Thursday, October 3, 2013

Enbridge, A Gang Of Thugs, Liars And Environmental Criminals

(Kalamazoo river full of Enbridge`s spilled oil)

Enbridge are thugs, bullies, belligerent, and they don`t learn their lessons...

As you know Enbridge is starting a new ad campaign, a campaign that goes out of the way to NOT mention the name Enbridge, instead the ad campaign features one-time Prince George resident, now executive vice president of Enbridge Janet Holder, ..Janet Holder talks of the ocean as a playground, the Orca whale is prominent too in the ad...

This morning on CKNW Janet Holder talked with Michael Smyth, Janet was asked about the Enbridge name being omitted from the ads, she blathered bafflegab, she claimed Enbridge was fulfilling the 5 demands/conditions the B.C. provincial Government put on this pipeline.

(cue up October 2nd, 8:00am...The Janet Holder bafflegab bullshit was at 8:50 to 8:58 am)

Before I go any further, let me remind you that Enbridge has had over 1000 pipeline oil spills in the last decade, they had a really bad spill in Michigan where the Kalamazoo river was destroyed, even after they spent $1 billion dollars to try and clean up the mess they were ordered back and asked to dredge 60 miles of river, the reason dredging was requested/ordered is because diluted bitumen spilled in water can`t be clean, the river literally has to be dredged of life, everything removed...The NTSB also desribed Enbridge as "Keystone Cops"n their response to the Kalamazoo spill..

Enbridge had oil puking out of a ruptured pipe for 16 hours...The spill was bad enough, Enbridge tried to clean up the mess but the technology doesn`t exist,...

 and that is where Enbridge as a company went off the rails and turns into a strongarming gang of goons and thugs, instead of admitting the problem they threaten, they sue, they intimidate, they lie about the problem, more intimidating than a mafiosa, a ruthless cartel who uses violence and money to hide their crimes..

John Bolenbaugh, a local young Michigan Man was hired to help clean up the Kalamazoo oil spill, he worked for Enbridge for some time, ..John was removed from the spill site well before the attempted clean up was finished, a year later John Bolenbaugh returned to the area where he was working and he thought(at first) that Enbridge had really done a good job cleaning up their spilled Alberta crude, ...But that quickly changed to horror, to disgust, disgust when he discovered what Enbridge really did,...

Enbridge covered spilled oil and toxic dilbit stained soil with a special canvas and planted grass atop of the poison, a deliberate attempt to hide their crimes...

And that Enbridge environmental crime was only the beginning, John Bolenbaugh did a little investigating and realized that Enbridge did more, much more, a tributary stream polluted with Alberta sludge oil from the Kalamazoo oil spill was covered with tonnes and tonnes of sand, all in an attempt to hide the toxic sludge, this buried oil was left to leach slowly and forever into people`s water supply, into drinking water supplies, Enbridge didn`t care about that, no, Enbridge attempted to scare John Bolenbaugh into silence, they threatened him, they allegedly cut his brake lines on his truck, ...Enbridge didn`t apologize, they were mad that they got caught committing more environmental crimes..

And at town hall meetings with local people Enbridge denied liability for the spill, everyone else was blamed..

Enbridge uses money, intimidation and I suspect violence to get their way..

Enbridge not only lied, polluted and killed wildlife, destroyed environments , up here in British Columbia Enbridge have lied about the jobs this pipeline would create, they faked wildlife reports in the environmental assessment, Mark Hume busted Enbridge for that lie..

 "When a clock strikes 13, you can never trust it again.
So it must be for anyone who lies about information he is using to back up a serious scientific statement upon which a great deal is at stake.
Mark Hume had an article in Sunday’s Globe and Mail BC Edition which, in a world of decent journalism, would be a headline story, titled ENBRIDGE CHEATS ON SCIENTIFIC PAPER ON THREAT TO CARIBOU.
In fact Mark does this a lot and our newspaper chiefs should blush with shame but they don’t do that very well. I leave it to you to read this superlative article but suffice it to say that Enbridge has been caught out big time and if it weren’t for Mark they would have gotten away with it."

Enbridge was also reprimanded for lying about the Haisla nation supporting Northern Gateway, that was reported here in the below linked story..The Haisla nation demaded Enbridge retract their lies about the Haisla Nation cooperating and supporting northern gateway..

Meanwhile we in British Columbia were inundated with ads , cartoon ads about how glorious the Enbridge pipeline would be, ads that deleted thousands of islands on the BC coast, ads that eliminated the near 800 rivers and streams this proposed pipeline would have to traverse, cartoon ads that treated viewers like impressionable children, ads that assumed we BCers are nothing but dumbass chumps..

During the environmental assessment Enbridge fell short time and time again, landslide areas Enbridge had no answers, the NEB review panel was told answers would be forthcoming after approval of the pipeline, the entire review was done like that, Enbridge presented experts with no answers to probing questions, bafflegab and we`ll get back to you responses were standard fare..Enbridge experts admitted that the technology to clean up spilled bitumen in water doesn`t exist, I quote..Enbridge said about cleaning up spilled bitumen in water.."it`s a work in progress" snip.

Then Enbridge returned to their old tactics, trickery, guile, lies, with the Vancouver Sun and Canwest running shotgun headlines appeared in Canwest papers throughout British Columbia...

"First Nations support Enbridge"...

And it was a bold-faced lie, ..Enbridge bribed an old man named Elmer Derrick with $3 million dollars, Elmer Derrick had no authority to approve anything, Elmer Derrick ws quickly locked out of the First Nation office building, Elmer Derrick went into hiding , Elmer Dderrick was ever heard from again, except for Enbridge citing this bribed acceptance..

That shocking story was reported only by bloggers, Norman Farrell wrote about it as did The Straight Goods..That shocking story is linked here..

And after each lie, after getting caught lying and cheating, bribing and intimidating Enbridge just ran more ads and carried on as if nothing ever happened...And to this day Enbridge claims to have 50% First Nation support but refuses to name any individual First Nation group, ..Enbridge has tepid support from a few Alberta First Nation groups that are hundreds of miles from the pipeline, ..again, these are the tactics that Enbridge employs, threats, intimidation, lies, bribes and manipulated spin..

Now today, Enbridge and Janet Holder are trying to play nice, pretending they care, a new ad campaign for $5 million dollars , Janet Holder believes it is just a matter of engaging with British Columbians, that we don`t understand, that we are uninformed, and that is where Enbridge is wrong, a tanker spill will destroy our pristine northern coast, extinct species, cost taxpayers $billions of dollars trying to mitigate the damage, and like Enbridge has admitted, there is no cleaning up spilled bitumen in water, it will kill, poison and destroy, cost $billions of dollars and cost British Columbia thousands of permanent jobs that depend on wild salmon, on eco-tourism..

And for what, Enbridge has offered British Columbia $35 million dollars per year to risk everything we hold dear..And guess what, Enbridge has separated Northen Gateway from the assets of Enbrige, a limited liability company, in other words Northern Gateway has no assets, Enbridge not wanting to be liable for $billions in damage and spill clean-up costs separated northern Gateway from Enbridge..Why, because they know it will spill, pollute and poison..

Enbridge has made Northern Gateway a separate entity without a pot to piss in, we would have no ability to get Enbridge to pay, if Enbridge had real confidence in northern gateway pipeline their lawyers wouldn`t have shielded the company from liability, but they did, that is your answer on will is spill and pollute..

Enbridge has so little confidence in northern gateway they separated it from their assets..

" Enbridge has structured Northern Gateway as a limited liability partnership in a deliberate attempt to limit shareholder responsibility. Enbridge has not provided sufficient assurances that the financial resources available to Northern Gateway will be sufficient to cover the cost of cleanup and remediation in the event of a catastrophic or even just a major oil spill. Enbridge seems to be incapable of admitting to the fact that bitumen is different from conventional oil, particularly when it hits water and sinks. Enbridge has never operated a marine facility, but it is their plan to build one in a location that would require oil tankers to navigate one of the most dangerous bodies of water in the world. It fails to recognize this difference in the development of it’s mitigation strategy or in it’s estimates of the costs associated with cleanup."

Anyway, this post is about a story in the Vancouver Sun yesterday titled..

"Northern Gateway Pipeline Across British Columbia Will Be In Service By 2018"

The arrogance of Enbridge, you see friends, in their new ad campaign starting on Monday Enbridge and Janet Holder are attempting to be sugary sweet nice, ...Yet Enbridge can`t help themselves from being bullies, thugs and criminals, just days before this new ad campaign is to start Vern Yu..Enbridge Executive vice president in charge of business and market development in a conference call is telling investors that the Federal Government in mid 2014 will give them permission to proceed with this project and yes there will be First Nation`s court challenges but that any and all court challenges will be finished and won by Enbridge early in 2015...

A mere 6 months to clear all court challenges from First Nations, are you kidding me!...Court challenges filed, heard and finished in 6 months when British Columbia is still dealing with two-bit court cases from 2011 Stanley cup riots..Enbridge in that article states that they will get approval, that court challenges will be won, and ended within 6 months and construction will start forthwith...

The arrogance of Enbridge, ....You see friends, this is why Stephen Harper will be punted from power in 2015...That is the only way to drive a silver spike into the vampire named Enbridge, they can`t help but being arrogant, they have poisoned so many environments, polluted, lied, cheated and killed..

Enbridge will learn the hardway, court challenges for decades, any construction will be met with war in woods...

On the eve of a new ad campaign Vern Yu tells British Columbia that they Will build the pipeline, and when, and that court challenges will be over in a few months

Well Vern Yu..

Bring it on Enbridge, see you in hell.

Any politician or political party that allows Enbridge`s  northern gateway pipeline will be decimated and removed from power , Enbridge have lied to the NEB review board, they lied about First Nation support, they faked wildlife reports, their submissions were incomplete on geo-hazards and mitigation, their ads lied, they admit Bitumen can`t be cleaned up, also Enbridge has spilled over 200,000 barrels of oil in multiple places in Canada since this northern gateway review started...This farce is over, this is Canada, beautiful British Columbia, and that`s the way it will remain..

The Straight Goods

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Anonymous said...

83wleyborChristy will allow this through. She is merely following a prepared plan to demand stuff, they give it and presto! We have pipeline.

If heat (and I mean major heat) from the residents of BC don't allow her this easy route to victory, then Harper will ratify FIPPA and bingo, he has his pipeline. The Chinese will demand billions in unpaid profits that we simply cannot afford.

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Anonymous said...

Enbridge has chosen a limited partnership-is to limit the exposure investors of the company-not to make good, on a catastrophic spill.

Canada is rotten to the core with corruption. Especially since, Harper's so called election win.

We went to war, so we wouldn't have such as Harper governing this country. Harper is a, tyrant, dictator, liar, deceiver and he cheats to win.

Anonymous said...

Great post Grant!!!!!

Glad you aren`t a Steve Harper butt sniffing bootlicker like you know who.



Bookmonkey said...

apparently they've started to build the is being rammed down the throats of all of us....
Christy with her "conditions"...what bullshit...It is the provincial govt. that is issuing the go ahead permits already..