Monday, March 3, 2014

What Enbridge and Janet Holder really think of British Columbia and our pristine environment.

What Enbridge and Janet Holder really think of British Columbia and our pristine environment.

Go to Hell British Columbia, money talks and we bought Stephen Harper...

Christy Clark and the BC Liberals are pro-pipeline, as is Stephen Harper, both parties accepted $millions of dollars from us to their political party, we at Enbridge bought results, pipelines away...

click the below Go Screw Yourself British Columbia headline for video link

Go Screw yourself British Columbia.. 

British Columbia doesn`t care if Stephen Harper delayed Tesako`s prosperity mine until after Enbridge gets approved and built, Enbridge`s northern gateway pipeline was and still is, ground zero for public revolts, ground zero for war in the woods, ground zero for destroying political aspirations.. .

Still the number one battle ground it remains, us versus them, right versus wrong, Enbridge will never get social license for Gateway, Stephen Harper is now polling in third place in British Columbia, down to 20% support, about the same support northern gateway has, those two entities can both die together on the vine, an eye-turning mutation, a gruesome contorted political party industrial Siamese twin mutation of the grotesque, they will be defeated as a package in our next Federal election..

Stephen Harper is polling down everywhere...From 35% support in Ontario during 2010 federal election to 24%...Harper is down in the British Columbia, from 37% in 2010 to 20% today..

Stephen Harper`s Con party is way down on the Eastcoast of Canada too....The only bright spot for Stephen Harper and the Convicts is Alberta and Saskatchewan, the land of flatland rubes, Canada`s version of the deep inbred south, cue the banjoes..

Conservatives Losing Ground, Grim Polling Numbers Show

Conservative support is down across much of Canada and the party ranks behind the Liberals and NDP on their perceived ability to handle many issues, a new poll unveiled Friday suggests.
The poll, conducted by Carleton University's AndrĂ© Turcotte, was presented at an annual conference put on by the Manning Centre in Ottawa. Turcotte does a poll every year on the state of conservatism in Canada.

Turcotte said Friday the polling numbers for the Conservatives are heading in "the wrong direction," with the number of those polled who identify as Conservative down dramatically since 2012 in British Columbia — to 20 per cent from 33 per cent — and Ontario — to 25 per cent from 35 per cent. 
The numbers are better elsewhere, rising to 48 from 40 per cent in the prairies and to 16 up from 12 per cent in Quebec. 

Turcotte surveyed 1,000 adult Canadians online Dec. 16 to 18, 2013, including "an over-sample" of 500 self-defined Conservatives. 

'It gets worse'.........


There isn`t enough seats in the prairies to carry Stephen Harper, he will be gone, as will the Conservative party, a third place voiceless dinosaur, stuck in the bitumen, fossilized for eternity, stranded in goop, a pipeline to nowhere, Enbridge can go pound sand..

The people, sometimes slow, lethargic, passive, yet under certain circumstances a powerful voice and force, Stephen Harper was granted his coveted majority, the public granted Harper a chance and Stephen responded in kind by abusing power, cronyism and theft, violations of law, of environmental law, a book burning bible-thumping holier than thou he and his Christian fundamentalist band of can`t do no wrong,ers are going to exclusive digs while us wretched common folk are destined to burn on Harper`s scorched earth, Stephen Harper has slithered and hid, slimed and sewered, a gutless coward who insulted parliamentary tradition, Stephen Harper, a man who showed scorn for workers, treated regular Canadians like stones to be stepped on, Stephen Harper unzipped his fly and sprayed urine on military persons, on military families, Stephen Harper pissed  all over those who fought, those who died and especially on those who will mentally and physically suffer until the day they are buried, living the horror of war while dying day by day under Stephen Harper`s Canada, all those lost veterans will see in Harper`s Canada is..

 Canada`s Cold Blank Stare..

Canada, a once proud nation, now nothing but a non-stop advertisement, a propaganda state, like a movie right out of Hitler`s propaganda arm or the old Soviet bloc, countries and ideologues who used jail and god as weapons...

Stephen Harper and Enbridge are both dead, nothing left but fine dining as maggots consume the memory of them both..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Hugh said...

We thought the BC Liberals were dead in 2013, though.

Grant G said...

They were dead Hugh, Adrianna Dix put on his pink dress and let Christy Clark bootstomp him with her Levis on, ..

Thanks for the sass Hugh, must be my fault NDP lost..

I knew it.

Good Day

Anonymous said...

There are NO GOOD POLITICIANS if there was; we wouldn't be here on your Blog Grant.

Anonymous said...

And? The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals have supported the Nazi Harper, every inch of his evil way.

BC has pretty much been given to Communist China. Christy has just announced? Communist China wants their history and culture, taught in our Canadian schools.

We people of BC are unique. We have to battle Herr Harper and his henchmen. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals treachery. Enbridge and their evil. Worst of all Communist China who has polluted their own country, into a polluted wasteland.

In our Ocean, we are having a die-out of our, shelled food sources. The acid in the Ocean is eating the shells off our crustaceans. If our Oceans die? We die.

Anonymous said...

Pipeline, rail - when it spills it doesn't go away.