Saturday, August 17, 2013

Enbridge And BP, Environmental Criminals, Not In Our Backyard

Enbridge will never be permitted to build their proposed northern gateway pipeline from Alberta to Kitimat, there will be war in the woods.

Enbridge are liars, environmental criminals, a company driven by greed, I can`t fight all the fights, TransCanada has a proposed west to east pipeline, it will carry 1.3 million barrels per day, and once built it will soon thereafter be twinned to carry double hat capacity..

I have waited until now to say anything about that pipeline proposal, my initial thoughts on the west to east pipeline proposal was of acceptance, as you know, and as written here, Canada, that would be eastern Canada imports about 877,000 barrels of oil per day for domestic consumption, this imported oil comes from the north sea, Saudia Arabia and other foreign sources, I said on more than one occasion that Canada must fill the void and stop importing oil before there was any consideration of exporting oil...A west to east pipeline delivering oil to refineries that presently have oil delivered by oil tankers, and from foreign countries, now that oil from those foreign sources can go elsewhere.

 As a country, we shouldn`t be reliant on foreign oil, and my motives are self-serving, go ahead, pollute eastern Canada, just leave our pristine northern coast alone, and with the west to east pipeline built our energy company controlled Government will leave us in British Columbia alone, but therein lies the problem...

They won`t leave us alone, oil executives and greedy corporations will never relent...The problem with the west to east pipeline is Alberta and the big oil companies don`t just want to fill Canada`s domestic needs they want huge export capacity too..

The west to east pipeline was initially proposed to carry 900,000 barrels per day, then it was raised to carry 1.1 million barrels per day now the number is 1.3 million barrels per day, and like I said, once built the line will be twinned and or doubled to carry over 2.2 million barrels per day, and even with that the push for XL pipeline south and Kinder Morgan`s twinning will continue...All the extra capacity is for the export of tar oil..

I don`t believe eastern Canada has the courage to stand up and fight like us in British Columbia, the home of Greenpeace, of Clayquot sound old growth logging battles that were won, the wild west and sometimes considered left coast, we rejected Stephen Harper`s and Gordon Campbell`s HST that was rammed down our throat, our First Nations have not ceded land or signed away rights to the Federal Government like other First Nations in Canada have done, we will battle Harper until he is removed from office in 2015..

Yet I don`t believe Justin Trudeau will stop big oil from piping oil and or approving tar sand extraction growth...Eastern Canada may have the votes and population but British Columbia has free spirits who will die for the cause..

Not until the oceans dies, until the water turns toxic, not until your children are choking on pollution and dying of petro-chemical derived cancers will the masses stand up, and by then it will be too late..

Enbridge bought local politicians to hide their crimes, Enbridge acted like a gestapo in Michigan when they attempted to hide oil, cover oil up, prevent the press, prevent the people from seeing the aftermath, BP..British Petroleum and the Gulf spill the same thing happened, the press were kept from the crime scene, the public shooed away, one-time fresh water advocate voices were bribed to sing different tunes, laws weren`t enforced, regulation rewritten and the gullible public filled with propaganda, and toxic petrochemical poisons..

It would be easy to rollover and concede, let the oil companies win and surrender a future life for future generations, only worry about filling my own pocket, act like a politician, care of nothing but campaign contributions and the near term lies, sellout the future and let the children be damned..

However, I don`t roll like that, we fought well in British Columbia and Stephen Harper knows he is on precarious ground and any effort to ram Enbridge`s northern gateway pipeline through will result in the fight of fights and war in the woods, the preservation of future life, the preservation of pristine environments is more precious than the sacrifices made..

Our forefathers gave their lives and sacrificed to preserve Democracy and freedom from the tyranny of Aldoph Hitler and others..

We can certainly fight to preserve the future from Enbridge and Stephen Harper`s oil based ideology.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

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Anonymous said...

China refused to have the oil sands oil, refined in Canada. China harvests the oil very cheaply, using their own cheap labor. China even offered to build the Enbridge pipeline very quickly and cheaply, again using their cheap labor. Their behemoth tankers will tanker the dirty oil back to China, at BC's expense.

Christy Clark works for Harper as Campbell did before her. Christy's stance on the Enbridge, was only to gain more votes because, she was fully aware, BC citizens are against the Enbridge. Christy and her economic and job action plans, are identical to Harper's. She doesn't have any. Christy also lied about her thousands of jobs, to gain more votes as well. She permitted China to take 200 mining jobs, away from our BC miners.

F.N. people are fighting the Enbridge pipeline. Most of us are standing with the F.N. to fight the Enbridge, right to the last ditch.