Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lost Babes

 Written by Grant G

Innocence of the child, fragility of a kitten, both can be sculpted into fine art or molded to reflect the harsh reality of a cold advanced society...

It amazes me how the poorest and hungriest children of the world will feed, care for and protect a kitten, those babes with nothing and without hesitation would rather starve than watch an innocent feline waste away, is it something born to us, ingrained at birth, the need to care for and protect those even more helpless, or is it a way to remain feeling human in a world turning more and more alien, more cold, silent and dark like space..

Razor`s edge society where the difference between a hero`s welcome and a hangman`s noose is merely the colour of one`s uniform, or the colour of one`s skin, believers versus doubters, the indoctrinated against unscripted heathens and the everlasting fight of few haves against the billions of have-nots,..

There`s a saying, or should I say a theory that people are born of the left and by middle age they become of the right, in other words it means people are born caring of animals, of life, of planet survival, social causes like justice and Democracy for all, care of a sustainable environment, woman and child rights to live in safety, to live without fear of rape and assault both mental and physical..

Yet today in 2013 there is more plants and animals going extinct, rainforests being cut, toxic spills and human atrocities than ever before so why would older human beings stop caring, one doesn`t need to become a shadow to know it makes shade, cover and camouflage, one can close their eyes to the rape of a child but still the screams are heard..

I know people like this, they don`t want to hear of the corruption, of environmental crimes, eyes are shut to racism, ears are muted to screams of pain and minds are closed to solution, or even attempted solution, turn on the ball game crack open a beer, mind altering advertisements of life with status quo dreams, commercials of beautiful people drinking on pure white beaches, freedom 55, exotic lands where food tastes good and smiles never stop...

Yet the reality of the world is in stark contrast to television illusions, Wheel of Fortune or American Idol, Goldman Sachs or Statefarm, growing gang rape in Bangladesh or unthinkable atrocities against children in the Congo, "like a good neighbor Statefarm is there"...We aren`t good neighbors, those children are the next generations, yet the masses remain silently unaware, or is that deliberately oblivious..


"In a small house on a hill overlooking Lake Kivu, a young Congolese soldier recounts the crimes he and his comrades committed in Minova a few months ago. "Twenty-five of us gathered together and said we should rape 10 women each, and we did it," he said. "I've raped 53 women. And children of five or six years old.....

 On 22 November last year thousands of exhausted, battered and bruised Congolese army troops descended on the town having just lost a battle with the rebel M23 fighters in Goma, the main city in eastern Congo some 30 miles away.
Their retreat was haphazard and chaotic. The soldiers were embarrassed, angry, upset and out of control; their commanders had disappeared and the battalion and regiment structures had disintegrated.

When they arrived in Minova they were drunk, hungry and violent. The locals suffered two nightmarish days of looting, 
rape and murder before the army restored some discipline among its troops.
Hundreds of women were raped. It is impossible to accurately state the number of cases as victims often fail to come forward, fearing that their communities and even their husbands will reject them, but hospital director Dr Ghislain Kassongo said he dealt with well over 100 women with rape-related injuries after the army rampage.

At a rape victim refuge centre a couple of miles from Minova, Nzigire Chibalonza, 60, tells what happened when the soldiers came to her shop. "They beat us and beat us, and then they started to rape. Three men raped me – two from the front and one from behind," she says, tears welling in her eyes as she nervously grabs and twists fistfuls of her dress.


In 2013 no child should go hungry or be raped, children can`t be denied childhood dreams or education, sex tourism to Thailand, to Vietnam, to Haiti, Dominican Republic or Sochi Russia should not be permitted, yes, even our Vancouver 2010 Olympic games prostitutes were recruited from around the world and delivered for service in Vancouver...Canada wasn`t about to put a stop to shadow industry, even if those shadows happen in bright open daylight...

Persecution, exploitation, deliberate willful assault upon those who are different, vulnerable and alone, yet technology of satellites, cameras, phones, CCTV, nothing happens in isolation anymore yet it still happens, from oil companies destroying watersheds and environments with impunity to child rape atrocities in commidity extracting corporate controlled trading countries, valuable wares offered have always blinded open eyes, muted voices of dissent, corporate ideology bleeds innocence..

Countries with gold, oil or gas, directions other are looked, evidence and crime ignored, and it`s not just developing countries it`s the advanced countries that are the biggest offenders, sex tourism comes from wealth, ability to do different or affect change exists here yet nothing is done, whether religion and ideology or freedom 55, from Abbotsord and Coquitlam dumping chicken manure on homeless camps or pricing families out of the lower mainland, they really are one of the same it`s only a matter of scale, what causes normal man to stop caring, not just here but everywhere..

$70 billion dollars being spent on winter Olympics in Sochi Russia, the huge uproar over draconian anti-gay laws, and what was the world response, stop drinking vodka for a night or two and switch to drinking tequila or rum,...Ah yes, the beautiful people drinking coronas on the beach, gorgeous white sand beaches where drinkers are pretty and funny, an alcohol filled television world where drunks don`t beat children and wives, where booze filled drivers don`t mow-down innocents,..

Maybe it`s the liquor that turns man from left to right, from caring to carrying on without a care, maybe double shot vision is required to prevent crying eyes from seeing child atrocities, $70 billion dollars spectacle coming to Sochi Russia, two weeks of investment, liquor and travel ads, come to Thailand, come to Asia, come to Las Vegas and roll the dice, have a corona, big mac, large fries and don`t forget to invest in freedom 55...

In 2013 certain things shouldn`t be happening anymore, children being exploited, abused ,woman being raped, and Governments choosing to ignore evil shadows in bright daylight..

It has always amazed me with children, no matter how poor, how hungry or destitute they are, pleading eyes of innocent kittens are granted safety in even the shantiest of hovels, and homes in the hearts of children...

I don`t know at what age the caring stops, for some it is never..

The reason for killing drunk men and anger directed towards is so obvious, sniffing glue in Russia or sniffing paint on First Nation reserve in Canada, distraction, hallucination and escape, temporary relief until you become what you hate.....

Oblivious to the Obvious and blind to the blatant...

  $70 billion on 2 week Sochi winter games party..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Poetic post,I see a growing heart at the straight goods,great range.

Anonymous said...

"the huge uproar over draconian anti-gay laws" - if one reads the actual announcements including those of the Orthodox Church one will see the law was a law to prevent bad behaviour which is what the Russian folks wanted. The law was made to protect children in lines with the societal norms in Russia.

The law applies to everyone, no one group is singled out. It is a form of an anti-graffiti law, simply a law to prevent bad behaviour in public. Russia is not judging that which happens behind closed doors.

Grant G said...

@anon 1:18 pm....

No, you are wrong, the church is wrong, who has the right to judge others, young people have the internet and access, the youth of today will choose whatever sexuality they see fit, who are you to judge?

As for the anti-gay law...


"On June 30 this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law a bill banning the "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations to minors," thus opening a new, dark chapter in the history of gay rights in Russia. The law caps a period of ferocious activities by the Russian government aimed at limiting the rights of the country’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex people.

The violations of fundamental, constitutionally protected rights of Russia’s gay citizens have included multiple bans on gay pride parades in Moscow and other cities, hefty fines to gay rights groups accused of acting as a “foreign agent,” denial of registration to nongovernmental organizations, and regional laws banning the propaganda of homosexuality to minors, which served as a basis for the federal law enacted by Mr. Putin and unanimously passed by the State Duma. Against this backdrop, violent attacks on gays or “suspect gays” are becoming commonplace.

The state-sponsored initiatives relied on ludicrous assumptions. For example, the regional bans on propaganda of homosexuality equated same-sex relations with pedophilia even though the former has been legal since 1993 and the latter is, of course, a serious crime. The court decision denying registration to Sochi Pride House states that “propaganda of nontraditional sexual orientation” is a direct threat to Russian society, while calling attempts to confront homophobia “extremist” because they inherently “incite social and religious hatred.” Essentially, the court ruled that gays incite hatred toward themselves and should be “protected” from doing so. The court went on to argue that such extremist activities present a threat to “Russia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” The Russian government uses these flawed arguments when it defends its discriminatory ways to an international audience. Russian diplomats are fond of saying that discrimination does not exist in Russia because the country’s constitution forbids it. Some logic!"


Religion has caused more suffering, more war, more heinous crime than anything else.

Russia needs laws banning propaganda that promotes alcohol, that is the real poison, drunken Russian men/pedophiles assaulting lost babes, more harm comes from alcohol abuse..

And I live in a almost free-speech country, how come no one gets inundated with gay/lesbian propaganda here...

I find many things offensive, Government propaganda, Government lies, theft, cronyism, patronage, crony capitalism, ...

Religion should be kept behind closed doors, and for many religious types, behind prison bars..


One Town's War on Gay Teens
In Michele Bachmann's home district, evangelicals have created an extreme anti-gay climate. After a rash of suicides, the kids are fighting back

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Sorry anon, you are so wrong, in fact you are probably Larry Bennett, or of similar belief, he hangs out at Harvey Oberfeld`s site, and AGT`s site, or used to until even Tsakumis banned him for his evil reform party conservative beliefs.

yea, all those religious types that lie to themselves, they lie while they sit there masterbating, watching pornography, smoking, drinking, drugging while praying for lottery numbers and to strike oil.

Good Day

Anonymous said...

Don`t worry Grant, with righty whitey Harvey Oberfeld and Tsakumis not blogging the braindead are lost, great post.