Thursday, July 16, 2015

Control Freak Leaders Who Use Propaganda, Distortion and Fear...It Leads to Criminal Ideology(Stephen Jesus Christ Harper)

Stephen Harper is not Hitler, but the tactics Stephen Harper uses to control the populous is very similar, endless propaganda, draconian legislation, ...Harper does not bring people together, he divides, instills hatred and fear of others, ...Harper`s messaging, Terrorists behind every shrub, the world hates us, the niqab is evil, ..Environmentalists are evil, Mulcair is a Greek-like socialist, Trudeau is a marijuana pusher...

Oh indeed, all Hail Stephen the great Jesus Harper......

Wai Young, a British Columbia Stephen Harper groupie..


"A Conservative MP has found herself in the middle of a controversy after audio surfaced of remarks she made at a Vancouver church, comparing Stephen Harper to Jesus.
Backbencher Wai Young is heard in a recording of her June 28 address to the congregation at Harvest City Church.

“Jesus served, he saved, but he acted as well,” she said.
Young used the moment to transition to praising the party’s tough-on-crime stance.

“I want to share with you what I think our government is doing in the same vein — Jesus served and acted to always do the right thing, not the most popular thing.” 

She brought up the Conservatives' victim's bill of rights and Bill C-51 as examples.

“If Bill C-51 had been in place 30 years ago Air India would never had happened. Those some 400 lives would have been saved.” 

That last line is misleading, PressProgress points out. In fact, The Globe and Mail reported that the former Supreme Court judge who headed a 2010 inquiry into the Air India bombing believes the opposite. According to The Globe, John Major said he does not believe C-51 will address the flaws in information-sharing that contributed to the 1985 tragedy."


Thank goodness we have many clear voices, we can ignore the mainstream media, we can source information online...No doubt Stephen Harper wishes information and propaganda was only available via a couple of sources, circa 1930`s to the 1950`s...No internet, no satellite, no cable, no 300 hundred channel choices, look at how Harper pollutes radio, TV, movies, one can`t even watch a hockey game without Stephen Harper`s messaging polluting the TV screen...And not just during an election writ but 24/7 day in day our, ...Stephen Harper hasn`t stopped tooting his own horn since he got a majority, near $1 billion dollars taxpayers have shelled out to promote Harper and his Conservative gang...Without permission, Harper just takes(steals) the money with nary a second thought about optics, or ethics...promote himself at any cost....It really is sick..

Just imagine if it was 1940 ...Just imagine what a Stephen Harper would do in that scenario?

Hitler and Goebbels fanned the flames of hatred for many many years, they twisted information and indoctrinated an entire population into hating all those different, Germany`s youth had their heads filled with poisonous Hitler scripture, .....Through propaganda and a campaign of fear a seemingly well educated German population turned into crazed killers..

So....Leaders do matter...Stephen Harper`s draconian anti-democratic legislation, the insidious legislation he buries in omnibus Bills...Attacks on science, on scientists, attacks on environmentalists and the physical earth..

Hitler`s Germany turned normal people into crazed animals....Books were burned, laws written giving Hitler supreme power, an entire population, and military, the courts, everyone had to say Heil Hitler...Like he was a god, ....Or Jesus! 

So when Conservative MPs start referencing Stephen Harper as Jesus....I get worried, we know Harper is a control freak, he won`t speak to media unless he selects the media, he won`t answer questions unless he knows what question is coming...Now Harper is refusing to enter election debates unless he can control the venue...All the signs are there...

I want you, I want everyone to watch a couple of films....See what happens when a madman is in power, with unfettered power...Things get ugly, sub-human in fact..


Night will fall ......Sidney Berstein`s haunting film footage..


After you watch that film...One must ask...How did Germany fall prey and victim to Hitler...It didn`t happen overnight, it took two decades of gradual propaganda...It built up speed like a slow moving train, it gradually increased speed and momentum until there was no stopping it...And yes, there were many German people who recognized the evil Hitler was...But so pervasive was Hitler`s indoctrination, especially in German`s youth....Children turned in parents to the Nazi party as subversives, neighbours turned on those who didn`t conform...

The Final solution..Part I


The final Solution part II


One might think I`m being over-the-top....No, Stephen Harper won`t create another Holocaust...But he will burn books, incite fear, take away democratic rights, assault workers, seniors, take away healthcare...Stephen Harper will burn the world to the ground in the name of big dirty tar oil and his own twisted sense of holiness..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Evil Eye said...

"Politicians commonly demand arbitrary power to deal with a national emergency and restore order, even though underlying problems are commonly caused by bad government policies."

The Big Smoke and Mirrors Show said...

Harper is just another masonic front man for the anglo-american zionist $indicate. The are actors playing the role of salesman. And around election, the stage mangers always throw in little bit of that ole time chritian rhetoric in order to energize the fundie base that they rely on.

"When the nobility see that they are unable to resist the people, they unite in exalting one of their number and creating him prince, so as to be able to carry out their own designs under the shadow of his authority."

Machiavelli, The Prince, ch. IX

Jon Ghun said...

This is what we're up against.

>>RCMP shoot site C protester dead in Dawson Creek

Global is reporting that “According to the police, officers were responding to a report of a male causing a disturbance at a public information session being held by BC Hydro in the 500 block of Highway 2 in Dawson Creek. The male had reportedly been damaging property and disrupting the event.” The suspect was wearing a mask and they shot him dead. Holy gestapo batman this is why we oppose Bill C-51.


What it all boils down to is that fascists will resort to violence to get what they want; whereas the rest of us won't or try our damnedest not to.

Hugh said...

Hugh said...

Nexen is a Chinese company so it falls under China-FIPA, which allows the Chinese investor/corporation to sue Canada for laws/policies made by any level of government in Canada.