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The Time Has Come To Remove Canada`s Wannabe Hitler, Time to Remove Stephen Harper

Written by Grant G

Every Government website, including Weather Canada, there it is, a message from Stephen Harper, promoting him and the Conservative party, a Canada Day message from Harper and a 150 celebration message, and not the least, back-patting themselves over porky tax cuts, everywhere one looks  Stephen Harper`s propaganda is front and center...

Canada action plan signs littering every single infrastructure project site as well as endless Federal Harper Conservative partisan Government ads inundating television and radio costing Canadian taxpayers $hundreds of millions of dollars each and every year..

So ghastly, so insidious, so insane, so Adolph Hitler like is Stephen Joseph Harper my mind goes numb in thinking how any Canadian could follow and or vote for that swamp creature caricature..

What does Stephen Harper stand for?...As far as I can tell the only thing Harper lives for is the continual enriching of foreign multi-nation corporations and the gradual but stead assault on Democracy, the environment and the world itself, that being the actual physical earth, Mother Earth..

Stephen Harper, Joe Oliver and Jason Kenney...Joe Oliver calling every British Columbia resident concerned with the health of the environment, concerned with fish, concerned with sustainability of wildlife and wanting to keep British Columbia Super Natural...."Terrorists..Eco-terrorists..Radicals..puppets of American Environmental groups.." ....

I am NOT...BCers are not, Canadians aren`t any of those things...We are protectors of the finite resource water, we are those wanting to keep the water clean, keep the water healthy enough to support diverse varieties of fish, and birds and more...We are the growing group of realists who care about long-term sustainability of the environment and by long-term we don`t mean the next political term, not 20 years out not 150 years from now but tens of thousands of years from today..That is what we fight for..

The ancient date dinosaur Bay Street money player Joe Oliver doesn`t care about anything except greed and excess for the few..Joe Oliver lies, cheats and distorts, including hiding real data from Canadians, hiding $billions in debt, hiding $billions in cuts to Health Canada, hiding the shame that is Stephen Harper`s corporate ideology..And when Joe Oliver was asked about the growing debt and gifts to Canada`s already wealthiest Canadians...Joe Oliver responded..

"It`s a problem for Stephen Harper`s granddaughter to solve".... 

A pathetic bootlicking finance minister who`s only concern is the continual rewarding and gift-giving to Canada`s wealthy, live high on the hog in the near-term while average Canadians drown in record debt ....Joe Oliver is complicit in screwing 90% of the Canadian public and in screwing the unborn..

 Jason Kenney, the little stump that roared, a callous coward who blathers and portends that terrorists are hiding, lurking behind every bush and shrub in Canada when nothing could be further from the truth, more Canadians and Canadian police die from gangs and criminal activity every week than....Two deranged drug-addicted losers tragically killed  two military members and suddenly the Harper/Kenney Conservatives use this tragedy to incite widespread fear, ...More military members have died in basic training this year in Canada...For shame..

That`s not enough...Stephen Harper legislation ..Bill C-51...No one can use ISIS propaganda or incite or promote terrorism without risk of jail or incarceration yet Jason Kenney can use female actors acting out an ancient ritual and pretend it`s an ISIS atrocity, all in an effort to use the fear card...Jason Kenney and Stephen Harper...Showing our military member`s faces for propaganda photo-ops..Endangering our overseas military members for political gain...Stephen Harper`s Conservatives gang went even further, in political ads against Justin Trudeau Stephen Harper promoted the ISIS anthem and published hideous executions, a clear violation of federal terrorism laws, if you or I published and aired that information we would be jailed and charged under federal terrorism legislation..

Vic Toews, one of Stephen Harper`s star performers...Harper`s one-time Justice Minster...Vic Toews cheated on his wife, he had sex with his Child`s babysitter, he impregnated her ...A real class act of a man...Vic Toews called everyone who disagreed with Harper`s previous illegal draconian spying legislation ..."You are either with us or with the child pornographers".....No Vic Toews, we are not with the child pornographers, ...and we aren`t with you either, a babysitter and servant raper...An adulterer, a cad, a dirty slimy piece of garbage...Do as I say not as I do....That is the real Harper Conservative motto.

In the upper echelon of Hitler`s Nazi party homosexuality was rampant, and I could care less yet those who did the same that weren`t part of Hitler`s Nazi party were persecuted, jailed and executed, so-called deviant behavior within the Nazi-party was not only over-looked it was commonplace, in fact the Nazi-Party started in a gay bar in Munich...Oh indeed, those evil beings that rise to power are so quick to judge others, to demand morality and a code of conduct that they themselves don`t, or won`t adhere to..

The Nazi party roots sounds alot like Stephen Harper`s Conservative/Reform party...It sounds alot like Stephen Harper`s beginning`s, the northern Foundation/heritage front..


Stephen Harper and the Heritage Front Revisited

The man on the right is Wolfgang Droege, former leader of the Heritage Front, a neo-Nazi group that gained prominence when it was discovered that they were operating within the Reform Party.

Mr. Droege was murdered in 2005, putting an end to an era, but there are still many unanswered questions, at least unanswered to me.

How much did Stephen Harper and Preston Manning know of his activities? Why did it take them so long to react to the infiltration of neo-Nazis into the party? Why was he and the Heritage Front employed to handle security for Preston Manning?

According to Dr. Debra Chin of the Canadian, "Stephen Harper was Reform Party Policy chief, at a time when it had numerous members of the white supremacist group Heritage Front as members. ... Mr. Harper even had Heritage Front members doing security for Preston Manning at Reform Party events in Ontario."

The Northern Foundation and the Heritage Front

"‘The Northern Foundation was established in 1989, originally as a pro-South Africa group . . . lists among the founding members of the Foundation both William Gairdner and Stephen Harper ... " (Preston Manning and the Reform Party. Author: Murray Dobbin Goodread Biographies/Formac Publishing 1992 ISBN: 0-88780-161-7, pg. 100)

"... the Northern Foundation was the creation of a number of generally extreme right-wing conservatives, including Anne Hartmann (a director of REAL Women), Geoffrey Wasteneys (A long-standing member of the Alliance for the Preservation of English in Canada), George Potter (also a member of the Alliance for the Preservation of English in Canada), author Peter Brimelow, Link Byfield (son of Ted Byfield and himself publisher/president of Alberta Report), and Stephen Harper." (Of Passionate Intensity: Right-Wing Populism and the Reform Party of Canada. Author: Trevor Harrison Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1995. ISBN: 0-8020-7204-6, Pg. 121)


There is much more....Stephen Harper was well aware that he was leader of a neo-Nazi party...


Stephen Harper’s “Northern Foundation”

Stephen Harper was a member of the ultra-right-wing Northern Foundation in 1989, Mr. Harrison documents that this was a group that had numerous Neo-Nazi skinheads as organizers, as well as a leadership that included a well-known white supremacist and anti-feminist crusader as a prominent leader that sought to take over the mass-media to enable the fulfillment of a right wing agenda. The Northern Foundation, with the support of corporate allies was able to get Mr. Harper elected in the first place by indeed, taking over the mass-media in Canada. This was done to shelter Mr. Harper from the kinds of critical journalism which had kept him out of power, in the first place. Corporate mass-media owners would seek to remake Mr. Harper and the Conservative Party from being ultra right, into a fabricated image of a non-threatening “moderately conservative” party.

Trevor Harrison documents that “He [Mr. Harper] had little trouble doing so, as the media had been largely muffled by one fact: press baron Conrad Black, then reaching the height of his powers was also a member of the Northern Foundation and equally shy about having it publicly known.” Mr. Harrison elaborates that, “Journalists feared incurring his wrath as he employed many of them at the time, and was a potential employer for those whom he didn’t employ. Had they made the membership list public, Mr. Black would have been exposed.”

It is almost always the case, those who scream, shout and legislate against deviants or perceived deviants are the most prolific offenders, ...The similarities between Hitler`s Nazi party and Stephen Harper`s conservative party is striking, no, not that Harper is executing innocent members of Canada`s Jewish community but the assault on the rule of law, the assault on Democracy, on Human rights, on the world itself, that being the physical world(Mother Earth)...Case after case our Supreme Court is tossing out illegal draconian legislation....The proroguing of Parliament, Stephen Harper, the only Federal Government in Canadian history to prorogue parliament to save their sorry skin..

Stephen Harper`s assault on the environment, gutting the waters act, the species at risk act, decades of hard fought environmental protections ripped up and shredded by Stephen Harper...Gutted and shredded the coward`s way, not in stand alone bills but buried deep inside massive omnibus budget bills, Harper the coward knows no courage, closets are havens for pulpit bullies..

Canada`s National Energy Board corrupted under Harper, now nothing but a rubber stamp stop-over for energy companies..

Not only has Harper`s corporate ideology muzzled Canadian scientists he has attacked science itself, a page right of Hitler`s Nazi party playbook..Hundreds of years of book-written science data destroyed by Stephen Harper`s goons..

After Muzzling Scientists, Canadian Government Now Moves On To Book Burnings

from the return-to-the-dark-ages dept

Techdirt has been tracking the sorry saga of Canada's assault on free speech for a while, as it first muzzled scientists and librarians, and then clamped down on the public expressing its views. Now, it seems, the Canadian government of Stephen Harper is attacking knowledge by dismantling key scientific collections, as this post on The Tyee reports:
Scientists say the closure of some of the world's finest fishery, ocean and environmental libraries by the Harper government has been so chaotic that irreplaceable collections of intellectual capital built by Canadian taxpayers for future generations has been lost forever.
There seems to have been no attempt to find other homes for books, maps and unique collections of historical data, or even to offer them for free to the Canadian public that paid for them. Instead, they are simply being destroyed, some in literal book burnings:
Many collections such as the Maurice Lamontagne Institute Library in Mont-Joli, Quebec ended up in dumpsters while others such as Winnipeg's historic Freshwater Institute library were scavenged by citizens, scientists and local environmental consultants. Others were burned or went to landfills, say scientists.
What's strange is that even though the rationale for this mass destruction is apparently in order to reduce costs, opportunities to sell off more valuable items have been ignored. A scientist is quoted as follows:
"Hundreds of bound journals, technical reports and texts still on the shelves, presumably meant for the garbage or shredding. I saw one famous monograph on zooplankton, which would probably fetch a pretty penny at a used science bookstore... anybody could go in and help themselves, with no record kept of who got what."
In the light of these events, another top scientist made the following comment:
Hutchings said none of the closures has anything to do with saving money, due to the small cost of maintaining the collections. He, like many scientists, concludes that Harper's political convictions are driving the unprecedented consolidation.

"It must be about ideology. Nothing else fits," said Hutchings. "What that ideology is, is not clear. Does it reflect that part of the Harper government that doesn't think government should be involved in the very things that affect our lives? Or is it that the role of government is not to collect books or fund science? Or is it the idea that a good government is stripped down government? "

Hutchings saw the library closures fitting a larger pattern of "fear and insecurity" within the Harper government, "about how to deal with science and knowledge."
Or it may just be that the Canadian government doesn't want any inconvenient scientific evidence to get in the way of its dogma-based policymaking.


 Compare the section above to the next section below describing how and why Hitler and his Brown Shirt Goods destroyed books, assaulted science, silenced freedom ..The comparison is eerily similar and almost as frightening...


There where books are burned, in the end people too are burned." -- Heinrich Heine

Books were one of the first casualties of the NAZI regime when Hitler seized power in 1933. The NAZIs organized mass burnings of books written by Jews or expressing objectionable ideas. Virtually all books by Jewish authors were destroyed. Hitler Youth members enthusiastically committed masterpieces of the German language as well as many foreign texts to huge bonfires. The book burnings were carefully prepared. 

The NAZIS seized power in January 1933. Throughout the spring of 1933, NAZI student organizations, professors, and librarians compiled an extensive lists of books they determined to be "entartet" (degenerate) and should not be read by decent Germans. NAZI SA Stormtroopers and student groups armed with this list on the night of May 10, 1933, surged into libraries and bookstores all over Germany. 
 They organized Wagnerian spectacles, marching in long lines by torchlight, singing Party songs, and chanting the twelve "theses,"--their manifesto for the "purification" of German literature and thought. They then threw the seized books on to huge bonfires. More than 20,000 books were burned on May 10 at the Berlin Opernplatz book burning alone. Many were works of Jewish authors such as Max Brod, Albert Einstein, Franz Kafka, Richard Katz, Sigmund Freud, and Franz Werfel. German-writing authors from Prague were Franz Kafka, Franz Werfel ("The Song of Bernadette"), Max Brod and Richard Katz. They were Jews, so their books were burned. Thomas Mann married a Jewish woman, Katja Pringsheim, so his children were half-Jews according to NAZI classifications. Most were by non-Jewish writers, including famous American (Jack London, Ernest Hemingway, and Sinclair Lewis), English (H.G. Wells), French, and German (Thomas Mann--whose wife was Jewish, Erich Maria Remarque, and Rainer Maria Rilke) writers who expressed idea differing from the NAZI world view. Erich Maria Remarque was born a Catholic (notice his middle name). His real surname was Kramer. (Remark in reverse). His books were burned on account of his anti- war novel All Quiet on the Western Front--the most important novel to emerge from World War I. Many of the banned authors still living wisely emigrated, many to the United States. Also the books by the poet Rainer Maria Rilke were burned. He was too cosmopolitan, born in Prague, living in France as secretary of Rodin. Somebody like that thoroughly antagonized the NAZIs.

 The choice of degenerate authors provides a terrifying insight into the NAZI mindset. One such author was Helen Keller, the deaf-mute who became a writer. (The handicapped in German were to be targeted by the NAZIs as part of a eugenics program several years before the Holocaust.) Public and private libraries and book stores were advised to ensure that they did not have the "degenerate", "un-German" books.



German Scholarship

Until Hitler, books had been revered in Germany perhaps more than any where else in Europe. The NAZI book burnings in May 1933 were one of the first shocking events of the NAZI regime. Unlike the arrests that had begun, the book burnings were widely covered in the German and foreign press. And because the NAZIs were proud of their work, there was extensive film coverage which was shown in movie news reels (the primary outlet for photo journalism at the time) all over the world. The shock was not just that books were being burned, but that it was being done at German universities--some of the world's great centers of academic learning.

 The world's revulsion is not difficult to understand. What is perhaps more troubling than the burning itself is the reaction of the German academic community. Such actions by NAZI thugs was not surprising. The book burnings, however, were carried out by German university students. There was almost know criticism by their professors, indeed many joined the students or endorsed their actions. [Davidson, pp. 46-47.] It was becoming apparent by May 1933 what happened to NAZI critics, still the regime had just begun its campaign against the domestic opposition. The virtual silence of the German academic community is shocking indeed.


Stephen Harper has attacked everyone and everything he has deemed a threat to his grip on power...Ever since Harper got his majority the political ads and taxpayer paid for propaganda has filtered through every segment of Canada`s society, at bus stops..Television, radio, forced photo-ops....

Propagada on a sustained level never seen in Canada before, never seen since the days of Joseph Goebels and Adolph Hitler...

Stephen Harper and his gang have gone after university voters...after students, deemed free-thinking youth as a threat..



"Elections Canada has ruled the votes cast by University of Guelph students earlier this week are valid despite a challenge by the Conservatives.

The controversy erupted after an incident at the university where students were lining up to cast special ballots. The Conservatives had a lawyer send a letter to Elections Canada complaining about the special voting on the southern Ontario university campus.

Elections Canada issued a statement on Friday that said the special ballots were not pre-authorized but they will still be counted in the May 2 election.
"All information at our disposal indicates that the votes were cast in a manner that respects the Canada Elections Act and are valid," the statement said.


 Science, the environment, concerned citizens....scientific voices, students...Everyone who does not heed and go to bended knee in front of Stephen Harper is targeted...Hitler didn`t just go after the Jewish community...Hitler ordered the disabled killed, mentally handicapped killed, homosexuals, Gypsies, Slavs and any and all political opponents were slaughtered, even German students were executed for speaking out against Hitler`s insane war..



In the early summer of 1942, a group of young men — including Willi Graf, Christoph Probst and Hans Schol formed a a non-violent resistance group in Nazi Germany, consisting of a number of students from the University of Munich and their philosophy professor. The group became known for an anonymous leaflet campaign, lasting from June 1942 until February 1943, that called for active opposition to the Nazis regime.

The group co-authored six anti-Nazi Third Reich political resistance leaflets. Calling themselves the White Rose, they instructed Germans to passively resist the Nazis. They had been horrified by the behavior of the Germans on the Eastern Front where they had witnessed a group of naked Jews being shot in a pit.

The core of the White Rose consisted of five students — Sophie Scholl, her brother Hans Scholl, Alex Schmorell, Willi Graf, and Christoph Probst, all in their early twenties — also members were Hans and Sophie's sister Inge Scholl, and a professor of philosophy, Kurt Huber.

Between June 1942 and February 1943, they prepared and distributed six different leaflets, in which they called for the active opposition of the German people to Nazi oppression and tyranny. Huber drafted the final two leaflets. A draft of a seventh leaflet, written by Christoph Probst, was found in the possession of Hans Scholl at the time of his arrest by the Gestapo, who destroyed it.

The White Rose was influenced by the German Youth Movement, of which Christoph Probst was a member. Hans Scholl was a member of the Hitler Youth until 1936 and Sophie was a member of the Bund Deutscher M├Ądel. The ideas of d.j.1.11 had strong influence on Hans Scholl and his brothers and sisters. d.j.1.11 was a youth group of the German Youth Movement, founded by Eberhard Koebel in 1929.

Willi Graf was a member of Neudeutschland and the Grauer Orden. Neudeutschland is a catholic youth association. The group's members were motivated by their Christian beliefs. They had witnessed the atrocities of the war, both on the battlefield and against the civilian population in the East, and sensed that the reversal of fortune that the Wehrmacht suffered at Stalingrad would eventually lead to Germany's defeat. They rejected fascism and militarism and believed in a federated Europe that adhered to principles of tolerance and justice



 While America in 1936 introduced to the world the game Monopoly ...In Adolph Hitler`s Germany in the same year (1936) another board game was created..


Nazi Board Game 'Out With The Jews!'


 In the 1930s in Germany, anti-semitism was all-pervasive, and part of that can be attributed to pop culture. A commercially successful board game for example called "Juden Raus" (Out With The Jews) became a pastime of German families. Ben Barkow of the world's oldest holocaust museum, the Wiener Library in London has a copy of the game in their archives and explains to anchor Lisa Mullins.


 Unlike the game Monopoly, this German board was not about making money and owning property, the game was about how many Jews you could remove from your country..

Adolph Hitler slowly, gradually incited fear, incited hatred of those different, a distorted view of the world, ...Stephen Harper is inciting fear at every turn, terrorists, the economy, attack ads based on fear, ....Yet we have more police murdered, more innocents murdered by felons, by gang members, by impaired drives yet Jason Kenney fan the flames of intolerance, the wrap themselves in the Canadian flag and pretend they are more patriotic than you, more Canadian...Stephen Harper declares how he loves Canada`s military yet....Yet military supply ship contracts announced 5 years ago haven`t cut one piece of steel, every military procurement deliberately stalled and botched, the allocated money returned to general revenue for the sole purpose of being able to claim an election year balanced budget...A Stephen Harper budget shrouded in fraud, a budget surplus built off the backs off wounded and disrespected war veterans...

Stephen Harper, the great pretender, no prime minister has ever disrespected Canada`s military more than he....Harper uses military faces for photo-ops, endangering military lives for propaganda purposes...Harper Announces to the world he is photo-oping on one of military ships on exercise maneuvers in the Baltic...Then Stephen Harper proceeds to USE our military as a pawn, binoculars, gatling guns photo-ops, then pretend and feint fear that Vladimir Putin is personally targeting him..

Shameless see-through politics, .....

A coward Stephen Harper be....When Canada`s economy is doing good it is because of his guidance yet when Canada falls into recession as it is now it is the fault of other countries around the world..

What does Stephen Harper stand for...The prime minister who allowed big oil to vapourize Lac Megantic Quebec..

The prime minister who shipped airline maintenance to South America, a leader who attacked workers, a Conservative who wanted home mail delivery stopped, a Stephen Harper who wants to end public healthcare, wants to stop Canada pensions, a prime minister who lavishes $billions of taxpayer dollars onto Canada`s top earners..

Stephen Harper will be stopped....In 1939 the world`s free countries vowed to stop Adolph Hitler...

In 2015 the economic and physical world itself have come together in a seemingly coordinated effort to remove the ghastly coward and liar from power...Oil collapses, Canada`s economy falls into recession, every economic theory Stephen Harper espoused has collapsed...

Canada, the fossil award winning country under Harper, ....Stephen Harper used Gordon Campbell(Ambassador) to promote tar goop in Europe...Those pretend Conservative leaders don`t believe in climate change yet in 2015 the physical world has shown Canada and Canadians that manmade climate disasters are real...British Columbia burns..Western North America burns..Water water where is the water...

70% of all sea-birds are gone since 1950..

.All species on earth are vanishing at a rate not seen in millions of years, those extinctions caused by meteor strikes and earth`s volcanoes all erupting at once...Half of all wildlife species since 1940 are gone.

 A 21st century species die-off right before our very eyes while bombastic dinosaurs like Christy Clark and Stephen Harper bury their heads in tar-goop and methane fumes.....


In my mind dreams are abound, a new clean world driven by technology, songbirds singing and fish leaping from clean clear creeks...Solar cells adorning homes and the only smells wafting through the air is home-cooked salmon berry pies...

Canada will remove the Christy Clark and Stephen Harper fossils from power, we will prevail and in time forget the bad taste of the poison they placed in the water ...


Written by Grant G 



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