Thursday, July 4, 2013

Terrorism Film Fest, And The Oscar Goes To......?

Two heroin drug addicted adults either past or present, both on welfare, $1100 between the two of them per month for rent, food, smokes, drugs and catfood....

This whole sting, this terrorist?-plot reeks to high heaven, when I heard the early reports smells of a rat wafted through my nostrils, a July1st Canada day special, when the RCMP are in deep doo doo, when the coppers are looking for good press, when Stephen Harper and Vic Toews are wanting a patriotic channel changing event, considering the Federal Conservatives are well on their way to opposition benches after the 2015 Federal election, an epic patriotic fraud was in order, or should I say..Ordered up!

This in my opinion was a false flag operation, the corporate Conservative media ran guns blazing on this story, no critical questions asked, only Stephen Harper bootlicking bloggers are drinking the kool Aid, those motives and agenda are obvious, Harper cheerleaders see nothing wrong, funny isn`t it, climate change deniers, war mongers and Conservative supporters applaud and defend the police state, internet surveillance and look a blind eye to the obvious visual stench of this case..

Drug addicts want money, everything is about more money not killing people, young female drug addicts will sleep with hideous old men for money, trick after trick with smelly old men, you tell me that same addict wouldn`t place a bomb or device anywhere for the right incentive?..I have known addicts, known crackheads, never turn your back on a crack addict..

I remember the Wiebo Ludwig case, the EnCana bomber, yes he did bomb the pipeline in the past and served his time, little was reported on his livestock that got poisoned with sour gas venting and the myriad of health problems his family suffered from, Wiebo blamed the gas industry operating in his backyard for these strange occurrences, and when the bombings started anew the RCMP suspected Mr. Ludwig, and he may well have done it, at the time the RCMP was in trouble with the public(what else is new), they were looking for good press, ...What happened, headlines appeared,

"We got the EnCana bomber"...

Ludwig was arrested, his homes and property searched, they found nothing, no evidence, shortly thereafter he was quietly released, no fanfare, no big RCMP press conference, the story of Wiebo`s release served no purpose for the RCMP, ...The story quietly drifted into obscurity with nary a word said from the arresting officials...

The RCMP has embarrassed our province and country far too many times in recent years, Ian Bush was shot in the back of the head, that scandal swept away, 5 mounties tasered a tourist, killed him and lied about the chain of events, lied to the judge, lied in their reports, one of those cops involved in that case Monty Robinson...Monty Robinson then killed again, he got drunk, drove and killed a motorcycle driver, he fled the scene, Kash Heed`s hands are stained with scandal and taint too, and of course, recent revelations about the old boys club(RCMP)that they have been sexually harassing and abusing female officers like it was a right of passage, that ongoing scandal is being stalled, delayed and watered down, expect a decision on that sometime in the year 2025...Deny, defend and delay delay delay for decades, ..

I also recall a couple of years ago, the RCMP embroiled in bad press needed a channel changer, headlines appeared again, Pitt Meadows gang rape, 10 men drug and rape girl and film the whole event, those headlines went viral, went around the world in hours...Let me be clear, I do not condone the actions of any of those drunken stoned teenagers at that party, ...But guess what, teenagers smoke pot, do ecstasy, drink beer, wine and hard liquors, get drunk and have sex, nothing new there, it`s always been that way, parents may want to live in a bubble and pretend their little bobby or sally are pure and angelic...Hogwash, ..

"There is none so blind as those who refuse to see"..

Again, the media ran with the story, CKNW rambled on about it all day long, all week long, the phone-in callers wanted the death sentence for these teenage boys, life in jail, and the same rightwing Harper bloggers drank the Kool Aid again....The police wanted the "big case"...the outrage, the horror, they wanted the big channel changer..

And what happened, what was the real story, the truth was, a drunk girl and her drunk older boyfriend with inhibitions gone were having sex in the field with a bunch of stoned hornbag teenagers watching, a couple of them clicked photos...The RCMP promoted a fiction that never happened, yes I feel bad for the girl that had her picture posted on Facebook, and yes the idiot teenagers should have put their Iphones away..And yet, still to this day most of the Province of B.C. still believe this horror happened, here is the final outcome of that FAKE headline..


"A young man who posted to Facebook pornographic photographs taken during a rave in Pitt Meadows will not have a criminal record if he obeys court-ordered conditions for the next 18 months.

Dennis John Allen Warrington received a conditional discharge Monday, and will be required to complete 120 hours of community service in addition to probation.

"His apology showed he has gained some insight into his action," Judge Shehni Doss said as she sentenced the 21-year-old in Port Coquitlam Provincial Court.

Originally charged with more serious offence of possessing and distributing child pornography, Warrington pleaded guilty in December to a lesser count of distributing obscene material for posting three photographs on Facebook.

The photographs were graphic, close-ups of a couple having sexual intercourse – the faces of a girl and boy obscured.

The charges against Warrington stem from a Sept. 10, 2010 party held at a farm on Harris Road, which drew hundreds of teens and young adults."


No gang rape, it was a young teenage girl having sex with her older teenage boyfriend, no drugging, no 10 men drugging and raping an innocent, there was really only two victims, the parents of the girl...Let me ask you people, and be honest, how many of you had sex as an under-aged teenager or know of friends that did...My generation it was normal activity....If my parents knew, if my friends parents knew what we really did..Go ahead, live in a bubble or whistle past the graveyard, this IS what these kids do...The RCMP either knowing produced a fictional story or knowing led a gullible media and certain blogging community astray, take your pick, I had doubts after the initial story and after two days of backroom reports I knew the story was a fake...

The point I am making is the RCMP and the Federal Conservative/BC Liberal Government are professional con artists, and unfortunately there are media with corporate agendas and others who have Conservative political bias and look the other way, not here, this site is The Straight Goods, all sides are critiqued when warranted, we have no clauses here..

Where was I...So these two losers are big-time terrorists..

Who bought the pressure cookers, who is the dark individual who regularly picked these torrorists up in a black pick-up truck? me a receipt for the pressure cookers, debit, cash, were so many details released on this case so quickly, so quickly a press conference, so quickly did unelected Christy Clark preach about those heathens who want to scare us, change us, destroy our democratic ways...Sorry Christy Clark, you effing BC Liberals and Herr Harper have done more democratic destroying crimes than these two led, fed and no cred drug addicts ever did..

Who among you has ever threatened in privacy, at the bar, the party or just in jest talking to friends, who hasn`t uttered.. kill the taxman, kill the cop who issued you a speeding ticket in a radar trap, shoot the EIC people, kill the WCB people, kill the bouncer that threw you out on your ass, kill your cheating ex and her new boyfriend, kill the lawyers, many many of you are guilty of terrorist threats..

There is a show I watch, The Deadliest Catch...There is a new boat owner and skipper, this man has had wife problems, he`s separated, in the last episode, with camera crews filming this captain, he was called on his boat phone about HIS new girlfriend, who he had set up with access to his money, allowed her to stay in his home, here this skipper is out in the Bearing Strait, on his Satellite phone he is informed his new girlfriend has another man staying with her, the captain is furious, all on film he utters threats, on that show this skipper told the Discovery channel audience that he is going to shoot and kill this unknown man...I was shocked, threats uttered to a national audience, is that not a crime?...And to tell you the truth, that man staying with the skipper`s new girlfriend, at the skipper`s house is not the person at fault, the fault lies at the feet of the girlfriend....In theory that television show participant should have been arrested, arrested for uttering threats..

The point I am making, I`ll bet dollars to doughnuts that most druggies and residents in the downtown eastside, if asked would want the cops dead, the Government blown up, it would be so easy to lead these types down the terrorist road, buy the weapons, plant the clues and assist and presto...We have foiled another major terrorist plot..!!!

This case is so rife with fake, even the media is starting to cast doubts, well, at least some media is..I read a headline in the Province yesterday...These terrorists could get life in jail..

I have more questions..How come the media was allowed to violate the defendents rights and were permitted to enter their basement suite, the media was allowed to take pictures, were allowed to stage pictures, were permitted to rifle through drawerss and closets.

Are you kidding me, the defendants are still innocent until proven guilty, the landlord had no authority to allow anyone into the defendants suite,, including the media, were not the media advised by editors that they had no right, civil liberties of the two accused were violated!...Was not the police still watching the residence?

Wasn`t the police and CSIS still monitoring the home?..Why would they permit the media to waltz in..Indeed!

And riddle me this, ...First off, I wasn`t going to post on this story until the media filmed and pictured the defendants home illegally..

Riddle me this, how come the RCMP so quickly gave up the chain of custody of the home? how come the RCMP allowed the media to search and film the home? there is only one answer,  the RCMP wanted maximum media coverage, a major(so the RCMP claim) terrorist plot and one day after the arrest the media trounce into the defendants home and take pictures, rifle through drawers,..

Are you kidding me!..The media went through a notebook in the home, arranged items for photos, shouldn`t the investigation be ongoing, what about the dark man who drove the black pick up?, or was that driver actually the police?

I can guarantee you that there isn`t major police/CSIS operation that frees up the home one day after the arrest, murder scenes or suicide scenes are off limits for days, my mothers Burnaby neighbor last summer had a police event, no death, no theft, a mere shot was fired and threat uttered, the house was sealed for days and days with yellow tape, in fact my mother was kept out of her home for a day, that event resulted in a warning to a troubled young man...

And you tell me the RCMP gave up the chain of custody and allowed a media feeding frenzy(illegally) into the defendants home???

I call bullshit, and yes, terrorism is wrong, but so is staging a false flag event, with ready photo-ops..with a byelection going on, with Vic Toews leaving, with Harper in political trouble, with Harper wanting more surveillance, more powers...a big stage-play for Canada Day, photo-ops included...After all, what I am talking about is not just idle tinfoil hat wearing stuff, the FBI has created many false flag terrorist events..They use these fake events to grasp more power..Read the shocking story linked below and you will see...This terrorist act was facilitated by, abetted and aided by the forces that be..

When someone is in pain, when you are in pain, what would you do to make the pain go away, pray, sin, partake, some kill themselves, this doesn`t add up people..

And documents released today reveal Stephen Harper and the Conservative party lied about Mike Duffy, everyone in Harper`s office was in on paying off Mike Duffy to shut him up, Nigel Wright did not act alone, Conservatives knew this scandal was going to be aired months ago, coincidence?...

Seeds of doubt planted in controlling environments grow into razed wire killing fields.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Grant G said...

Sorry about the garbled line in this post, if you click the title of this story, meaning read it as a solo story, not part of many posts on the front page the garbled line clears up..

Don`t know that glitch happen, something to do with certain links, the offending link is on Mary Polak`s campaign manager in previous post..


G.W. Andrew said...

You're absolutely right on two significant counts here; and i must express my gratitude to you for writing what you have.

Firstly, i applaud you for pointing out how this plot has a blatantly bogus, nearly farcical narrative that is being sensationalized in order to lend cover and gain support for several vested power cliques, including the horsemen, crispy, and heir harpie.

As well, i concur with your take on alex t. He is showing his true colors and he has no interest in getting to the truth when it doesn't fit with his rigid ideology. Quite obviously the guy's a middling masonic gate keeper who is acting on behalf of certain "chosen" interests hell-bent on herding us plebs towards a dictatorship. Promoting fear of violence is the method being employed, and ole' super-righteous alex is showing himself to be only too eager to lend his hand at spreading it around as far as he can.

Also, i wish to add that there is another sinister and related element to this fictional little tale. It lies in how this frame up is being used to demonize islam by associating it with these two junkie bunglers. The public is being programmed by the wurlitzer wizards to accept further war against muslims in the on-going clash being set up between imperial zionism and islam.


Grant G said...

Thank You G.W. Andrew..

Let me say this, at times Alex is a talented writer, but ever since the election he praises Clark for backing down on wage increases, he praises Vaughn Palmer, he now loves a corrupt media that elected the Liberals..

He will turn the tiniest, weakest thread into a mass conspiracy to fit his agenda yet with Harper he looks the other way..

Yea, AGT calls Justin Trudeau heathen devil spawn, he calls Mulcair names..

He is so fake, and I am not afflicted with Praise Alex syndrome..

He`s written nothing but crap for a long time..

Dug addicted females and males want drugs, they will do anything for more..

Drug addicts offered incentives will do anything..

Plants some seeds, offer goodies, lead them drug terrorists down the garden path and presto..

I hate hypocrites..

We at the Straight Goods are hammering everyone, Liberals, Conservatives, NDP both provincial and Federal..

We question authority..

Trust Fund Boy is fake.


Anonymous said...

You and G.W.Andrew are spot on. The Civil Liberty's group are calling bullshit too. Let's hope the real truth will come out. That new 20 year contract is paying off for the libs and cons isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Yes trust fund Alex is for sure fakeroo. But he seems to provide enough drama to draw a following.

Grant G said...

Charles Manson has a following too, Luka Magnotta has thousands of Facebook friends and followers.

There is no accounting for taste, look at the big nasty monkey pick bugs of his skin, cars slow down to look at a horrific crash scene too.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget James Roszko, he didn't take any shit from the Hells Angels, I mean RCMP. Remember James was never convicted of murder in a court of Law. What we do know, it was Friday and James was just taking out the "Trash"!

Hey Grant, one day people will find out that the Hells Angels Canada and RCMP worked together to deal drugs to Canadian children.

G.W. Andrew said...

Just for the record, this is what blogger, Agent k had to say on this little frame-up:

"I personally find this Surrey terrorist plot ridiculous. One blog reader wrote in and said someone commented on Kim’s blog and said how could two drug addicts on welfare plant bombs in Victoria then get arrested later that same day in Abbotsford with no car or reliable transportation? I do have an answer for that but decided to look at some of the comments on Kim’s blog. I was shocked to see many on there think the plot is very far fetched. I thought everyone would be trashing me calling me a crazed lunatic. I may indeed be crazy. It’s just nice to know I’m not the only one. "

Anonymous said...

Of course it was all blown up for a photo op.I mean why make a big newsy flash after they supposedly knew about this so called attack.It's all BS so Christy could have a big George Bush moment but it fizzled.If it was so terrible where is the follow up.It's a joke and nobody is buying the seriousness of it because it really is a lame stab at giving Christy and the RCMP some creditability when it was nothing.Joke

paisley said...

It seems our security forces can spend a lot of time and money on PR cases to try and make themselves look good. They are trying ever so hard to clean up their image that rattles through the public's consciousness when people think of the Air India bombing incident when agents were present when a test device was detonated by real terrorists and were left to continue on to the actual bombing. Let's not forget the murders of all the women from the DTES that the security forces couldn't catch(or just didn't care to catch) until one of the agents tripped over the serial killer in an unrelated incident, bringing an end to a decade long killing spree.