Thursday, July 18, 2013

Adrian Dix, Throwing Punches While Laying On The Ground Bleeding/NDP, The Hypocrisy Party


Updated post/July 18/2013

Written by Grant G

 Today and this week in question period the opposition NDP tried to make hay with new revelations into the ethnicgate scandal...

I wrote this post about Dyble`s report, in this post I asserted correctly that the BC Liberal`s had engaged and employed the ethnic outreach plan, a plan to use public dollars for party work....I clearly stated that the plot was not only thought of and contemplated but fully implemented..

I wrote many posts at the time, I highlighted how the Burnaby hospital scandal was part of ethnicgate..How Christy Clarking stating she was a Filipino was part of ethnicgate, and how the fake Bollywood awards was part of ethnicgate, I wrote in multiple posts that ethnicgate was not only an idea but tens of thousands of public-paid for man hours went into implenting every aspect of it..

Ethnicgate was about "quick political wins....Creating block-buster ethnic events..turning issues into ethnic vote getters"

 Way to go NDP, .....Read the shocking linked story above...Read the shocking story below...

There was already smoking gun ethnicgate information available and proven in these two posts, unfortunately Adrian Dix and his election campaign ignored this information, they refused to act on this information during the election, they knew better, ,,They (The NDP Party brass, and MLA`s) ignored my numerous emails, ignored my passionate postings, they refused to acknowledge I even existed, yet everyday the NDP sent out emails to me asking for money, I talked to hundreds of readers who were also ignored, and asked for money, money and "moe" money...tsk tsk, we don`t want your advice or opinion, however send a order or credit card number..blah blah blah..

Excuse me, so now 4 years from the next election and you want to peck away about ethnicgate...I don`t care, the issue is dead, you blew it Adrian Dix, it matters not now...Your time would be better spent asking about LNG, when is something going to be built, how much money will we receive, what is the royalty structure...Everything in BC is dependent upon $hundreds of $billions of dollars flowing to BC from LNG..Health services funding, education funding, debt and deficits, bridge tolls, the survival of BC Hydro, every burning issue in British Columbia is answered with LNG revenue will fix all...There are a ton of informative posts on LNG on this site highlighting all the problems, from pricing, from demand, market forces, new price structures, world capacity under construction, world competition, employment numbers associated with LNG plants, 250 employees per plant...

I suggest NDP you concentrate your efforts on LNG...All our provincial eggs have been put in one basket...Your whining about ethnicgate now is a slap in the face to everyone who fought during the writ...The Straight Goods fought tooth and nail, you Adrian Dix rolled over and scratched your belly.

And now the entire province will suffer and live under a corrupt corporate entity, seniors will suffer, students, workers and the environment, all because you knew better than us history writers and how you enjoyed scratching your belly....

It all seems so pointless, ethnicgate, Basi n Virk scandal, BC Rail, BC Hydro deferral accounts, BC Ferry fiscal nightmare, E Health waste, the assault on public education and teachers, Pacific Carbon Trusts scam, ever increasing MSP premiums, ICBC/BC Hydro/Ferries management run wild, CLBC, wheelchair fees, hospital scandals, needless hospital deaths, asset sales to claim bogus balanced budgets, balanced budget claims while debt rises by near $5 billion dollars a year..Cabinet ministers Bloy, Yap, Bennett, Coleman and many many more lie like rugs, all the while a beholden to Government advertising media talked of memogate and greased weasels, talked of LNG $trillions.....A BC Liberal party and Christy Clark who took the the sport of lying by numbers to artform..

And now Adrian and Co. want to drum beat on multi-culturalism Liberal public dollar theft and fraud...Talk to the families of those who had family members killed in hospitals, talk to the families of injured workers who WCB left with nothing, talk to Alexandra Morton about the plight of wild salmon and environmental crimes committed by the fish-farm industry, talk to those fighting tooth and nail to protect our province from Enbridge river and water destroyers..

Those are the heroes, the fighters, along with online writers and bloggers who gave their souls, wrote millions of words making the case for justice, for change for direction anew, ....All those issues are still here, still unresolved, ethnicgate was a crime of a few dollars stolen and party votes meanwhile the real crimes and criminals are still ongoing and active, and still ignored by a lost opposition...An NDP opposition who has lost their way, afraid to speak up against fish farms , to cowardly to fight for wild salmon, no courage to drive public monies for river habitat restoration.

Fighting for a Ethnicgate gotcha score won`t resolve any of the real issues.

Unless and or until the New Democratic Party remembers what is of real importance to British Columbian`s and decides to fight....

Until then their griping words ring hollow and shallow..


John Dyble`s Ethnicgate Review, Two Legs Short

I have to congratulate John Dyble`s for his ethnicgate review, it was very thorough, hard hitting , to the point, names names, however, an investigation into a three legged stool scandal where you have only an ability to interview and question but one of those legs is an exercise in futility, we are left thirsty for more, a mere appetizer offered when the public required a full meal, Dyble`s report points two other directions , it points to caucus, it points to party, Dyble had no ability to interview caucus or cabinet, he had no ability to interview the party, and most troubling is Dyble had no ability to interview Mike MacDonald, Christy`s campaign chair, her election guru and the former top staffer in Christy Clark`s office, Mike MacDonald was there at the time this ethnic planning document was created and distrubuted, it came across his eyes at a minimum..

What we do know, Brian Bonney on the public dime sent 1100 emails, on 3 different private emails accounts, he fired them off to the BC Liberal party, to caucus and more, Dyble had no ability to interview any of those email recipients..Brian Bonney and family were busy paid operatives.

We also know there were ethnicgate committee meetings where fruits of the planning documents were sent to the Liberal party, to Fiera Lo and other members of the Liberal party, we know the ministry of multiculturalism was actively implementing the ethnicgate strategy, how do we know that, simple..

Harry Bloy was minister of multiculturalism when this scandal was hatched, he was minister when members of that ministry started implementing the plan, the proof is simple, if the planning document wasn`t acted upon at that time, at the time Harry Bloy was minister the plan and evidence wouldn`t have existed when John Yap became minister...Harry Bloy had to resign as minister for a different email scandal, this was well after the ethnicgate planning document was created, Bloy resigned, John Yap took over, in John Dyble`s report John Yap was aware of the plan, John Yap approved hiring workers and on the Government dime, these operatives were actively working on this sleazy project, lists were created of peoples who attended ethnic events, these lists were passed onto the BC Liberal Party, that confirms this plan was not only in full swing it actually bore products, the fruits of their labour were realized, the BC Liberal caucus no doubt is sitting on and probably using the fruits of the ethnicgate plan, that being lists of ethnic people, ethnic voters..

You can`t undo damage done, a liken it to robbing a bank, an inside job, you get caught, a couple of minor heads roll but your friends keep all the money..

John Dyble had no ability to interview Mike MacDonald, Christy Clark`s top staffer, the man who is leading Christy Clark`s election campaign, a man who was top dog in Christy`s office when this scheme was hatched, he was emailed the document, how Christy Clark could not of known what was going on, it boggles the mind, and that`s the failing of John Dyble`s investigation in a nutshell, a scandal-filled review where people were hired for the project, email in the ministry of multiculturalism were found advising those working on the project to use private emails and write nothing down..That`s proof that the ministry knew what they were doing was wrong, the ministry took extraordinary steps to hide their activities, so indeed the plan was being executed..

In my heart , in my heart I am Filipino...Remember that ethnic event?

There are questions about the timing of family day, different from the rest of Canada, and it did fall on Chinese new year, there is also the fake Bollywood awards, we know the Liberal Government asked the real Bollywood awards show to move their traditional awarding date in June to April, they refused and all of a sudden we are paying $12 million dollars to host a first inaugural award show, it seems to have been created for a quick hit, a quick political win..Exactly what is described in the planning document.

Again, fruits of their labour, a well-advertised Bollywood event where stars from India come to BC just weeks before our election, in that contract there are provisions for photo-ops with the Government, with Christy Clark and MLA`s running in our election, this is exactly what the ethnic planning document talked about, in that document there was a particular point highlighted, from the planning document, and I`ll quote the line..

"Create blockbuster events" 

Can you tell me what qualifies as an ethnic blockbuster event?

Bollywood awards show qualifies...Again the BC Liberal party gets the benefit, John Dyble`s investigation can`t take back the products produced, no subpoena powers, he can`t compel testimony, he couldn`t interview cabinet, he couldn`t interview the BC Liberal party, he couldn`t access any of their emails or documents, nothing, no ability to take back the forbidden fruit.

John Yap should resign from Government, immediately.

I commend John Dyble for sawing and chopping down that one legged stool, however this is a three legged scandal!

One leg of a three legged stool,  you know what happens to a one legged stool, it crashes to the ground.

We need an RCMP investigation with subpoena powers, even if that investigation isn`t concluded before the election it is required.

And on a more somber note, our BC Government already has at its disposal over 200 hired persons known as public affairs, they churn out press releases they monitor media, internet, newspapers, they phone into radio shows, they freep polls they go on comment threads, partisan media spin doctors, over 200 of them and now this Government, Christy Clark`s Liberals have gone to the line that separates a totalitarian Government from a Democratic one, a Government where entire ministries are employed to subvert people, to woo them, propagandize them, how many, 200, 300 entire ministries dedicated to maintaining power, how close have we come to the edge, up to, on it, or have we already gone over..

UPDATED HERE, Cassidy Olivier has details of an entire new scandal, well worth the read)

Today`s question period will be up shortly, Bill Slime for Hire Bennett goes deep into the gutter

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Watched Gasland 2 yesterday with my son. It was depressing and scary.It was shocking but the end game is to sell this stuff to Asia . In the process we poison our water and when they multinationals start shipping our prices will skyrocket. Your comments about what the NDP should focus on(LNG not ethnogate)is right on.But what can we expect with Dix and Sahota still "leading" the party.

Grant G said...

Dix in November will be coted out of the leadership role, Sihota will be voted out the door.

Both are cowardly, both continue to harp our province and the party.

Poor old Adrian, stuck with his MLA salary and expense account..

Adrian Dix and party brass are reaching for low hanging fruit because they are gutless cowards, they are afraid to question LNG, they are following the pied piper right over the edge.

dan said...

iaI believe you have answered a lot of your own questions. The NDP will not listen; they will not pay any attention to supporter’s issues, or direct them to places such as this blog.
Why waste your time? The sun is out, the air is warm the summer solstice is here. There are a lot more things to do than worry about some political party that has allowed itself to become dated, without issues, other than bitching about the other guy, all the while having no alternative concept or view willing to be allowed public scrutiny.
It’s fine for the NDP to bitch in the house about things. But what is their solution to matters of interest?
I haven’t heard one solution from this pathetic group of losers in months.
Why you continue to care about the anachronism party by the name of the NDP is bewildering.
It is over for them in the present incarnation and will continue to be so into the future.

Grant G said...

@Dan..It`s the people and issues I care about.

and I hold out hope that someone emerges from within and slaps Adrian silly, our rivers, our salmon..

Our families can`t wait..

We need a miracle to intervene, so the prayers will continue.


Elwood said...

Grant. Good column as usual. And the Greens are the only ones talking about lng. I have turned in my NDP membership card and asked them to never contact me ever again for another donation. The NDP has just become an embarrassment. I now have a Green Party membership and finally can say that I feel proud. Needed to get that off my chest.

Grant G said...

Good on you Elwood, the NDP are a dead party right now.

They think they are being an opposition by concentrating on non-issues..oh my, the BC Liberals are gosh, dirty, cheating, lying thieving crooks, who knew???

Meanwhile diseased farmed fish and oil companies threaten our province..

WOW, Adrian Dix just broke a finger nail thumping his desk in question period, way to fight now Adrian!

Who knows, maybe he will spill his coffee next, oh my!

Smart move Elwood..Go with heart and soul.

Good Day

e.a.f. said...

I dont know if the NDP is a dead party, but they are sleeping on the job these days. They may rise again, but not until some changes have been made.

if anyone is waiting for an investigation into ethnogate or whatever else they want to call it, don't hold your breathe. who exactly is going to call an investigation? Not the RCMP with their new 20 yr contract and building in Surrey. We do need to remember who they report to provincially. With the current cabinet ministers, nothing is going to happen. There will simply be more of it. Until more people are being hurt by the current governmetn nothing is going to change. The 1%ers are fine with things the way they are. The rest of the population, well, they still seem to doing o.k. The children of B.C., not so much. We are once more NUMBER ONE in CHILD POVERTY.

At the rate B.C. is accumulating debt, we could be the next "Detroit". Now of course B.C. has a few more taxpayers to pay the debt, but that could change also.

Priscilla said...