Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Enbridge And Stephen Harper Can Shove The Pipeline Up Their Ass

ohio pipeline

Well well well, here we go again, a disastrous supertanker with barge collision oil spill on Sunday in Galveston bay Texas, and today, one day after the 25 year anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oiltanker grounding on Bligh reef in Prince William Sound another pipeline oil spill disaster, this one in a nature reserve in Southeast Ohio......

Sorry folks, another cut n past job....These stories need to be told to British Columbians, told to Stephen Harper, told to Enbridge...

Oil spills are inevitable, this pipeline was just repaired and reopened, the pipeline company deemed the pipe safe, the pipeline operator never even knew it was leaking, a passerby spotted the mess...Well, read it for yourself..


Ohio Pipeline Spill Twice As Large As Original Estimate

20,000 gallons of crude oil spilled from a damaged pipeline into a nature reserve in southwest Ohio — double the initial estimates — according to officials with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
The leak was discovered by Gary Broughton as he was driving on March 17 and smelled a “fuel, oily smell,” the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

“It’s absolutely terrible,” Broughton told the 911 dispatcher. “It made me sick when I saw it.”
The crude oil leached into the 374-acre Glen Oak Nature Preserve, 20 miles north of Cincinnati. Wildlife officials said thus far small animals have been impacted by the spill but thanks to the cold weather, fewer large animals are moving through the contaminated area.
The spill came from a five inch crack in the Mid-Valley Pipeline, running 1,000 miles from Texas to Michigan. On Monday, the pipeline operator, Sunoco Logistics, said the pipeline had been repaired and reopened. A company spokesman told the Associated Press that the cause of the spill is still under investigation.

Cleanup is likely to be time-consuming and expensive, as crews have had to build a road to get heavy machinery into the area and build a containment structure to attempt to keep spilled crude oil out of the nearby Great Miami River.
Far from an isolated incident, the massive leak is “at least the third time in the last decade that oil has leaked in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region from this pipe” and “is the 40th incident since 2006 along the pipeline, which stretches 1,100 miles from Texas to Michigan,” according to the Cincinnati Enquirer, citing data from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA).

How long the pipeline had been leaking is unknown. Residents near the affected area told the Cincinnati Enquirer that they had been smelling petroleum for days before Broughton got out of his car and discovered the spill. The story is reminiscent of last year’s major pipeline spill in North Dakota — the worst onshore oil spill in U.S. history — discovered not by the pipeline operator or responsible company, but a farmer harvesting his wheat.
In order to accommodate the oil and gas boom sweeping the U.S., an expansive network of pipelines is being re-purposed, reversed, and constructed at a rate that alarms industry observers. Individual companies are left largely in charge of pipeline routes and safety monitoring and regulators like the federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration say they don’t have the tools they need to enforce stricter standards. According to an analysis of PHMSA data, since 1986 there have been nearly 8,000 significant pipeline incidents, resulting in more than 500 deaths, more than 2,300 injuries, and nearly $7 billion in damage.

Enbridge`s northern gateway pipeline will traverse BC`s rugged barren non-populated back country, Enbridge`s pipeline will have to traverse over 800 rivers and streams, including headwaters of the Skeena river, the Fraser River...There will be no passerby to report a petroleum smell or sight bubbling bitumen, or machinery to contain a spill or rupture, British Columbia, an earthquake zone, rock landslides, mudslides, avalanches, river floods and frozen weather, there will be no one to rush onto the scene and save the day..

And we have our northern coast, the third most dangerous waterway in the world, heavy tides, hurricane force, gale force and storm force wind capital of Canada..

Enbridge will never have social license to get this pipeline built..There was another Enbridge oil spill that didn`t get much coverage by our BC media...Enbridge was blaming heavy rain for this spill, I wonder if it rains in British Columbia..


CALGARY - Enbridge Inc. (TSX:ENB) is coping with a weekend spill of synthetic crude in northern Alberta as its head office remains closed due to severe flooding in the southern part of the province.
The spill from Line 37, about 70 kilometres southeast of Fort McMurray, Alta., caused Enbridge to shut down its Athabasca and Waupisoo pipelines — a major part of the network that serves Alberta's oilsands.

The 540-kilometre Athabasca line can carry up to 570,000 barrels per day of crude from the Athabasca and Cold Lake regions to Hardisty, Alta., a major pipeline hub in eastern Alberta, about 200 kilometres southeast of Edmonton.

The Waupisoo line can carry up to 600,000 barrels per day to Edmonton from Cheecham Terminal, near the site of the spill.

The company detected the Line 37 spill early Saturday and initially estimated that between 500 and 750 barrels of oil had spilled. By late morning Monday, the company hadn't responded to requests for an update on its progress.

The release of crude comes as Alberta grapples with major flooding, including in the city of Calgary where Enbridge has its head office, which has been closed until it's safe for employees to return.
Enbridge also said that control, monitoring and operation of its liquids pipelines network is based in Edmonton and not been affected by the flooding in southern Alberta.


Enbridge said Sunday that unusually heavy rains may have resulted in a ground movement that affected Line 37, a 17-kilometre-long, 12-inch diameter pipe linking the Long Lake oilsands upgrader with the Athabasca system.



We aren`t done with recent Enbridge oil spills


The Calgary-based company's latest leak struck on Monday (June 18) at a pumping station southeast of Elk Point.
Alberta's Energy Resources Conservation Board said today (June 19) that it had not confirmed Enbridge's estimate of the size of the "release".

"The pipeline has been shut in and the pumping station has been isolated," the ERCB said in a statement. "No waterways are impacted and cleanup is underway. There were no injuries or no evacuations as a result of the release. All appropriate agencies have been notified."
Enbridge is the company proposing to build the controversial Northern Gateway pipelines from near Edmonton to Kitimat. With a length of 1,177 kilometres, the twin pipelines would transport oil and condensate between the Alberta tar sands and the B.C. coast, where the oil would be loaded on to supertankers.

The Enbridge leak follows two recent incidents in Alberta—a June 7 spill by Plains Midstream Canada in the Red Deer River and a May 19 spill at a Pace Oil and Gas injection well.
"Communities throughout BC and now all the way to Montreal can expect similar spills if Enbridge, backed by a Prime Minister bent on gutting Canada's environmental laws, has its way," Greenpeace climate and energy campaigner Mike Hudema said in a statement today.


Enbridge you and Stephen Harper can go to hell, you can spend a $billion dollars on advertising you will never get social license for northern gateway, you will get bloodshed and war in the woods.



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dan said...

This incident in Ohio defines one of the major problems with this industry. Here we have a pipeline with 40 incidents since 2006.

That is 5 per year on the same pipeline. At what point does the company realize that perhaps, just perhaps, the pipe is getting a little old and requires replacement.

But what the hell, it is just a nature reserve.

Same mindset here with this government and Enbridge. What the hell it is just the BC wilderness. What the hell it is just First Nations land. What the hell it is just Hecate Strait.

Moronic thinkers create disasters that we all pay for.

Anonymous said...

BC citizens are very used to lies and deceit, both from the Harper Cons and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals.

Christy Clark's many conditions on the Enbridge pipeline are a sham. All the while Christy and Black were plotting, building a floating refinery near Kitimat. How will the oil get to Christy and Blacks refinery?

Petro-China put in a bid to *help* build the Enbridge pipeline.

There are also thousands of Chinese being brought over for, the Northern BC mining plan.

I agree. Harper, Enbridge, Christy, Alberta and China, can all go to hell.