Friday, June 5, 2015

Christy Clark Admitted Today(Friday June 5th/2015) That She and Her Government Lied To The Public For 3 Years

 From Rob Shaw and his column in the Vancouver Sun


Premier Christy Clark(June 5th/2015) repeated an apology to the accused Friday.

“What I’ve said in the past is government very much regrets that mistake that was made,” she said. “It shouldn’t have been made and government has apologized. It was wrong.”

When asked if she was apologizing for the botched firings or for the government misleading the public to think there was a criminal investigation for three years, the premier replied: “For both.”

Written by Grant G

Are you kidding me...The premier of the province of British Columbia admitted she and her Government are liars...That means Christy Clark can`t be left in charge of the public purse or provincial direction, this wasn`t a one week lie and climbdown, this was a lie repeated by Christy Clark and her staff for three fucking years...Any CEO would be forced to resign, any public figure would be forced to resign..

This is unacceptable....Christy Clark today, June 5th/2015 just admitted that she and the Government she commands lied to the public for three years..

There is still no answer as to why these workers were fired and who ordered the hatchet job...We here at The Straight Goods know the reason why..

It is my opinion and the opinion of literally millions of British Columbians that Christy Clark is not suited either mentally or morally to be the premier..

In light of Christy Clark refusing to hold a public inquiry to get to the bottom of this scandalous crime committed by the Christy Clark led Government....

In light of Christy Clark admitting that she and her political staff orchestrated this elaborate lie, for three years Christy Clark day in and day out lied her face-off to the public on this scandal..

There is only one course of action acceptable at this point in time..

Your actions Christy Clark resulted in a man dying, a family shattered, your actions broke the bond of trust between public and Government

Christy Clark.....Your fired...You Must Resign immediately..

If anyone wants to know the genesis of this scandal can read this Straight Goods post linked directly below..

 Google this

Christy Clark and The BC Liberal Party, Health Firings Were About Donations To The BC Liberal Party and Christy Clark`s Powertrip

Christy Clark and The BC Liberal Party, Health Firings Were About Donations To The BC Liberal Party and Christy Clark`s Powertrip


More damning evidence here.


A man is DEAD Christy Clark......You and your staff have blood on your hands, you should be jailed for your actions....Resign today Madame Premier. 



The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

These False Canadians Demanding 'Full Disclosure' from Welfare applicants,,, Hilarious. WELFARE CUTS, IN YOUR FACE, LIBERAL
Good Liberals Take Cyanide.
I'm with You on the Great Quake reducing the BC Legislature to Rubble.
Also with Frank on would rather Trust the Hells Angels in a Leadership Role.

Bill said...

Christy has no shame, no ethics and as always - expects no consequences... the "legacy"of her SFU travails.

Well it looks like the "Christy Liberals" in an attempt to defuse the latest FOI revelations and outrage on their TI scandal and three year on-going cover up fell back on their Hail Mary - take out the garbage bad news Friday routine. Christy and the Lib brain trust are hoping all will be forgotten by Monday morning as BCers run out to Lulu Lemon in anticipation of the family friendly fun - bridge too far... stretch announcement.

We got the "It was wrong and the government is sorry" let's move on routine (again). It was not a real apology. Christy gave a shameful, curt, insincere, desperate damage control minute, minimal and reluctant. It was simply a forced attempt at bomb disposal, a failed photo op combo and quickly she moved forward to more important sparkle dust. Let's have a fun party while a dishonest self interested government continues to lie and coverup. They whistle past the lie detector graveyard hoping the feigned outrage of their MSM poobahs can soften the reality and growing outrage. They all make a mockery of good government and democracy.

This week's Federal FOIs revealing the RCMP entangled decoy 'investigation' proves what the NDP (and you Grant!) have been stating since this all went down. This was a ruthless orchestrated hatchet job by a too powerful, ethically unbridled "Leader". Serving Party contributors and severing hard working scientist just doing their jobs and a tragic loss of an innocent life. The ongoing coverup and lies revealed here are the standard Liberal Party ploy.

As an aside I would not be at all surprised that Christy and company actually set up Margaret McDermott the newly appointed Health Minister to run with the criminal firings and made up allegations she announced (in a deer in headlights fashion) at the start of this crafted and long lingering Liberal debacle. It was not her doing, I believe she was just the dutiful messenger and having been sandbagged by her own family she quietly did not run for reelection and silently slipped away.

This is Christy's party, her leadership, her disgraceful doing and should be her karma-toast downfall. She has to resign.

Grant G said...

Correct you are Bill...If this was an NDP scandal the media would be sleeping in the NDP leader`s backyard, filming a NDP leader in their home...I remember the Glen Clark media stampede...No one died, no innocents fired...

Bottom line, Christy Clark admitted her government lied for three years, ...She no longer has the moral authority to govern.

The public needs to see all the information, the alleged information that started this tragedy, who ordered the illegal firings,on what grounds...We must have a full public inquiry..

Why was the Champix study ordered by Clark`s cabinet to be "in house"..Why..

This is a clear case of big pharma donating money to the BC Liberal party, big pharma being shielded by the BC Liberal government...

Money for favour, money for exclusivity, people died, not just the health worker, people died who used Champix..

Christy Clark must resign, an admitted liar and influence peddler can`t be allowed to control the public purse..

Resign madame premier.

North Van's Grumps said...

Where is the Minister Margaret MacDiarmid who did the firing? Is she back at her old job as a Doctor or has she been pensioned off? Does the former MLA now have a cushy appointment via Christy Clark like a Ben Stewart who resigned his seat to let Christy take over... a cost that should have been borne by Stewart.

All the names of the major players and MacDiarmid doesn't even get a dishonourable mention. Was she approached by Marcia McNeil or was her terms of reference restricted to Deputy Ministers and the hacks carrying our the political agenda?

Recall All

Grant G said...

Where is Margaret Mac(MUD)diarmid you ask?..Actually, she is being personally sued for defamation by one of the fired health workers...most media is pretty quiet about it though..

Anonymous said...

The one man wrecking crew strikes again, how is it that bloggers are the only source revealing important details.

Keep up the great work G


JasonS said...

The media can ignore this unlike the pathetic NDP scandals of Glen Clark`s deck and Dix memo to file but they couldn't ignore 100,000 plus people occupying the legislature until the worst premier in British Columbia history resigns. We definitely need an overhaul of how the media interacts with government in BC. This is not working.

Jon Ghun said...

More work well-done, G-man. We owe you much.

And Jason, with all due respect, i have to write that--actually, this era is going swimmingly for those who brought forth and paid for this criminal clique to take over the political process. Consider the following short list of the top of my head: Taxes shifted regressively. Rail-road robbed. Massive debt imposed on public accounts. Education and health-care left to wither. Unions whipped into submission.

Sorry to say but our so-called leaders, be it crispy or gordo or little stevie, have not been chosen for their intelligence or abilities but rather for their capacity and willingness to win the peoples' trust and then to BETRAY it as directed from the back rooms of power.

In this province, we don't have government anymore, we have a caricature of one, with a puppet cheer leader plucked out of the mucky swamp of a failed stint at university, where she attempted to cheat her way to the class presidency (only to get caught and slither away without a degree).

Who in their right mind thought that she would work out well as a Premier after that?

The hardened money men who pull her strings--that's who. They profiled her, as they did el gordo.

Anybody ever heard of Peter Brown? Patty K? Mark Marrissen? MacDonald? These are the business men and Freemasons that have owned her from day one. Of course, they arranged for Pfizer to lobby (read, bribe her) and the party to subvert the vetting process for Champix, because that's the way they do things. They call it paying to play. The rest of us should think of it as a government for sale to the highest bidder. Burying the science and monopolizing a product at government expense is just good practice in their books. Lying about it all with a big ole' smile is exactly what crispy was hired for. Covering up the whole stinking mess is von poncer and bladerdash's job.

Time to face it, folks, The $indicate has taken over. Our society is being run by soulless ghouls with phoney faces who spout platitudes and exude evil. Their success is being determined by a willingness to go along with a diabolical conspiracy to impose a new feudal tyranny that most won't dare admit even exists.

Grant G said...

Right you are Jon Ghun.....The BC Liberals are a Pay-For-Play Government...

Christy Clark`s Friday take out the trash announcement...Declaring a Provincial Yoga day..Close down a bridge..

Yoga day will be held on Father`s day(of all days?)

Guess what...Pay-For-Play..

2 sponsors of the Day of Yoga have donated $75,635 to BC Libs since 2013: Chip & Lulu ($60k) & AltaGas ($15.6k)

yoga on a bridge, on Father`s Day...

My only hope is that Fathers don`t attire themselves with full length semi-transparent Lululemon skin-tight panties..


Or as it`s more commonly known as...

Influence Peddling, bribes, corruption


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Just a quick Question to the premier. Will you be attending Yoga day with your sons dad. On Fathers Day.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick Question to the premier. Will you be attending Yoga day with your sons dad. On Fathers Day. P.S. Can You provide the vendors licences for the event as well.If there is a receipt for any and all promotional signage. Also can you get the agency's departments to provide the Total estimated cost for such an event, before and After the event. I would hope that is plenty of time to tell the public with in a few correspondence.