Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympic Spirit, Gordon Campbell Style

A couple of stories I would like delve into, lets start with my close friend Brian...Tom Plasteras yanked the prize Brian won, Tom stated the station didn`t get their hockey house tickets, CKNW stalled Brian for over a week about the tickets,after Tom Plasteras called Brian last night to inform him that he wasn`t going to opening night Brian had to inform the person he invited to the opening that it was over.....Brian doesn`t give a rats ass about going to Hockey house, but Brian put a promise out to a friend who cancelled a dinner engagement to join him, CKNW did say to Brian that "Maybe" they can get him tickets for Sunday at hockey house.

But,Brian has waited,been stalled,delayed, Brian ruined another person`s aspirations of celebrating the grand opening of Hockey House, I do believe that CKNW got screwed out of tickets,there were 9 other contest winners that got screwed too...The saddest part of the ticket scandal was being kept in the dark until Thursday evening,a few hours from the Grand Opening only then get the inevitable letdown!

But friends, Brian is very wise and to him, the Olympics are nothing but a let down, promised tickets to the opening night only to have the thrill snatched away from you, that is what Gordon Campbell has done to everyone in the Province on every issue.

Wensday night on CTV news there was a heartfelt story about a young BC woman who is living on borrowed time,she needs a organ transplant, her maid of honour at her wedding who is a match has offered her an organ, isn`t that great I was thinking, but the story went on, the surgery has been cancelled again for the fourth time, this time because of the Olympics,this woman`s doctor states that she could die anytime.....But you know what, and I dedicate this next part to Bill Good....This woman`s surgery is called "elective surgery" and the reason it`s called elective surgery is because it is "Scheduled Surgery" that`s right friends, potential life saving surgery under Gordon Campbell and Kevin Falcon is "elective Surgery"...This young woman was in tears....And the reason I dedicated that part of the story to Bill Good is because two weeks ago Bill Good said "elective surgeries can wait, we all have to make sacrifices" SNIP...Thanks bill Good, say thanks to your friend Gordon Campbell for me, would ya?

I wanted to talk a little more about the Throne speech,particularly the Tax Deferal for families with kids living at home....Every where I read from experts that this idea is bad news not good news, although Canwest newspaper have been pimping the tax deferal as a good thing....Well I was reading the Nanaimo Daily News article on the tax deferal and the writer thinks the tax defferal is good but....I couldn`t help from laughing my face off when I read the article through to the end.

Here`s the deal on the tax deferal, Gordon Campbell oh so wants to help struggling families, in fact according to Rich Coleman the government has been scouring the province looking for people to help...Anyways, Gordon Habitual Liar Campbell told desperate young families with kids they can defer taxes to help them through the economic downturn, but...According to the Politically appointed (Conference Board of Canada) ...According to Colin Hansen that B.C. is going to "Lead the nation in growth"....."Create the most jobs this year" .....So this tax deferal might come in handy this year to keep families in their homes as they wait for all this economic growth and family supporting jobs.....

Well friends, that`s not quite right, what Gordon Campbell has stated to these desperate families is this...: You think your desperate now, wait until next year, because NEXT YEAR you will REALLY NEED to defer your taxes:......Because guess what folks, the tax deferal can`t be used until 2011...Next year...So what the Campbell government has said to hurting jobless families is hang in there, in just over 15 months from now you can defer your taxes!

So just like Olympic tickets, just like the tax deferal, Campbell promises a pig in a poke and delivers NOTHING but a tax hike! (read about the tax deferal not ready until 2011 here)

These Olympics are cursed, my sincere condolences to the family and fellow team members of Olympic Athlete from Georgia (the country near Russia) who was killed in a practice run at Whistler today.

Everything is Karma, every desperate politician is trying to wrap themselves in the Olympics..Stephen Harper(forever lost his majority).....Arnold Schwarzenegger(He`s not running again for Governor,he`s quiting before he is tossed out if he did run)....Gordon Campbell....He is delusional, the Olympics won`t give him even a 1% bounce.

One more item, apparently I offended Alex Tsakumas, well Alex that is exactly what I intended to can read Alex`s comment in the "{Premier Rich Coleman story)....But, in Alex Tsakumas`s comment Alex stated that Ben Stewart and Bill Bennett were worth keeping on as MLAs(and cabinet ministers) in a BC Liberal party with Dianne Watts or Carole Taylor as leader...Well Ben Stewart is new but he has learned very well how not to answer question and obfuscate...But I want to concentrate on Bill Bennett(Alex Tsakumas`s Friend,or possible mentor)(IMO)....

Lets talk about Bill Bennett,this man has swore at constituents,verbally threatened voters, he has been reprimanded,Bill B is a partisan politician and who is one of the dirtiest electioneering Politicians in B.C. history.....

Read about last may`s Provincial election and what Bill Bennett called his NDP opponent during the writ...Bill Bennett called him a tax dodging first nation`s person, Bill Bennett`s election ad stated that he (His opponent) wasn`t a taxpayer,he wasn`t quote "ONE OF US"......A dirty red neck ad, but that`s okay with Alex Tsakumas......And what else did Bill Bennett do during the writ period last may....

Bill Bennett invited young people to join him at local bars, Bill Bennett stated he would buy them beer and teach them how to vote,of course Elections B.C. told Bill Bennett to cease and desist all beers for votes campaigning...Now bill Bennett has been around,Bill knows his ad was dirty,he knows he implied racism and taxes,Bill B knew you can`t buy beer for votes....

So we know, I know that Bill Bennett will stoop to any level to "cling" to power, break laws,incite racism.....And that is a person whom Alex Tsakumas thinks is worthy of holding office and worthy of continuing in government! (Read about Bill Bennett and his beer for votes campaign was shut down here)

Well AGT...If you think Ben Stewart and Bill Bennett are the worthiest B.C. Liberals out there,boy the Campbell Liberal`s are worse off than I thought! If that`s even possible.

Gordon Campbell has lost his mind,he is mentally unstable, and B.C. Liberal cabinet ministers or MLAs who votes in lockstep with Gordon Campbell are as guilty as a party host handing keys to a drunk rolling around the ground,they are all culpable!

(Updated) A Mike Cowan from Rock 101 fm called brian about a consellation prize, Mike Cowan stated that no one from CKNW is allowed to contact Brian,Mike Cowan said CKNW asked rock 101 to fix the ticket problem.....And guess what...Brian has been offered a new prize and guess what it is?......Is it tickets to figure skating? Is it tickets to the Gold medal Hockey game? Is it tickets to the mens curling final?.....No,it wouldn`t be any of those things....Brian`s consellation prize is.....Drum roll please...................

Two tickets to see the ever popular Don Rickles(In April,2 months from now) at the river rock casino (Value 140$) plus....Plus a Whitespot gift certificate and a Chevron gas card(Value 100$)......For those of you who are younger than 40....Don Rickles is a comedian of about 80 years old who was famous for racial jokes(He`s quite funny)Maybe I will run into Bill Bennett at the River Rock Casino,bill is probably looking for new racial material! (so much for the Olympic exeperience!)

The Straight goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Grant ,you must have crystal balls,everything you've,predicted has come to fruition,although those fools think there outsmarting the masses,but they truly are transparent that's the only thing,they didn't lie about being upfront and in your face transparent and that's easy to do when the law is on the wrong side ,I wounder what patrick domb thinks about the bvb case choosing to go with a jury and could he would he try any of the bullshit he's tried and in your face done ?(god I hate that guy)hes so arrogant he comes across as stupid!

Anonymous said...

So instead of the actual prize of Hockey House tickets they give Brian gas and food money to go see a comedian? Sounds like a bait and switch to me.

Why is no one from CKNW allowed to contact Brian? Sounds like CKNW is a Rodney Dangerfield kind of outfit.

Evil Eye said...

Re: Deferred taxes.

Grant here is a wee story the "Eye" was involved with a year ago. It is my profession that I have to deal sometimes with 'estates' after someone dies. I was involved with a certain estate where the person (who owned a house) had deferred their taxes over a period of 15 years.

When the the said person died, the taxes must be paid, but the family inheriting the house were cash poor and could not ante up the money to pay off the taxes which were close to $80 thousand. As this happened during the recent economic meltdown, the bank refused a loan to carry the house past probate.

The banks reluctance forced a distress sale of the house and it was sold for about $150 thousand under assessed value (which the bank had just done).

The house has now resold for about $200 thousand more than it was sold for last June! And guess who was the buyer? It appears a close friend of the bank manager involved!

What this tax deferral program will do is deprive people of their houses once their last child reaches 18.

It is bad, bad, bad! It doesn't surprise me at all the Gordo thought of it because it is the product of shysters and con-men.

Grant G said...

Thanks "EYE"......The tax deferal IS a brutal idea,but....Even for those desperate enough to go down that road....They can`t do it until 2011....

Gordon Habitual Liar Gordon Campbell is an empty void, he`s not even human!


Anonymous said...

if your old and love bad bill good you are welcome to phone but if you have a brain and any reasonable thought or question you my friend are not welcome unless you drink the kool-aid maybe shaw could turn that shit ship around and rehire RAIF MAIR now that would be something to talk about just imagine the ratings bill boring that's going to happen one day are you listening baldry,mickey sniff,vaughn the pawn,then what, you shills you've sold yourselves out and everyone knows all of your pants are down and you can't pull them up,Brian,and Koot made those fools look so bad, I loved it, the only reason I listen is because karma lets fellas like that get in every once and a while and there they are with their collective pants down and no balls .

Norm Farrell said...

Another element to property tax deferral is that the tax account cannot be in arrears. So, the poorest people, the ones barely hanging on and in arrears for 6 months or 18 months or whatever, cannot defer current taxes until they pay the old balances.

Anonymous said...

Grant!!! Extra Extra! I just saw Gordo at the opening ceremony with Lara Dauphinee! Did you see that? I look forward to your following write-up!!!! Gordo is now done like dinner. LOL

BC Mary said...

Hold yer horses, Anon 7:58 ... I saw Gordo at the opening ceremonies this evening, too, and

beside him was Nancy Campbell.

Have another look, if you can find a photo of them. Tell me what you find, OK?

Anonymous said...

It was Nancy - I have it taped!

jaydee said...

It was Nancy, about a foot to Campbell's right with her usual happy face on. Just one quick shot of her and if you blinked you missed it. Grant, you never usually blink!! The whole ceremony was very painful to watch. On a 1-10 a ZERO, it was that bad and phony.

BC Mary said...

One image haunts me, from the Opening ceremony.

Remember when the 8 people carried in the Olympic flag ... there was Anne Murray, Julie Payette, Barbara Ann Scott, etc., all with big smiles ... and then there was a man who I hold in very high esteem ...

I've never seen him look so angry, sad, or whatever-it-was.

What was on the mind of General Romeo Dallaire? Dallaire scowling. Dallaire angry. Dallaire -- who had been through hell in Rwanda -- with eyes downcast ... ?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Gordo is still keeping up the charade with ex-wife Nancy. Looks like Lara is still being put in her place!

Both these women compromising themselves and for what? Some white haired freak of nature.

kootcoot said...

"Both these women compromising themselves and for what? Some white haired freak of nature"

Yeah, but think of the commissions he's been pocketing for selling off our province. He'll be dead someday and somebody will inherit his ill gotten booty - will it be Nancy, Lara or the child that doesn't exist - or will we have a major probate dust-up?

Alex the ranting idiot certainly seems defensive in his comments lately here. ACTIONABLE? Is he warning us of an impending bowel movement? He seems to be defending himself from accusations that were never made.

He should talk about personal attacks, that's all he ever does to anyone who disagree with his ideology, though hardly anybody who isn't entralled bothers going to his "Rubbish without a Pause" blog or wastes the time trying to pursue any rational discourse. If you praise him he accepts it as his due with thanks, if you don't agree with his hatred of the NDP, poverty-pimps, Vision, Iggy, the real Liberals, etc. etc., you are obviously stupid and he will take the time to point that out. He's bad at countering facts, so he generally doesn't bother!