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Christy Clark and Rich Coleman are Lying, The Sad Disturbing Facts Meet The Light Of Day(LNG LIES ON STEROIDS)

Written by Grant G

Well, as written here, as written by David Broadband of Focus magazine, you can now add the name Marc Lee at The Center for Policy Alternatives....


Christy Clark and Rich Coleman lied their faces off about potential employment numbers for both LNG in the construction phase and the permanent employment after the LNG plants are built(if any get built)...

Marc Lee released some damning information, Marc Lee discovered that in 2012 the BC Liberals released some credible potential LNG industry employment numbers....But then something happened, something hideous and potentially harmful to BC`s economic future...Christy Clark became anointed premier and was campaigning to get herself elected in 2013...Christy Clark was 20% percentage points behind in the early pre-election polls, Christy Clark needed a miracle, a Hail Mary pass, Clark needed a big game-changing fantasy...Thus the $Trillion dollar LNG lie was created....Christy Clark bought a bus, painted on the sides of the bus was the BC Liberal slogan ..."Debt Free B.C."...Pamela Martin, Christy Clark`s pillow fight and sleepover communications director tweeted out during the heat of the then upcoming 2013 BC election......and I quote..

"What would you do with a $trillion dollars"



The BC Liberal lies were just getting started, anything to hoodwink a voting public into supporting the corrupt BC Liberals, now known not only as corrupt but as habitual bold-faced liars...

Christy Clark and Rich Coleman promised BCers a debt free province, ..Promised a $100 billion dollar prosperity fund..Promised monies to First Nations, all crown debt retired, bridge tolls removed and more, Christy Clark even mentioned that this LNG windfall would eliminate the British Columbia sales tax....And more...Christy Clark made the big lie,she claimed LNG would create 100,000 jobs...

A number now proven to be nothing but a massive deception, a ruse, guile that BC`s media pundits, Vaughn Palmer, Kieith Baldrey, Michael Smyth and Sean Leslie promoted with zeal, even as proof of that employment lie came to the forefront by David Broadband, and The Straight Goods, they all but ignored it, clearly the media had their marching orders and employment perks to soothe their failed journalistic souls...

With the above mentioned media, even to this day, they still deliberately lie about Petronas`s investment dollars, Petronas IS NOT INVESTING  $46 BILLION, not $36 BILLION in BRITISH COLUMBIA.....PETRONAS IS INVESTING A MERE $2 TO $4 BILLION IN B.C....

Back to the phony job numbers....Prior to Christy Clark and the BC Liberals panicking over their election chances, this is what the British Columbia Government said about employment with Three LNG plants..


"Prior to the 2013 throne speech, however, the BC government’s expectations for LNG jobs were
substantially lower. Its Liquefied Natural Gas Strategy, released February 2012, argued that three
LNG plants in BC would create 800 new long-term jobs in the LNG sector, up to 9,000 more jobs
during construction and several thousand more indirect jobs. later in 2012, government ambitions for LNG had grown to five plants, with internal modelling for the government estimating the
plants would create 2,400 new jobs, with 15,000 temporary jobs during the construction period.
The shift in rhetoric about LNG jobs came from a single study commissioned by the BC government just weeks before its 2013 throne speech"



Do you see that, before Christy Clark started the big election lie, before panic had set in, the BC Liberal Government was reasonable with their LNG employment numbers..Three LNG plants, 9000 temporary construction jobs with about 800 permanent fulltime long term jobs....But ...For a Government sagging in the polls, with a school dropout attempting to become premier of British Columbia, the Christy Clark Liberals needed to go big with the lies and rhetoric...And they did..

Do you see the above employment numbers quoted by the BC Liberal Government in 2012...Three LNG plants, 9000 temporary construction jobs and 800 fulltime permanent jobs...Here is what the habitual liar Rich Coleman  said..


From this Straight Goods posting...


And I quote...


 I get a kick out of some of the other folks out there saying: 'You're behind schedule.' "No we're not. We're actually right on the time frame that I established."

One thing that works in the government's favour is the scale of the enterprise. The values are so vast that even delivering a fraction of the potential could count as a win.

Coleman said: "They say: 'They can't all go ahead.(18 LNG Plant proposals)' "I say: 'OK. Let's have three LNG plants.' That's $100 billion. That's 100,000 jobs."

It's that comfort level that's giving him the kicks, and the amusement. snip..


Do you see that, in 2012 the BC Government said in early 2012 three LNG plants could create 9000 temporary construction jobs and 800 permanent operational jobs...Suddenly when the 2013 election was drawing drew near those three LNG plants morphed to 100,000 jobs and $100 billion dollars....Your nose is growing Rich Coleman, at an alarming rate...

And it wasn`t just Rich Coleman, the lies were written right in the BC Liberal 2013 election platform..


 "LNG facilities are currently proposed by business groups that include some of the world`s biggest energy companies-Shell, Imperial, Chevron, British Gas, Petronas, SK & and ES of South Korea, Inpex and the Chinese National Offshore Oil Corporation, to name some of the major players, it`s no fantasy.
The projects mean 39,000 jobs to British Columbia during construction with another 75,000 full time jobs created once in operation. We can create 1 $trillion dollars in economic activity and create the BC Prosperity fund with $100 billion over 30 years.

An opportunity this good faces lots of global competition. Premier Christy Clark and Today`s BC Liberals have worked diligently to enable LNG as an economic generator for decades to come."
(BC Liberal platform at below link)



Everything about this LNG industry and their representatives(whores and pimps) are a lie.... Rafe Mair is reporting just yesterday that the LNG lobbying group Resource Works have illegally stolen logos, and made false representations that the Webster Foundation and other foundations are in support of BC LNG and various projects, .....Resource Works have been forced to retract and remove said materials from the website..That story here..


LNG lobby fakes partnerships with prominent organizations



Those BC Liberal financial numbers and job numbers were an elaborate con-job perpetrated on a gullible BC public, ...With a giant assist from a corrupt bought BC legislative media...

Yes, that especially means you Keith Baldrey..(El Twitter King)

 David Broadband did exceptional work on the big LNG employment number lie....Below is his linked article..


Did the BC government fake LNG numbers before last year's election?




So did The Straight Goods..


The BC Liberals lied about the revenues, lied about the job numbers, and they are lying about the amount of available natural gas British Columbia actually has...Renown geologist David Hughes wrote that essay..(linked directly below)


Ok....So, Christy Clark, Rich Coleman and all the BC Liberals, including all our legislative media lied their faces off, ...The job numbers are scant in comparison to the reality of the industry, the revenue forecasts were a lie too, there will be no debt free B.C....No $100 billion dollar prosperity fund, ...The BC Liberals sold out the farm, they indemnified Petronas for 25 years through legislation, they tied future Government hands...They slashed income taxes, slashed royalty rates, they offered free Site C dam power to the LNG industry, they sold out future generations because they are so desperate to get shovels in the ground before the next election...And with all that, the B.C. LNG greenfield industry is still not economically viable...LNG is trading in Japan at just over $7 dollars per million BTUs.....Petronas needs a price of $12 dollars to be economically viable..

China in partnership with Pakistan is building two pipelines to feed India`s future natural gas needs, one pipeline with Iraq, another with Iran....Also, Japan is restarting their nuclear plants...Sendai number 1 reactor is coming online August 10th/2015 with four more nuclear plants following...Thus Japan`s LNG needs are set to fall dramatically...That story here..


South Korea...They too are dumping LNG as a fuel and they, along with China are embracing Nuclear power as a cleaner, much cheaper alternative to the polluting fuel natural gas..


"Yoo Sang-Hee told Platts that high prices of LNG compared to coal and nuclear push the demand for the liquefied natural gas further down in the power generation sector as more gas-fired power plants remain idle.

Operating rates of gas-fired power plants went from 61.3% in 2013 to 50.8% in 2014, and as Yoo said, it is expected that these rates will slip to 23.7% by 2019 and even lower to 16.8% in 2022."


That was reported in this Straight Goods article..


There is also the Russia/China $trillion dollar piped natural gas deal, ...China and Russia have inked a massive natural gas supply deal, cheap piped natural gas, no need for expensive LNG liquefaction and or regasification plants..


Not only that, Australia has five more LNG plants coming online over the next 18 months, thus making an already over-supplied market worse, all this before British Columbia has a shovel in the ground..

There was a recent study released showing that there is a huge LNG plant over-supply, that basically this LNG plant investment will be money flushed down the toilet, there are only two possible scenarios in this reality...LNG prices will crash to even lower lows or many LNG plants already built will have to close-up shop, shutter their windows and shut down..


  Study Reveals Surplus of Future LNG Projects

A new global gas study published by the London-based Carbon Tracker Initiative, identifies $283 billion of possible liquefied natural gas projects to 2025 that are likely to be surplus to requirements in a low demand scenario.

A transition to a low carbon economy indicates there is some room for gas demand growth to 2040, unlike coal and oil use that must peak and decline. But if the world is to stay within a carbon budget that limits global warming to the 2⁰C U.N. target, energy companies will need to be selective over which gas projects they develop. This is also the case in a low demand scenario.
The study finds that over the next ten years $82 billion of potential capex in LNG plants will not be needed in Canada, $71 billion in the United States and $68 billion in Australia in the lower demand scenario. The value of unneeded LNG projects rises to $379 billion by 2035, according to the study.
“Investors should scrutinise the true potential for growth of LNG businesses over the next decade. The current oversupply of LNG means there is already a pipeline of projects waiting to come on stream. It is not clear whether these will be needed and generate value for shareholders,” said James Leaton, Carbon Tracker’s head of research.



What can we do now....The BC Liberals sold us out...They lied about revenue, lied about the massive amounts of GHG emissions coming from this industry, lied big-time about the job numbers, more in fact, they didn`t just lie about the jobs they manufactured an elaborate scheme to endorse their LNG employment number lies..

First things first....Our B.C. legislative and mainstream media needs to start telling the truth, they don`t have to be on one side or the other, but facts are facts, they must start telling the truth...They can start by telling the real truth on how much money Petronas is really spending in British Columbia, they can refer to my site for facts and figures, or ask Brent Jang what Petronas`s LNG terminal is worth...However, I won`t hold my breath...

BC`s media are even a bigger enemy than is the BC Liberal Government...

For right now as we speak, the head of Petronas, the Prime Minister of Malaysia is embroiled in a $700 million dollar embezzlement scandal, costing his country their reputation, and wealth, ..Malaysia`s prime minister is reported to have attempted to steal $700 million dollars from a Malaysian people`s investment fund, a fund that has lost $10`s of billions of dollars as is...it has been reported that the Petronas chief transferred this $700 million dollars to his own personal bank accounts...This scandal could see him jailed and see the Malaysian Government brought down..

 That story about the Malaysian prime minister and the shocking embezzlement scandal IS relevant to British Columbia, considering the Malaysian Prime Minister is the head of, and decision maker for Petronas....The Tyee reported on this scandal...


BC's Gas Export Hopes Face 'Scandal that Ate Malaysia'

Asian nation's PM, key to $36 billion LNG bid by Petronas, in corruption probe.
By Andrew Nikiforuk, 24 Jul 2015, TheTyee.ca 


The major world-class news outfit Forbes has done reports on the Malaysian/Petronas scandal..


"A task force investigating 1MDB, comprising the central bank, police, the anti-corruption commission and the attorney general's office, has made several detentions. A company owner remanded by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission was released Monday on bail, according to an official at the agency.
1MDB has said reports that it funneled funds to Mr Najib's accounts" 



The reason why I have no hope that BC`s main media writers will change their blind-mice ways....I tweeted Rob Shaw...Sean Leslie and Vaughn Palmer and asked them why big media is silent on the major scandal going on with the Petronas chief and Malaysian prime minister, all I received back was silence...

And yes, I politely tweeted Keith Baldrey too, I left the link to the Forbes and Tyee article and asked when and if Global is going to report on that scandal..?

I received silence, oh, I received even more from Keith Baldrey....He blocked me from viewing his tweets...Oh Keith...I, and anyone can run laps around being blocked by Twitter...Fortunately Keith, you tweet nothing but ridicule, snark and ad nauseum, nothing you tweet is relevant, you Keith Baldrey, like your corporate bosses are BC Liberal ball-licking corporate sell-outs, you are enemies of British Columbia..

Perhaps you Keith Baldrey and your fellow club members should read the below article...It`s about journalistic integrity, morality, about the truth...It`s titled..

Conflict of Ethics



The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Hugh said...

Why is Australia, a major LNG exporter, going deep into debt?


Anonymous said...

world class LNG negotiators?
hey lets just add a zero or two or three here?
whatever it takes to win?


sd said...

Great post Grant! I saw Mark Lee from the CCPA on Ch21yesterday around 3:00 but of course at 6:00 it was Baldrey "EXPLAINING" everything to the peasants. They must be in a panic though because they hauled in the walrus "bag o' gas" Coleman right after Mark Lee was on. He said that 100,000 thousand jobs is the "right number". He looked and sounded pathetic repeating all those lies, and how the corruption in Malaysia doesn't affect anything.We have enough corruption here already ,we don't need more from Asia.