Thursday, March 27, 2014

Will The BC liberals and As Our Stomach Turns Media Stop Pulling Our Legs

Written by Grant G

Robin Mathews touched on how media personalities have morphed into political party spokepersons and he is correct, my problem isn`t their affiliation it`s the fact they pretend to be neutral or well reasoned when clearly they are neither..

News reporting, television news, newspaper news and in particularly radio commentary on current events has became staged, manufactured, fake, no more spontaneity, radio today is kin to television soap operas, actors, extras and phony plots, good guys coming to the rescue and tune in tomorrow for another episode of..

How my stomach turns..

Today, right now actually Bill Good on cknw is nauseating, sickening and so transparent, he is lavishing praise on how Christy Clark rode in on her white horse, slayed the demon, broke down the barriers and single-handily ended the crippling port/truckers strike...

Really Billy, you actually went there, so important to the BC Liberals was this strike that the legislature took a one week spring break while the trucker strike raged...

Funny, I said to families members sitting across from me at 7:00 am this morning...."you watch, Billy Good is going to put Christy Clark on a pedestal over ending the truckers strike"

And sure enough, exactly as predicted, Billy Good played his role, ....Global BC with Keith Balderdash Baldrey did the same thing on Global news last night, ...Christy photo-op Clark got her smiling mug in front of the camera, praised lavished on her for being a miracle worker..

Yet a month ago Christy Clark punted this labour dispute to the feds, only after hearing criticism from industry and an announcement from the feds that they were staying out, ...1 month later, with a week long legislature spring break in between while the strike escalated fake media actors and actresses place Christy Clark on a pedestal...

Yesterday Brian Yu from Central One credit was playing his part too, called in for favour to tell radio listeners that everything is looking roses for British Columbia, this was done to change channels on Linda Reid, on more job losses, more scandal and failed Government, all part of the script acted out by media...Bring on the channel changer to prop up the great money managing BC Liberals(insert sarcasm here)..
Central 1 economist Brian Yu forecasts increasing strength in the province's trade sector, driven by a lower Canadian dollar and recovering U.S. economy.
He is calling for economic growth to average above four per cent from 2016 to 2018 as the LNG sector fires up across the northern half of B.C.
Central 1 is also predicting continued low interest rates, with a modest increase over the next five years, while Yu says the loonie will average 87 cents U.S. through 2018, but could go lower.

A made to order channel changer out of the blue from Brian Yu, British Columbia is the promised land and we all know how accurate these economic forecasters are, almost always wrong yet still paraded out in front of the public over and over again to preach failed forecasts, our actors in media have perpetual amnesia when it comes to citing these economist`s seering track record of error..

All part of an elaborate stageplay...To make my case there was an article yesterday by Barbara Yaffe, she presented Jock Finlayson`s doom n gloom forecast for British Columbia, on the same day Brian Yu was saying everything is coming up roses Jock Finlayson was saying the exact opposite..

According to Jock Finlayson, British Columbia is going to be dead last in growth in Canada, Jock cited how little investment BC will have in new machinery, he whined about Tesako`s rejected mine, he cited how obstructive First Nations are, he suggested that BC`s taxes are too high for corporations, real estate for development too expensive and of course..

Jock Finlayson was laying the blame for British Columbia`s poor showing on....On the fact we don`t have an HST tax anymore, all our ills will be fixed if we just bring back the HST...Jock Finlayson also cited how great the growth will be in Alberta....yet Jock conveniently forgot to mention that Alberta has no HST...

Oh my, doom n gloom according to Finlayson because we rejected the HST, ...Really Jock, you gotta let it go, you lost that battle...For those who didn`t pay attention, Jock Finlayson was on cknw and cited in our daily newspaper on a daily basis during the run-up to our HST referendum, he pleaded, he begged, spun, fabricated and lied in an all out effort to save the consumer ball-busting tax grab aimed at joe gotta let it go Jock...Sheesh.

(I recommend the read, compare what Jock Finlayson says compared to what Brian Yu said)

The show must go on, a staged faked show...Christy Clark is bubbling today and has made a media statement, Christy Clark clucked that her LNG plan is real because Canada has approved 4 more export licenses bringing the total to 7 export licenses granted...Well, ...Christy forgot to mention that 3 of those export licenses were granted three years ago, these licenses for export mean nothing, big multi-national energy companies have yet to act on the first 3 granted LNG export licenses, there still is not one company that has decided to go forward, no final investment decisions..

Bill Good had on a guest this morning from Steelhead, that`s the hedge fund that appointed Geoff Plant to its board of directors, a hedge fund, no LNG expertise, no experience, they are a pension fund, a hedge fund, last week Global BC tried to propagate this LNG spin job by presenting this outfit as legitimate, yet they have no land site chosen, haven`t decided to be an on shore or offshore operation, they have no lease land in the gas fields, no feedstock gas, no drilling rigs, they have nothing yet they are, advertised by a political agenda oriented media as another one of the real deal LNG outfits...

(Read this article, when amateurs, hedge funds, pension funds are proposing building LNG export facilities it tells me that it really is a Ponzi scheme, if we as a province can`t build, don`t possess the skills to build a plant but hedge funds do, well)


Many of the details of Steelhead’s plan have yet to be ironed out. They aren’t sure exactly where they would build – they’re considering five to six spots along the coast – or whether they would have on or off-coast facilities.
“It’s a process that will take time,” admits Kuzemko. “We have to get an export license, we have to make sure we have a sight that works from a technical perspective, we have to get arrangements around any site associated with first nations agreements.”
“[But] we are absolutely serious about this, and so are our Canadian investors.”
Samir Kayande, a energy research analyst at ITG Investment Research, says Steelhead’s dreams are just that unless they find actual buyers – something the company doesn’t have lined up yet.


The BC Liberals are in trouble, internal polls are very bad for the Liberals, John Horgan has NDP numbers rising across the province, this in part has caused this Ponzi LNG fantasy to get really silly, and desperate on behalf of a corporate bought media...

I called out the BC Liberals on LNG, called them liars on their LNG job projections, both Bernard Schulman and David Schreck have been stymied with their FOI requests on where and how the BC Liberals arrived at their advertised job numbers...Rich Coleman and Christy Clark are lying..

I posted last month, I gave you a direct quote from Rich Coleman, a quote where he states that 3 LNG plants would be $100 billion in investment and 100,000 jobs...I laughed, busted his sorry ass on his statement..

Vaughn Palmer and Keith Balderdash Baldrey ignored Coleman`s statement..

Robin Mathews pointed out how Andrew Coyne is fake, didn/t cover his tracks...

Yesterday in the Burnaby Now Keith Baldrey indirectly called Rich Coleman a liar...

Baldrey talked about LNG jobs, Baldrey said how the BC Government stated that 5 LNG plants would create 39,000 construction jobs....Then Baldrey did his backflip...


For example, B.C. Hydro estimates a staggering 33,000 jobs would be created in the construction and development phase of the Site C dam project, as it makes its case for the mega-project to go ahead.
 The B.C. government estimates that if five liquefied natural gas plants are built in the northwest (an admittedly ambitious and perhaps unrealistic plan) that 39,000 construction jobs would be created.
 Throw in those pipeline job estimates, and we could be looking at a whopping 80,000 construction jobs – new jobs – being created over the next decade.
  Now, let’s say those estimates are much too high. But even if half those jobs come to fruition, they will have a substantial impact on B.C.’s economy, not least because they will all be well-paying jobs that create a lot of economic activity.


You see, Keith Baldrey because of my work on LNG, because of David Broadband/s work knows Christy Clark`s and Rich Coleman`s job numbers are big-time bullshit, yet Keith Baldrey has no courage to call it what it is, a government lie, and more..

This is part of a slow climb-down on job numbers by the BC Liberals, by this time next year LNG job numbers will fall by a factor of 5....And Keith Baldrey will forget the lavish promises made by the BC Liberals on LNG...Keith, Billy and Vaughn will turn the argument on LNG to...They will create many high-paying jobs and that is good

That`s not what the BC Liberal`s promised us, they promised a debt free province, crown debt eliminated, a $100 billion dollar prosperity fund, tolls removed, school and hospital infrastructure money, sales tax eliminated, monies for northern communities and First Nations.

Keith Baldrey epitomizes slack, corrupt stageplay media, not a journalist, not a legislative reporter, a rug wearing soap opera actor is all he is, Baldrey is more concerned with counting Twitter followers than he is on reporting truth, reporting scandal..

Keith Baldrey, lead actor in the made in BC soap opera..As Our Stomach Turns

Lastly, there was another article yesterday on LNG, the BC Government is asking for public comment on a proposed LNG plant,...The article had some very interesting items in it..

This one LNG plant, PETRONAS, this one plant would increase BC`s emissions, increase our greenhouse gas totals by 8.5%....It would increase Canada`s greenhouse gas totals by nearly 1%...

Now, if we were to have 7, count-em, 7 LNG plants would mean British Columbia`s greenhouse gas emissions would  rise by...

Rise by nearly 70%...Canada`s emissions would rise by nearly 7%.....

We are also seeing the port of Vancouver pushing for increased thermal coal facilities, with the stated goal of increasing thermal coal exports to China..

So please, would you Christy cluck cluck Clark stop blathering about saving the world from dirty coal, blathering about reducing Asia`s greenhouse gas emissions by selling them LNG...Really Christy, while British Columbia gets blasted 24/7 365 days a year by giant emission spewing LNG plants, while simultaneously increasing coal exports too..

You Christy Clark, and you BC Liberals can shove the carbon tax up your ass, make joe public pay a carbon tax when your ambitious plan of being an LNG exporting super-power would almost double our provincial emission totals....

Anyway, British Columbia`s media soap opera stageplay will continue, but all I`m asking, will you BC Liberals and your media actor friends stop pulling our legs..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open



Hugh said...

J. Horgan this morning:

"We have heard from the company, (Catalyst)in their annual report. They say next year the hydro increases are going to cost them $14 million, the year after that $24 million and the year after that another $34 million.

At the same time, workers took 10 percent pay cuts to give $20 million of cash to the company — 10 percent pay cuts for individuals working in Catalyst operations."

Anonymous said...

Every day we see the Liberals destroying the province along with the media's support. Other than turning off completely from any news sources is there anything we citizens can do to stop this insanity other than wait it out for 4 more years and pray the NDP get in. This latest round with Reid and now the ALR is just too much. Reid today was throwing her weight around with her immense power in QP. My heart went out to Nicholas Simons as he struggled having to withdraw his remark.

Grant G said...

I made a suggestion, the NDP need to boycott no answer period, just get up and walk out, question period accomplishes nothing..

As to what the people can, rise up, lock arms and say no, write your mla and curse like a drunken sailor..

And vote the bastards out..

If bank robbers keep being forgiven for stealing the money they will never change their ways..

Also, our media deserve no respect, they need to be ridiculed, never buy a newspaper, never watch Global news, or CTV..

As you can see I don`t cut n paste from Vancouver Sun or Province newspaper..

I won`t pay for garbage, I read their propaganda through the paywall..


Jon Ghun said...

The legacy corporate media are the equivalent of the house pets of the ruling class. They are told when to run and when to stop, when to sit and when to roll over.

They all get invited to join masonic lodges and they all take the oath to keep secrets and aid their brethren. They are controlled by their betters in the higher degrees and guided by editors who out rank them in the hierarchy. All are loyal to the One Bank, which belongs to the ruling class.

As Mr. Mathews pointed out recently, either greed or fear prevails over the minds of most at this point. Balderdash, von poncer, smithie, goodie, et al., are conditioned to do as they're told by their masters.

The same control grid also includes a level for our so-called leaders as well. Self-serving narcissists like crispy and harpie know full well that they have to stay subservient to the agenda and do as they are told, or else they will be sent a-packing, too.

Most of the mainstream politicians and media around the globe are now organ grinder monkeys who perform under the control of the $indicate that calls the tune by paying for it with the money system they have monopolized.

If anyone needs a popular uprising to restore democracy, it's us. But, we have sports and i-phones instead.

And none will dare call it a conspiracy!

Appreciate your blog immensely. It's like an oasis of sanity in a desert of pathology.

istvan said...

There are some useless ndp mla's as well. I can think of a few that could use a tune up.
The justice critic for one.

Anonymous said...

So yesterday, the CBC was filled with comments about her majesty Linda Reid and late in the afternoon posted a story on the truckers & an end to the strike. I had to laugh & laugh hard.....the picture included in the story made me think that the public affairs bureau was busy calling all Liberals to take part in a photo-op with dear Christy. What a joke & typical of a party desperate for attention.
In at least one report, the TC from Victoria...a very real statement by one of the leaders representing the truckers
" Dias jokingly thanked the NDP for the filibuster in the house that gave Christy time to come to her senses.” He also rapped federal Transport Minister Lisa Raitt for not playing a role, saying she declined to take his phone calls and the federal government was looking for a fight during the dispute."

He should have demanded a few NDP members be represented in the picture.

Guy in Vic

Grant G said...

Keith BaldreyVerified account‏@keithbaldrey ·
Christy Clark rolled the dice on back to work law and it paid off big time. Gets to stand (again) with labor folks for photo op. #bcpoli

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Maureen Parks LakehillSoccerFan Your Ford Guy Polly Ticks

9:30 PM - 26 Mar 2014

Reply to @keithbaldrey

LakehillSoccerFan ‏@LakehillSoccer · 22h
@keithbaldrey credit where due @christyclarkbc

Polly Ticks ‏@PTicks · 22h
@keithbaldrey was seeing unifor tweets saying ndp filibuster was scaring libs ;p for real, thought it was funny

Greg Simpson ‏@hockeyrep · 22h
@keithbaldrey paid off for who?Container shipments will be cut in 1/2 with these insane increases,many drivers will not have jobs.

Tony Smolock ‏@smoboy · 22h
@keithbaldrey I'm mystified as to why labour doesn't just shun this grandstanding. Let CC know how you really feel.

J San ‏@RataganCan · 21h
@keithbaldrey The question is who will be fooled by it?

Grant Go ‏@ricenicer · 1m
@keithbaldrey @MayorGregor I missed the part where keith baldrey polished Christy Clark`s shoes

Anonymous said...

There are rules for some, and rules for other.

Game of the month: cracking the MC code of conduct.

This institution will die when they fail to reflect ordinary Canadians.

Funny how SOT gets to hijack the comments.

Anonymous said...

Long awaited resignations today after months of mystery.

Question is will their cronies survive?

Anonymous said...

Baldrey is an entitled elitist, just like any other good Liberal.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said " Funny how SOT gets to hijack the comments. "

Could you enlighten me as to who or what is " SOT ".


Guy in Vic

Grant G said...

I believe "MC" refers to moderated comment and "SOT" is some other topic...

I don`t care about other sites, I can`t control them, as for The Straight Goods...

We aren`t obsessive like you know who was in forcing readers to either stay on topic or lavish praise upon the writer..

Besides, those lavish praise comments you-know-who wrote himself!


Anonymous said...

"He is calling for economic growth to average above four per cent from 2016 to 2018" - quote from Brian Yu.

We'll probably see other experts call for fantastical growth in BC in the coming years. Why? Look at the deal that the BCGEU recently signed with the government.

Hugh said...

BC schools and hospitals etc. are still being forced to purchase carbon offsets, so the Govt can say it is "carbon-neutral".

Even though the Auditor General described these purchases as not being credible.

At the same time, the Govt works hard to increase gas, oil and coal production and export.

Anonymous said...

" Christy Clark is bubbling today and has made a media statement, Christy Clark clucked that her LNG plan is real because Canada has approved 4 more export licenses bringing the total to 7 export licenses granted."

And now Christy is off to Toronto with another bunch of BC business people ( another mission ). This time to talk & push LNG.

I sweat this woman has no morals. The trip is no doubt to take some photo's so they can be used to tell taxpayers who don't read all the news that her & Stephen got these licenses approved. And you will also see those photos in the next election. It never ends how much Christy loves to see herself in pictures.

Guy in Vic

Anonymous said...

@Grant G

Are you following this & do you know the back story?:

Norman Spector ‏@nspector4 · 23m
What's particularly problematic for @christyclarkbc is fact that Laura Miller's 'life partner' allegedly deleted the emails #bcpoli


Grant G said...

BC Liberals are corrupt...Deleting records won`t save Wynne or McGuinty..

Remember BC Rail..

Gordon Campbell`s staffers deleted 1000`s of emails and documents related to BC Rail..

By the way, now you the real reason why Christy Clark has gone to Ontario..

Christy Clark is in communications with Laura Millar, they are getting their stories(?) together, working on talking points..

BC`s media will ignore this story.


Anonymous said...

This country is rotten to the core with corruption. BC is the most disgusting and corrupt province in Canada. This is all because of Herr Harper.

The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals work for Herr Harper. Campbell was rewarded the post as, High Commissioner to the U.K. Campbell did a lot of dirty work for Harper.

Christy works for Harper, just as Campbell did before her. And, I firmly believe, all of them cheated to win.

Harper is chief fascist and dictator. No-one will ever convince me, Christy is running this province? She is too much of a ditz. She is merely Harper's mouthpiece.

During the battle to fight the BC HST? The media were a disgrace to their professions. Christy called us the Taliban because, we fought for our rights. That is when many of us, cancelled our newspapers.

Make no mistake. Harper does nothing out of the goodness of his heart. He is using the people of the Ukraine and the Jewish people, for votes and donations. It goes without saying, he also has the Chinese votes and donations too and so does Christy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I stopped reading and listening to the mainstream media (Aholes) over a year a go, it was a liberating thing to do for sure and I didn't miss diddly shit.

They are said to be enemies of the democratic process and I believe that.

The whole trend/regime of having reporters ACT as though they are experts and speak to every complicated issue without any substantive unbiased facts or training/education is just more wool for our tired eyes, don't buy it people!

Its funny how we've been groomed to accept that type of nonsense gobbly-gook and really when you think about it quite absurd.

There are so many places to get real facts and news now so goodbye MSM good fucking riddance you cunts! I think your rated right up there with car sales, lawyers, and politicians these days and deservedly so.

Clucky puts the docks back to work nice job PAB way to go MSM suckers, I'm sure there is a tuna sandwich and some shitty cheap wine for you in there somewhere a couple of back slaps and a wank oops I mean wink, tell a big enough load of shit bend over and get a spot in the pork barrel.

The press, they were so great, some of them

Grant G said...

Anon, I edited your comment and placed the word "Ahole" in place of the other word..



Anonymous said...

MC: Mother Corps: CBC

SOT: Smart One Too: persistent condescending shill.

In one of his most recent posts he claimed that Dave Barrett didn't want the ALR and was talked into it. If anyone posted a hearsay comment slamming the Neo-Cons you can be pretty sure their comment wouldn't be allowed to stand.

re Media spin, it appears that strings are being pulled yet tighter at MC which is shutting down fair, polite and open commenting. Several commenters have remarked on this chilling effect, which doesn't seem to apply to government mouthpieces.

The CBC is a major source of information for rural and transient people, and the new climate at the CBC has great potential to reinforce Neo-Con messaging and influence of Canadians. Witness Murphy and Mansbridge public speakers extraordinaire.

That is why I thought it appropriate to comment on this thread.

I'll be more careful in the future, to tie up the "loose strings".

Grant G said...

Thanks for clarifying no "MC" and "SOT"

Interesting enough, I don`t read many comments at CBC..

I figure there are enough smart lefties at the CBC...

I target rightwing media..CKNW, Vancouver Sun, The Province, Sunnews, Glowball ...

Anywho, don`t let one commenter get under your skin.


Anonymous said...

Grant G, If only it wasn't one commenter/PAB? shill, there are several. Rather than let get under my skin, I prefer to toy with them, they are such obvious Con-bots.

My concern is with respect to the shutting down of the commenting community on the CBC.

Comments have been greatly restricted because of the cost of the new server: Disqus. In addition, Disqus is nowhere as user friendly and private as the old system of moderating.

For instance the Kwan story was up for a whole weekend, with comments and while one story about Reid did not allow comments.

Anonymous said...

Harper has been gagging the CBC since he lied, robo-called and cheated to win his rigged election with a so-called majority.

Peter Mansbridge is a Bilderberger and accompanied Gordon Campbell in 2010 when pshyco SCambbell received an invitation addressed to hisself as Prime Minister Gordon Campbell to attend the Bilderberg 'secret' meeting. They were representing the head pshyco in Ottawa.

Way past time for BC to secede.

Another good one Grant.


Anonymous said...

And this....


Anonymous said...

And this....

Search 'Alex Jones and Lou Dobbs on NAU'. It won't let me send it but you can see it if you search it.


Grant, you may not want to post this but that's fine if you don't. It's kinda off topic.

Tales from an East Van Kitchen said...

this ag3d particularly well! Good Job!