Monday, March 9, 2015

Translink Yes Side Coalition Goes To The Gutter To Slime The Messenger

Anti-TransLink voice defends pro-tax past

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980
Anti-TransLink voice defends pro-tax past With the “No” side appearing to gain momentum in the transit funding plebiscite, questions are being raised about the man behind the anti-tax campaign.
Before Jordan Bateman was a crusader for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, he was collecting a salary on the public dime.
A one-term councillor in Langley Township, he voted in favour of a four percent property tax hike and even cautiously supported the TransLink governance model he now blasts.
But Bateman doesn’t think he’s a hypocrite.

“Well look, I brought forward many cost saving suggestions…some were accepted, some weren’t. I was one member on a nine member council.”
Bateman says by speaking about him the “Yes” side is, one again, trying to distract voters about the real issues.


I heard/listened to the above story on CKNW news hour........

Earlier today an Insights West poll was released, the poll revealed the YES support continued its downward trend, resulting in an ever larger group supporting no, and definitive no on the upcoming plebiscite..

Let me be perfectly clear, I am not a big fan of Jordan Bateman, however, this plebiscite is not about Jordan Bateman...Read that above aired article, what city councilor hasn`t voted for property tax increases, Bateman was one of many, talk about grasping at straw, pathetic, so pathetic it had to be called out! .....I supported Bill Tieleman in the fight against the HST, however Bill T has shuffled up to the taxpayer trough and is looking for Translink largesse(you can read about Yes Coalition leader Bill Tieleman`s conflict of interest in the below links)...Tieleman knows he is in total conflict of interest..

Not one media outlet has reported any Yes coalition conflicts of interest, ....And now they go grasping at the wispiest straw they can find!

So today, March 9th/2015 the yes coalition, all the mayors called in a favour from their media friends and went down slimers alley, ....Oh indeed, the mayors with their $4 million dollars of yes coalition advertising dollars, along with another $4 million dollars in Translink advertising dollars ...All to produce fake studies and persuade the public, against Jordan Bateman and his $40 thousands dollars for the no campaign....Who created the above reported media story on Bateman, who, or what media will take credit for such a lowbrow move?

$8 million dollars against $40 thousand dollars isn`t enough, now they foolishly attack the messenger...

Hey you loser mayors, I heard Jordan Bateman when he was 5 years old didn`t share his chocolate bar with his sister...And more, rumor has it Jordan Bateman once bought gasoline from outside the Translink petro taxation zone!

All kidding aside, having a huge financial edge isn`t enough for the Yes coalition side, having all the big media, Global, Vancouver Sun, The Province, CKNW and others all airing every fake study story telling us how great this new tax will be isn`t enough...Seeing their Yes support swirling the toilet bowl out comes the personal knives aimed at Jordan Bateman.

You mayors and media.... This is exactly why you are going to lose the referendum, you pulled the same crap with the HST, and if one was inclined to believe the BC Liberals, we are the only province in Canada not running a deficit, and that`s without the HST...

Hey Gregor Robertson....I don`t hear Jordan Bateman talking about all your developer friends lining up to make large cash along your subway route(Including Pattison)

That`s right, you pathetic Yes coalition groups....Can`t win so now you go dirty, big mistake, it shows your fear, your cowardice...

A bunch of gutless pukes.....Go to Christy Clark and beg her to cancel the plebiscite, go to Ottawa and beg for monies, make transit money a federal election issue....And get the hell out of our pockets..

Gutless cowards, slimers, .........And soon to be

Bigtime plebiscite losers!

Make sure to read Bob Mackin`s latest great dot connecting piece..

And remember this.....Hell no to Translink, hell no to more taxation, hell no to all the trough sucking pigs!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

We must encourage all those who don't vote to vote. Don't take a poll for granted, the media plays it how ever they want it to be seen imo. Remember just last year and look what we're stuck with for 4 more. Get out and vote, Vote NO.

Jordan said...

Dammit, you've outed me: now I owe my sister a chocolate bar.

Thanks for the defence - it's desperation time for the YES side.

Jordan Bateman

Dan said...

Would that be a Cristy Crunch bar?


Mr. Pithy

Anonymous said...

I agree with you as well, Grant. When anyone stands up and publicly speaks to an issue, they cannot possibly be right all the time, nor wrong all the time, so let's give credit where credit is due (except maybe for a few dim bulbs in Victoria haha).

I have already received two pre-recorded calls from Coquitlam and would not give them any indication as to how I will vote.

I can't stop these unelected boards from wasting the mega bucks that they already waste, but hopefully I and many others can at least stop them from getting access to even more mega bucks to waste, and isn't that what democracy is supposed to be all about?