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Christy Clark`s LNG Deal With Petronas Is Doomed(BC Liberals, The Art Of Sliming Personified)

Written by Grant G

 This is an LNG story, and a whole lot more...Be patient and be prepared to read, a lot.

There was an article in the Tyee a few days ago on LNG, I was busy commenting there and leaving plenty of links...

I got in another nasty online battle there with the commenter Luke..Who in actuality is Brad Zubyk..

Luke(zubyk) was so outrageous the Tyee banned him and removed his many many comments, my comments are still there, you can read them...The comments are under my Tyee comment name..Wide Open Eyes..

I would like you to read my comments there..All the spaces where it says..Comment deleted were Brad Zubyk`s comments..

Those not familiar with Brad Zubyk, he is part of Wazuku, a government communication/lobbying firm, they were the outfit that orchestrated the fake hatchet job on John Doyle, ..Remember John Doyle, he was our honest Auditor General that Christy Clark fired without cause, ...Fired him because he exposed much corruption, including the scam known as Pacific Carbon trust..

Pacific carbon trust is the entity that received all the carbon offset money the BC Government forced schools and hospitals to pay..$millions and $millions of dollars stripped from public services, funneled to Pacific Carbon Trust, then funneled to EnCana gas..Larfarge cement...Big polluting companies were given money, money from schools and hospitals..The problem was, besides making schools and hospitals pay money out of their budget for carbon offsets..The offsets were a scam, EnCana and Lafarge were building newer infrastructure before Pacific carbon trust was an entity..

Here is more by Mark Hume at the Globe n Mail



When Auditor-General John Doyle began to investigate British Columbia’s carbon-offset program he soon found himself under attack from some of those directly involved in the market, which is worth an estimated $1-billion.

On Wednesday the government joined that attack, with B.C. Environment Minister Terry Lake calling a press conference in Vancouver to dismiss Mr. Doyle’s report only an hour after it was officially released.

“We fundamentally reject the Auditor-General’s conclusions,” said Mr. Lake, who claimed Mr. Doyle simply didn’t have the expertise needed to understand and critique carbon-offset projects.
“I guess the question is: who audits the auditor-general? And in this case, you know, he’s come to conclusions we feel that are not backed up by the data,” said Mr. Lake.

Companies that trade in carbon offsets and the Pacific Carbon Trust, a Crown agency set up by the government for that purpose, made similar points in statements Wednesday.

The effort to undermine Mr. Doyle, however, began months earlier, when a flood of letters to the Auditor-General and to the Attorney-General raised concerns that the audit was biased and needed to be vetted by government before it was released.

The audit report was initially withheld by government and was only released after The Globe and Mail obtained a copy Tuesday.

Mr. Doyle’s critics say they wrote the letters because they were concerned the report could unfairly damage the carbon-trading market and perhaps destroy the Pacific Carbon Trust.
But in his report Mr. Doyle complains he was the target of a campaign that was clearly meant to throw him off track and ruin his credibility.

“Of all the reports I have issued, never has one been targeted in such an overt manner by vested interests, nor has an audited organization ever broken my confidence, as did the senior managers at PCT by disclosing confidential information to carbon market developers and brokers,” he states in the report.
The Pacific Carbon Trust did not respond to a request for an interview, but issued a statement saying the audit wasn’t fair.

“Never before have we seen an audit where the lead auditor states at the outset … that he did not believe that the projects were … credible,” it says.
The statement said industry experts began to fear the audit “could have a far reaching impact on their credibility and reputation” and so they wrote more than 20 letters to government, raising issues about the audit team’s expertise and challenging its findings in advance.
James Tansey, CEO of Offsetters, a private company, said there was no conspiracy to discredit the Auditor-General or stop his report from being released.

“I’ve been saying for weeks, just get the report out,” Mr. Tansey said Wednesday.
“I wrote to [Attorney-General] Shirley Bond … not to say please block the report, but to say they might want to review it before it was released to make sure there is nothing in it that is written in bad faith and leaves the province open to being sued,” he said.

“All of us who had been invited in to meet the Auditor-General started sitting down and comparing notes and got to the point where we realized there were some serious flaws in the methodology and that the report was very negative, in particular of Darkwoods,” he said.
In the report, Mr. Doyle says the audit examined two projects which account for nearly 70 per cent of the offsets purchased by the government through Pacific Carbon Trust.

In the Darkwoods project the government bought offsets from the Nature Conservancy of Canada for setting aside timber in southeast B.C. The government also bought offsets from the Encana Underbalance Drilling project, in which the company reduced gas flaring near Fort Nelson.
The audit concludes that both of those projects would have proceeded without the $6-million in carbon offsets purchased by the government.

“The Pacific Carbon Trust has not purchased credible offsets,” states the audit, which also concludes government paid far higher than open market prices.
In its efforts to be carbon neutral, B.C. requires all government agencies, including schools and hospitals, to offset greenhouse gas emissions with purchases made by the Pacific Carbon Trust.
Bob Simpson, an independent MLA who has repeatedly questioned the practice, said it’s clear vested interests are trying to destroy Mr. Doyle’s credibility.

Mr. Simpson said last year several organizations told him Pacific Carbon Trust officials had asked them “to write a letter to the Auditor-General decrying the audit.”
NDP environment critic Rob Fleming said the audit reveals “massive problems” with the carbon-offset program introduced by the Liberals.

“The audit shows that the government took funds from cash-strapped school districts and hospitals to pay an oil and gas company to do a project they were going to do anyway,” he said in a statement


Ok....The BC Government was stealing money from schools and hospitals and funneling it to big polluting corporations..Big corporations who donated big money to the BC Liberal party..

John Doyle was now a liability for the BC Government, a thorn in their side, what to do..

Brad Zubyk and Wazuku to the rescue...

Wazuku was paid monies by Pacific Carbon Trust  to launch a media/social media hatchet job on John Doyle, a vicious attempt to discredit him and his claims that Pacific Carbon Trust was a scam.....Wazuku was also the brainchild of the CC4BC campaign....

So, money stolen from BC schools and hospitals was sent to Pacific Carbon Trust, PCT sent that taxpayer money to Wazuku and Brad Zubyk to launch a communications assault on John Doyle..

Where was I....Hang in there, this is an LNG story...

Ian Reid, now dead...RIP..



CC4BC: Liberal Lobbyists behind ‘non-partisan’ group

Deja Vu

I owe this one to a tweet from Rod Smelser.

Like 2009 and 2005 a number of “citizen’s groups” are springing up full of good advice and spin to help voters make up their minds as we head into an election.
In other words, they bash the NDP and whoever leads them.

One of the first out of the gate this time around is CC4BC, a “Free Enterprise” supporting, we care about citizens but gosh we’re concerned about the fact that the BC Liberals look like they are on life-support, kind of group.

CC4BC is headed by Christy Clark advisor Jim Shephard, a former Canfor exec.  The rest of the group – staff, funders, spinners – is under wraps.
Except for a phone number. If you want to donate to the group just call 604-678-8162 it says on the “how you can help” page of CC4BC’s website.

The number doesn’t belong to some non-partisan concerned citizens group.  It belongs to Wazuku Consulting, a lobbyist super-group made up of partners Mike Watson (BC Liberal appointee), Brad Zubyk (BC Liberal lobbyist, Christy Clark leadership campaigner) and Stephen Kukucha (Christy Clark by-election campaign).

Now that’s not unexpected.  CC4BC is a pretty thinly disguised Christy Clark front group.  But it’s what may come that is interesting.

This is not the first front group that Zubyk’s been involved in.  In 2009 Zubyck was one of the consultants behind Phil Hochstein’s multi-million dollar attack campaign, belying his 2007 testimony against union campaigns in which he said under oath “the idea that money equals voice is dangerous to democracy.”

Hochstein’s vote smart campaign spent hundreds of thousands on 3rd party attack ads and websites all aimed at the NDP.

Now it’s another election, so it’s time for another round of murky attack sites like CC4BC, supported by shadowy lobbyists like Wazuku, where money and connections equal lots and lots of voice.


Do you see the name there Rod Smelser...A longtime active NDPer...He died about 18 months ago..

Those of us who have been around the Tyee for years know of Rod Smelser...He commented at the Tyee under an alias...

Guess what....Brad Zubyk...Wakuku Brad Zubyk ...posted a picture of Rod Smelser in comments at the Tyee and made very lewd comments about Rod Smelser`s sex life...Rod Smelser was so embarrassed he left the Tyee....Luke Skywalker(Brad Zubyk) was banned for his activities..

However...Luke..Luke Skywaker..Cool Hand Luke kept coming back under different names, always attacking, always trying to out people online with phony smear...

Luke(Brad Zubyk) did it to me on the Tyee`s last LNG article, I called him out...

 I won`t take shit from that BC Liberal operative and online stalker...


Brad Zubyk created an attack blogsite targeting me...

I was such a thorn in the side of Christy Clark and the BC Liberals Brad Zubyk targetted me, and my site..

How did Brad Zubyk find out who I am...Back to the Tyee...during the HST referendum I put my name, real name as my comment name at the Tyee...That was all Brad Zubyk needed, he created this...

A stupid hate-filled blog written by a childmind, an online stalker..Brad Zubyk at the Tyee, and on his stupid hate site gave my address, my town, my phone number, my Dad`s name and what business he was in.. he even suggested people send me money..Here is the childmind stalker`s site..

I responded to Zubyk`s stalking with these two posts..

And this one..

Yes, hang in there, this is an LNG story..

 So Zubyk created an attack targetting me..

He even posted a picture of me that Laila Yuile posted on her website...

Shortly after that site was created ....My Dad died...3 weeks later my home in Garden bay mysteriously was torched to the ground...I don`t believe Brad Zubyk was part of it...however, he no doubt led some crazed BC Liberal right to my the fire I lost all my possessions, and..My beloved cats..A Siamese cat who was 25 years old(shadow..My 18 year old tabby(wolfy)..and my 10 year old tabby(shady)...I was crushed, my dad gone, my home, my life possessions and my animals, all gone in a course of a few weeks..
After a couple of weeks of mourning I wrote this post..I titled it ..........Soot

You see you see the pattern of how the BC Liberals operate...The hatchet job on Rod Smelser by Brad Zubyk..The hatchet job on John Doyle by Brad zubyk..The hatchet job on me...

The hatchet job on the health researchers by the Christy Clark gang...The elaborate online scheme, accusations of privacy breaches, fake stories about RCMP investigations into the health workers..All Fake, for three years they faked out the public.

  In the case of the health workers..a man died...Careers my case.. lifelong possessions and animals gone, all because of the activities of the BC Liberals and their operatives...

More...I named names, made particular allegations, nothing vague..I have no worries of being charged with libel or slander, because all that is written above is true..

I wrote it before and I`ll write it again..


Where was I...Oh yea, this is an LNG story...

In the comments on the LNG story posted in the Tyee...Here are most of my comments, the story was posted a few days ago..(cut n pasted)


Canadian LNG prospects have ‘darkened’, says International Energy Agency

Perhaps Rich Coleman and Christy Clark will respond to the International Energy Agency? Black Swans for BC LNG, window closed, profit margins gone, exports would be at a net loss, world glut with 40% more supply already under construction..
Hey Rich Coleman, do you know what the current Asian price for LNG is?
I`ll help you, $7.12.....That is about $5 dollars lower than the break-even price for BC LNG exports
Christy Clark`s LNG Sellout Collapses(IEA Believes That Canadian LNG Plants Are Not Happening Anytime Soon)
BC LNG FIDs....Can you say DEFERRAL to a later unspecified date?

Hey Brad Zubyk, you never quit do you....I was courteous and you couldn`t resist throwing insults....And I quote you Zubyk

"Brian, living in your mom's basement does not make ya an BC LNG analyst. ;)

Hey Tyee moderators...Luke has a history of this bullshit, feel free to delete this comment, and Luke`s comment and then ban him again ..
Remember what he did to the deceased Rod Smelser...He pulled the same crap with Scotty on Denman last week....
Amazing that a paid BC Liberal operative would stoop to this tactic, Wazuku, where Zubyk works did the same thing to the honourable ex auditor general John Doyle....Why do you put up with his bullshit Tyee?

I don`t need to search anything about Luke(Zubyk), I know all about him, years ago he posted pictures of a commenter here at the Tyee, the commenter used an alias, Brad Zubyk posted Rod Smelser`s(commenter`s real name) pictures and then told everyone about his sex life...It was sickening...Shortly after that the Tyee suggested commenters use their real name..
I did, only to have Luke(Zubyk) write everything he could find on me....Sometime later I created a blogsite..
Zubyk created his own silly blogsite named after me, a site where he posted stupid pictures, called me a drunk and drug addict, nobody read his nasty little site..
It just shows how low the BC Liberal operatives will go to attack those they fear..
Thanks eh!

More here Zalm..
Japans LNG Demand Light Dimming
"NYC-based PIRA Energy Group believes that the world’s
largest LNG buyer and one of two bright spots in Asian demand, Japan,
appears to be dimming and it’s a mere foreshadow of the cloudy outlook ahead for the world’s largest buyer.
In the United States, for the third consecutive injection season
bidweek, bullish steam has been abruptly let out of the newly minted
prompt-month contract. While the proverbial rubber hit the road with
buyers perceiving more downside risk to price than otherwise, the
fundamentals behind the reported injection"


Canadian LNG prospects have ‘darkened’, says International Energy Agency
Sorry Luke, Petronas has not expended $6.5 billion on drilling..You Luke said this, and I quote..
"Funny. Petronas (Progress Energy upstream) has expended $6.5 billion... yes that is $6.5 BILLION on drilling just a small portion of its upstream lands within the North Montney basin in NE BC. They were very optimistically hoping to achieve ”2P” reserves of 15 trillion CF. They have well surpassed that figure and hit 17.9 trillion CF just last year. And counting."
Petronas expended $5.4 billion dollars to buy Progress energy, an Alberta company several years ago, and perhaps another few hundred $million dollars on drilling ever since...That $5.4 billion dollar figure is merely corporate spin, in fact it`s not even investment, changing ownership title from Progress energy to Petronas was not a $5.4 billion investment...

Petronas will announce a conditional FID..pending First Nations, pending federal EA assessment...It will be hyped by the BC Liberals...However, a conditional FID is not an FID..
I guarantee there won`t be a Petronas shovel in the ground before the next election, only vague commitments worth nothing
Read this Frank..The IEA...International Energy Agency, their 5 year forecast....I believe they have their ears to the ground.

Frank...There are few things you must remember...The Petronas project is not just Petronas...It is a consortium, made up with..Government of Brunei..Indian oil corp, and Japex..
Those entities are putting up 40% of the construction money
Those other partners haven`t agreed to anything yet...Petronas consortium needs at least $11 to $12 dollars per to be minimally profitable..
However, if say the Indian Oil Corp and the Government of Brunei can buy long-term LNG for $9 dollars from Australia or USA...?
Why would those entities pay $billions of upfront money to pay higher prices for LNG? It wouldn`t make financial sense(cents)
That my friend is the Achilles heel!

Petronas project will be going to the supreme court of Canada(Lax;kwaanas First Nations have vowed to preserve the Skeena river) before anything happens, their site location isn`t suitable, they could move to another location..That will prevent any shovels from going in the ground.

Spirit Eagle Energy proposal nixed.

Oh really, so the First Nations who are living near or on the Petronas proposed site location get offered a few $million while the LaxKwaanas who are 30 miles away turned down $1 billion over 40 years..Oh my..
West Coast Native News..
Enjoy the read.
Hell of an article, indeed!

Those comments to guest, ....They were to Luke(Brad Zubyk)....But when he got banned and his comments removed my replies were now to a guest with deleted comments...You`ll understand if you visit the article and scroll through the comment thread..

I did say this was an LNG post...because it is...

Everything I posted on LNG over the last couple of years is in a great article, an article on LNG..It was posted in the Vancouver Sun..

A must read ..It isn`t an article from their lame regular`s a guest post by..

NG goes onto say...Petronas, if they give a conditional FID it means nothing...Petronas is under financial pressure...The partners in Petronas`s consortium are balking on wasting money on a BC greenfield LNG plant..

NG Weng Hoong, his article....It`s almost as if he`s been reading the many Straight Goods posts on LNG..

A definite ***** star article by NG Hoong



Opinion: Uncertainty grows over LNG deal

‘Conditional’ final investment decision expected from Petronas by June


Here is a little taste of his article...

In signing a much-awaited memorandum of understanding and two major agreements with Pacific NorthWest LNG on May 20, the British Columbia government made good its promised support for the company’s proposed project to produce liquefied natural gas in northern B.C. for export to Asia.
The documents also sent an important secondary message that the provincial government has bent over backwards to accommodate the company’s demands after a public bout of complaints and threats. Amid critics’ outcry of a sellout, Premier Christy Clark boldly locked in provincial royalties, taxes, regulations and carbon terms to entice PNW to invest another $30 billion to launch the LNG project that includes an export terminal near Prince Rupert. Malaysian state energy firm Petronas, which owns a 62 per cent stake in PNW, has already invested $6 billion through its 2012 acquisition of Progress Energy’s upstream assets.

Despite the media hype, the memorandum Clark and PNW president Michael Culbert signed makes no promise of an impending investment. Instead, it “sets the steps leading toward ratification of a project development agreement” between the B.C. government and the company. Finance Minister Michael de Jong inked the agreement to “initiate a ratification process” by the company and the B.C. legislature while Minister of Energy and Mines Rich Coleman signed the province’s long-term royalty agreement.

“Today reflects the beginning of the company’s final decision path toward an investment decision,” Clark said, sounding convinced the company will soon clear environmental, First Nations and commercial obstacles to move to the project’s final investment decision. Thousands of high-paying jobs will follow as the province transforms into a major LNG producer, she again predicted.
Responding two days later at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur, Petronas CEO and president Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin said he was ready to make a “conditional” final investment decision in June, which may look like progress but could also be more fancy footwork to kick the proverbial can down the road owing to increasingly difficult challenges requiring aboriginal consent, environmental clearance and shareholder approval. Zulkiflee made his conditional promise after announcing a 39 per cent year-on-year drop in the company’s first quarter net profit and a 21 per cent decline in its revenue.

The sobering reality is the project faces greater barriers and more uncertainties than a year ago when Zulkiflee’s predecessor, Shamsul Azhar Abbas, began to grasp the magnitude of his over-reach to develop natural gas reserves, pipelines and a large LNG terminal in B.C. all within five years. Company insiders confirmed they had underestimated the extent of environmental and First Nations opposition to fracking, and oil and gas pipeline projects in B.C. Also, like most in the industry, they had not anticipated the crippling effects of the oil price collapse. Political developments in Malaysia and China could add a few more black swans to halt the project’s progress.

Shamsul’s nerves showed in his May 21, 2014, speech to 1,000 energy executives at the Vancouver Convention Centre when he warned B.C. not to slaughter the LNG goose. Four months later, he was quoted by the Financial Times as saying Canada had to “buck up” if it wanted to be taken seriously as “a credible global LNG player.” Or else, he threatened, Petronas would pull out altogether. If that happened, it would all be Canada’s fault.

The B.C. and federal governments wisely avoided a public retaliation. Instead, they quietly worked on building from scratch the framework and details for tax, regulatory and cost certainty demanded by the Malaysian firm that culminated in the recent memo of understanding


Please go read the rest...

Vindication, the Straight Goods was ahead of the curve on this... 

And...this comment(also posted above), ..Since Brad Zubyk`s comments were all deleted, I cut n pasted a short little bit of one of Zubyk`s nasty insults towards me in this comment..

Hey Brad Zubyk, you never quit do you....I was courteous and you couldn`t resist throwing insults....And I quote you Brad Zubyk

"Brian, living in your mom's basement does not make ya an BC LNG analyst. ;)"

Hey Tyee moderators...Luke has a history of this bullshit, feel free to delete this comment, and Luke`s comment and then ban him again ..
Remember what he did to the deceased Rod Smelser...He pulled the same crap with Scotty on Denman last week....
Amazing that a paid BC Liberal operative would stoop to this tactic, Wazuku, where Zubyk works did the same thing to the honourable ex auditor general John Doyle....Why do you put up with his bullshit Tyee?

Well well well..It appears that maybe I am an LNG Analyst Bradley Zubyk..


Brad Zubyk..Christy Clark..Margaret MacDiarmid...all the BC Liberals...

When caught, when in trouble they use dirty sleazy tactics to attack those that have the goods on them, they lie, they cheat, they use the press gallery and a compliant media to aid in their assault on the public, and on the public purse..

 But every now and then...

They get Thunderstruck!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Norway is usually held up as a way to run a modern petro state.

Here is one version of how they got it right.

The Iraqi who saved Norway from oil
by Martin Sandbu, The Financial Times
August 29 2009

Jon Ghun said...

Appreciate your staying loyal to our lot, G-man.

Your work on the BCLNG portfolio has been bang on from day one.

Not sure how Ng Weng Hoong snuck that piece by the corproate gate-keepers at the POSt Media fortress. Closest thing to the truth on BC LNG that has ever appeared in the legacy media corps(e) in this province

The problem is, this clique of grifters is not going to listen to reason or do what's right.

They fight dirty and cheat like hell. These are the kind of people that lie without compunction, steal with glee, and harm without remorse. But evil does inevitably eat itself in the end.

You know that crispy is headed for Hawaii and the bird-man is waiting in the wings. From there, we can expect more P3s, slimy Fast Ferries spots, and a whole lot of free-enterprise astro-turfing in the offing.

Stay strong and be wise, good people.

Grant G said...

Yea indeed, good luck luck trying to find this story..

The Vancouver Sun buried it so deep in the back pages, not under opinion..not under business, not under energy...The Vancouver Sun buried the above linked article under "issues and ideas"

I was sent the link, ....I thought it would be on the front page, business, somewhere, it took a great deal of back-page searching to find it.

Hugh said...

The "Carbon Neutral BC Govt" wants to ship more coal from BC. It recently had a new 10-lane Port Mann bridge built for more car and truck traffic.

After dipping in 2008-09, because of a banking meltdown due to financial fraud, emissions in BC are going up again.