Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Vaughn Palmer and Michael Smyth, Deliberate Liars, Corporate Whores, The Great LNG Investment Dollar LIES!


Written by Grant G


Christy Clark and big media keep splashing around the number $36 billion dollars, that is for spin purposes, Petronas has not committed to spend $36 billion in BC...Petronas`s commitment to BC spending is a mere $2 to $3 billion dollars.

Every big media outlet in Canada are deliberately and with malice lying about the Petronas investment in British Columbia, ...Petronas`s LELU island proposed project is a mere $11 billion dollars ....$8 billion dollars worth of this investment is $dollars that will be spent overseas..

Lazy Michael Smyth and Vaughn Palmer are complicit in repeating these investment $dollar lies, in fact they have gone even further in their lies, Vaughn Palmer, fresh with BC Liberal talking points is claiming in his July 13th article in the Vancouver Sun that Petronas will "be spending $46 billion dollars Canadian"..As the $36 billion dollar investment figure is in American greenback dollars.

Hey Vaughn Palmer,you lazy good for nothing media hack...


Hey Vaughn Palmer...Further down in this posting is an article from Brent Jang of the Globe and Mail where he actually reports the truth about Petronas`s proposed investment, the dollar number is a mere $11 billion with $8 billion dollars plus being spent in Asia....Money spent in a foreign country that we, the Canadian taxpayer will have to write-off..Petronas has not promised to spend big dollars in BC...Petronas has mused that after this first phase of LNG in Prince Rupert they may, possibly, perhaps add more LNG trains in the future...But even so, that possible future investment by Petronas will not be dollars spent in British Columbia those $dollars will be spent in South Korea and China...B.C. and Canada merely get the luxury of writing off those foreign spent dollars against Canadian owed income taxes, ....Hey Vaughn Palmer

Hey Vaughn Palmer..Why not write an article explaining to British Columbian and Canadian taxpayers that we will be writing off possibly $40 billion American dollars spent in South Korea and China...You can`t do it Vaughn Palmer, no courage eh?...Your media masters only allow you to spin the corporate lie..

You see Vaughn, I and most BCers have no problem in you reporting the real facts..But when you with malice deliberately lie, when you know the truth, and still write lies, it sickens me...How can you do that, morally?..

Why can`t you write something like this Vaughn Palmer...(Hypothetical Vaughn Palmer article)


Vaughn Palmer(LNG investment facts)  ...The company Petronas is proposing a LNG liquefaction plant for Prince Rupert, this first phase of Petronas`s project has a price tag of $11 billion dollars, that`s a big number but before local manufacturers jump for joy they should be informed that over $8 billion dollars of that investment will take place in South Korea, China and Japan...Very little will be procured in BritishColumbia..

 Percentage wise, if even $100 billion dollars worth of LNG plants were built(assembled) in British Columbia using the same procurement strategy the total amount of $dollars spent in British Columbia wouldn`t even be $20 billion dollars...And though a new industry is welcome, at least in the BC Liberal Government`s perspective it is not honest, or truthful, or factual to report out giant investment dollar figures without informing the public that the bulk of this money is being spent overseas and we the public merely get the privilege of writing off those foreign spent dollars against Canadian owed taxes....


 Read the below information Vaughn, read it twice, three times even, do you see $36 billion there, anywhere?, ...No, what you see is 80% of Petronas`s investment dollars are to be spent in another country..

You Vaughn Palmer, and Michael Smyth haven`t got the balls to write the truth, no courage, no morals, no journalistic ethics, ....Beholden to the corporation, beholden to corporate controlled media, beholden to repeating BC Liberal lies like they were the gospel truth..


Petronas wants engineering work for B.C. LNG venture to be shifted offshore

VANCOUVER — The Globe and Mail
Last updated

Petronas plans to push contractors to shift more engineering work for a proposed B.C. liquefied natural gas venture to lower-cost centres offshore as the Malaysian energy giant squeezes suppliers.
Of the total $11.4-billion in estimated construction costs for the Petronas-led Pacific NorthWest LNG export terminal at Lelu Island, there would be $8-billion worth of imported goods and services spread over a five-year period.
 It is in that international component where Petronas hopes to find the bulk of cost savings, but the state-owned company will cast a wide net abroad and in Canada, including having TransCanada Corp. re-examine ways to make its proposed $5-billion natural gas pipeline project more efficient.


And it`s not just Petronas, British Gas(BG Group)....They too told the public years ago that if they built a LNG plant in British Columbia that it would come from South Korea on barges, in modular form and merely be assembled in B.C....Those facts reported everywhere, except in the Vancouver Sun, The Province, CKNW, Global BC, CTV...Every big media outlet seems to have missed that information, or should I say, failed to report the truth on purpose..


"BG intends to build a facility on Ridley Island capable of producing 21 million tonnes of LNG a year. Called Prince Rupert LNG, it would be built overseas in modules and shipped to Prince Rupert for assembly.

 Even so, the plant would create 3,500 jobs during construction,

 250 permanent direct jobs and another 250 spinoff jobs.

 BG says it is planning to build it in two phases, beginning in 2016.
The first phase — two seven-million-tonne-a-year processing units, or trains — is to be completed by 2021" 


 When will the BC Liberals stop spinning numbers like a roulette wheel...When will the media show the tiniest scintilla of journalistic integrity...

You see Vaughn Palmer, The Straight Goods doesn`t have a research team, doesn`t have staff or any financial means, yet the truth ripples from my pages while the Vancouver Sun and all its staff repeat provable lies, long-in-the-tooth columnists like Mikey Smyth and Vaughn Palmer punch out written lies..That`s funny stuff indeed, the media isn`t supossed to lie to the public, but somewhere along the line the media figured it was okay to repeat other people lying, like Governments, like industry pimps, the Vancouver Sun and Vaughn Palmer figure it morally okay to repeat the words of liars and pretend the lies were actually truth...Wow, what a distorted view of journalistic integrity...A media loophole...A loophole Vaughn Palmer and Mikey Smyth have mastered......That is Cowardly junk journalism Vaughn, and you know it!

Mike Smyth and Vaughn Palmer....Repeat the lies that Governments make, don`t inform the public of the lies, collect a pay-cheque, get a pat on the back from your corporate bosses and go to sleep with a clear conscience..


Here is a newsflash Christy Clark....You have no idea what energy prices will be in the future, Petronas may be flat broke in 20 years or they may be rolling in cash hand over fist and no Government can tie a future Government`s hands when it comes to taxation or royalty rates, any Government that even proposes such a scheme is bordering on totalitarian rule ...When will the BC Liberals enact other legislation, when will new rules be enacted that only corporate owned political parties can hold office, when will more draconian rules be adopted, ..Slippery slopes are indeed slippery..

We have learned since the election that Christy Clark`s LNG revenue forecasts were mere fantasy..

We have learned since the election that the BC Liberal LNG job projections were an orchestrated lie..


David Broadband explains the trickery here..


But what British Columbia`s people have really learned over the last decade......

The media are deliberate liars, that truth and journalistic integrity are mere ancient lore...That Les Leyne, Tom Fletcher, Sean Leslie, Vaughn Palmer and Mike Smyth will write lies on purpose, that they will spin, distort and cheat the public out of the truth.. 

BCers have learned that Vaughn Palmer has no balls, no ethics, no morals, no integrity, a company man, a corporate bootlicking wallflower..Vaughn Palmer, a man who will put his hand on the bible and swear to tell the truth only to proceed by quoting other people`s lies and taking the 5th..


 The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open




Anonymous said...

Martin brown more street cred?


Anonymous said...

This is from "Necessary Illusions" by Noam Chomsky. It was published in1989. Its subtitle is "Thought Control in Democratic Societies." Here is a paragraph from page 10.

"Case by case, we find that conformity is the easy way, and the path to privilege and prestige; dissidence carries personal costs that may be severe, even in a society that lacks such means of control as death squads, psychiatric prisons, or extermination camps. The very
structure of the media is designed to induce conformity to established doctrine. In a 3 minute stretch between commercials, or in 700 words, it is impossible to present unfamiliar thoughts or surprising conclusions with the argument and evidence required to afford them some credibility. Regurgitation of welcome pieties faces no such problem."

sd said...

Thanks for this Grant. I listened as mikey trotted out the 46 billion meme they're now trying yesterday on nw. It didn't take mikey long to get back into crusties undies after a minor protest about the fired health workers. I think I'll call in today and see if I can call bullshit on air.