Thursday, March 26, 2015

Stephen Harper`s Personal Shitstorm Fast Approaches

Stephen Harper weather forecast......Shitstorm a coming

Written by Grant G

What a pleasant day indeed, the good people of Alberta can`t be too happy, Jim Prentice released his budget today, and my oh my the news is ....Interesting.

Alberta has ran 4 straight deficit budgets with oil at near record levels and now, oil is low and forecast to stay low for years, last month Alberta shed 17,000 jobs, news reported today out of Alberta, EI unemployment claims are up 25%...Food bank use is up 30%....And how did Jim Prentice, Harper`s old time, one time elected federal Conservative buddy respond...Well..

Jim Prentice replaced the high priestess Alison Redford, ..Jim the reaper Prentice was anointed the great savior of the Alberta PC party, Prentice was going to clean up the mess, restore balance and run Alberta straight into prosperity...So impressive was Jim Prentice`s game plan that Danielle Smith and her high ranking Wildrose Party lieutenants crossed the floor to join with Jimmy...oh indeed..

And today Prentice brought down the hammer on the little people, on the working stiffs...

Jim Prentice announced he was raising fuel taxes by 4%..Liquor taxes by 13%...Raising insurance fees, raising traffic ticket prices, raising all SIN taxes, and more, for all those earning over $100,000 K per year a 2% income tax increase...And even more, everyone in Alberta making over $50k per year will now pay a BC style MSP health premium, he also announced laying off thousands of health workers...With all those tax increases and public layoffs one would think he was going to balance the budget, no...Alberta will still run a $5 billion dollar deficit and still will have to borrow $10 billion dollars...

Jim Prentice didn`t raise corporate taxes, .....Prentice picked on the working stiffs..The good people of Alberta must be seriously thinking about their precarious future, when oil was over $100 per barrel they were still running massive deficits near $5 billion per year...And now that oil is low, jobs are shed, Alberta is running near $10 billion dollar deficits...How is Stephen Harper`s one trick pony economy working for you now Alberta..

Norway amassed near $1 trillion dollars from oil royalties over 30 years while Alberta amassed nothing over 30 years..

Jim Prentice is set to call a general election before the end of the week, and yes the PC party will still win the election but I guarantee everyone of those Wildrose Party defectors will be turfed out the door...

Just imagine, the new Wildrose Party will have a whole new slate of candidates, just think if Danielle Smith and company stayed true as an opposition, hmm, Wildrose under Danielle Smith would have formed a new Government..

Now Danielle Smith and her lieutenants are political casualties, forever tainted, never to be elected again...

Stephen Harper`s economic plan is swirling the toilet bowl...Reports are out that Alberta`s oilsands high mark of production and investment in 2014 will never be reached again, ..Pipelines, with Tar-oil production in decline the need for Enbridge`s and Kinder Morgan`s pipelines is very dubious...Even Keystone XL is now in doubt, even after the next USA general presidential election..

Alberta folk must be looking in the mirror, their future placed in one oily basket and now their reward for being true believers in Harpernomics is taxes, taxation and more taxation, it will cost even more to drown their sorrows in Whiskey..

Harper`s shitstorm is gaining momentum indeed...Stephen war monger Harper has bad news emanating from every orifice, I`m not talking about Pamela Wallin`s wailing or Mike Duffy`s dandruff trial, i`m talking about Stephen Harper delaying his election 2015 deficit budget until May of this year, leaving no opportunity for the opposition to grill him in Parliament, ...Harper is running away from a failed economy, his one-trick pony has gone lame, needs to be shot, laid down...

But...But but but..Harper can run on war mongering, eer, no, the PBO Parliamentary budget officer just announced that the Government must infuse $3 billion dollars more each year over the next decade to just to maintain its procurement commitments, not counting the cost of mission creep into Syria....

In other words, those ship building contracts Stephen Harper announced 5 years ago, well, there isn`t any money for those ships, Seaspan and Irving shipyards have been played like a fiddle, don`t think re-announcing those shipbuilding contracts in this election cycle will carry much weight..


OTTAWA - The Harper government has built a military that it cannot afford and will be forced to make tough choices in the future, if it sticks with the current funding envelope, the country's budget watchdog said Thursday.
The new assessment by the parliamentary budget office came as debate kicked off in the House of Commons about an expanded and extended war against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, a conflict that opposition MPs were warned this week will last more than a year.....

 In order to sustain the existing number of troops, bases, tanks, planes and ships, the budget office says the Conservatives will have to spend about 1.6 per cent of GDP, which would be an increase of at least $3 billion annually.....

That affordability gap — or shortfall — runs anywhere between $33 billion and $42 billion over the next decade.
Left addressed, the gap means the military will be forced to thin out the ranks by "several thousand soldiers," close buildings and reduce its capital spending plan, said defence analyst Dave Perry, of the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute.
Frechette said, under the current budget structure, the government can afford a military about the same size it had in 1999


Stephen Harper`s personal shitstorm is closing in fast..

His war machine is broken and weak(Our service persons are brave, strong and loyal, Hat`s off to all of them)...Our economic outlook is desperate, this year`s announced razor thin surplus was wasted on rewarding the wealthiest people in Canada...Income splitting for the rich...Doubling of the TFSA(Tax free savings account)..TFSA, a tax measure that very few can avail themselves of because the masses of Canadians are carrying a record amount of debt...

But, but but but Harper can run on future promises of good things to come, err, no...Stephen Harper is taking our cherished home mail delivery away, ...Stephen Harper is raising the age for the Canada pension, CPP..future Canadians have to work until age 67 before they can apply for a woefully small old age pension...But what about health services, what about healthcare transfers to the provinces, eer, no, Stephen Harper announced 2 years ago that healthcare funding and transfers to provinces is being reduced to rate of growth staring in 2017...Growth, what growth, Canada`s economy is shrinking and a mass of baby boomers are reaching the critical years, critical years where most people need medical treatment, ...Reducing funds for healthcare at a time when the need will never be greater..

But, but but but the war, fear mongering will work, eer no....The Canadian public aren`t buying Stephen Harper and Jason kenney claiming that Canada has a right to bomb Syria because of article, article 51 allows nations to defend themselves in other countries where there is an imminent threat...A twitter comment saying West Edmonton mall will be targeted by ISIS doesn`t qualify as an imminent threat, ....If that was the case, Canada would have to bomb every country in the world.

Syria, Stephen Harper...By bombing Syria Canada is actually propping up the corrupt Assad regime..Canada by propping up Assad is joining arms with Iran and Russia as supporters of the brutal mass killing Assad regime...Can Stephen Harper join with Iran and Russia in supporting the butcher of Syria while simultaneously siding with Bibi(Benjamin Netanyahu) in denouncing Iran, threatening to bomb Iran...While simultaneously wagging his limp military finger at Vladimir Putin...

That circle can`t be squared...

Stephen Harper`s personal shitstorm...His one trick pony economy has been sent to the glue factory, his war machine is leaking oil, his election year surplus was lavished on and squandered on Canada`s wealthiest 5%...That meager surplus has turned into a deficit...As the great Carnac would say, Stephen Harper`s budget for 2015 has been hermetically sealed in a mayonnaise jar and dropped to the bottom of Lake Inferior..

And the longer Stephen Harper waits to call an election the worse things are going to get..

 Written By Grant G

 Danielle Smith, Stephen Harper....Political masterminds at work...This is going to be entertaining!

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Anonymous said...

lets just make the income inequality worse. not

Anonymous said...

Harper is buying time before he calls the election so he can further destroy OUR country.

The treason criminal should be sent to China on a one way ticket to hell like he is creating here.

You're on a roll Grant, some of your very finest work/research/journalism ever.

Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Someone called him Lipstick Harper and as the saying goes you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig.

Hugh said...

Maybe Alberta needs some tips from BC on how to hide its fiscal problems and growing debt.

While BC declares balanced budgets, the total BC provincial debt grows hugely.

Anonymous said...

An appropriate quote from Monty Python, well at least up until now.

"Large Man with Dead Body: Who's that then?

The Dead Collector: I dunno, must be a king.

Large Man with Dead Body: Why?

The Dead Collector: He hasn't got shit all over him."

Hugh said...

Anonymous said...
That didn't take long. Why is it these idiots always end up on boards of something. And Barrick? Too much info on the bad deeds of this corporation. Yeah folks no conflict here.

islandcynic said...

Unfortunately in Alberta there are 4 opposition parties, the Wild Rose, Liberals, NDP and the Alberta Party. I think the PC's have to be worse than this to lose.

sd said...

Let the shit hit the Fanminister asap!

Hugh said...

"BC Hydro: Rates will increase six per cent, starting April 1. This comes after a nine per cent increase on April 1, 2014."

Anonymous said...

bieber for PM!

Anonymous said...

Hi Grant... wondering if you know about the court case COMER vs BANK OF CANADA.
I would love to know your thoughts about this.
Thanks for all you do

Michael And Ingrid Heroux said...


Michael And Ingrid Heroux said

My wife and I finally got our second reply back from our RCMP freedom of information requests that we sent them to get our 30-08 warrant information and the investigation information that our daughters were working on before they were murdered. We were told our requests needed our signatures, birth dates, and social insurance numbers. We sent in the FOI request forms with a sample of our hand writing, multiple samples of our signatures, our birthdates, copies of our birth certificates and copies of our social insurance cards. My wifes reply from the RCMP was that they needed to know what RCMP detachment has her information so they can find it and my reply from the RCMP was that they needed to know my birthdate before they can find my information.

We are being stonewalled by the RCMP from getting our information. These are the type of games every government agency we have applied to to get our 30-08 warrant information through the freedom of information system has been playing with us for over a year now. CSIS and CSEC are not even replying back to us and SIRC should of got back to us this week but they just tabled a letter in Parliament yesterday stating they can not properly investigate CSIS. How are we suppose to get our 30-08 warrant information and have a proper investigation done for the torture and murder of our family for the last 6 years? Who is going to help us?

Hugh said...

The problem is too much debt:

At minute 20:00

BC's debt is huge and growing, BC Hydro's debt is huge and growing.

Govt will say it's ok because debt/gdp ratio will go down, but only if gdp keeps going up, every year.

So that explains why BC govt is crazy for LNG - it would mean gdp growth (they think).

Gdp growth is a hoax.

Hugh said...

What do you think of this analogy?

We're running down a snow-slope. A giant snowball of debt is right behind us, rolling faster towards us as it grows in size.

Only by running faster and faster we can out-run the debt-ball. Only by growing the gdp can we out-run the growing debt burden.

But we can't run any faster, just like the gdp can't keep growing. So the debt snowball will soon wipe us out.

Unknown said...


Great news, my family and I just found out our daughters weren't murdered by Canadian Intelligence like they wanted us to believe, they are still alive and doing well living in Alberta and working for DICK CHENEY'S HALIBURTON. I guess you can't get more bigger a conspiracy than that.


Michael And Ingrid Heroux

Unknown said...

Privacy Commissioner Of Canada Corruption

Michael And Ingrid Heroux

Unknown said...

Michael And Ingrid Heroux - - Text-604-360-2162




My family and I have been struggling with the Harper government and more recently with the RCMP just to get our investigation information they have on us. I used to work undercover for the RCMP to help them get their arrest warrants from the Judges and the RCMP just notified us by mail that we are not even entitled under the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT to get any of that information at all.

They have been leading us on since the begining of this year by telling us to get our investigation information from them that they need this information from us, and they need that information from us, before they can give us our investingation information to us under the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT, and after jumping through hoops to give them what they asked for they just sent us a letter saying we are not entitled under the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT to have access to even just basic criminal investigation information. We know we have been investigated on and off by the RCMP for close to 30 years but we are not allowed to know what the investigations were about even though the investigations never amounted to any charges against us.

We understand why CSIS and CSEC are not able to give us our 30-08 warrant investigation information because they said it is classified even though CSIS never charged us for anything either after investigting us from 2008-2010, but the RCMP says we are not even entitled to our regular investigation information from them.

We applied to The Justice Minister Of B.C., Honourable Suzanne Anton for our investigation warrant information to find out what we were and are being investigated for here in B.C. but all she would send us is court documents from when I was in trouble with the law over 15 years ago for prescription medication abuse that I was getting from my doctor. I was addicted to sleeping pills and alcohol over 15 years ago and I did some stupid things that I didn't even remember doing the next day. I took a whole bottle of sleeping medication one night and I guess I left my house and went to a 7-11 variety store and stole a handful of change from the clerk there. I didn't remember taking the sleeping pills or stealing the change from the clerk at the store but I was arrested and I spent about a week in jail and they ended up charging me with theft when my court dates were done with. I don't even remember much of being in jail either and the courts said the only reason they kept me in jail for a week was because I was so out of it from the sleeping pills that the jail guards had to carrying me into the court to see the Judge.

It was a generic brand of that Ambian type sleeping medication and I was addicted to that for quite a while. It was really bad stuff, it was highly addictive for sleeping medication and that was the last time I ever got that stuff from my doctor again. I was taking sleeping medication for many years for a sleeping disorder and they changed my medication to that stuff and that was really powerful medication for a sleeping pill.