Wednesday, October 9, 2013

John Horgan, The Only Real Choice For NDP Leader, Democracy Be Damned

Well well well, time to discuss the NDP leadership issue, actually, it`s time to discuss who gets to vote for the new leader..

At present, one member one vote bullshit, $10 dollars to have the right to vote..

This is bullcrap, the party needs the best leader not who can win a popularity sign-up contest, and there are also external forces at play..


You all know who my choice is, the honourable John Horgan, yet he is at a disadvantage because of the relatively low population in his riding, and John Horgan won`t cheat to win like Adrian Dix did, and like Ujjal Dosanjh did in 2000...mass sign ups, especially in the Indo-Canadian community ..

I am not casting stones, or making accusations, I am talking about the facts on the ground...Christy Clark, Mike De Jong, Kevin Falcon....Adrian Dix..Ujjal Dosanjh exploited that community and other ethnic groups, Indo -Canadian power players. in their community Indo-Canadian leaders have the ability to sign up thousands of members, have the ability to choose the wrong leader, the ability to corrupt, the ability to change the outcome of a leadership contest and that`s exactly what happened in the past, it happened with the BC Liberals and NDP, and it will happen again..

Let me be clear, Mike Farnworth can`t win a provincial election, there are too many bigots, Farnworth is gay, no children, that opens him up to ridicule from rednecks and subtle racism slurs from many, just think about the BC Liberal challenger in 2017......If Mike Farnworth was chosen leader they(BC Liberal pundits and mud throwing scum) will talk of children, talk traditional family, talk church, religion and ...And I don`t personally care what Farnworth does or doesn`t do in his personal life but I am but one vote and Canada is full of racism, in the Fraser valley homophobic racists live, the bible belt, up north, the interior of the province...Mike Farnworth probably has the most name recognition in the lower mainland yet party brass and those in the know....They know Farnworth is not leadership material and can`t win a general election, just look how the BC Liberals with help from their media friends painted Adrian Dix, even Ezra Levant attacked Adrian, specifically Adrian Dix`s wife in a nasty piece of gotcha trash reporting(Although Harvey O liked it).

Dana Larsen. What if Dana Larsen managed a massive pot-head /NDP leadership sign up and won the NDP leadership, Dana Larsen seems quite personable and friendly, yet we know there is a video of him driving on our highways smoking on a crack pipe, ...We know this video would be played endlessly on cknw and Global media in BC Liberal attack ads.....Or George Heyman managed a big union drive/sign up and won the leadership contest, the NDP are already called the big union labour controlled party(even though it isn`t true anymore, unions are dying everywhere)....George Heyman as leader ads telling of big wage increases for teachers and HEU members, ads telling of people being forced to join unions or else..... ads would run thick and heavy implying such..

Nathen Cullen seems like a good potential leader, however he is up north in a low population area too, I`m not sure he wants to run, a Federal election comes up in 2015, our provincial election is 2017..I doubt Nathen Cullen will run for NDP provincial leader, however, no bulk sign ups in the north, he too, like Horgan is at a disadvantage to city boys...

We need a leader who can talk, a sharp wit, a good sense of humour, someone who speaks without bouncing(right adrian Dix?)..Speaks without stuttering or stammering(right Farnworth)...

We need a selection process that picks the best horse to run, the best horse that gives us a chance to win..not who wins a mass sign up contest.

My suggestion is delegates get to choose who the leader is plus another few hundred more voters who are long-time committed party members and a select list of pundits, bloggers and those concerned, people like David Schreck and Bill Tieleman, even The Straight Goods deserves a vote..

Yes, what I am suggesting is not democratic, but how Democratic is Ujjal Dosangjh and Adrian Dix bringing in sacks of money and stacks of member sign-up forms, both stacks separate from each other, yes, what Adrian, Dosanjh, Clark did to win their leaderships was shocking and the new normal..

At the leadership convention where Adrian Dix was crowned leader...It was quite funny, and sad what happened on that night..

The trade and convention center, the candidates came out, the crowd was chanting "Horgan Horgan, Horgan"....The convention floor was clearly for John Horgan....The real live person momentum was for John Horgan...And yet, Adrian Dix has stacks of faceless sign up sheets, he had won before the contest even started, ..Adrian won through manipulation and ethnic sign up drives....Farnworth received alot of votes from casual party members, those who voted for name recognition voted Farnworth..

And then there are those in the know, those who knew of John Horgan, those who heard him speak, those following the issues and those who know who all the political players are and how well they communicate also knew that John Horgan was the best we had...How is it a convention floor was chanting Horgan, Horgan, Horgan, momentum, the crowd, almost everyone present at the leadership convention was pulling for John Horgan and the results get posted, and on the first ballot Adrian had won in a rout, his people, imaginary mass/bulk sign up people who paid $10 dollars or had someone pay their $10 dollars for them catapulted Adrian Dix to leader yet they weren`t at the convention, or on the web, or the blogs, whoever voted Adrian Dix for leader...they were never heard from again..

Bulk/mass sign up member one vote might be Democratic but it isn`t, the selection process was a cheat, it was a cheat with Dosanjh, with Adrian Dix, and Christy Clark, even Mike De Jong participated in mass indo-sign ups..

This charade of Democracy must end, we need the leader who rocks the house, a leader who has the real people behind them, a leader who can win the 2017 contest....We need a leader appointed by those in the know..

This isn`t American Idol texting to win, or fake Twitter followers, we can`t let one community buy the leadership, and if they did...Would party executives except Dana Larsen as leader if he actually won...or Justin Bieber...or some bimbo flashing boobs and butt...

We need an undemocratic leadership contest..

For the sake of winning an election and righting the provincial ship, to restore Democracy in British Columbia we need an undemocratic leadership contest..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Ron S. said...

I couldn't agree with you more. For me a long time supporter and "former" member of the NDP, I will not support another NDP leader who wins in this manner and I will not help in the election as I have almost continually since 1972. It's sad to see we are emulating the very people we want to replace in the legislature. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Canada is rotten to the core with corruption. BC is also rotten to the core with corruption. Gordon Campbell twice lied and cheated to win his elections too. Christy's election win is also under question as well.

John Horgan is my favorite too. I just wish Horgan would have decided, to run as NDP leader, much earlier than he did.

kootcoot said...

Wow Ron, you worked on the 1972 election, which was one for the ages. Unfortunately it turned the SoCruddies and big business into the equivalent of today's Republicans and TeaBaggers whose top goal became making Davy Barrett fail, even if it hurt the province.

Either way the goal of the BC LIEberals/Socruds since Wacky, has been to destroy the province to benefit their friends. If they win (or steal) the election they do it themselves, otherwise they attack the government. Either way we wake up with a sore ass from getting screwed!