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Vaughn Palmer, Keith Baldrey and Bill Good, Lying Stooges To The End, BC Hydro Edition

Let me start by saying, besides Vaughn Palmer, Bill Good and Keith Baldrey there are many more stooges, Sean Leslie, The Vancouver Sun, Michael Smyth, The Province and CTV and Global news, they are all stooges, not only did these news outlets fail to report the glaring now arriving consequences of corrupt Government decisions and directives accurately they actually failed to report anything at all..I`m talking about the bankrupting of BC Hydro and coming ratepayer shock..

I am talking about how Gordon Campbell, now Christy Clark and the BC Liberals used BC Hydro and public ratepayers dollars to make their friends rich with run of river, private IPP`s, energy buying contracts, along with other crimes against the common good, smart meter imposition, crimes against aquatic animals who rely on river flow, who rely on some water flowing to survive, these private power deals besides bankrupting BC Hydro and draining your pocket have had thousands of violations as to water flow rules, the result of those crimes are countless wild-fish kills..

At least John Horgan, the next leader of the NDP is speaking up, right Adrian Dix?...(Haven`t you and Moe Sihota resigned yet, must the knife be firmly thrust in your back by party members first before you do the right thing)

Speaking of Johns...John Calvert in an article in the Georgia Strait on May 4th/2010 warned of coming rate shocks at the hands of the BC Liberals..


"The B.C. government’s Bill 17—egregiously named the Clean Energy Act—represents a dramatic escalation of the provincial government’s electricity privatization agenda. The act will gouge ratepayers, needlessly damage the environment, violate the principle of government accountability, and undermine public finances. It includes so many bad public policies that it is hard to know where to begin an evaluation of its impacts. 

Perhaps the best place to start is to view the act as the next major step in the government’s long-term agenda of restructuring B.C.’s electricity system. The foundations of this plan were laid with the 2002 and 2007 energy plans. These privileged private power developers at the expense of B.C. Hydro and triggered a “gold rush” of new private power projects effectively funded through generous long-term, “take or pay” contracts with B.C. Hydro. 
Rivers and streams across the province were transferred into the hands of private developers. The policy was also intended—and has succeeded—in changing the politics of electricity in B.C., as dozens of new power corporations set up shop in the province for the first time. 

The new act furthers this agenda by requiring B.C. Hydro to meet so called “self-sufficiency” targets based on unrealistically high assumptions of future electricity requirements. It will force Hydro to purchase even greater volumes of new private power, significantly expanding its commitment to supporting the private power industry. And it will do so at outrageously high prices—prices close to double, possibly more, what many forecasters project will occur in the Pacific Northwest electricity market in the coming years. B.C.’s ratepayers, not the private power developers, will be on the hook to pay for the losses that are almost guaranteed from this policy."


John Calvert was one of the first to get real loud about the BC Liberal`s water crimes, he warned the public well before that article, in 2006 he starting writing his book Liquid Gold, a factual book about the wild gold gush of IPP`s rushing into British Columbia to take the public`s gold being given away by Gordon Campbell(all for the price of donations to the BC Liberal political party), ....Rafe Mair was listening to John Calvert, I was listening, the NDP listened to John Calvert but failed to tell the story effectively to the public, and there is a reason for that..That reason is...The three stooges known as Bill Good, Vaughn Palmer and Keith Baldrey...And the others..

I knew what was going on with private power, the NDP did, so did legislative reporters and columnists who covered the public house in Victoria, they knew first hand but refused to acknowledge it....For years and years I personally called into CKNW and questioned Palmer, Baldrey, Good and Sean Leslie on the topic of private power..And I`m not sure if those individuals were bribed, paid off, threatened or were deliberately obtuse for pure bias, partisan political reasons, we know Bill Good was personal friends with Gordon Campbell and both Sean Leslie and Baldrey have wives employed by a BC Liberal Government, whatever the reason those stooges and media in general ignored the warning of John Calvert, Marvin Shaffer and others, for years and years the stooges, denied, deflected and defended BC Liberal policies with BC Hydro, IPP private run of river power and policy decisions in general..

And now here we are, BC Hydro rates have already skyrocketed(Right Vaughn Palmer?) and now, rate increases of 10% or more are coming for the next 5 plus years, all this money being funneled to private IPP power companies, absurd energy buying deals inked by the BC Liberals and promoted and applauded by a corrupt media..

Let me be clear, Keith Baldrey, Vaughn Palmer, Bill Good and Sean Leslie for so many years have defended the BC Liberal`s energy policies, defended private power, looked the other way so many times that now in late 2013 these stooges will never admit their role, they now waffle about, obfuscate and deflect, they point to other scapegoats, other reasons, so ashamed personally they are, they have lied so many times to you and themselves that they can`t turn back, the years of lies have turned into something else..

For shame on you effing stooges, you know what you did but you have no balls, no courage, no guts to admit you were wrong about IPPs, wrong about the energy contracts and structure signed by the BC Liberals, wrong about everything BC liberal and BC Hydro..You stooges are guiltier than the Government, for you validated the obvious frauds of the BC Liberals!

Let me be clear, I only rarely listen to CKNW since the election, I can count the times I listened in on one hand, only the last few weeks have I even tuned in, and even that has been very selective, I caught the last three Friday episodes of the cutting edge of the ledge, and I listened to Marvin Shaffer on with Bill Good at 9:00am today, I saw the radio spot advertised on twitter...

On Bill Good show tomorrow 9:05 a.m. "What govt should do about BCH".

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And guess what, ...I`ll come back to the radio spot today a little later...

Two weeks(June 28th)ago on the cutting ledge(BC Hydro has been front and center as of late), Vaughn Palmer shocked me when he made this statement about the looming disaster at BC Hydro when a caller asked about the $6 billion dollars in BC Hydro deferral accounts...Vaughn Palmer said..

The BC Liberals did two things over the years with BC Hydro, they continued to take dividends and didn`t raise rates...Vaughn Palmer June 28th, 10:35 am on cknw

That was a flat out lie by Vaughn Palmer, yes the Government has continued to take bigger and bigger dividends from BC Hydro where no real profit existed but Vaughn Palmer lied, two weeks ago on the cutting ledge Vaughn lied his face off, for just 18 months ago Christy Clark cut in half the recommended 30% BC Hydro increase and halved it to 17%...


BC Hydro ordered to cut rate increases by 50%

Rate to increase 17% rather than 30% over 3 years, energy minister says.



 Christy Clark was in election mode(she still is) and didn`t want to blast BC Hydro ratepayers who were already fuming about $1.2 billion being spent on smart meters, smart meters which were being brought in for the sole purpose of real-time billing, meaning when people are using the most electricity, family time between 4:30 pm and 8:00 pm electric rates would cost more, that is the real reason smart meters were brought in.. The point I am making is... June 28th at 10:35 to 10:36 am...Vaughn Palmer said..

The BC Liberals haven`t raised rates...Yet they were just raised, and remember this..


 "The B.C. Utilities Commission has granted Hydro's application to bill residential customers on the basis of a new, two-tiered rate system that will reward people who conserve electricity, and impose higher costs on those who don't.

Hydro customers using more than 1,350 kilowatt hours in a two-month billing period will be charged the higher rate for the portion of their power over this amount.
Based on historic average consumption, consumers living in single-family homes, duplexes and condos will pay at least a portion of their power at the higher rate, while apartment owners will stay comfortably within the lower rate due to substantially lower average consumption.
The new system will be phased in over six months, beginning with one rate bump on Oct. 1, and another on April 1, 2009.
The Utilities Commission suggests Hydro prices Tier 1 power at about 6.15 cents per kilowatt hour. Tier 2 power will be 7.21 cents per kwh in October, jumping to 8.27 cents per kwh next April."


 That above linked story is from September 2008, those increase were in 2008 and 2009..The BC Liberals created a two tier hydro rate scam, everyone with single detached homes are paying a fortune, they all fall into the two tier rate...From that story above in 2008..Two tier power will be jumping to "8.27 cents per kwh next April(2009)"....

That`s an increase Vaughn?...Isn`t it, well..You said the BC Liberals haven`t raised rates, you lied, Vaughn Palmer you lied on CKNW, Keith Baldrey stayed silent as did Stooge Boy Billy Good...8.27 cents per kwh by April 2009..And what is the residential rate today Vaughn Palmer?...Well, what is it..



Province confirms rates

The Province has confirmed rate increases over the next three years will total about 17 per cent, keeping BC Hydro rates among the lowest electricity rates in North America.
The prices below went into effect April 1, 2013 and were approved by the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) Order G-77-12A [PDF, 678 KB] dated June 20, 2012.

Residential Conservation Rate

Under the Residential Conservation Rate, customers pay 6.90 cents per kWh for the first 1,350 kWh they use over an average two-month billing period. Above that amount, customers pay 10.34 cents per kWh for the balance of the electricity used during the billing period.
This rate structure is designed to encourage conservation and is referred to as a "stepped rate". The first portion is called Step 1 and the amount above that is called Step 2.


 What were saying Vaughn, on June 28th, 2013, on CKNW, you said the reason why BC Hydro is in debt is because the BC Liberal Government kept taking dividends without raising rates..

You are so full of bullshit Vaughn Palmer..All the stooges are, they have defended the BC Liberal`s criminal actions with our golden jewel crown corporation, they defended, deflected and denied and now BC hydro has $6 billion dollars in deferral account debt, rates have already skyrocketed and now rates for residential are set to rise by 10% per year for the next 5 years ..meaning rates are going up by another 60% on top of the 60% they already have risen since 2008...

And if one listens to Marvin Shaffer today with Bill Good, one and all will be shocked..

But, before we get there, ..So on June 28th 2013 Vaughn Palmer lied and claimed the BC Liberals haven`t raised rates, Keith Baldrey and Stooge Bill Good stayed silent, silently agreeing to that lie..And last Friday on the Ledge..June 5/2013...

A caller phoned in and blamed these run of river contracts and power selling losses for BC Hydro`s debt, to which Keith Baldrey chimed in..He lied too, and spun, and deflected, and dreamed of the good old days when Enron ran an energy scam in California and little old ladies in apartments were getting $2000 dollar a month electricity bills..

Keith Baldrey stated..

Run of river power buying contracts are a mere pittance of BC Hydro`s costs, run of river contracts in the future might bear fruit, if energy rates go like they did in California in the late 90`s BC Hydro may actually make lots of money and the IPP`s will be the ones losing out..

That my friends is bullshitting at its best, Keith Baldrey, like Vaughn and Bill stooge Good can`t admit it, they won`t stop lying and deflecting, they will never admit they closed their eyes and looked the other way and failed to report what I, what John Calvert, Rafe Mair, Marvin Shaffer and others were screaming about..

First off Keith Baldrey, the run of river IPP boys and girls have 30---40---50---60 years signed contracts, they will never be the ones losing out, secondly Keith Baldrey, power rates in California in the late 90s was a fraud, a scam, a pyramid scheme ran by Enron, there was no energy shortage it was theft by Enron, those companies officials were sent to jail, BC Hydro is still owed and will never see the $1 billion dollars in energy sales to California, ...It was a racket, people in California lost their homes over high-priced electrical bills Keith Baldrey, and you think those days of rip-off electrical power will arrive again?..Here is a Marvin Shaffers article from last week, he writes about the northwest transmission line and how BC Hydro and residential ratepayers are losing $millions of dollars per year sudsidizing industrial customer`s electric bills, how average residential little guy customers are paying for IPP power at $130 and up and selling it to big industry for 1/3 rd of the price..


 The biggest problem with the northwest transmission line is not the overrun in its cost. The biggest problem is that it never made economic sense, at least not with BC Hydro’s rate policies (again dictated by government legislation) that results in industrial rates even for large new loads being less than half the cost of the new supply BC Hydro must acquire to supply them. As one BC Hydro Vice President put it:


 “our business plan on the northwest transmission plan is simple — the more we sell. the more we lose and the more rates will have to go up”.


 So today on CKNW at 9:00 am Marvin Shaffer was on with Bill Good,...

 Shaffer told a story of horror, of rate shock, of deliberate gifting of huge monies to IPP insiders, Shaffer told stories of how the new transmission line, how every customer that signs on for power to that line will cost BC Hydro and you the residential customer $millions of dollars, how BC Hydro was forced to buy high-priced power, forced to buy too much of this power, all at the direction and order of Gordon Campbell, and now at the behest of Christy Clark and BC Liberals,...And Bill the stooge Good asked this question..Why..Why..Why did they do that...Why are we still doing that?....And as more and more of the horror of what has happened to BC Hydro was revealed by Marvin Shaffer, Bill Stooge was getting uncomfortable, he needed to change the channel, to deflect, to turn the conversation, for Bill Good knows in his mind and heart that He, Vaughn Palmer and Keith Baldrey defended, deflected and denied these issues for years, he knew the stooges promoted the run of river BCHydro bankrupting fraud...

 Bill Good threw out these absurd channel changers, ...

"Governments took dividends, the NDP took dividends ..BC Hydro kept rates artificially down?......BC Hydro is like a baby boomer needing a hip replacements, knee surgery and cataract surgery...And this whopper channel changing attempt..

"What is a consumer to do to protect themselves"..Bill Good, CKNW, July 8th/2013

Wow....Guess what Bill Good, the residential consumer is whooped, not only were tens of thousands conned into purchasing heat pumps, which are huge electrical draws, the rates are going up up and up, there are no options except empty pockets, homeowners have seen rate increase after rate increase, including a imposed two tier rate scam 4 years ago, including more rate increases in 2010..including more increases last year, now we are going to see 10% increases or more or the next 5 years all because of IPP private power buying contracts, Smart meters and BC Liberal deliberate, corrupt revenue source giveaways to companies and friends who contributed $millions of Dollars to the BC Liberal party..Including Plutonic power, ALta gas from Alberta and near a dozen other private companies..

Corruption from the BC Liberal party, it started with Gordon Muir Campbell and his brother Michael Campbell, all BC Liberal MLA`s and cabinet ministers allowed these crimes to happen, the corruption and fraud continues under Christy Clark and this current batch of yes men and woman..

And the saddest part of it all, the three stooges Bill Good, Vaughn Palmer and Keith Baldrey knew, as did Les Leyne and Sean Leslie, as did Tom Fletcher, everyone who reported on or covered legislative debates in our Government house in Victoria knew exactly what happed, how it happened and what persons made it happen..

The media`s job was to report the facts, all the facts, and to this day, rather than admit their deliberate failings and do a mea culpa, state that John Calvert was right, Rafe Mair was right, Marvin Shaffer was right, the Straight Goods was right..

Rather than do the right thing now the stooges just..

With hands in pockets, wander around whistling, looking at the ground, they play the SGT Shultz routine...."I know Nothingggg, I see nothinggg, I hear nothingggg"


Rates haven`t gone up eh Vaughn, eh Keith, eh Bill Good?...BC Liberals have been protecting us homeowning ratepayers?...Enron scam was a great thing eh Keith Baldrey and may happen again?..And we have no smart grid, but we do have real-time billing smart meters..


Rates haven`t gone eh Vaughn Palmer, in 2007 our home electrical bill was in the low 6 cents per kwh, now, the majority of our bill is 10.34c per kwh, and it`s going up 10% or more, per year, for at least 5 years...That`s a 70% increase since 2007..You were saying Vaughn(June 28th, 2013/10:35 am, cknw).."The BC Liberal Government did two things, continued to take dividends and haven`t raised rates" Vaughn Palmer


Way to go, good job media, well done...


See you in Hell.

The Straight Goods


Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Hugh said...

Rates have to go up. We have to pay for the $55 billion of useless IPP power somehow. And the useless $1 billion 'smart grid'. And the $billions hidden in deferral accounts. Good grief.

Anonymous said...

Great post Grant! And only one comment? Where in the world is the rest of the populace?

Well, I could really give a shit! I'm 'off the grid' in another six months and the rest of the world can do as they like.
Personally, I would NEVER condone the antics of the Chrispy Crunch Party, but I must be different from the rest of you.
Have a good time in Kelowna. West!
John's Aghast.

Anonymous said...

You're on fire Grant. This BC Hydro scam is entirely the fault of the BC Liberals and their corporate welfare mantra. They only know how to exploit the public purse and thieve from future generations. They will continue to twist the issue up into a pretzel trying to blame the NDP of the 90's or the unions. And of course, the idiots of BC will line up to drink their kool-aid.

Anonymous said...

Where was the NDP all this time? They did very little to expose this to the people of BC. What a waste of an opposition.