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Bill Good, CKNW, Ezra Levant, Kissing Cousins

 Written by Grant G

What`s clear is rightwing news radio and television news stations, Sun News Network in particular and CKNW radio out here on the west coast have been corrupted by petroleum and Government ad dollars..

Lately on CKNW ads are running from Kinder Morgan and there are also slick ads by CAPP(Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers) on nw..

These CAPP ads are disguised as public service cheerleading, these ads promote local businesses and individual people, the ads highlight certain businessmen and describe their path to of these "fake" ads talks about a company(Watson gloves) that was on the verge of bankruptcy, then the ads moves the listeners as to how the company took a chance and developed a new safety glove and shazaam..The "Oils Sands" industry likes the gloves and the company, in this case Watson Gloves is a success story, ..The "Ad" runs a full minute or more...and at the end of the tricky radio spot this is uttered...

"This was brought to you by CAPP" ...When you take this advertisement, the Enbridge ads that ran thick and often just months back, now Kinder Morgan ads are wafting their airwaves and all of a sudden a disturbing picture emerges, a very disturbing picture indeed..

This Quebec rail disaster that was caused by procedural and human error is getting very short shrift on CKNW airwaves..

Because of advertising dollars flowing to CKNW`s coffers coverage of this story has been near non-existent, ..The accident occurred Saturday morning, Sunday is kinda of an off radio news day, but come Monday the reporting on CKNW has been very sparse, very sparse indeed..

Bill Good has hardly grazed the topic, yesterday, July 9th/2013, after more bodies, or should I say more charred remains were recovered bringing the official count to 15 dead, ..Bill Good did nothing again, he did have on a guest to talk about rail versus pipeline, the guest was there to talk about transporting the product not the incident, Simi Sara in the early afternoon avoided the topic too, and Jon McComb in the late afternoon did a mere 10 minutes on the topic, and his segment was more about rail oil shipment in general..

How on earth can a story of a Canadian town vapourized, a true story where rail company policy and haphazard procedures killed an entire town, criminal negligence, human error involving a hot topic in British Columbia, that being the movement of oil get such thin coverage..Today is Wednesday, more details of flawed company policies emerge and Bill Good has again ignored the story..

This can be no accident, a couple of weeks ago the Calgary floods saturated CKNW`s airwaves hour after hour, day after day, let me be clear, the Calgary floods were bad but I believe the loss of life was one or two people, and that was tragic, Quebec 60 to70 have perished...CKNW management has ordered radio personalities to go soft on the train tragedy, why, because it`s a story about oil..

CKNW as a news station has been compromised and compromised for years, the false flag Canada day bombing event was soaked on the airwaves, and the Calgary floods...But this oil story..What oil story, I GUARANTEE YOU THAT HAD THIS TRAIN ACCIDENT BEEN SABOTAGE THE STORY WOULDN`T LEAVE THE AIRWAVES.

There has been more coverage on CKNW of the weather and of sports than of this Quebec story...This accident involving criminal negligence by a company is one of the most horrific events in Canadian history and cknw because of the want of petroleum advertising dollars the story gets near buried..everyday more details emerge of a company that slashed manpower, reduced trains to but a single employee, a skeleton bare-bones workforce, another story of industry cutting staff and workers for greed, and the result of that is a town gone, a generational crime, this Quebec town will not recover next year or the one after that, these scars, emotional, spiritual will take at least two generations to heal...Because of rightwing ideology reinforced with advertising dollars has sculptured news and how it is covered...

CKNW today is leading their newscasts with talk of the Canada Day bombers, a false flag RCMP/CSIS aided and abetted scam..Their news has a soft mention of the Quebec story late in the news ....Are you kidding me!

The Quebec story is being all but ignored on CKNW..

Sun News Media is the same, they aren`t a news station they are a one industry, one political party propaganda entity, their party is Stephen Harper and the Conservatives and the one industry is oil, tar sands, pipeline and fossil fuels, ....Ezra Levant should be removed from the airwaves, his vicious bias and on air blathering is bordering on hate crimes, ...Last night Ezra Levant continued to promote a fallacy of eco-terrorism wreaking havoc, ...Last night Ezra only slightly tempered his fictional claims and changed the direction of SOME of his verbal mud, Ezra Levant was now blaming the firefighters for the Quebec "event", but just for a minute, he quickly retreated to eco-terrorism as the REAL THREAT to tar oil and resource extraction industry..he went on to highlight every blockade, every protest, every nasty letter involving activists and environmentalists, he lumped them all together while simultaneously backing the sadistic and criminal statements uttered by holocaust denier Edward Burkhardt, Edward Burkhardt is denying the actions of his company caused a holocaust.....And no, holocaust denier reference by me does not refer what happened in Germany, I`m referring to this..

Holocaust definition, a great or complete devastation or destruction, especially by fire..

Ezra Levant has been sued, he`s slandered and libeled, he is guilty of uttering hate speech, and what is so disturbing is management and ownership of Sun News could care less, their gold and fortune comes from the tar sand industry and from the federal Conservative party of Canada, Sun News has stepped so far over the line, they aren`t even subtle anymore, blunt like a hammer strike..Ezra Levant and Sun News will continue to verbally assault everything environmental and downplay any oil accident criminal or not, Sun News Network and Ezra Levant ARE paid oil promoting entities, paid almost in its entirety by big oil and the Federal Conservative Government..

Ezra Levant is fake, Sun News is fake, they aren`t news they are a sitcom, a tragic made for a purpose propaganda spewing con job, in fact, when it comes to Ezra Levant everything about him is fake, including this..Ezra Levant`s fake twitter followers..


We have arrived at scary days in Canada, the media has almost been completely corrupted, the industry as a whole is suffering from financial woes and the deeper their economic viability falls the more they are subject to industry and corrupt Government hijacking.

We as a people are under propaganda assault at every turn, we have come to a point in time where rules stiff and stern regarding the acceptance of monies for spin or denial of truth are needed, the rot within news media outlets has reached the point where the entire house is ready to collapse, industry termites and corrupt Government rats have eaten through democratic foundations, chewed through wires and rusted the pipes, the damage is so extreme in these media houses they should be condemned and bulldozed..

Funny stuff, the MM&A railway employee has been suspended for cause, the company now admits egregious errors occurred on their part, the firefighters have been cleared of any blame, Inspector Michel Forget has completely ruled out vandalism and eco-terrorism and states the town is a victim of criminal negligence, exactly what this writer wrote days ago...Yet..

Yet now this Powell River Persuader is under National state scrutiny and have been labeled a radical crazy by those who uttered wrong..

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Looks like my appearance on Ezra Levant's show really pissed-off one of the radical crazies!

Written by Grant G

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