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Manipulation, Lies, Guile And The Real Nuclear Story

Written by Grant G

Manipulation, deceit, guile, those words plant different imagery and have quite diverse meanings to the individual, however, for me they have one specific goal....and that is control, control the image, control the message, control the mind and yes, you will now control the masses..

Examples are everywhere, here in British Columbia alone, we were told, no we were lied to that we needed run of river private power, Gordon Campbell was an habitual liar, he blathered about how short of power we were, our illustrious local media donned blinders, they allowed those lies to fester, to take on a life of their own and now BC Hydro is drowning in debt, a bankrupt company, bankrupted through control of the lies..BC Ferries, lies about how Government couldn`t run it, how we needed to privatize, to hire the best and the brightest to run the organization, now BC Ferries too is in financial distress...Our provincial Government invented Translink, one may wonder why this private unelected organization who was granted the full powers of a Government was created to begin with, that answer is simple..

Translink was created and given taxation powers because our provincial Government ran our finances into the ground, the creation of Translink allowed the province to download costs associated with the ministry of transportation onto a separate taxing authority...At one time, before Gordon Campbell slithered into power in 2001 the ministry of transport was responsible for highway maintenance, bridges, transit funding, the monies that came for repair, maintenance and new builds all came from the same tax base..

What was done, control, manipulation, everyone hates Translink, the BC Liberal Government gave Translink responsibility for the Golden Ears bridge, Translink is paying the tolling company $tens of millions of dollars for guarantees made before construction was finished...Translink was given responsibility for road maintenance, the BC Liberals gave Translink the Putullo bridge, the province has given Translink many other bridges..

The BC Liberals created Translink so they could download costs associated with the ministry of transportation onto a completely different taxation source...17 cents of the cost per litre of fuel goes to Translink, $hundreds of dollars on GVRD property tax bills goes to Translink...parking taxes, Translink every year looks for more and more revenue...

Translink`s referendum next year will not give you an option to say no to funding, Translink needs $1.3 billion in funding for a Patullo bridge replacement, $3.6 billion for a stupid UBC subway line and $2 billion dollars for a Massey tunnel replacement, all the old sources of taxation are not enough, Translink was created as a separate taxation arm of Government, thus freeing up previous taxation dollars that went to the province, those monies now go to friends of Government, to industry...Translink $230 million for faregates, newsflash, every skytrain station will have to be manned by real physical human beings, faregates, the public can crawl under or climb over, faregates were always about directing public monies to private hands...

Gordon Campbell`s friend David Hahn, Hahn`s salary went from $400 k per year in 2004 to $1. 3 million per year in 2011...The head of Translink(A public taxing authority) just raised his yearly income to $480 K per year..

Everyone hates Translink, yet Translink is doing nothing but exactly what they were created to do...To distract, to manipulate, to take heat off the BC Liberal Government..Wag the dog...BC Hydro rate increases, BC Ferry rate increases, road tolls, bridge tolls, gas taxes, parking taxes, coming next year a $300 dollar yearly car insurance surcharge by ICBC with all monies going to Translink...

How many of you care that despite all this new taxation coming from BC Liberal created taxation authorities BC`s debt is still rising by $10 billion dollars per year?..

In 2001 British Columbia`s debt stood at $28 billion dollars, today our B.C. debt stands at $170 billion dollars....That my friends is over $10 billion dollars per year of new debt added...Yet the media allows the BC Liberal Government to manipulate the public into thinking they are great money managers!!!....Compared to who..Enron..Wallstreet...

George Bush and Dick Cheney sold the weapons of mass destruction lie to start a war with Iraq, a lie the whole world was aware of, and yet still the manipulators got their way, big oil won, gun and arms manufacturers won, a $2 trillion dollar hit on the USA society, all monies flowing to a few insiders..

Today British Columbia received a $800 million dollar penalty for defrauding the state of California, back in 2000 BC Hydro`s trading division Powerex deliberately and with malice colluded with Enron to steal from regular folk in California..

Wallstreet ripped off the world in 2009, $30 trillion dollars in bail-out moneyand counting..

In Canada Mulroney sold us out to NAFTA, he brought us the GST tax...Stephen Harper sold us out to China and the big oil energy companies..Gordon Campbell stole our railway, he set in motion this $10 billion dollars of debt we accrue every year yet the public fears through media manipulation the NDP Government...

Why is George Bush and Dick Cheney not in jail, why is Gordon Campbell not in jail..Why is Sean Leslie, Keith Baldrey and Vaughn Palmer still on air, their credentials should have been revoked for reporting false facts, for lying with malice of forethought, for accepting favour, for conflict of interest by having family members on the Government payroll..Yet they are, still lying, still reporting false facts, still with family members in employ in Government, still in conflict..Here is the first paragraph of this post again..

"Manipulation, deceit, guile, those words plant different imagery and have quite diverse meanings to the individual, however, for me they have one specific goal....and that is control, control the image, control the message, control the mind and yes, you will now control the masses.."

Some of you gave me flak for advocating nuclear power, yet most of you know LNG as an export fuel is a fantasy pipedream that will amount to nothing, this push to get billions of people around the world, to have foreign Governments ramp up their electrical grids to burn the fossil greenhouse belching fuel natural gas....Are you kidding me..Remember back when..

Remember back when Gordon scam Campbell was faking you all out about run of river power, on how short of power we were, remember he was playing the role of greenman, of an environmentalist...Remember????...I do, Gordon Campbell wanted Burrard thermal shutdown because of greenhouse gas emissions and because he was trying to make the case that we were short on hydro electric power and what better way to enhance the shortage than to shut down a major electricity producer, one that was mainly for back-up power...Burrard Thermal was villified by the BC Liberals because is was emitting greenhouse gas..

Gordon Campbell and the media manipulated you, did a hatchet job on you, confused you, was selling you, conning you that Burrard thermal was a killer, a greenhouse gas belching environment killer and now here we are a few years later...Gordon Campbell hiding in London and now Christy Clark has declared LNG plants can burn all the natural gas they want to produce LNG, LNG which is natural gas in a frozen concentrate, LNG frozen concentrate to be sent to foreign countries where LNG is turned back into natural gas where it will be burned in Burrard thermal type facilities and belch greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, natural gas which is only marginally better than burning coal, in fact when one takes into account spolied water, fugitive well gas natural gas may be worse than coal...

Coal, a substance that kills 10`s of thousands of people every year, maybe millions, a substance that is choking China, choking other countries, Burrard Thermal natural gas burning was too harmful for the British Columbia airshed just a few short years ago and now natural gas is our saviour, the saviour of China and Japan, the new clean, green fossil fuel...

Yes indeed, those who are manipulated will be manipulated time and time again..

Until one asks questions, looks for answers, until you are prepared to listen to what you don`t want to hear..Yes I am advocating nuclear power for Japan, and yes they are going to start up their nuke industry again and BC LNG will never accrue on scale, China will embrace nuclear power too..

Meanwhile we in advanced civilizations will be tricked, manipulated through guile, through fraud and threat.

Hiroshima bomb, Nagasaki bomb, the dreaded mushroom cloud, nuclear waste that needs to be stored for thousands of years, illness and cancers, the threat of all out nuclear war resulting in a nuclear winter, what if, the horror, anything but....But what if I too was manipulated in my youth,  they manipulate and lie to us now, how can we assume anything is truthful, after all, France gets almost all its power from nuclear, I hear of no illness there, no radiation, no accidents, as for cancers, I must assume that we were all manipulated when we were young.

We in Canada and North America are seeing skyrocketing cases of autism...of breast cancers...Many cancers are on the rise yet nuclear power is near non-existent in Canada, and a mere fraction of power is generated in the USA by nuclear power..

What if I told you that near everything you ever heard about nuclear power was a lie...How there is no nuclear waste in need of burial, how safe plutonium is, cesium is, how you can drink nuclear waste water and or swim in it with no ill affects, no I am not saying there are zero risks but in reality millions die per year from poisons produced in the mining industry, in the burning of fossil fuels...What if I told you world powers that be put the scare into nuclear power and electrical generation to facilitate coal mining, fossil fuel mining, river damming, to facilitate big industry..

Well, I have talked about the new generation thorium nuclear reactors that produce no nuclear waste but in doing research I have learned that old nuclear plants produced no nuclear waste either..fear, manipulation and guile have indeed been at play for a long time..

The Government powers that be created regulation and fear in order to create industry for friends and insiders and to keep you the taxpayer and ratepayer poor, nuclear submarines, have you ever read or heard of any submariners having their hair fall out, or dying early, dying of cancers, they worked and lived for years a few feet away from a nuclear reactor...Only through fear of nuclear power could Government manipulate people to believe $billions must be spent in burying the waste, and what better way to keep thieves away from plutonium which can be used for bombs than to scare the bejesus out of those would be thieves..

I would like you to read an article, here are a few snippets..


Shunning Nuclear Power
Will Lead to a Warmer World

A physicist argues that if we allow our overblown and often irrational fears of nuclear energy to block the building of a significant number of new nuclear plants, we will be choosing a far more perilous option: the intensified burning of planet-warming fossil fuels.

by spencer r. weart

"A disaster began when a tsunami struck the Fukushima nuclear reactors a little more than a year ago — but not the sort of disaster that most people think of. Attention has focused on the threat that Japanese citizens may have received doses of radiation that will increase their risk of cancer. But there are worse consequences for the health of the Japanese, and serious long-term impacts on all of us....

But wasn’t Fukushima a health disaster? Not in the way you’d expect. Thanks to the openness of Japanese society and prompt evacuation, nobody received the kind of radiation that struck Soviet citizens after the 1986 Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine....

So let’s look at Chernobyl as a baseline. The most visible harm there was due to ingestion of radioactive iodine, most commonly by children drinking milk from cows that had eaten radioactive grass in the contamination zone. Ingestion of radioactive iodine has caused nearly 5,000 children and young people to contract thyroid cancer in the ensuing 25 years, although most are doing well following surgery. The World Health Organization has projected that as many as 50,000 new cases of thyroid cancer could occur among young people affected by Chernobyl in the coming decades. But the Japanese were protected from this large-scale contamination, and few if any excess thyroid abnormalities are expected.

What about other health problems? Some scientists believe that radiation at the levels to which millions of people farther from Chernobyl were...
Feelings of deep horror and dread have become the normal response to radioactivity. — moderately above the level of normal background radiation that we all receive — brings an increase in the rate of cancer. However, the increase, if any, has been too minuscule to detect amid the enormous number of cancers that afflict people anyway. Other scientists cite a variety of reasons to argue that low levels of radiation are completely harmless. We just don’t know.

It’s the uncertainty itself that has had the greatest impact on most of the Chernobyl survivors. Feeling themselves contaminated by mysterious and uncanny forces, millions became anxious and depressed. Many hesitated to have children, fearing their babies would be deformed. Adding to this were the dislocations of forced evacuation; no wonder psychosomatic illnesses proliferated. Overall, mental health problems caused far more harm for most Chernobyl survivors than the radioactivity. Even more after the Three Mile Island accident, it was not radioactivity but anxiety that caused health problems. The same problems are now being detected among the evacuees from Fukushima.

Feelings of deep horror and dread have become the normal response to radioactivity. Of course it is natural to fear anything that might cause cancer and birth defects. But ordinary elements like arsenic also act in these ways, and many widely used chemicals are still more potent in causing all sorts of dangers, without evoking the same widespread fears. For example, a recent National Academy of Sciences study reported that the smoke emitted by coal-fired power plants causes 10,000 premature deaths among Americans every year — yet agitation against existing plants is slight. Nor has severe pollution of water supplies in some areas resulted in large-scale evacuations."

Manipulation and fear, the public, or should I say the Government representatives for the people scared the public into accepting the bailout of the big banks and Wallstreet, $30 trillion dollars printed to appease the thieves, we were told things would be worse if we didn`t bail them out, their fraud was rewarded,  even today when there is talk about the 2009 economic period, Wallstreet and fraud isn`t mentioned, history books for simpletons refers to it as..."The economic downturn of 2009"...

Under George Bush senior the S&L savings scam happened, let me refresh your memory..


The savings and loan crisis of the 1980s and 1990s (commonly dubbed the S&L crisis) was the failure of about 747 out of the 3,234 savings and loan associations in the United States. A savings and loan or "thrift" is a financial institution that accepts savings deposits and makes mortgage, car and other personal loans to individual members – a cooperative venture known in the United Kingdom as a Building Society. In 1995, the RTC had closed 747 failed institutions, worth a book value of $402 billion, with an estimated cost of $160 billion.[1] In 1996, the General Accounting Office estimated the total cost to be $370 billion, including $341 billion taken from taxpayers.[2]
William K. Black wrote that Paul Volcker as Chairman of the Federal Reserve helped create a criminogenic environment for the Savings and Loans in 1979 by doubling the interest rate (to reduce inflation): S&Ls made long-term loans at fixed interest using short-term money. When the interest rate increased, the S&Ls could not attract adequate capital and became insolvent. Rather than admit to insolvency, some CEOs of S&Ls became "reactive" control frauds by inventing creative accounting strategies that turned their businesses into Ponzi schemes that looked highly profitable, thereby attracting more investors and growing rapidly, while actually losing money. This had two effects: it meant that the fraud continued longer and substantially increased the economic losses involved, and it attracted "opportunistic" control frauds who were looking for businesses they could subvert into Ponzi schemes.[3] For example, Charles Keating paid $51 million from Michael Milken's junk bond operation for Lincoln Savings and Loan, which at the time had a negative net worth exceeding $100 million.[4]


Even the great depression of the late 1920`s wasn`t an accident, it was pump and dump, it was speculation and manipulation and except for the few that jumped out of buildings to their death nobody paid a price except ordinary people...The Saving and loan scandal cost hundreds of $billions of dollars, it was a prelude to the $30 trillion dollar and counting scam of 2009, and who has gone to jail, ??????....Nuclear power, safe nuclear power, a single industry that had the ability to destroy the need for river dams, destroy the need for coal mining, and today, nuclear power has the ability to destroy the need of worldwide fracking, of natural gas exploitation, clean, cheap, no greenhouse gas, no emissions, cheap nuclear power that puts big industry in their place..

Because it is my belief that energy companies control Government and these entities want to go through, as in sell every fossil fuel one by one and keep the manipulated public poor and indebted....

I would like you to meet the man who swam in nuclear waste water for exercise, the man who eats plutonium, and cesium, a man who will have you doubting everything you were ever told about nuclear power, nuclear waste and more...

 Would you have believed me if I had told that the BC Liberals were taking  our BC debt from $28 billion in 2001 to over $170 billion in 2013, or would you have believed in 2000 that George Bush could have faked out a nation with fraud in order to start a war, or that Wallstreet could steal $trillions from average people and get bailed out for their crimes to the tune of $30 trillion dollars more, yet it is true....So why can`t you believe that big oil and gas companies are trying to scare the world away from nuclear power to facilitate fracking crimes around the world, scaring and manipulating nations around the world to build greenhouse gas belching power stations..

Here in British Columbia our gutless media allowed BC Liberal Gordon Campbell to lie, cheat and steal from BC Hydro, they enabled a shortage of power scam to facilitate run of river private power that is now bankrupting BC Hydro, they waved pom poms as Gordon Campbell turned Burrard thermal into a greenhouse gas belching enemy, and now big energy and the BC Liberals are manipulating you again, big energy companies are manipulating you into believing that now greenhouse gas belching natural gas plants are the saviour of the planet..

What is a crime, LNG is the biggest crime the environment has ever seen, imagine using this ponzi scheme to deter countries from using renewable, or hydro-electric and or the future of sustainable power..nuclear power..

Big oil n gas companies are using fear and manipulation to scare the world into going backwards to fossil fuel burning when the future lies elsewhere..

I urge you to watch the below video, in its entirety..Open your minds, ask yourself, who is lying, who is manipulating you today

This friends is a long video, over an hour, it starts out slowly but really picks up steam....

Meet Galen Winsor..

 A special thanks to R Thomas in Kamloops for planting the seeds for this post..Grant G

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Elwood said...

Grant. Another excellent article!

One day I hope that you could be an advisor and campaign manager for John Horgan. If that was the case and Horgan wins, I might even look at voting NDP again.

Anonymous said...

Another good overview for those who can't watch the video for whatever reason:

Anonymous said...


Out of the ball park..."brilliant" research and journalism.

The video is a must watch for everyone.

Thank you, Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Well done, entertaining and informative.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps some of you watched a PBS nature show several years ago about how a natural ecological oasis evolved after the Hanford nuclear site on the Columbia river was closed to the public due to contamination?

The contamination has since been mitigated, and the area, now a park known as Hanford Reach, is a stunningly beautiful rare largly unspoiled treasure.

An accident with fossil fuels, or contamination by same, may never be cleaned up. We need to have a serious conversation about the nuclear option. An option already adopted by progressive countries.