Saturday, July 6, 2013

Christy Clark`s Bogus Translink Funding Referendum, Unraveled

Let`s talk about one of Christy Clark`s election promises, in particular, the referendum on Translink funding...

The Province newspaper`s Jon Ferry is gung-ho for a leave-it-to-the-voter-referendum on how Translink gets its funding for future expenditures..Let me remind you people what Translink has ownership of and responsibilities for..

The BC Liberal Government in a sneaky manner gifted items to Translink, the province gave the transit company bridges, old bridges in need of replacement as well as new crossings, that being the golden ears bridge, one of those bridges given is the patullo bridge, it is first up for replacement, the cost of replacing that structure is $1.5 billion dollars, or more...The reason the Liberal Government gave these old structures to Translink is obvious, this was done so the cost, the taxes required to replace these items fell to a different entity than the ministry of transportation..Translink can tax tax tax and these slimy Liberals will merely say..."It`s Translink not us"..The Liberals love these alternative taxes that fall under someone else`s purview, that way they can claim how they are the tax cutters, meanwhile user fees and taxes levied by BC Hydro, Translink, downloads onto the municipality, increases at ICBC are not really taxes, including MSP premiums, we are the only province with that tax, these fake tax cutters Liberals are just that, fake..

South of the Fraser needs hundreds of buses and drivers, the powers that be, Kiewit are chomping at the bit for another major doled Government project, that project is going to be the patullo bridge replacement....There is also SNC Lavalin, and property developers, they along with Gregor Robertson are beating the subway to UBC drum, that project will cost $3 to $4 billion dollars alone..

Let`s tally up the numbers....

UBC subway line...$3.5 billion

Patullo bridge replacement...$1.5 billion dollars..

South of Fraser buses and drivers...$1 billion every 5 years..

So, Translink needs $6 billion dollars over the next 5 years...

What Jon Ferry doesn`t understand...

What those people who commented under Ferry`s article don`t understand is this...

Todd Stone, our new transportation minister is refusing to come clean, I have been informed by person in the know..

This Translink funding referendum being put to the people will have these choices.....

#1-Raise property taxes

#2-Raise fuel taxes

#3-Road pricing(The more miles driven on our roads the more you will pay)

#4-Yearly car levy collected by ICBC when you renew insurance.($300 to $500 dollars(per year) depending on vehicle type and size)

#5-Raise each of the above a little bit


Let me first give you a little information, the road pricing option will require spending hundreds of millions of dollars installing cameras and data collectors at roads, bridges, everywhere as well as another agency to monitor, bill and collect, similar to Treo(The company that monitors and collects tolls from the port mann bridge)...

The referendum will not give voters a choice of no, as in no new taxes, the referendum will not allow voters to veto a project, like a new tolled Patullo bridge or the subway line to UBC...

The referendum will be vague as to where the new monies will be directed..

This is why the mayors council are up in arms over this stupid referendum ploy, the BC Liberals are tricking the public again, this is not democracy, why should GVRD residents have to pay for a $3.5 billion dollar subway line they will never use, or those who will never use the Patullo bridge, or buses..

Let me say that again, there will be no choice on the referendum to say no to any new taxes for Translink..

Rich Coleman on Voice of BC with Vaughn Palmer on Thursday, Christy Clark for the last 2 years, all the BC Liberals, each and everyone of them have claimed British Columbia will be debt free, BC Hydro debt paid, BC ferry debt paid, tolls removed, sales tax removed and hundreds of $billions in a prosperity fund for future generations of BCers, all this largess accruing from LNG sales to Asia, a $trillion dollars in economic activity,..

Why than Christy Clark are you gouging seniors $300 dollars per year in wheelchair fees, why are you raising BC Hydro rates 60% over the next 5 years, and that is after rates just went up 17% and several years ago a two-tier hydro electric rate that every single detached home owner pays now,  these Liberals are also raising BC Ferry rates, cutting health spending to below the rate of inflation and selling near $1 billion dollars in assets..All these increases while our BC debt rises by $5 billion dollars per year..

One thing is very clear, it`s obvious to this persuader that the BC Liberal Government doesn`t even believe their own LNG fantasy claim..

For if they really did, hydro increases, Translink funding and healthcare spending for a rapidly aging population would be made by Government, added to our temporary debt, let`s just call it a small advance on that $trillion dollar LNG pie..

Well Todd Stone?..What you say Christy Clark?...LNG, money in the bank, right?

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


e.a.f. said...

why do we have to worry about raising taxes for anything. Didn't c.c. just say we were going to be making billions if not trillions of dollars on all those gas and oil thing a mahotties. Surely the banks will wait until the royalty cheques are in the mail.

If people vote to raise any taxes, levies, whatever, it is doubtful any of it will be spent on transportation. It will be going to pay off the debts B.C. Hydro owes and the deficiet the lieberals have run up.

It is simply time to stop building all this shit. The province can't afford it. They are charging $25 a month for maintenace of wheelchairs for seniors. If we can't afford wheels on wheelchairs for seniors how the hell can we afford more roads for wheels or bridges or buses, etc.

Buses are never going to be the major mode of transportation in B.C. We simply have distances which are too large to cover by anything except personal vehicles, if you want to get somewhere without spending a couple of hours doing it. Mass transit takes too long. Better to simply build a few more roads, when we can afford it. Until then stop the expansion of the burbs.

At the rate things are going in B.C. we won't need more roads/transportation. most people will be going to Alberta to avoid the taxes and levies in B.C. and to find jobs which will pay them enough to feed, cloth, and shelter their families.

Grant G said...

It`s called patronage pork..

Kiewit and SNC Lavalin donate to the BC Liberals, BC Liberals add billions to your children`s accruing debt.

The point I am making, the public thinks this upcoming referendum gives people a choice to stop new taxation, it does not, the referendum gives the public options as to what pocket gets picked.


dan said...

I never thought Clark knew what she was talking about when she stated referendum. I always thought things involving municipalities were a called a plebiscite.
What the hell do I know. Well, there is one thing I do know for sure;
The Liberals will continue to speak out of both sides of their mouths as long as constituents allow them to.
More importantly, where the hell is the opposition on any of these files? They are completely invisible.

Hugh said...

More and more debt. We just keep sinking deeper. Interest rates are low now, but what if they go up?

Anonymous said...


Your observation about the opposition, should give cause for scrutiny.

Maybe, there is no opposition.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but important. We're still number 1!. This is truly despicable. Christy and Co., what have you done and what are you doing? Nothing by the looks of it. A province as rich as this shouldn't be at the bottom of the heap. There's more to life than oil and big business, but how would you know? You and your bunch including the disgraced Campbell, are the worst government this province has ever had, EVER. To the people of this province, when are you going to wake up to the rape of this province and the abuse of your kids, elders, workers, middle class which there aren't going to many left in 4 years. shameful what is and has occurred in this province. Shameful.