Monday, October 28, 2013

Paul Kariya, Run Of River Power Industry Spokesman Puts Both Feet In His Mouth, A Clueless Industry Shill

This is indeed getting interesting, all the dirty rats squirming to get a piece of the action, the only problem is....There is still no game or arena in which to play in..

Paul Kariya(Run of river private power spokesman) is using First Nations support and power to turn the screw, an article appeard in the Vancouver Sun today titiled...

"First Nations Fear Being Cut Out Of LNG Boom"

A couple of months ago Bill Bennet(BC`s energy minister) announced 10 run of river projects have been cancelled while 9 others have been put way off into the future.. The reason this was done is BC Hydro is losing $billions of dollars on purchasing high-priced run of river power, power no one will buy anywhere near the price we pay, $130 dollar per mega-watt hour while electricity on the spot market is around $30 dollars, there is even almost free power from other jurisdictions at night....stopping further run of river projects from happening is the only smart thing Christy Clark`s BC Liberals have done...

And that announcement sent shockwaves through the run of river plunderer`s world, no more free cream, no more guaranteed largesse all coming from the backs, shirts and sweat of BC Hydro ratepayers..As your BC Hydro rates are scheduled to rise by 70% over the next three years as it is, all that harm caused by Gordon Campbell`s run of river ponzi scheme, Gordo`s public dollar theft, dollars funneled to his corporate friends...

So now comes Paul Kariya squirming out from beneath his rock, trying to use First Nations as leverage to force the B.C. Government to order BC Hydro to acquire $billions of dollars more of high-priced run of river electricity to power LNG plants on the coast!!!!

Wake the hell up Paul Kariya, you son of bitch...Let me be clear and succinct, GO TO HELL...

First off, LNG plants require enormous gobs of energy, reliable 24/7 energy 365 days a year, something run of river can`t deliver..Second..LNG producers want dirt cheap power, they want power at a fraction of the cost we BC Consumers pay, yet run of river power contracts are at 5 times the going spot market rate and 10 times the rate big industry pays now...So my question to you Paul Kariya is..

Who do you suggest subsidizes the LNG producers electrical power needs, do you want Joe Public to pay?..The BC Government to pay?...Who...LNG producers want virtually free-power and you Paul Kariya are proposing LNG producer use gobs of high-priced run of river power that your association can build, providing you get guaranteed 30, 40, 60 year contracts..You and Gordon Campbell have already destroyed BC Hydro and busted ratepayers...Go crawl back under your rock...And one more thing..

NO LNG companies have agreed to build anything in BC, final investment decisions, shouldn`t we wait for energy companies to make a final investment decision first????...Which brings me to another angle..Let`s crunch some numbers..

Christy Clark during the election stated British Columbia could receive anywhere from $180 BILLION TO $260 BILLION OVER 30 years from LNG revenues...and Christy also promised the lowest LNG tax regime in the world..It doesn`t add up, not even close...Here is the problem, according to rumours and one article the BC LNG tax regime will be as such...If energy companies sell LNG at a low price the tax will be low, if they sell LNG at a high price the tax will be higher..That is a recipe for disaster..take Petronas for example, they will be selling LNG to themselves at super low prices thus avoiding high taxation, and that opens up the entire taxation scheme to fraud, energy companies can sell LNG gas to subsudiary companies cheap to avoid taxation..Just think about it, a energy company that sells LNG cheap will pay a puny tax, while a energy company that inks a lucrative energy buying contract gets punished with high taxation..


And here is the article on BC`s taxation scheme..

And Gordon Hoekstra has a real good read on LNG, he highlights how there are no final investment decisions, no pipelines built, no infrastructure, nothing...


"While B.C. has collected significant revenues from natural gas in the past decade, peaking at $1.9 billion in royalties in the 2005-2006 fiscal year, that had dropped to $339 million by 2011-2012.
If five LNG plants are built, the province estimates it will collect between $130 billion and $260 billion in related revenue, including from existing provincial taxes and royalties, over the life of those plants.
On average, that would mean B.C. would collect $4.3 billion to $8.7 billion a year in LNG revenues."


First off, there won`t be 10 LNG plants built in BC, Christy Clark`s numbers are so far fetched...

To build an LNG plant..$20 billion...Pipeline from northeast BC $5 billion...wage and expenses over 30 years..$5 billion dollars...$30 billion dollars..

Let us assume 5 LNG plants get built...Christy Clark stated we could collect $260 million dollars over 30 years..Let us round that number off to $250 billion dollars.$250 billion divided by 5 LNG companies is $50 billion dollars.

$50 billion plus $30 billion is $80 billion...Meaning these LNG plants have to produce $80 billion over 30 years in profit to break even..To make them viable that number needs to rise to double that..$160 billion dollars over 30 years..

Meaning these LNG companies need to make nearly $6 billion in profit per year..

Now, Christy Clark promised to pay off our $170 billion dollar BC debt, pay off BC Hydro debt, BC Ferry debt, pay off toll bridges, eliminate our sales tax, build hospitals and schools with LNG revenue and $100 billion in a prosperity fund..

Yet, in 2001 our BC debt stood at $31 billion dollars, now after 12 years of BC Liberal ruinous rule our debt stands at over $170 billion dollars, our BC debt has gone up over $10 billion dollars per

We now have to pay over $2 billion per year in interest even if those revenue projections posted above by Gordon Hoekstra came true..We need $7 to $10 billion per year to fix the structural deficit the BC Liberals have created...

Our courts are underfunded by a $100 million, public education is in a dire financial situation, we as a province don`t, and haven`t paid our bills for years..The NDP and previous Governments couldn`t defer the costs of everything they built, they actually paid for infrastructure whereas the BC Liberals have deferred payment on almost everything.

BC Ferries pay $millions in interest on their debt, BC Hydro has $5 billion in deferral debt..Golden ears bridge, not paid for..Port Mann not paid.Sea to sky highway not paid for, Abbotsford hospital not paid for, P` buying contracts, the BC Liberals are living on credit card money, the BC taxpayer`s future money..

These LNG plants are not going to be lucrative, the taxation scheme is rife for fraud...and even if we did receive $250 billion in revenues over $30 years from LNG that money is only enough to pay our ongoing bills..It won`t create a prosperity fund and won`t be enough to pay off our debt, cuz..

The way the BC Liberals rack up deficits and debt B.C. needs $300 billion in revenue over the next 30 years just to stay where we are debt $170 billion, broke, dysfunctional.

Anywho...more on LNG to come...And as for Paul Kariya, wake the hell up and think before you put your green run of river power foot in your mouth...Go talk to Petronas, to Shell Canada, the BG Group(British Gas)..Go ask those LNG producers who use gobs and gobs of electricity to freeze natural gas if they are willing to pay $130 per mega-watt hour..$120..$100...Ask them if they will pay $70 dollars...$60...$50 dollars...Ask them if they will pay $40 dollars for power, and the answer will still be a big fat no...

So who do you want to pay for this $130 dollar plus per mega-watt hour power Paul Kariya?

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Jon Ghun said...

Fine piece. Thanks for caring in these perilous times.

As you make most abundantly obvious, their lies and crimes are going to be the ruin of the province. When the wheels finally come off and the place crashes in flames, we both they'll have yoked us with the bill, as they flee for safety elsewhere.

By the way, you we're also right about that alexy fraud. A whiney, narrow-minded, hypocrite of the worst sort. First he calls for a free-for-all and then closes down debate within strict parameters like some sort of tin-pot dictator. Anyway, he's done.

Stay strong and keep up the good fight.

We are legion and the truth will out.


Anonymous said...

As well as being a time of material darkness, this is also the age where you do whatever you hope you can get away with because... it may not be seen and then you are good to gone (grin). It is the zenith of self interest.

But the day of reckoning is near and the ledgers will be balanced one way or another.

Grant G said...

Thanks Jon Ghun..Sorry about the delayed editing on this post..So busy, I had no time to proofread..All fxed now..

As for AGT, he`s a conman and bullshitter, he promises the moon and delivers the gum off his shoes.

And Jon...I may be grumpy at times, but I don`t fake and pander like AGT.

I can be critical of the left, right and center.

AGT is a bootlicking Harper supporter, a clueless twit and habitual liar and ultra habitual exaggerator.

Yea, Ronald Reagan had conversations with AGT back in the day, ...When pigs fly!..And I can cite a hundred other whoppers from AGT..


Elwood said...

Grant, I can't link to Richey Conman's lng tax scam for BC in ur article. And today Flip Wilson is now his Buy BC LNG lieutenant. Now is that not a complete joke. Another con job on BC. Also today a right-wing Lieberal group called Canada West Foundation stated that Chrusty's BC LNG is all a pipe-dream and a scam. You need to read that too.

Grant, the Lieberals and MSM is fleecing us BCers and I am so glad that you are telling the truth for all to read. A very big thank-you.

Grant G said...

Elwood...I`m working on that link, I`ll have to subscribe to get access...I`m waiting on that.

The gist of the article was vague, however..

It is being designed in a way that if LNG exporters aren`t receiving a big buck the tax is low..If they sell for top top dollar the tax rises, it`s a floating scale..

But that sets up a scenario where those less scrupulous will deliberately sell cheap to avoid taxation on all ends, a wink wink nod scenario..

Think about Petronas, they supply their home nation natural gas, they aren`t a private company they are a Government, and they sell to other countries, can`t you see that being exploited, sell to themselves for a loss, while selling out the side-door for top dollar.


Anonymous said...

Let us not forget this:

Fazil Mihlar went from the Fraser Institute to being an editor with the Vancouver Sun to being the Assistant Deputy Minister in charge of the B.C. Liberal government’s oil & gas initiatives.

You can almost smell the greed and corruption.

This guy and his merry band of thieves are not going to stop until we forcefully demand that they do so.

Anonymous said...

Hi - why do you think that IPP energy is such a bad thing? It is clean and green and reliable, and reduces GHG emissions from coal and gas.

Grant G said...

IPP run of river kill salmon, they are not green..

Are you stunned, unaffordable BC Hydro rates and now you want ratepayers to subsidize the fake LNG industry.

I waste no more time with the obtuse xomment.

Good Day

kootcoot said...

anonocrap sez:

"- why do you think that IPP energy is such a bad thing? It is clean and green and reliable, "

I will waste a second dealing with this tomfoolery.

It ain't clean, it ain't green (except for the green into BC LIEberal friends' pockets) and it ain't reliable. So zero for three Mr. Zero!

I certainly hope this is a different Paul Kariya than the one who played hockey for the Ducks.

Anonymous said...

Grant G
Why do you think run of river kill salmon? Run of river don't have salmon. Except for Kokish River which only a small part of the water is diverted so not to affect the salmon, show me another IPP that has salmon?

Run of river are always above fish barriers so that salmon cant get up to them.

Grant G said...

You are a clueless you know what...

Read this..


Media Release - January 23, 2013

"FOI reveals massive non-compliance by independent power projects operating in the South Coast region in 2010

VANCOUVER – A Freedom of Information request filed by the Wilderness Committee has revealed significant non-compliance at 16 independent power projects (IPPs) operating in the South Coast region of British Columbia in 2010.

An internal report compiled by the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNR) revealed*:

300+ instances of ramping non-compliance (Ramping refers to water levels being increased and decreased at an operating IPP. Ramping too quickly can strand and kill fish.)
290 cases involving failure to report non-compliance incidents
100 cases related to inadequate mitigation (e.g. rescuing fish after ramping events)
46 cases of non-compliance relating to inadequate instream flow requirements (IFR)

The frank 2012 report highlights the “limited ability” of government officials to respond to non-compliance incidents at river diversion projects, and flags concerns with the variety of different IPP monitoring and reporting requirements. The stated purpose of the report was to “document the scope and causes of non-compliance at these facilities...and to develop recommendations for addressing the issue.”

While the report looks at 16 different IPPs in the region, the majority of non-compliance incidents occurred at five facilities.

“This report shows that the IPP industry is poorly regulated and is not in compliance with the regulations that do exist,” said Gwen Barlee, Policy Director for the Wilderness Committee. “This considerable degree of non-compliance requires immediate action and enforcement. It’s simply not acceptable to let this industry run itself – the impact to our rivers and fish is too great.”

The report also draws attention to the impact of IPP non-compliance on fish. Due to poor industry monitoring, reporting and mitigation on incidents that impact fish, only 94 individual fish deaths were reported. In reality, the number of fish mortalities is likely much higher. The report emphasizes that the low number of mortalities reported should be considered “the minimum”.


Go read, learn, stop blathering about items you are clueless about.

Good Day

Anonymous said...

Grant C - this article does not say that IPP streams have salmon, and neither does it say noncompliance results in the mortality of salmon. You have failed to answer. Which IPPs have salmon (except for Kokish)?

There are about 100 IPPs (and 13,000 streams) in BC. Five of them are the main offenders in compliance. So shut them down.

One of the main offenders (Lower Mamquam) is actually government owned and operated. It is not even an IPP. Government can get away with things that IPPs can never get away with, as this demonstrates.

And then you fail to note that IPPs build spawning channels resulting in hundreds of thousands of fry being produced every year that make up well for the hundreds that may perish due to mishaps. These channels have been very successful and also help in feeding our exploding Grizzly bear population.

Grant G said...

LMT...I grow weary of your garbage..Read this, fresh off the press

IPP`s harm fish..

You IPP shills are pathetic, you offer up inuendo and pony up no proof..

Good day

Anonymous said...

So did you decide to censor my comment? And why?


Grant G said...

LMT...I have no need to debate anything with you..

First off, the post isn`t about fish, it`s about high-priced run of river long-term contracts that LNG exporters won`t pay for, the idea that LNG exporters should use 100`s of run of river power projects and we the people pay the large difference in price, ..

You get it?

BC Hydro is near bankrupt over IPP long term contracts and you suggest hundreds more..

I won`t debate that..

Call up Shell, Petronas and ask them if they are willing to pay $130 dollars a mega-watt hour, if they say no, ask them how much will they pay, if they say $1 dollar a mega-watt hour can Paul Kariya`s IPP buddies accommadate power for that price?

If they say yes, get back to me.

Good Day