Saturday, July 20, 2013

Oil Spill Site Off Limits To The Public And Media, By Order of Government


Grant G--- Canada is now owned by Oil Companies, Canada`s new legislative Government is....CAPP....Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.


Nobody understands’ spills at Alberta oil sands operation

"Oil spills at an oil sands operation in Cold Lake, Alberta have been going on for weeks with no end in sight, according to a government scientist



Oil spills at a major oil sands operation in Alberta have been ongoing for at least six weeks and have cast doubts on the safety of underground extraction methods, according to documents obtained by the Star and a government scientist who has been on site.

Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. has been unable to stop an underground oil blowout that has killed numerous animals and contaminated a lake, forest, and muskeg at its operations in Cold Lake, Alta.

The documents indicate that, since cleanup started in May, some 26,000 barrels of bitumen mixed with surface water have been removed, including more than 4,500 barrels of bitumen........

The scientist said Canadian Natural Resources is not disclosing the scope of spills in four separate sites, which have been off bounds to media and the public because the operations are on the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range, where there is active weapons testing by the Canadian military.

The company says it is effectively managing and cleaning up the spills.

“The areas have been secured and the emulsion is being managed with clean up, recovery and reclamation activities well underway. The presence of emulsion on the surface does not pose a health or human safety risk. The sites are located in a remote area which has restricted access to the public. The emulsion is being effectively cleaned up with manageable environmental impact,” the company said in a statement.
The documents and photos show dozens of animals, including beavers and loons, have died, and that 30,600 kg of oily vegetation has been cleared from the latest of the four spill zones

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China Mine Runoff Pollutes Water for 30,000, Daily Say

Officials in southern China shut 112 illegal mines after polluted runoff entered the local water supply, killing fish and making the water unusable for about 30,000 people, China Daily newspaper said

Pollutants including cadmium and thallium flowed into the Hejiang River after heavy rain led to flooding, and the mines were closed July 6, China Daily said today. Though many fish died before that, officials’ limited equipment and testing kept them from identifying the problem, the Hezhou local government said in a statement on its website today.

“We apologize deeply for the loophole caused by our poor regulation,” Lei Shaohua, deputy head of the Hezhou city environmental bureau


Canada`s Cold Blank Stare...

Just thought some of you might be interested in these stories, The Vancouver Sun and The Province, CKNW and other BC media seem only interested in talking about the soon expected Royal baby and the Vancouver Canucks 2013-2014 schedule, you know, the important things in life

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Anonymous said...

probably some good satellite imagery available for those who know where to look

Anonymous said...

Harper and his favorite charity, big gas and oil corporations, should be kicked right off the planet. They are bottomless pits of greed.

The tar sands are an abomination, on the face of Canada. The Columbia Ice Fields in Jasper, are used for the dirty oil sands extractions. The glaciers are receding very rapidly.

If the glaciers around the world melt away, so will the rivers vanish. Rivers are used for irrigation for crops in, many, many countries.

However, we all know Harper and big oil, their greed comes first.

Anonymous said...

It's time we hired this agency:

Christy and Co., Allison and Co., Stevie and Co., and your "buddies" are you ready?

Anonymous said...

And another one ...

Yeah, we're supposed to trust the government and big oil? I THINK NOT. Can't trust them as far as you could throw them, the old saying goes. Totally inept, irresponsible, stupid, paid off fools, all of them.
These are happening pretty well every day, week now I see.