Saturday, March 29, 2014

BC Liberal Minister Dave Byng Claims British Columbia Will Require 700,000 Workers For LNG By 2016

Sometimes I just can`t help but laugh my face off, these BC Liberals are really going all in on both propaganda and lying on this LNG thingy..

According to British Columbia`s immigration minister, he stated at a Government arranged bafflegabfest in Vancouver yesterday that BC will need 1 million workers by 2020,, these 1 million jobs, according to the minister will be in the northern part of British Columbia, these (fictional) jobs will peak between 2016 and 2018 and most of the jobs, according to this BC Liberal spindocter will be related to LNG......

This minister also said these jobs would be temporary in nature...


British Gas, one of the proponents contemplating building a B.C. LNG plant wrote last year..British Gas outlined their workforce requirements..


"BG(British Gas) intends to build a facility on Ridley Island capable of producing 21 million tonnes of LNG a year. Called Prince Rupert LNG, it would be built overseas in modules and shipped to Prince Rupert for assembly.

 Even so, the plant would create 3,500 jobs during construction,

 250 permanent direct jobs and another 250 spinoff jobs.

 BG says it is planning to build it in two phases, beginning in 2016.
The first phase — two seven-million-tonne-a-year processing units, or trains — is to be completed by 2021" 


The immigration minister eluded to 1 million jobs, he claimed the "majority of these 1 million jobs will be in the LNG industry", he claimed employment numbers would peak between 2016 and 2018...By majority, a majority of 1 million jobs must be at least 600,000 jobs,  600,000 LNG construction jobs between 2016 to 2018..

Yet we still haven`t got even one final investment decision, furthermore, as you can read above the large British Gas LNG plant proposal(if built) would have a peak construction workforce of 3,500 jobs..

Assuming we had 10 LNG plants all being constructed at the same time...Multiply British Gas`s peak employment numbers by 10 and you arrive at .....35,000 jobs....Yet this deputy minister is claiming at least 600,000 jobs...

Even the BC Liberal press release 2 weeks ago ..... In that press release the BC Liberal`s Job numbers totals for LNG were skewed way too high, but know where near as high as minister Dave Byng`s projections....Here is what the BC Liberals said two weeks ago on LNG job numbers..


Job Creation

As the LNG industry develops, it will create jobs all over the Province.

In fact, corporate offices have already opened in the lower mainland and demand for labour is growing in northern B.C. The LNG industry will create thousands of jobs in the natural gas sector.
These jobs will include direct and indirect employment during the construction phase as well as long-term operations.
Based on a current forecast of 5 plants in operation by 2021:
  • 21,600 jobs will be directly involved in the building of LNG export facilities and associated pipelines.—

  • 41,900 jobs will be created in the industries that supply goods and services during the peak construction phase.—

  • 2,400 permanent jobs are required to operate and maintain the plants and pipelines on an ongoing basis.

61,700 jobs are required to support LNG operations including workers required to drill, produce, process and transport the natural gas required to feed the export facilities.

In addition to these jobs, there will be thousands of spin-off opportunities created and supported as result of LNG. For example: When a welder earns income, the money spent on their cost of living is injected into the economy. By spending their wage on things like buying clothes, eating in restaurants or renovating a home, the welder supports the financial well-being of the community and indirect jobs for their neighbors.

Recently, the B.C. government released a Natural Gas Workforce Strategy and Action Plan in collaboration with industry and training authorities.
Our action plan outlines the employment demands expected from LNG as well as details on how government will prepare people for new jobs.

Skills and core industrial certification requirements, as well as new postsecondary programs, will be created to ensure British Columbians are trained for new, high paying jobs in the resource sector.


David Broadband at Focus Magazine is highly skeptical about those advertised job numbers.

From David Focus Magazine

Did the BC government fake LNG numbers before last year's election?

By David Broadland, March 2014

"Emails between top-level BC civil servants show Premier Clark’s 100,000 LNG jobs were based on dubious assumptions thrown together at the last minute for her 2013 throne speech. Were those civil servants working for the public interest or Clark’s election campaign?........

Were the Prosperity Fund and the job claims part of an elaborate election ploy? It wouldn’t be the first time a government made an election promise it didn’t intend to keep. A more troubling possibility, though, is that Provincial public service employees and public funds were used to create that election ploy,...... 

 . The initiative appears to have been overseen by Assistant Deputy Minister of Finance Doug Foster. Foster outsourced the work to three private firms and delivered the numbers for Clark’s speech only days before it was made. Foster appears to have been reporting to Neil Sweeney, Deputy Minister, Corporate Policy in the Premier’s Office........

The report that provided the numbers was authored by Grant Thornton LLP (download from link at end of story), a prestigious accountancy firm with world-wide operations. Grant Thornton’s report allowed the Premier to say in her February 2013 throne speech, “LNG development is poised to trigger approximately $1 trillion in cumulative GDP within British Columbia over the next 30 years and that means more than $100 billion will flow directly to the Prosperity Fund. Province wide, LNG is expected to create on average 39,000 annual direct, indirect and induced full-time jobs during a nine-year construction period. As well, there could be as many as 75,000 full-time jobs required once all LNG plants are in full operation.”........

 After we read the report, which had the deceptively simple title Employment Impact Review, Focus filed an FOI for the record of communications between the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Natural Gas and Grant Thornton as they developed the study. The report contained many warnings to the reader that it was based entirely on assumptions provided by “the Province and its advisors.” We wondered who those “advisors” were and whether the Province and its advisors had pushed the process toward some desired outcome......

Grant Thornton’s estimation of long-term employment is also puzzling. According to an extensive study by KPMG of the $35 billion Australia Pacific project, ongoing operations of the LNG plant would employ 325, the pipeline 20 and the gas fields 520. Extrapolating from that example, a $98 billion project in BC would create 910 long-term operational jobs at LNG plants, 56 pipeline jobs, and 1456 gas field extraction jobs. That’s direct, long-term employment.......

It’s difficult to see how Grant Thornton arrived at the conclusion $98 billion would bring 75,000 long-term full-time jobs to the province.
It seemed possible, then, after analyzing the Grant Thornton study last May, that the process of creating the report might have been pushed to create a 100,000-jobs election platform rather than function as a careful and reasoned analysis of the potential for LNG to produce jobs in BC. If it was the former, had taxpayers paid for a Liberal campaign expense? If it was the latter, why had the jobs report been kept in a drawer during the election?"

Bernard Schulman too doubts the BC Liberal`s advertised LNG  job number totals and has been thoroughly stymied in his government FOI requests..Bernard is attempting to figure out how these BC Liberals derived these job number totals..

Simple math, 600,000 LNG welders making 200,000.00 per year ....That totals $120 billion in wages, ..2 years of welders making $200,000.00 per year is.....$240 billion in wages alone, cut those welder wages in half($100,000.00 per year)...That is still $120 billion in just wages over 2 year....LNG plants take much longer than 2 years to build, on average these big multi-train LNG plants take at least 5 years to build.....$hundreds of billions in construction wages alone, how about adding in the cost of materials, pre-made modules from south Korea, shipping costs, executive and managerial costs....Add in financing costs, carrying costs, investor return costs..We are talking about over 1/2 $trillion dollars just building this industry....Oh, and what is the proposed taxation level these companies will be subject to....."1 1/2% taxation until capital costs are recouped

It would take decades for these companies to break even if one was to believe the BC Liberals in how much employment is reqired to get this industry going...Furthermore, the BC Liberal proposed taxation and royalty scheme presented to these energy companies has been thoroughly rejected by industry as too onerous..

Canadian politicians are clearly giving away everything for peanuts.

Below is what this BC Liberal spindocter said yesterday(Friday March 28th/2014)


"BC will see a million job openings by 2020, most within the next three years..

There are 47 projects in the province on the books worth over half-a- billion each.

Dave Byng told a business audience on Friday that three quarters of the work associated with them are in northern BC and are associated with liquid natural gas.." snip


Boy oh boy, those job numbers associated with LNG just keep on growing and growing, now we are up to over 70,000 jobs for each LNG plant...????...I recommend you read the article posted directly above..

Dave Byng also said these LNG jobs are temporary in nature, the peak will be, most of these required workers will only be needed between 2016 and 2018..

I wonder where British Columbia`s 600,000...700,000 or more LNG workforce made up with skilled trades are going to go for work after these "temporary jobs" end?

Well, I guess we could build another few dozen LNG plants...!

Anyway, right now we are in the middle of a BC Liberal and corporate media propaganda campaign, The Vancouver Sun started yesterday with an...
An article titled "special" on their front page..

Obsessed Twitter follower counter Keith Balderdash Baldrey and Global BC started their propaganda yesterday too..

Retweeted by
WATCH: BC’s looming skills shortage crisis

And cknw starts on Monday with a month long series on putting BCers to work...Included sponsors are CAPP, Fortis, YVR and some of our looking for money universities..

Sorry to scare you with that Christy clucking Clark photo..

Oh, by the way, those not familiar with Dave Byng....He was one of the top BC Rail dudes, he knows how to spin for sure..

Dave Byng helped spin BC Rail out of our provincial hands right into David Mclean`s clutches..

Dave Byng, I believe you just made Joeseph Goebbels blush...

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Families moved up to northern BC for Christy's thousands of mine jobs. Where are those 76,000 mine jobs? Experienced miners are looking for those jobs, that don't exist. Rumor has it? There will be thousands of Chinese brought over for, the Northern BC mining plan. Christy Clark has out and out lied. The 200 mine jobs that were given to China? BC miners had to speak Chinese Mandarin, in their own English speaking province.

Nor am I surprised about the LNG plant jobs Christy has promised. I have yet to see, a promise Christy hasn't broken. Christy is no different than Campbell's promises...the BCR wasn't for sale and the HST wasn't on his radar either.

And, nothing has changed. Christy, Harper and Campbell's lies, corruption, thefts, deceit and cheating to win will be legendary, in our kids history books.

BC will need 700,000 workers, my @$$.

Anonymous said...

Another day, another lie by this government.

John's Aghast said...

And where do you suppose those 700,000 workers are going to live? And their spouses?
And where are the hospitals and schools?
Oh. In camps, you say. Two weeks in, one week out. The Airlines are going to like that! That's about 400 trips a day.

Jon Ghun said...

That million jobs number is a patently obvious attempt to skew the forecasts so high that they can start acting on the real agenda which is to sneak in low-cost labour from abroad. Canadians be damned.

The real plan is spelled out in the following:

"After that, it will be necessary for the province to look offshore because employers, particularly in the LNG industry, need to be able to access specific skill sets quickly. This is where temporary foreign workers are likely to play a role, especially in the construction jobs," Byng said.

Byng acknowledged that the controversial temporary workers program has got “a little bit of a black eye” recently.

“There continue to be issues that percolate to the top, but the reality of it is, if we look at the projects that we’ve got going here in British Columbia, there will be a continued need and demand for access to temporary labour both from across Canada and from outside our borders,” he said. “And so you’ll most certainly see the province speaking from that perspective and working hard to ensure ... access to temporary foreign workers.”

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander said changes to the federal program next year will bring skilled workers with job offers to Canada within six months. It will also allow British Columbia to exceed its federally-imposed quota of skilled workers that come in through the provincial nominee program," he added.

Yes, we're being bent over again.

Damn, I've had more than enough of these bandits.

Grant G said...

that`s very true Mr. Ghun...

BC Liberals claim we need 600,000 workers, apply to bring15,000 temporary workers and shazzam..These companies have all the workers they need and BCers get a paltry number of jobs..

Also, these outlandish job number claims may take the heat of the old BC Liberal guard, the one`s who aren`t running again..

De Jong, Coleman, Bond, Cluck cluck Clark..

The old guard hands their newest members an empty bag while the get out of Dodge

Just for the Record said...

Canada’s Harper Stokes Imperialism For Profit
By Keith Jones
29 March 2014

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been among the shrillest in the chorus of western leaders denouncing and threatening Russia.

He issued a series of inflammatory denunciations of Russian “aggression” during a European tour this past week that began with a trip to Ukraine. During his six hours in Kiev, Harper lauded the government installed by last month’s fascist-spearheaded, US-German organized coup and conferred with its leaders, who include a half-dozen ministers from the fascist Svoboda Party.

Harper’s claim that economic interests are not motivating the western powers—Canada among them—in the Ukraine crisis is a lie.

...Corporations with Canadian interests aim to directly profit from the confrontation between Russia and the western powers, seeing it as a golden opportunity for Canada to displace Russian oil and natural gas exports to Europe and overcome opposition within the US to the building of the Keystone XL pipeline (which would transport Alberta tar sands bitumen to heavy oil refineries on the US Gulf Coast).

Following last Monday’s meeting of the G-7 government leaders, Harper excitedly announced that they had decided to convene a meeting of their energy ministers to discuss how they could collaborate in the possible future imposition of sanctions targeting Russia’s energy sector. Such action would potentially open lucrative opportunities for Canadian energy companies.

x liberal said...

There is no lies being told here, by the year 2016 the lieberal bullshit will be so deep it will take a million hard working people to cover it. I sure hope the NDP is recording all these breaking stories so they can be used in the next election. Global gossip channel will have to eat there own vomit, record ever news report they put out. This can be thrown back at them in the next election. The lies the lies.

Anonymous said...

Harper's little puppet has phsycopath written all over her evil face. Is that a tazer in her incompetent hands and there's those glasses again just like her boss the Ottawa Rughead was told by his globalist corporate bosses to wear glasses to try to make his little beedie eyes look bigger like normal people. What a mob of treasonous pigs in Canada especially in BC, Ottawa and Alberta.

The globalist sickos desperately want BC more than anywhere else in Canada for our resources and they want all of BC from the north border to the south border and east to west, including the land that we live on. That's why cluck's evil twin Dianne Watts, mayor of Surrey BC (and her hand-picked slate), more of Harper's little helpers has been told to do the King George Boulevard, Canada's western route from Mexico to Alaska, another of her projects (P3 again?) that she doesn't have any of our money to blow after putting Surrey into debt that can never be re-paid. It's interesting to check out Wikipedia (it's bought and paid for too) and compare Mayor Derek Corrigan of Burnaby BC's education (the best politician in Canada, likely the world) and that of Watts which is not even mentioned. Like we all know thanks to you Grant that the cluck is a university failed drop-out but Watts isn't even that. Watts unscripted is even stupider than the cluck, throwing down the mic at a meeting and walking out and yelling from the back row, all hunched down in a corner, to a speaker at her last election campaign 'debate' gong show..."Oh for god's sake" because she didn't like what he had to say which was in the interests of the people of Surrey and not corporatist pals of hers. She left immediately after the show was over completely surrounded by her 8 people slate of body guards plus. This dimwit doesn't even know (BS) that when she two-tapped her buddy AGT when he trash-talked Barinder Risode, calling her a whore, that two taps make a like. Sucking up to Watts to do business in Surrey is very profitable, especially land development and pipe work for hubby. She treated herself and her slate to iPads or whatever a few years back paid for by the taxpayers.

We need to act and it must be fast....all of our lives are at stake here. What to do and where to start...

I'd love to see Corrigan as premier of BC, we should be so lucky!

Anonymous said...

Just for the Record...

I think you have confirmed what I believed from the start that treason stevie was late to the gate on purpose.

Harper through the cluck and the BC Libs, an arm of the federal government, never before missed a chance to give away our resources to their corporate pals and the pay-back from the corps to the corrupt governments is huge and buys them and their corporate buds elections?


Anonymous said...

Crispy was on Question Period with Robert Pfeif today and she said clearly there will be 100,000 jobs created and that doesn't include the spin off numbers.

Lied her face off like a true professional.

Grant G said...

Robert Fife...Hmmm..

100,000 jobs....Christy Clark better coordinate with Dave Byng, he projected like 600,000 LNG jobs..

Like I said..BC Liberals, the ones not running again(Christy Clark, Dejong, Coleman, Bond)

They are all in on the big lie..

Such a shame our big media are corrupt, bought stooges.


Anonymous said...

Well worth the read.

Hugh said...

Hydro rates go up tomorrow. First of many, many rate hikes. Bad for residents and business, which will have to pay more for hydro.

IPPs don't care, they will get their $50 billion.

Hugh said...

Hydro, ICBC, Ferries, stamps, MSP premiums all went up today. Yet the Bank of Canada is concerned that inflation is too low. Go figure.

North Van's Grumps said...
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North Van's Grumps said...

Well that link wasn't right:

April 1st and here's the joke:

B.C.'s green economy: Growing green with LNG tanker in the background on the first page.

Cocoabean said...

On LNG, the revenue-desperate governments everywhere are of course in bed with the industry. Ours is no exception. Thus the ridiculous claims of jobs, revenue, etc.

And it seems that a glut of gas - money-losing gas - should make a bit-player like B.C. think twice:

e.a.f. said...

700K jobs???? what was he snorting. B.C. has had the highest child poverty rate in Canada for 9 out of the 10 past yrs. If we were really going to have that many jobs, you'd think the lieberals might want to do something now about all this child poverty.

where do they get these people, who make these types of stupid statements. they can't be playing with a full deck.

Hell Campbell River's senior care centre just fired 120 people, the one in Duncan fired 264 and in the Comox Valley the local hospital will fire all housekeeping and maintence staff when they move to the new P3 building. Ah, how soon did you say these new jobs were coming? Oh will they be paying more than the min. wage? Maybe I'll write the guy who made the statement to see what he has to say.

Anonymous said...

And this province wants to import workers who will just be sent back if they get hurt, or go back in a box. Nothing to see here folks. Won't cost these companies anything for their greed.