening environmental practices; its vicious attacks on any and all who defend fair procedure and the rule of law; its decisions to make war where Canada’s presence is wholly unnecessary; its perpetual lying about the economy, indebtedness, and government spending.

Canadians face daily attacks on the very constitution of the country (in fact and in law), revealed in court case after court case which the ruling Conservative Party and government lose.

We experience or witness the irrational punitive acts against First Nations, the aged in Canada, the vulnerable … always – especially incapacitated War Veterans.  That last seems an anomaly from a Party and government apparently caring deeply about War, about making War, celebrating War, and brandishing War Heroes as particularly Canadian.  But the truth is that the insane theories followed by the Conservative government demand austerity measures, punitive attacks on the vulnerable wherever they may be, the destruction of labour unions, de-taxing the wealthy, removing all impediments to wealth-making, and the general de-legitimation of the population except as servants and coolies for (global) private, corporate, wealth-making processes practised in Canada.

Canadians experience as torture the unceasing “double-speak” of government – the calculated presentation of misinformation, disinformation, false information, and sheer fantasy information – information that can only be the product of madness, of megalomania, of people living in a world constructed by sadists in the pursuit of wealth, power, and self-aggrandisement before all else.

What has that to do with Edmonton-St. Albert MP Brent Rathgeber and his book: Irresponsible Government?  The answer is “Everything”.

Well-meaning, responsible Brent Rathgeber MP records some of the evils listed above.  But he does so as if he is writing of and recording the actions of sane people.  He even – twice – suggests that because Stephen Harper (a man who lies as  policy) has said he knew nothing of Nigel Wright’s bribe paid to Mike Duffy, we may assume Stephen Harper knew nothing of the bribe.  Those are places  - and key places – where Brent Rathgeber’s book isn’t believable.

What Canadians have experienced in the last ten years is a Conservative Party and government devoted to the destruction of Canada as a democratic country under the rule of law.  We have experienced that history fronted by a man who will say anything when asked for truth and who will do anything out-of-sight to further the insane, destructive program: fraudulent electoral activities, fraudulent closing of parliament, fraudulent “omnibus” laws introduced that cannot be considered justly by the Opposition, bribery of a senator, etc. etc.

That is why the allegations of “false flag” researchers are credible: that the Conservative government was very likely  involved (creating terror events) in the deaths of army reservist Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at the Ottawa War Memorial (cenotaph) on October 22, 2014, the killing  of Cirillo’s murderer, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau the same day, and the slightly earlier automobile killing of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent by Martin Couture-Rouleau in Quebec.

The curse upon the heads of the prime minister and most members of his cabinet has been placed there by themselves. Approaching all opposition with lies, misinformation, and/or irrelevant attack, they have left themselves open to suspicion that they, indeed, may have overseen the so-called “terrorist attacks” which others choose to name “false flag
events.  Behind his ‘normal’ guise of unknowing, Stephen Harper may have – with some cabinet colleagues, and/or lawyers from the Justice Department, and/or members of the RCMP/or others –  set on foot the terrible events.

Success in the matter, moreover, might have persuaded Conservatives to repeat the action, planning to have - in the near future - another “terrorist attack” to prevent an election victory by Opposition forces.

Canadians – very frequently – do not want to be told special evil may exist among the people who govern and police the country.  In that sense ‘they run with the hare and hunt with the hounds’.  They ask for integrity from public officers, but they resist those who show evidence that integrity is lacking.  As knee-jerk reaction they say: “Oh, Conspiracy Theory at work!” of those, like Barry Zwicker, who allege government involvement in a planned crime at the Ottawa cenotaph on October 22, 2014.

But conspiracy in high places to serve criminal ends has existed at least since Brutus and his friends slew Julius Caesar in Rome on the Ides of March forty-four years before the birth of Jesus Christ.

Conspiracy theories exist because conspiracies are the bread and butter of designing, ambitious, greed-driven men and women – and especially of those we call megalomaniacs, people insanely driven to possess power. 

Stephen Harper, Canada’s prime minister, I suggest is a megalomaniac, fronting and partly leading the wholesale attack on Canada and Canadians.

Canadians have been led to think of megalomaniacs as people like Adolf Hitler.  He built huge public events to focus upon and showcase his own (undoubtedly) magnetic, hypnotizing – even captivating personality.  He employed that personality as a “sane statesman” negotiating with major global leaders of the time.  For many years he was considered sane by his own colleagues and much of the world.  Even Canada’s prime minister of the day, W.L.M. King suggests in his diary he met a man of conviction, strength, and dedication when he met Adolf Hitler.
Hitler’s megalomaniac construction (with a silent, corporate alliance) of a gigantically brutalizing force set the world at war only months after the meeting with King – and it is still the unending field of scholarly research.

Brent Rathgeber writes of the destruction of Canadian democracy, focussing on all aspects of parliamentary activity.  He describes the micro-management of parliament by Stephen Harper’s minions, the planned and realized debasement of almost every fair and democratic function of government from a central point – the person of the prime minister.  Then Rathgeber blandly asserts that in one of the touchiest, most delicate criminal acts (the bribery of Mike Duffy) – out of the Prime Minister’s Office by the top PMO operative and a close collaborator and friend – Stephen Harper was kept blandly and unknowingly in the dark!
Brent Rathgeber slips….  I say that as if I might mean he consciously misleads his readers.  I don’t think that for a moment.  I think Brent Rathgeber is a fine, moral man who should have a statue raised to him in his constituency. All Canadians should read his book, and consider him a hero. He is  the one Conservative actor in a flagrantly corrupt Conservative Party, government, caucus, and constituency structure across Canada to resign from membership and sit as an Independent Member of Parliament.

No one may asperse the character of Brent Rathgeber.

At the same time as he treats Stephen Harper as sane, he describes his insanity by describing Harper’s press conferences … and one in particular.  In Canada’s friendly, open democratic society, the prime minister held a press conference.  He appeared, Rathgeber reports, almost out of nowhere, as if by sleight of hand or some other magic.  He was closely guarded.  He was kept far from “people”.  An unnamed functionary announced the prime minister would take two questions in English and two questions in French (from previously hand-picked and “safe” questioners). No other questions would be entertained.  None were.  That done, the prime minister disappeared, evaporated, was gone. 

That is not a description of megalomaniac Adolf Hitler holding a press conference.  It is a description of megalomaniac Stephen Harper holding a press conference. Presented as theatre, only Charlie Chaplin could mine the absurdity, the downright ridiculousness of that megalomania at work – in public … in a democracy.

That insane event, that nut-case happening (which is routine now) was and is accepted by the compliant, sold-out, grovelling, self-abasing, spineless journalists of the conventional Canadian press and media. They accept, perhaps, because the owners of corporate press and media in Canada are very likely part of “the silent corporate alliance” intending to make Canada a fascist state in which they will increase their wealth and power.

Brent Rathgeber (MP Edmonton-St. Albert) places before Canadians vital information (from an insider) about the destruction of Canadian democracy.  Every Canadian should read Irresponsible Government. But Brent Rathgeber’s views of Canada’s press and media (like his view of Stephen Harper) are the views of someone who is completely naïve, apparently unaware of real power connections in Canada.  Though he knows the importance of press and media in a democratic society, he is almost completely naïve about their sell-out in Canada.

 [That will be the subject of Brent Rathgeber, Part Two.]

Written by Robin Mathews


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