Friday, October 18, 2013

Open Letter To John Horgan

(This is a copy of the letter I sent to John Horgan earlier today)

Thanks for the heads up notice?....You know John..Adrian Dix and the NDP owe everyone in British Columbia an apology

John....Like it or not you are the only real choice we the people have...Yet I know, actually, I feel your predicament...The NDP at present is lost, no message, not knowing what message to even present to the public, the economy is so fucked up, there are no instant cures, LNG will be a bust, the gravy is leaving the movie industry, forestry is in a mid-term to long term mess, our fisheries are collapsing, so here stands the NDP..

Scared, no message, Brian Topp and his buddy Ken Boesenkool threw the last election...Robin Austin is panting like a puppy dog on the LNG file, while Adrian Dix speaks like he is wearing dishwashing gloves, as to not tarnish his skin...Soft/bland milktoast speak.

OK, so you are worried you can`t make a difference, you have no answers, not prepared for the big fight, maybe you have health issues..

John Horgan, maybe you aren`t the big picture guy, no great dreams, the movement where sustainability and reason rule the day can be led by someone else...

The NDP is laying on the ground bleeding, dying, no vision...SO WHAT THE HELL, DUST OFF YOUR JACKET AND GRAB YOUR PENSION..


Say hello to your family for me....And tell them, the task before the NDP and John Horgan was too difficult.....I and the party decided to quit..

Four years until an election, and we don`t even have an opposition..

(P.S. .....Mr. Horgan, telling the truth about our B.C. economy and near future no matter how frightening IS the path to victory...

It is never too late, you can change your mind)

Good Day..

Grant G


My letter to Mr. Horgan was rather snarky.....We 4 million losers in B.C. deserve to speak to the NDP in stark, and snark terms.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Myself, I would like to see Nathen Cullen as the leader of the NDP.

I believe it puts the BCNDP in a hopeless situation if it's only salvation is Mr.Horgan.

Anonymous said...

The BC NDP are as dead as, the BC Conservatives. The BC Liberals work for Harper. Christy Clark works for Harper, as Campbell did before her.

Harper is no Conservative. The BC Liberals, are not Liberals either.

Cheating to win is, Harper and the BC Libs mantra.

Kim said...

Hey Grant G,

Don't despair my friend. I think John has no intention of cutting and running with his pension. If he ran for leader, who would be left to do the hard work in the difficult transition?

He is a canny politician and a smart man. I'm thinking he has a vision and maybe an endorsement in mind.

Wait and see...

Anonymous said...

My guess that they got to him somehow.

But, anyway, maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Could be the time is near for us to stop counting on so-called leaders and instead doing the fighting for ourselves.

Elwood said...

Grant, I feel your pain. Horgan touched the emotional chord of BCers, he can run circles around Chrispy Cluck. John is a winner! Don't fret tho. In the past others have also bowed out well before the race even began and then a public up swell drafts them back in and they do come back in! Hope is eternal!

As you know, I have given up on the NDP as I do not want BC to become a polluting petro-state run out of Alberta. Andrew Weaver is now my focus as he is opposed to polluting LNG and fracking. He even mentioned your blog once. Even today on the news Andrew was the person the MSM asked about the Lieberals new water act. He is now our only opposition in my mind.

Again, do not fret. John Horgan may well yet change his mind and come back in before this is over.

Anonymous said...

I also would have liked to see John Horgan lead the NDP Party, but Nathan Cullen will do fine too and with John Horgan supporting him, NDP will make it!

Keep up the good work Grant, it's been a long haul.But THAT time is coming. Harper will be gone soon too.

Anonymous said...

Both parties have obviously been taken over by large financially-vested interests, and Horgan is too smart to let himself be folded into of that sort of politics.

If we want this province back, we're going to have to stand up and take it.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight.

In the lead up to the last BC ndp leadership run, secretary jan o’brien (wife of Vancouver councillor geoff meggs) allowed the dix campaign to sign up, well past the deadline, a mass of party memberships, thus putting Dix so far ahead, that both Horgan and Mike Farnworth combined couldn’t surpass the juggernaut. Of course, it was almost all Indo-Canadian votes, too.

Then, during the last campaign, some fly by night ontarian is handed the reins as the ndp manager (trying to forget his name) and he promptly proceeded to form a company with the guy who just happened to be running the liberal campaign.

Then he directed the dix campaign to turtle and take a shit kicking, while doing no constituency polling whatsoever.

In the meantime, Horgan watched all of this "tribalism" at play, while no one said a damn word to the contrary.

And now we hope he'll step up and pull our bacon out of the fire.

Not a chance.

Grant G said...

@anon 10.42 pm.

Too much AGT in your comment.

He(Alex) is irrelevant, a rightwing blathering Harper bootlicking pig, a spoon fed nothing who never had to work for a living.

Promises the world and delivers nothing...

As for your AGT comment...

Do you really think a mutiny and revolt two weeks before the election would have helped?

"Things in motion tend to stay in motion"

Come back when AGT actually writes something besides a free-for-all-weekend-header.

Good Day

Anonymous said...

Should have attributed most of that one paragraph to Alex--my bad. It's just that I felt the point was well made but wouldn't be accepted round here because of your animosity towards one another. I won't pull that again.

Nonetheless, the facts stand by themselves and they have nothing to do with Alex, apart from the fact that he happened to note that one incidence of significant fraud in his recent post.

Perhaps you can find it in yourself to get past your dislike of him, and he of you; so that the two of you can start to see the bigger picture--namely, that the entire provincial political situation has been corrupted and the main media outlets are deeply complicit as well.

I mean , what do you make of the three major facts that I noted in the previous comment?

Don't you think Horgan saw that writing on the wall?


Anonymous said...

Elwood.....Weaver shilled for the Campbell Liberals in 2009. He voted in favour of their budget in the recent leg sitting. If you are putting your faith in Weaver, then we may as well kiss BC goodbye. The Greens have no social conscience, only the NDP do.

If John has declined to run, then he has a good reason and that is to support someone that has not yet thrown their hat in. Whomever John supports, and that will come out eventually, then this may be the right choice. Thank you John for putting the Party ahead of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Anyone even remotely thinking the Enbridge pipeline is dead? Give your head a good shake. Christy Clark works for Harper as, Gordon Campbell did before her.

Christy Clark was never against the Enbridge. Christy backs the Enbridge, right to the hilt. Christy and Harper are supporting Black with, his refinery near Kitimat BC. How is the oil going to get to that refinery? Don't forget? Harper has already permitted Enbridge to begin the building of Enbridge pipeline.

Now there is another oil and gas tanker train, derailed at Gainford Alberta.

I believe if, the Keystone isn't built? The dirty Bitumen will go to the U.S. by tanker train.

Quite some time back Harper said? The Enbridge pipeline, WILL be built.

Citizens of BC are supporting the F.N. people in their battle against, the atrocity of the Enbridge pipeline and government greed.

Anonymous said...

What any Political Party needs these days is a message and a vision to get the economy and the ecology on rack after Conservative NWO types have been running the show for so long - no small feat.

Christy is hanging her shingle on Harpers poor economic theories and I cannot believe for aminute that fracking BC to smithereens is best for BC in years to come.

What to replace it with? There a ton of opportunities if someone has the guts to unite the party with a vision. BC is one of the most beautiful places on this earth.

Put some vision and some money into promoting it as a destination that is clear and clean?

Anonymous said...

So much too much that it really is!

We need a new peoples' party that is clearly defined as separate and apart from the BC Liars and the not-Greens and an unappointed uncorrupted BC Elections CEO and an uncorrupted MSM.


Grant G said...

E.A.F, your comment was deleted...You are clueless, your comment was bunk, John Horgan and I are friends, he actually called me, several times, including the morning of the first day the legislature opened after the election loss.

Go comment at Harvey oberstuffed blog, or AGT..

I know what Horgan has said, I have his response, out of a commitment to not print Horgan`s private words to me I didn`t print his long letter and response.

As to not stir up a hornets nest I didn`t publish John Horgan`s words, I gave him my word a long time ago.

.."I won`t publish private conversations without explicit permission"

Go away, go polish Oberfeld`s worm-filled apple.

Good Day