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Capitalist Fascism or Democratic Socialism.

Fascism And Contemporary Canada.  Locating The Present Conservative Government Led By Stephen Harper. ..

"The fog of Fascism and Famine, neither kill quickly and not until you can see where you `re going will you know from where you came"...Grant G

 Part Five. 

 Capitalist Fascism or Democratic Socialism.

Written by Robin Mathews

At the present, in Canada, it’s fascism, Conservative government style.  Built on a mountain of lies.            [In a democracy fascism has to be built on a mountain of lies.]

The first lie is the hardest to see, the biggest - The Killer – “there is no climate change that matters”. 

From there … the other lies and lying actions spring.  Win power by election fraud. Muzzle scientists. Destroy regulation (especially environmental legislation). Attack critics, call them terrorists. Undermine unions. Castrate Parliament. Fund corrupt cronies. Rape the environment. Make secret, foreign, super-Capitalist treaties. Buy toadies – fill the PMO, the cabinet, the Senate, the courts with toadies.  They’re easy to find, cheap to buy.  Buy who you need.  And lie ….

It works.  For awhile it works.  And then ….  And then from the pollution lakes of the Tar Sands, from methane gas seeping from conventional oil and fracking site leaks all over Canada, from corporate offices of the Big Six banks, from the whispering elevators carrying executives to top corner offices on Bay Street, from the stench of the Prime Minister’s Office, the freakshow of the Senate, from the waste baskets of the failed Opposition Parties a concept, a phrase not at all new, not at all planned to appear … surfaces … resurfaces. Truth begins to dawn – and with it – a need for different language. 

In British Columbia the catastrophic, mind-blowing, Alice-in-Wonderland, George Orwellian, rationally planned collapse of the New Democratic Party in the 2013 election unleashed the concept, the phrase, a little faster in B.C. than elsewhere.  For in British Columbia the fraud of fascism hit very hard.

The fraud of fascism – government in the hands of private, greed-driven corporations supported by police and the courts – took on real meaning.  “Buy us”, the NDP said.  “We’re for sale.  We’re cheap. See, we’re not even fighting. We refuse to mention your role in B.C. corruption. We’re yours.  Please ….”

“Oh,” … said a hardly noticeable little man standing on the sidelines, a man called Chuck Marcks, “… that’s what Social Democrats like the NDP always do.  They join fascism … and always have.”

So they’re all gone into fascism in Canada: Conservatives, Liberals, NDP.  And the good Green leader hasn’t named the key concept, hasn’t said the phrase: Democratic Socialism.

The dare word is out:  Socialism.  The word condemned for sixty years is out and about, alive and vital, like green grass growing between the dark planks of Conservative government fascism, between Liberal non-promises, between highway signs saying the NDP wants bland, do-nothing, good-mannered disagreement. The phrase has been uttered in British Columbia in what is, maybe, a first, fledgling organization: “The Vancouver Ecosocialists Group”.  Ecology and Socialism.

It’s that simple, that complicated.  The Capitalist system has rotted and rotted into Global Fascism … with a hundred names.  In Canada it has rotted into the present Conservative government led by Stephen Harper. U.S. ‘Democracy’ is Capitalist Fascism.  Chinese ‘Communism’ is Capitalist Fascism. And so it goes … with a hundred names: the One Per Cent, “Globalization”, “Outsourcing to Slave Economies”, Free Trade, The Bilderberg Group, the IMF, FIPPA, TPP, NAFTA, CETA, NATO ….

The phrase “Democratic Socialism” is small.  The concept is large.  It means a whole system change.  Capitalism – unleashed, freed, unregulated, concentrated, brutalized, militarized – rules the planet.  Capitalist fascism is destroying the planet.  It is destroying human life on the planet. Now.

Climate change is Capitalism at work. Tar Sands rot is Capitalism at work.  African wars are Capitalism at work.  U.S. ‘Democracy’ is Capitalism at work.  Chinese ‘Communism’ is Capitalism at work.  Canadian Conservatism is Colonized Capitalism. All are fascist or the bedfellows of fascism. Just look at them.

Democratic Socialism means a complete system change – means the last thread of hope against Global Warming, against the end of human life on the planet.  Democratic Socialism means rule by the One Hundred Per Cent.  It means a planet that can scrape by, can survive while all the adjustments (and technologies) are pursued that can free earth and support human population on it … maybe just in time.

In Canada … begin.  Destroy Election Fraud which means destroy the Conservative government led by Stephen Harper.  And move on from there.  Move on from the present Conservative government in Canada … and from the possible others that would do almost the same as that government.  Move on to Democratic Socialism … while there is time. 

It’s that simple; that complicated.  Choose Capitalist fascism with the present Conservative government led by Stephen Harper and choose the death of human life on the planet. Or choose Democratic Socialism.

It’s that simple.

Written by Robin Mathews


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The Other Road Serfdom said...

Hmmm...Please don't mistake me for any sort of supporter of the harper regime. And, i do want to state that Mr. Matthews is absolutely right when he notes that the provincial ndp leadership was paid off to take a dive (ie., controlled opposition designed to flop).

But, perhaps after unleashing such a blistering round of rhetoric, Mr Matthews might care to take a breath and then spell out just a little of what he has in mind when he repeatedly calls for "socialism."

What sort of new order does he see arising from the rule of the 100%? Is that going to be something akin to the utopian pipe dream of the withering away of the state, whilst the dictatorship of the proletariate takes power and proceeds to violently oppress the masses for their own good? Has he not conceived of the possibility that any sort of centralized authority can brought under the control of the bankers? I wonder if he even knows who funded the rise and rule of the red russia and red china.

I suggest he's either missing something fundamental in his arguments or avoiding it intentionally.

Now i have to ask how Mr. Matthews would feel about the notion that we all begin to take personal responsibility for our own existence and start moving away from any sort of model of social control, be it corporate or state?

i'll be waiting for an intelligent reply.


Jon Ghun said...

I think that Mr Matthews may want to try and read the latest IPCC report for himself before he goes on about man-made global warming.

It seems each IPCC report is required to conclude that the case for an international agreement to curb carbon dioxide has grown stronger. That is to say the IPCC report (and especially the press release accompanying the summary) is a political document, and as George Orwell noted, political language “is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

With respect to climate, we have had 17 years without warming. Let me type that again. we have had 17 years without warming. All models show greater tropical warming than has been observed since 1978; and arctic sea ice is suddenly showing surprising growth.

And yet, as the discrepancies between models and observations increase, the IPCC insists that its confidence in the model predictions is greater than ever.

Referring to the 17 year ‘pause,’ the IPCC allows for two possibilities: that the sensitivity of the climate to increasing greenhouse gases is less than models project and that the heat added by increasing CO2 is ‘hiding’ in the deep ocean. Both possibilities contradict alarmist claims made by the IPCC at other points.

Beyond that, Mr Matthews may want to have a read of the article/interview that follows (i will do my best to hot link it). Beyond that, he would do well to do his own research into who funds and runs this insider front organization: >OECD, "We Must Eliminate Fossil Fuels"<

Grant G said...

@Jon Ghun...

First off, Global warming isn`t the topic...Your rhetoric is misplaced, and wrong..

It`s actually alot hotter than you know, the reason temperature is not spiking, contrary to models is from the Government plot, scheme, ....Chem-trails everywhere, chemtrails dispersed by industry and Government..

Chem-trails block the sun, reflect the sun back into space..Global dimming..

Have you noticed, in most parts of the world the blue skies are not crisp, they are foggy/misty blue, chemtrails cool the earth.

I have noticed the blue summer skies are not clear and crisp summer skies, and it is getting worse...
And, Arctic ice that IS MELTING FAST..

What the hell, you don`t think rivers of ice-cold water entering the ocean doesn`t have a cooling effect for now???

Ice water set loose is carried by tide and tradewinds around the world.

Put a couple of ice cubes in your glass of water and see what happens?

You climate change denier idiots are so simplistic, how can you think belching out pollution unabted cannot be bad..


Watch and learn, the reason why temperatures are being kept down..Manipulation through chemtrails and pollution itself..

You idiots are too stupid to understand who is killing you, destroying the earth..

Anonymous said...

You won't ever hear the Greens whisper Democratic Socialism because they are Conservatives when it comes to tax policies. User pay, lower taxes, consumption tax and no income taxes.
The NDP is the closest party to DS but no wonder they never get elected, always getting it from the right and the left.
Thanks for nothing Robin.

Danneau said...

Even in places where the word Socialism is plastered all over the party name, it seems to be socialism in name only. The fourteen years of the administration of François Mitterand, the prime ministership of Lionel Jospin, and the first year (plus) of François Hollande as president in France have shown pretty clearly that the party and politics take precedence over government, and that the Ayn Rand crowd are able to hold the whole economy hostage. It's laughable to think that individuals will, in the course of looking out for themselves, also do what is necessary for society to flourish, yet the Randians want to have all the benefits of living in a society that will promote the flourishing of civilization. We may be frightened by the prospect of what socialism might be, but it could hardly be more damaging than the level of social control under which we presently live. Typically, we are averse to finding consensus with others because we fear sacrifice of material wealth (which seems likely to be forced by the consequences of resource penury, overpopulation,pollution, inequity and, yes, climate-related disasters) and by loss of perceived ability to self-determine. Any society that can't pull together will disintegrate, as ours is in the process of doing.

Jon Ghun said...

Kinda' wish you hadn't called me an an idiot to begin. But i generally like what you do here and this is not your work per se; so i'm going to take the slap for the team and proceed onwards in the hopes that we can get past it.

I'll try to be more clear and civil; and hopefully we can find some common ground going forward.

Firstly, i wholly concur with you when you point out that we are being sprayed, chem-trailed. However, i have a different take on the reasons and results.

Please bear with me and I'll try to explain myself.

Although none of us outsiders really know what this chemtrailing is all about; it has been my experience that the residue forms a barrier. which then 'traps' heat near the surface, thereby making the temperature higher than it might otherwise have been.

That is not to say that chemtrails are not reflecting light, because they no doubt are doing that as well.

It's just that sun light (a form of energy which is not yet heat) appears to be able to travel through the film to make it to the surface of the earth, where it is then converted into heat, only to be kept near the surface by the overhead barrier of chemicals sprayed from planes. So i would respectfully suggest that chemtrails are both dimming and warming our atmosphere.

Isn't it possible that, after trying to frighten us with a new ice age in the 70s (remember that?), the overlords had to shift the dialectic to warming but were eventually caught in a big lie (designed to impose a carbon tax) and are now trying to engineer enough warming to make their story plausible.

( As a side bar, let me offer to send you all of the information i have where it was shown that the small clique of official ipcc scientists were caught fraudulently manipulating the data in a desperate attempt to prove man-made global warming. Hockey stick graph anyone?)

Anyway, I have no intention of getting into an argument with you and I agree that I was off topic. Then again, Mr Matthews did raise this issue at least twice.

If I may, I should also state that i do indeed believe we are seeing climate "change", but even the completely politicized ipcc has admitted that there has been no actual "warming" for nearly two decades. Change does not equal warming; and we must all distinguish between the two.

Moreover, the causes of climate changes are likely to be found 1) in the variations of solar emissions which occur naturally, which have absolutely nothing to do with anything "man-made" that is taking place; and 2) in the movement of the great waters that cover most of our planet.

There is absolutely no hard science that proves that CO2 (at a mere 2% of the atmosphere) has affected our climate.

Additionally, everyone agrees that there was a significant period of warming in the middle ages, which was long before we began industrializing and using fossil fuels that emit CO2.

Now please don't misunderstand me; I want nothing more than for our waters and air to remain perfectly clean. But that can be addressed through strong environmental laws and proper stewardship. We do not need another tax to achieve those goals. We just need good governance. The carbon tax that scampbell imposed has done nothing to improve environmental conditions and amounted to a transfer of wealth from the population onto the bottom line of a select few corporations. Go figure.

Should you be interested, i will also gladly post information and sources that contradict the ipcc/royal society claims that the arctic and antarctic are showing any more melting than usual.

I had to laugh at those guys who thought that, with all the melting supposedly taking place in the Northern Passage, they would just sail out of English Bay and navigate themselves to the eastern shores of North America. Turned out that they had to be rescued en route as the ice closed in on them fast and early.

Keep up the good work.


Grant G said...

Arctic ice is melting, a smidgeon of Antarctic ice is growing, a tiny little area..

I don`t need science, my eyes tell me the sky isn`t blue anymore, globing dimming is a fact, view the links I provided..Why is methane hydrates melting in the arctic..

Yes there are variables such as the sun, but the ocean is coming more acidic, species are dying, and 20% less sunlight is reaching the earth`s surface..That is why, that is one of the reasons for chemtrails, geo-engineering..

And what if the Government is screwing with the atmosphere to shield us from global warming.

Warming, cooling, either way, does it matter, besides greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere these emissions are pollution, what is wrong with removing emissions, methane is brutal on the ozone,methane wil and is leaking from nat gas drill holes, methane leaking from melting permafrost.

When aircraft were grounded around the world after the 911 trade tower event temperatures spiked everywhere, no chemtrails, no bon trails, just clear air, temperatures rose, what does that tell you..

That windy rain event 2 weeks ago, when the blue sky peaked through, it was cyrstal clear blue sky, because the rain and wind washed away the chemtrails.

Yes I shouldn`t have used the word idiots..My apologies..

People need to recognize that greenhouse gasses are actually pollution..

That`s why you don`t suck a tailpipe, or run your car in a enclosed garage.


Jon Ghun said...

No worries.

And i totally agree: We have a catastrophic pollution problem and carbon particulate is a major part of it.

More than, it's getting worse and I want this to be addressed and rectified immediately; but i refuse to be misdirected so that they can slap another tax on my meagre existence while doing nothing at all about the problems.

Thanks for doing what you do. I really do appreciate it.


Kreditanstalt said...

"Fascism"? Maybe. "Capitalism"? Nothing even close.

I'm not so sure I want either the tyranny of the democratic majority or the thieving redistributive socialism we have now...

How about trying the one thing they haven't considered...? Real free-market capitalism.

Grant G said...

@Jon Ghun..

Absolutely, I am totally against carbon taxes for consumers without choice..

Or tolls, road fees, congestion charges and the like..

I hear Bill Good and other wealthy people talking adding more fees for infrastructure, fees for this, for that..ICBC going up, BC Hydro, Ferry fares, wages and pensions are flat..

The rich don`t get it, we get it..The more you give politicians the more the more tax dollars they want.

BC`s caerbon tax is useless, it didn`t reduce our emissions by a single gram..

Bullshit spin..

Marc Jaccard, Weaver and others advocate a carbon tax so high you are forced to stop deiving, yet they offer no alyernative, no choice..

The middleclass is dying, corporate profits through the roof, they can pay, corporations, high earners can be taxed at 50%, if they don`t like it, leave.

At one time ferries got built, roads built, bridges and transit, plus health and education, at one time a few simple taxes paid for everything.

Now we have user fees, tolls, levies, carbon taxes, more gas taxes, BC Hydro taxes, transit taxes, taxes on everything, new fees on everything.

Every year property taxes rise, cities and provinces blather away about how just a few more casinos, a few more highrises, a few more industrial sites will create a large enough tax base to run things but its a lie..

The more they get the more they need..

British Columbia is a sick province, diseased, ruined by bought politicians..Harper is destroying Canada..

Something has to give, maybe a revolution resulting in all the lawyers shot, right after all the politicians are shot, these bastrds and bastardesses are sitting too comfy, the fear of god needs to put in their head, shoot one monkey to put the rest inline..fear, threats and retribution can go both ways, it hasn`t for awhile..Tic Toc..

Governments, corporates, the wealthy, these creatures only care about their time, lie and cheat and pass the torch to the next liar politician..

There won`t be millions of jobs, labour shortages, that lie has been run for the last decade, corporations have been saying that for a reason, so the public lets them get away with poisoning, polluting and making huge profits..Always with that lie that very soon, the next decade the corporates will need millions of workers..


Anonymous said...

Harper is no Conservative. Never has been. Harper was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation of 1989. Harper even hired Wolfgang Droege and his Heritage Front as, security for Preston Manning.

Neo-Nazis donated to Harper's Alliance.
July 18/2002

Stephen Harper guilty of treachery
July 21/2013

Grant G said...

Make sure to leave proper link addresses.

Grant G said...

Grant G said...

Yes indeed, Harper is a corporate shill, a deranged freak,l he will be gone very soon

Jon Ghun said...

Knew we were mostly in agreement.

Yes, surely something's gotta' give.

Strong suspicion that the u.s is going to have itself another little false flag event in the not too distant future.

We really should forming a plan to move forward once the s.h.t.f.

From my perspective, the key lies in the creation and issuance of money or currency. But that may turn out to be a luxury to begin things anew, as it does have to be backed up by something solid, be it guns, gold, or property.

Most definitely going to be a very interesting year.

kootcoot said...

Sorry Jon, though I know calling some one an idiot doesn't advance the discourse, if those who claim that those who promote the FACT of climate change are in it for the money are if not idiots, then totally evil and complicit in the destruction of the planet.

It is just like the decades during which the tobacco companies denied both that tobacco was harmful and addictive, in spite of the fact their own research showed this was true and they manipulated nicotine levels to promote addiction.

The level of either denial or conscious deception one needs to have to suggest Al Gore, Suzuki, the IPCC etc. are promoting Climate Change for profit conveniently seems to either forget, not see or actively try to HIDE the obvious fact of who has the real money to gain from Climate Change denial - BIG FOSSIL FUELS!

If you look at the rare so-called "scientists" who tow the wagon of denial bullshit, sometimes it is even the same folks who once promoted the tobacco denial forces and they were no more qualified (they credentials) to deal with addiction/cardio-pulmonary health than they are with climate.

Also Jon those who made such a big deal about the e-mails in UK academia that "disproved" climate change have been totally discredited, but the deniers such as yourself pretend otherwise. Actually something like eight of the ten hottest years on record have been in the last decade, but don't let weather records get in the way of accusing Al Gore of getting rich off of Climate Change (at the expense of those poor mouth, hard done by oil and coal companies.

BTW new 20,000+ plus pipeline spill of Bakken Shale Oil erupting in farmers'fields (ala Beverly Hillbillies and Jeb) in South Dakota - where they also had three feet of snow at the end of September/beginning of October, that is really NORMAL.

Why do you think Harper has muzzled scientists? Because the science supports his agenda?

Sorry Grant for staying off topic, but apparently this has become the topic and fascism and Big Fossil Assholes are related, after all!

Anonymous said...

Facism, communism, dictatorship != Canada. Nonsense.

Corporations are running the world but it is no different and would be no different under say the Liberals.

Look what is happening in other countries around the globe that are socialist or communist and it is the same record.

Jon Ghun said...

Okay, Koot, let me try and make myself more clear:

1) To begin, there is "change" occurring in the climate--it's just not as simple as mere "warming". Please note the difference in these two words. We sometimes call it the weather where im from

2)I completely agree that there are a lot people, on all sides, in this argument for the money; and they may very well be a bunch of idiots. But I'm in for the truth and always stick to the facts for their own sake; so please don't tar me with this brush.

3) This is not about tobacco. Never was; never will be hold. The analogy is meaningless. (For the record, yes, I know--the seven sisters lied and suppressed science like harper does now)

4) I purposely did not mention gore/suzuki, nor will i bother with them here.

5) I absolutely agree that big oil (the rockefeller/rothschilde cartel) have the money to be funding opposition to the fact of "climate change." But i can categorically assure you that I am taking not a dime from anyone. I am also not denying "climate change". What I am saying is that they are playing both sides against the middle, in order to shift the burden onto the consumer for getting to a cleaner energy model. Surely you are not being fooled by their carbon tax lies?

6) Scientists al around this debate may be indeed be compromised; but I am not taking anyone's word for anything. I do my own due diligence and the facts do not bear out any claim of "warming" over the last two decades. Moreover, there was also a period of warming that occurred in the middle ages, which I'm sure you will agree was before we unleashed the fossil fuel demons. This alone suggest that there has been very large forces at work long before industrialization. I find it useful to make a point of distinguishing between "natural" change and "man-made."

7) Then there's this misrepresentation: "Also Jon those who made such a big deal about the e-mails in UK academia that "disproved" climate change have been totally discredited, but the deniers such as yourself pretend otherwise."

Well, firstly, I'm no denier. So let me repeat: Climate "change" is occurring, but it is not all about "warming". That line of thinking is too simplistic for me.

Also, what those folks, including Lord Moncton, proved was that the "official" scientists were actively gaming the data to get it to support the predetermined notion that the climate was "warming," precisely as their ideological masters at the ipcc required.

Now those folks may be discredited but you are going to have explain how and why; and then, that wouldn't change the fact that the "official" scientists gamed the data. be cont'd...

Jon Ghun said...


8) And when you write the following: " eight of the ten hottest years on record have been in the last decade;" I really have to ask where you get your facts from, being as the ipcc has just released a report admitting there has been no rise in temperatures in seventeen years.

Now that I've read it the ipcc report, I'll be most interested to read your data. Beacuse I relish debate and am not afraid of being wrong and learning anew. Hope the same is true for all concerned here.

9) No one agrees more than I do that big oil needs to be reined in and regulated to the teeth to keep things as clean and safe as possible. Please hear me when I write that I want clean energy as much as anyone.

10) Harper is muzzling scientists because of what they are finding about "pollution and its Ill effects on the environment." That is not the same issue as finding that carbon emissions are causing global warming. There is a significant difference to be found there and it's worth noting.

11) Completely agree that oil spils are unacceptable

12) Never said that snow in South Dakota at the end of September is "normal". But I will say that it is not "warming" either. It's a perfect example of climate "change" not "warming."


Anonymous said...