Thursday, August 1, 2013

Barbara Yaffe Lied, Why? Corporate Controlled Media?

Meet another media personality who is either lazy, unintelligent or a deliberate liar.....Barbara Yaffe joins Enbridge at the hip and blatantly lies her face off.....Let`s start with the Enbridge hearings...1,159 opposed to Enbridge and 2 speakers in favour....Details below.. 


  After more than a year of hearings, the National Energy Board panel reviewing Enbridge’s oil tanker and pipeline proposal completed the community hearings phase of its review in Vancouver on Friday.

The final tally in the largest National Energy Board hearings in history was 1,159 speakers opposed to the proposal and two in favour.
Presenters, ranging from a retired World Bank economist and the former CEO of BC Hydro to coast-guard trained oil spill experts and reverends, urged the panel to protect B.C.’s tourism industry and the province’s existing coastal economy.

“The panel listened to presentations from everyday British Columbians in 16 towns and cities across our province. No matter where they visited, the message was clear: the risk of an oil spill on our coast is too great,” said Emma Gilchrist, communications director for Dogwood Initiative. “However, as many presenters noted, the panel will not be making the final decision on this project.”
In 2012, Prime Minister Stephen Harper changed the law so Ottawa can overrule the joint review panel’s recommendations.


 It really bothers me when a corporate spinner working for a corporate controlled media weighs in on a topic, a contentious topic like Enbridge`s northern gateway pipeline..Barbara Yaffe weighed in on Enbridge today, and I`m wondering why she lied her face off..


What lie might I be talking about...I`m not talking about how Yaffe states that only 42% to 52% of British Columbians are opposed to Enbridge northern gateway pipeline when the real polling puts it near 75% opposed..


"Various polls show public opposition to the pipeline-and-tanker enterprise running at anywhere from 42 to 52 per cent in B.C.
Many aboriginals also have given a thumbs down, threatening future legal action. That said, Enbridge claims that 60 per cent of aboriginal groups (unnamed by the company) along the pipeline route, both in Alberta and B.C., have signed onto an equity-sharing arrangement with the company"


Look, I`m not going to jump on her for citing bogus polls....Below are the more accurate polls, Yaffe was citing an enbridge trick poll, where the questions were skewed..

New survey indicates 75% of British Columbians want to ban oil tankers on north coast

New survey indicates 75% of British Columbians want to ban oil tankers on north coast
75% of BC voters in key ridings support a ban on north coast oil tankers

For more information, contact
Apr 01, 2011 VICTORIA, B.C. — A recent phone survey indicates support for an oil tanker ban on B.C.’s north coast is higher than 75 per cent in five key federal ridings.

The survey was conducted in the ridings of Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca, Vancouver South, North Vancouver, Vancouver Quadra and Vancouver Island North on March 24 by the Dogwood Initiative. Of 710 respondents, 75 per cent indicated they want oil supertankers banned from B.C.’s north coast.

“This confirms British Columbians are strongly opposed to oil tankers on our north coast,” said Eric Swanson, No Tankers Director for the Dogwood Initiative. “With the Liberal, NDP and Green parties all committed to banning oil tankers, the Conservatives stand out as the only party on the wrong side of public opinion on this issue during the federal election.”

The oil tanker issue was cast into the election spotlight on Thursday when the CEO of Enbridge gave a speech pressing Canada’s political leaders to support his Northern Gateway project to Kitimat, which would effectively be killed by a tanker ban. In conference calls with investors, Enbridge has claimed “strong support” from the Conservative government for its proposal.


OK, polls can be manipulated, but support can`t, Barbara Yaffe lied in her Vancouver Sun article tonight, and I am not talking about her citing fake support numbers coming from First Nations.....Enbridge has lied about public support, about First Nations support, lied just about everything...As we know, despite what Yaffe echoes, BC Coastal First Nations are opposed to Enbridge by ...


"Last week, the federal government launched a massive public relations offensive to silence Canadians opposed to Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline. They are trying to manufacture a myth that “foreign special interests” and “radical groups” are “hijacking” the National Energy Board hearings.[1,2]
The federal government’s goal is to ram the pipeline through the public review process despite the fact that it is strongly opposed by Canadians who are concerned the pipeline will kill jobs, destabilize our climate and threaten our coast and salmon rivers. Just yesterday Prime Minister Harper doubled-down on the rhetoric, claiming “foreigners” were “hijacking” the process because they want to make Canada "one giant national park."[3]
The reality is that there is broad opposition to a pipeline that would pump tar sands crude from Alberta to British Columbia’s rugged coastal waters where it would be loaded onto supertankers destined for overseas markets. Between 75 and 80% of British Columbians, including 2/3rds of BC’s federal Conservatives, oppose supertanker traffic along BC’s coast because of the risk of oil spills.[4] 

More than 70 First Nations have joined together to protect the economic and ecological integrity of their land and waters by banning the pipeline and supertankers from crossing their territory.[5] Their voices must be heard."

So perhaps you think I am making a big deal of those soft lies by Barbara Yaffe...Well, if it was just those soft lies I might let it go...But it wasn`t, Barb Yaffe made a $5 billion dollar lie....This in my opinion was a deliberate skewing of the numbers to plant subliminal messages and make Christy Clark`s and the Liberal`s argument for ramming Enbridge through a little easier...Remember the smart meter debate, at first BC Hydro said we were losing $6 million per year in hydro theft from grow-ops, then the number grew to $30 million, then to over $100 million per year, all to justify the imposition of smart meters, the same game and tactic with fiscal and tax revenue numbers are being floated, just say any number no matter how bogus and let the media and Government spinners sell it...can anyone say $1 trillion dollars from LNG!...Christy Clark and the BC Liberals got away with claiming fantasy pie in the sky LNG numbers, and now that scheme is moving to Enbridge......Everyone can spin a little, but a $5 billion dollar lie...

Barbara Yaffe can`t be that stupid, perhaps she thought no one would call her out, call her out and ask her to retract what she wrote...

Before I reveal Barbara Yaffe`s massive lie...let me point you to Enbridge`s own website, here is what Enbridge states British Columbia will receive in tax revenue over 30 years..cut n pasted from Enbridge`s own web site..

There you have it, from Enbridge`s own website...And believe me, those permanent job numbers are exaggerated...But for now let`s concentrate on the tax revenue...

Enbridge states that the BC Government over 30 years will receive $1.2 billion dollars....$1.2 billion divided by 30 years equals...$40 million dollars in tax revenue per year...That according to Enbridge...And I remind you that the Kalamazoo oil spill in Michigan has already cost near $1 billion dollars to try and clean up(Still a poisoned river)...Enbridge has separated Northern Gateway from Enbridge`s assets, that means at most Enbridge is on the hook for for a big spill is $300 million maximum, and they wash their hands on any ocean tanker spill...They sure are confident, they separated the company and shielded themselves from any marine liability...

However, Barbara Yaffe was wrong about the level of support from regular BCers, she is big-time wrong on First Nations support and she is $5 billion dollars wrong on taxation..

Barbara Yaffe stated on July 31/2013 in the Vancouver Sun....and I quote..


"B.C. has balked at the prospect of bearing the most risk in transporting the bitumen in order to earn just $6.1 billion in tax revenue, given that Northern Gateway will generate $81 billion in total government revenues over 30 years."


Barbara Yaffe is claiming British Columbia is balking at $6.1 billion, you bet it is because the tax revenue number being offered is $1.2 billion dollars, that according to Enbridge`s own website..

$40 million per year is peanuts, Barbare Yaffe has put that tax revenue number at $200 million per year, nothing to sneeze at but her numbers are wrong by a factor of 5..

Either pony up proof Barbara Yaffe or retract your lie/error, ....Enbridge is claiming $1.2 billion dollars in tax revenue for British Columbia and Enbridge have claimed that tax revenue for a couple of years at least...I knew that number by heart Yaffe, that`s why when I read your article I knew you were full of shit....

It took me but a few minutes to find Enbridge on the record and on their website stating and using that $1.2 billion dollar number, then today magically a corporate owned newspaper beholden to big industry employs a corporate mouthpiece to spin and lie..

I demand a retraction or proof..

How can you look at yourself in the mirror Yaffe, especially when there is not a reflection to be had..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open



kootcoot said...

This morning the news is all about the "new" 12 billion dollar pipeline to Quebec and New Brunswick and even the evil Irvings will upgrade their refining facilities.

I say go for it, because, frankly, I don't give a flying fuck what happens on the other side of the Rockies. They can all live under six feet of tar sludge for all I care. But hands (and dilbit) off of BC!!!!

G.W. Andrew said...

You've got her dead-to-rights here on this. Her numbers are bogus big time.

Nicely done: Another corporate shill outed and duly noted.

Glad someone's keeping the light on.


e.a.f. said...

Ms. Yaffe's version of the truth, is her version, however it maybe lack in facts. For facts I prefer to go to blogs or other newspapers

When publishers use their own set of "facts" their readership eventually figures it out and goes elsewhere.

Ms. Yaffee writes what she does because that is what she is paid to do. if anyone is waiting for journalistic integrity, don't hold your breath.

A pipeline to the east??? That should be interesting. do they plan on building it through cottage country in Ontario? Do they plan on building it through First Nations land? Quebec maybe a tad nervous about anything to do with oil.

If these pipelines actually provided as many jobs as alledged than there would be more jobs in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, etc. Once people figure that out they may not be so willing to have their lands ruined so Irving can make more money. its not like he needs it or has done any taxpayer any favours lately.

P.s. Your captcha frequently isn't on. Harvey O. has the best one. Always on and readable. thank you,.

Anonymous said...

Really? Obviously there is so much more to the "fracking" business than they lead us to believe, and certainly don't want us to know about so that we may protect ourselves, families, land, homes, water supplies and the list goes on. These companies be it oil, gas, hydro, food, do not want us to know how disgusting they really are when it comes to the health of the people.
We must be vigilant and report/record everything.
Those coal trains they want to run through Surrey, what else besides coal? Just look at the results of the dangerous train in Quebec. Vaporized people. And this is just a little train. Are people getting it yet? What will it take. The deregulation of industry by governments is a catastrophe which seems to be proven day in and day out. Come on Stevie, Christy, when will you stand up "for the citizens" of this country? Or are you making too much money to care and securing your directorships?
I sure hope your kids read when they get older, the despicable actions of you and your governments.