Monday, March 17, 2014

Rocket Men.......(BC NDP Leadership Battle)

Well there they be, our 2 contenders for leadership of the NDP....John Horgan and...

Mike Farnworth, let me first say that both are excellent candidates and I have the utmost respect for both men, furthermore our province would be better served with either man running the government, all the BC Liberal crimes committed, past, present and future by Gordon Campbell now by the Christy Clark corporate gang..

However, this site is called The Straight Goods for a reason, fact-filled, opinionated and well researched, opinions and positions uttered by me come from listening, learning and remembering the past, some may disagree with what I`m about to say, but let me be perfectly clear, this isn`t about favoritism or racism, this is about winning an election, where to start..

The few times the NDP attained power and formed government the margins of victory were thin, in fact in 1996 the NDP won the general election with fewer votes than what the BC Liberals garnered, I want you all to remember that, lines between victory and defeat can be very narrow..

Let`s have a history lesson shall we....

During the 2014 provincial election  we had so-called grassroot groups form to attack the NDP, Jim Shepard spent $millions advertising in favour of Christy Clark, but he did a lot more, he ran thousands of ads attacking Adrian Dix over memo-gate, a minor sin Adrian committed in the late 90`s , Jim Shepard`s group called Adrian Dix a lying thief, Christy Clark and the BC Liberals did the same, thousands of ads calling Adrian Dix a forger, a liar, can`t be trusted, ....Some of you might thing it`s fair game, politics is a blood sport, attack ads and name calling is a BC Liberal trademark, and yes, I agree, politics is a blood sport, but there are boundaries, no go zones, like attacking one`s neighbors, cousins and spouses, especially spouses who are not political and never entered the limelight..

Ezra Levant, a ugly little man with a filthy slanderous mouth, an Alberta tar oil pimping turd, he doesn`t live in British Columbia, he spends his time in Toronto propagandizing for Sun News, his dirty little mouth, the rightwing slimers don`t care who, what or when they hurt, they care about nothing but victory, no ethics, no area too perverse if it means winning..

Ezra Levant is so pathetic that last Friday on his Sun News show he actually got on his knees and begged his viewers to send him money to pay his legal bill of $35 thousand dollars, that`s right folks, Ezra Levant is in court again being sued for libelous slanderous statements, and the little man doesn`t have the cash to pay his lawyer, Sun News won`t pay his lawyer either, imagine a national host begging his audience for cash...But I digress..

During the 2014 election Ezra Levant attacked BC`s NDP, in particular Ezra Levant attacked Adrian Dix`s wife during our election writ period...He spent 20 minutes right off the top of one of his episodes, 20 minutes attacking, name-calling and venom spewing frothing at the mouth as only Ezra Levant can, and who was his target...Adrian Dix`s wife, like I said, Adrian`s wife didn`t campaign, didn`t do photo-ops, she was never seen or heard from but that didn`t stop the nasty little Ezra Levant from attacking her, and just what was her sin?

She reads poetry...She rides public transit, doesn`t own a car or have a cell phone...Oh the humanity, for those sins Ezra called her a loser, a "beatnik" and more, it was a disgusting Ezra Levant display, and only the Straight Goods called Ezra Levant out on it...

The BC Liberals are the party of selling out our province to corporations, they will stop at nothing to win, there isn`t one rock they won`t turn over for dirt, no area is too perverse for that liberal gang, they will use God, family, traditional family to smear and slime, they will use the church to drive home a message, sometimes subtle, other times overt messaging..

Christy Clark appeared on 100 Huntley street during the election writ, where she talked about family, and her faith, she lavished praise on her son.....Let me be clear, I am not religious but do believe in greater powers, I just don`t need to hear sanctimonious crap from religions who have history of murderous crusades or those faiths that shielded child rapists, moved their deviant Fathers from town to town where they assaulted innocent children, ruined their lives and to this day that religion has yet to come totally clean..

Yet there are those among us who believe in scripture, they cast stones on those that differ, beatniks, non traditional, forebode marriage for those that don`t conform, racism and bigotry is rampant in church...Spencer Chandra Herbert`s constituency office and staff member was assaulted just last week because he, Spencer is different than some......Racism is alive and well in Canada and I love Spencer Chandra Herbert, I love Mike Farnworth and John Horgan...I love them all because they are human beings with soul, passion and simplicity, we are all just simple air breathing souls after all...


  B.C. MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert says his assistant and office were attacked by a man who was apparently angered by the presence of the rainbow flags that are a symbol of gay pride and support.


Like I said, my opinions are based on knowledge, facts and history...The rightwing will stop at nothing, remember during our last civic election, the NPA(BC Liberal farm team)...

Ken Denike and Sophia Woo were telling religious groups in private and in not so many words that the Vision party(NDP farmteam) and the school board(NDPers) had a gay agenda planned for our schools, those two losers were promoting hatred of others while trying to gather up votes, the rightwing haters will stoop so low to win, no area is off limits..


 A day after one online video controversy, NPA school trustees Ken Denike and Sophia Woo have found themselves at the centre of another.
The video shows the pair at a picnic for a Chinese Christian group.
In the video, Denike says a Vision board wants to make sweeping changes...
"Promoting having basically mandatory involvement in the curriculum of gay, lesbian, etc."
But school board chair Patti Bacchus says changes were not in the works -- adding Vancouver's LGBT policy has been in place for seven years.

She says Denike and Woo appear to have a different message when speaking to ethnic minorities.
"It certainly contradicts what these two trustees have been saying, particularly in english during the campaign, yet when language would switch and we'd be in Chinese media, trustee Woo would bring up one of the anti-homophobia programs...again."

Bacchus says it’s clear the pair were trying to get votes by pandering.
NPA school trustee Ken Denike is issuing an apology...sort of.
It comes after a video posted on you-tube shows him and trustee Sophia Woo, telling a group of Chinese Christians that Vision Vancouver wants to put gay and lesbian issues into the curriculum.
Now Denike says that’s not what he meant.
"It came across as a bit of a shambles quite frankly, and it’s something that I should have had better preparation for instead of having the translation done on the fly...if it comes across that way I apologize."

Denike says he supports the boards' LGBT policies -- which have been in place since 2007.
School board chair Patti Bacchus has accused Denike and Woo of pandering to an ethnic community, while saying something completely different in english-language media

You see, personally I don`t care if Christy Clark is divorced, Mark Marissen, can you blame her, Christy Clark doesn`t obey road laws, she isn`t lady like, she flirts, winks wiggles and plays the MILF role well, she`s an embarrassment yet that doesn`t stop her from clutching a bible and faking her religious cajones, anything to win, lie cheat smear and praise the lord..

(You can watch the 100 Huntley video at this link here,prepare to gag)

It`s about winning, Mike Farnworth and John Horgan, both stellar candidates, John Horgan is the better wit, better speaker and faster on his feet, he doesn`t stutter or hesitate, Mike Farnworth is knowledgeable, charismatic, a large presence...John Horgan is married with adult sons, Mike farnworth is not...

Do you really think our corporate controlled media that cheerleads a BC Liberal corporate controlled party isn`t going to during the writ period if Mike Farnworth is leader isn`t going to find every Man on man domestic abuse story they can, op-ed pieces where inappropriate touching takes place in public areas, and the old biased media standby, every Farnworth article in our mainstream press will remind the voters by announcing his sexual orientation, furthermore you don`t think Christy Clark isn`t going to return to 100 Huntley street to portray her family, her love of child, her strong belief in traditional married men and woman to a religious bible thumping burn the deviants to the ground crowd..?

Can we afford as a party to lose 5% of the vote, ...10% of the vote because those of you who believe there are no racists anymore are delusional and this story is difficult to write because I love both leadership candidates, love women, love my mom, my deceased father and even my belligerent lost in la la land sisters....That last bit was hard to write..

We can go back further, farther, we can go south, or north, east and west, how about to racist Kootney Bill Bennett`s riding..

In our 2009 general election Bill Bennett offered to buy beers for young people, he was going to teach them how to vote(elections BC reprimanded his campaign for that infraction)...He didn`t stop there, his riding opponent was a First Nation`s candidate, ..Bill Bennett ran a racist ad suggesting his opponent didn`t pay Bill Bennett`s ad said...He`s not one of us....That statement in a big ad with Bill racist Bennett posing with his white wife and white children...Disgusting..

The grisly details of those sad events captured here.

Bill Bennet is a nasty little piece of slime, last spring(2013 before our election)Bill Bennett was defending the BC Liberals over ethnicgate when he targeted Gabriel Yiu for being paid monies, little did Bill Bennett know Gabriel was working hard to bring a Chinese national back to Canada to stand trial before our courts for slicing up his girlfriend,  placing her body parts in a suitcase then fleeing to mainland China...Gabriel Yiu was working hard to bring justice for that family and the killer back to Canada, Bill Bennett didn`t care, he was defending the criminal actions of the BC Liberals, no sliming to low, no rock Bill Bennett won`t slither under...Again, those grisly details on Bill Bennett`s actions detailed here at The Straight Goods.

Phil Hocstein, another slimmer indeed, Jim Shepard, Michael Smyth, all NDP slimers, all given big-time media coverage for one reason, to make sure the corporations continue to steal British Columbia from under your feet..

We aren`t done yet, you would think a trained police officer would know better, a police chief at that, remember people the BC Liberals will cheat, lie, steal and do whatever it takes to win, they have zero ethics and moral code is merely an Iphone app to them, no slime to slithery, no sludge too toxic..

In 2009 Kash Heed fled the West Vancouver police department to avoid being charged by fellow police officers for inappropriate collusion with a suspected felon, Kash Heed used a get out of jail free card, for once he left West Vancouver police force they lost jurisdiction to charge Kash heed..

And where did Kash Heed turn up?....A new made to order candidate for Gordon Campbell, "The Stallion"..Kash no moral authority Heed...He ran in the Fraserview riding against Gabriel Yiu...

Lo n behold, Kash heed has a campaign manager, an accountant, an advisor, Kash Heed, a trained police officer, a police chief, a razor sharp eye, an expert at filling out paperwork, a detective yet...

Yet Kash Heed claimed he knew nothing, saw nothing, that he was a bambi newbie political candidate and that he never knew or saw was his campaign manager Baarinder Sall and Dinesh Khanna were up to...And just exactly what did they do to win the high Chinese concentrated riding of Fraserview..well..

First off they overspent by thousands of dollars thus breaking election laws, and...Dinesh Khanna had fancy flyers made up, Barinder Sall paid for the fancy papers, and they both delivered the propaganda lies to many Chinese doorsteps during our election writ period...

And just what did these BC Liberal/Kash Heed campaign approved delivered flyers say(In Chinese writing)...

They said that the NDP was going to force everyone to join the union...Oh my gawd..and..

And the NDP were going to legalize all drugs, heroin, crystal meth, as well as legalize prostitution..

These flyers were not just words, they had pictures of drug users and prostitutes...real ugly pictures meant to scare a Chinese electorate away from the drug using, prostituse pushing union only NDP...Oh the humanity.!.

Kash Heed claimed he knew nothing, Kash Heed`s brother claimed to have known nothing, even though Kash Heed`s brother drove Dinesh Khanna to the Richmond printer, to and from...

Well, we know what happened next, Kash Heed won, BC Liberals won, Kash Heed got special treatment from a BC Liberal special appointed prosecutor and received special attention and was allowed to remain in office with his MLA salary...A police chief didn`t care, winning was winning and sliming is sliming and BC Liberal`s have a motto.."We only cheat when we can`t win"..

Kash Heed`s campaign was an electoral disgrace and I truly thought once they were caught red-handed Heed would do the honourable thing and resign.......I was wrong

Those grisly details here..

I like Mike Farnworth...I like John Horgan....

Are we going to lose the next election too...I wish there was enough votes available that we didn`t need to get the racist vote to win but that just isn`t the case..

The two men running for leadership are about the same age, one is married with grown sons, no baggage, no memo-gate, a sharp pronged quick wit, the best public speaker we have, forceful yet calming, aggressive yet not intimidating, except to the BC Liberals...He`s John Horgan

I can guarantee you that our corrupted media will promote Mike Farnworth knowing they can target him either subtly or overtly, direct or through BC Liberal surrogate slimers,...

And if Mike Farnworth wins leadership I will vote for the NDP candidate in my riding(Sunshine coast)...We have an excellent MLA in Nicholas Simons...

During the last leadership contest John Horgan had the most endorsements from elected NDP MLAs..

Including Nicholas Simons and Carole James...Carole James has already endorsed John Horgan for his leadership run..

Lastly, I hope there are no mass sign ups, no shady business, I know John Horgan won`t play that game and I believe Mike Farnworth will play fair too..

It`s up to all you dippers out there, both are great candidates but I`ll take John Horgan`s family edge first..

I`m sorry we live in a world where corporate owned rightwing parties will use the gay card, union card, dwell on fictional propaganda from the 90`s, lie cheat steal, pay the media to slime, omit real facts like how we`re drowning in the $140 billion debt these Liberals racked up during the last decade while simultaneously praising non-existent BC Liberal economic prowess,

Please friends, readers and contributors, don`t shoot the messenger...We need every vote possible.


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open



Anonymous said...

I have been a NDP supporter, provincial & federal. I have lost my way with all politicians, decades/centuries of the same systems, the same uncivilized human condition that existed ages ago still exists to this day.

What makes you think any of these individuals has the power to change anything?

I always come back to the same thing; its not about the party/individual but about human nature, until there are politicians talking and enacting laws that will make it tough for all the cheaters to cheat, nothing will change, decades of history will back me up.

To ASSUME makes an ass out of you and me.

ron wilton said...

I do not disagree with your assertions about the low lifes using uncouth and unfair tactics, but I belive in this day and age we are beyond that silliness and those crude enough to do it will have it come back to haunt them in the final analysis.

After all, do we really want the support of any of those who would be swayed by such poor taste attacks?

The BC lieberals, like their federal conterparts are imploding daily and if we somehow fail to banish them all to the trash heap at the next elections, we may not as a country be worth saving politically and other means will have to be deployed.

Grant G said...

Well Ron....We just lost an election because of professional sliming..

Even in the USA with only 2 parties running for the big prize, 53% to 47% was the margin of victory..10`s of millions of tea party voters..

Certain USA states are progressive, others regressive, British Columbia must be viewed in the same light..

Let me be clear, I won`t mind one bit if Mike Farnworth wins..

Our last election, Christy Clark used Hamish as a political prop, besides 100 Huntley street Christy appeared at many religious events..

We still live in a nasty world where kissing babies, shaking hands and showcasing your family is key to victory...

That`s why I thought George Heyman running for leadership was toxic, he led a public sector union, David Eby too, he defended people as a member of the BC Civil Liberties Society, including black-hooded Olympic protesters, both would be targeted for their past, right or wrong that`s the nature of the political beast.

Sad to say it Ron, I wish you were right..

But my gut tells me different.


Anonymous said...

Canada is rotten to the core with corruption, because of Harper. The BC Liberals are Harper's satellite party. Gordon Campbell twice lied and cheated to win his elections too, just as his good buddy Harper did. It now seems, Christy lied and cheated to win her election as well.

Both Farnsworth and Horgan are up against an opponent who will, use every dirty tactic in the book, to lie and cheat their election. Just as Harper is lining up his ducks in a row, to cheat his next election too.

I favor Horgan. However, I agree Farnsworth is a good candidate too. The best is, the NDP will have a very strong team and will all work together.

The worst is? How much of BC has Harper and Christy signed away to China?

James F said...

I respect the writer of this blog, so I want it known that I am not lashing out at him personally. But he tells it like he sees it; and so, i feel obliged to do the same.

I believe the two-party system is irredeemably corrupted and controlled by the same large interest. Hence I do not see how the official opposition can right the ship. Let me explain a little further:

Instead of John Horgan as interim leader, Adrian Dix is hanging on, and speaking on many issues although he has little credibility with either the public or many (former) NDP supporters. Hmmm, how convenient for the government. And what is one to say of Dix at this point.

It’s also been so disappointing to see how many principled, thoughtful stalwart NDP individuals have been pushed aside or ignored by the party executive: Mike Sather, Corky Evans, Guy Genter, Tom Perry, Harold Steves, Joan Smallwood and Gary Coons come to mind.

And then, of course, there was that convention coup d'etat conducted against Jagrup Brar by all the same-old suspects.

Now look at this so-called Forward BCNDP, a group that claimed to want to renew the direction, and leadership of the BC NDP by involving new voices, new policies and new people.

While the face of Forward BCNDP might have appeared new to the public , the public spokesperson of the group was anything but a new face to the BC NDP, and in fact, is one whose roots go deep in the internal power base of veteran NDP’ers : Sage Aaron.

Sage Aaron is the daughter of Sue Hammell, long time MLA of the Surrey Green Timbers riding, elected in 1991, 1996, 2005, 2009, 2013. Sage is married to James Papadopolous and both have participated in past BC NDP campaigns.

Both Sage and James were instrumental in Craig Keatings campaign for president. None of this is news to NDP members or delegates, but it’s likely to be news to the general public

Nor is the Jeff Meggs, vote-stuffing Jan O'brien Vision Vancouver my-way-orthe highway model going to carry the BC NDP into the executive offices of Legislature.

Backroom politics and “Liberal Lite” is not going to re-engage progressive voter.


Several Big Questions said...

I'm wondering what their respective positions are on the ballooning provincial debt, already onerous tax/fee burden, IPPs, Site C, LNG export, coal mining, Northern Gateway? BC Rail? Smart grid? Decriminalization/Legalization of Cannabis? The twinning of the Kinder Morgan Pipeline? The worst child poverty in the country? Intense pressure on the ALR?

Are we going to expect answers on these questions? Or, is this going to be another carefully arranged Dixian cake-walk to nowhere?

Is one of these guys going to get out front and take the province where he thinks it best for the next ten or twelve years? Or, are we going to watch them lean back and enjoy their sinecure in perpetual opposition?

Grant G said...

James F....

As to Jagrup Brar being shunned, I agree completely..

I believe it was done to avoid another mass Indo-Canadian Surrey sign up..

We saw that play before with Ujal Dosange..

Jagrup Brar would never capture an election win..(IMO)

Same with Dana Larsen, imagine if Dana Larsen gathered up 100,00 pot smokers, and managed to convince them to vote for his leadership campaign.

Respecting Democracy means Dana Lasrsen would be NDP leader.

It would also mean that the NDP would lose the next election..

I`m a firm believer in Democracy but..

But Democracy doesn`t work when one can attain mass sign ups on ethnic grounds or through guile.

To be honest, I`m at a loss..

Personally speaking, I believe a small trustworthy not tainted group of deciders should choose the leader.

I know that isn`t democratic, but neither is mass sign ups.

We need a star chamber to decide..

Gather up a group of people(say 21 people) representing different segments of British Columbia..

Have the contenders plead their case and let them decide..

And the star chamber group is never the same..

A star chamber made up of unknown..

A teacher, a plumber, a lawyer, a doctor, an environmentalist, a grandmother, taxi driver, fishermen, gas field worker, a student, a drop-out, ..

A mix of real people..

I`ll trust average joe and jane`s judgement over political hacks any day of the week.


Hugh said...

Max explains economic situation, @ 4:50