Sunday, July 21, 2013

BC Liberals Bankrupting Our Province, BC Hydro Dies, The Horror Exposed!

BC Liberals are deliberately bankrupting our province, Vaughn Palmer, Michael Smyth refuse to talk about it.

The BC Liberal Government are corrupt and fiscal idiots, however..

The media, Global News, CTV, CKNW, Vancouver Sun and The Province are even more to blame because....

Because the media knew, the legislative reporters Keith Baldrey, Vaughn Palmer, Tom Fletcher and Les Leyne knew, they have known for years, yet they refused to report the truth, they, the media are beholden to Government advertising dollars and the corporate sector thieves who cashed in your future, we are all victims, but your children and grandchildren will be the victims who pay the ultimate price, Keith Baldrey, Vaughn Palmer and Bill Good lied their faces off, that proof is in this post..

Whatever you do, don`t click the below youtube link unless you are prepared to be horrified, outraged and disgusted, what you will see is in my opinion, legal grounds to have Gordon Campbell, Christy Clark and the BC Liberal cabinet arrested, arrested and tried for theft of $billions of dollars, tried for fraud, economic treason..

This scam makes the BC Rail theft look like bubble gum money..

Don`t say I didn`t warn you.... BC Liberal politicians past(Under Gordon Campbell) or present(Under Christy Clark), this is a criminal matter to be handled by the law and courts, that is if we ever see the law returned to Canada.

Remember these fiscal crimes in 2017..

You have been warned...Thanks to Damien Gillis and Rafe Mair

More on the bankrupting of BC Hydro at the below link.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

It's painfully obvious Grant, that the BC MSN which includes the Vancouver Sun, The Province, Black Press, The Straight, The Tyee, BCTV/Global, A-Channel-CTV, Check TV, CKNW as well as the CBC are carrying out a campaign of misinformation, lies and general misdirection to such an extent that most people have "shut them off" and no longer even listen or care. By attacking the people of BC on multiple fronts they have pretty much gotten people to not only stop thinking for themselves but even to vote for the very same people that are out to hurt them the most!

When the Queen and Kings feel threatened the palace guards (police and security services) man the walls and their mercenaries (the armed services - army, navy, air force) are preparing for civil unrest and insurrection. The total wealthy are? 111,000 super rich and 12,000,000 millionaires throughout the world...we have them really out numbered! BUT they have hung onto their wealth for centuries for some families, do not expect them to go quietly.

Grant G said...

@Anon 8:29pm...Yes the CBC seems to have been scared, Harper has put a lot of pressure on them, they are in survival mode at present..

The Straight(georgia) won`t go far enough with the facts..

The Tyee, I do have issues with David Beers, however Andrew Nikiforuk does some amazing work exposing the horror of the tar sands, and Rafe Mair pulls few punches.

Yes the do tone it down but ...

But they are about the best of a bad bunch..

Those writers and a few others do tell a good story..It`s the stifling of hard hitting comments, the moderation of readers that troubles me most..

I don`t expect everything to be covered..

However the big pro-media in Canada and especially British Columbia is in shambles.


Anonymous said...

ransoryThis entire country is a, cesspool of corruption.

Not that it matters. Harper is giving Canada to Communist China. Harper gave China huge chunks of the tar sands. China is permitted to bring over their own cheap labor. They own BC mines, China sued for the 200 mining jobs. China owns Nexen.

Harper's Omni-Bull-S-Bill permits China to sue Canada if anyone blocks China's intrusions.

Harper's FIPA deal with China means? China will be in Canada, for a minimum of 31 years. China is also taking the timber and mines, on Vancouver Island. Harper is bring Red China into, the rich resources of, the High Arctic.

Now China is buying up our farmland. China has polluted much of their tar sands and 40% of their water. They will of course, take our food crops too. China has also had horrific floods.

There is going to be swarms of Chinese in this country. Canada will likely be a wasteland of pollution as well.

Some say, this is Harper's plot for, global governance. Harper's speech on global governance, was fully endorsed. Harper said, global governance, has been worked on since 1945. Harper is fascinated by Hitler's Third Reich and his global government. But then, Harper was Policy Chief for his Northern Foundation of 1989.

Anonymous said...

Christy, our new Fluff 'n Stuff, premier is an economic terrorist.