Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stephen Harper Will Not Be Permitted to Brush us Aside

150 outraged citizens protested outside the Ramada inn in Prince George last night, they were protesting against Enbridge, against Stephen Harper, against the Northern Gateway pipeline, against super tankers loaded with Alberta crud oil on our coast, the weather was freezing, minus 30 degrees, I remind Mr. Harper that this protest took place in right-wing Prince George..

The joint review panel, let`s be clear, this panel will have no choice but to reject the project, Enbridge has lied over and over again, their record on pipeline safety is brutal, 805 major spills in the last few years alone,  including last year when Enbridge`s pipeline rupture in Michigan poured 844,000 gallons into the Kalamazoo,  decimated the water in the Kalamazoo river, human activities like swimming, fishing and even drinking water are still restricted there, limited remediation will top a $billion dollars and still the water will be poisoned..

Super tankers sink, oil rigs, cruise ships and submarines, they all sink, there is human error, terrorism, mechanical problems and weather related accidents and let`s don`t forget bad luck, Enbridge`s BC pipeline proposal would have to traverse over 1000 fish bearing rivers, including major river systems like the Fraser river, the Skeena, we are talking about water supply, animal safety, human safety, Enbridge have offered no guarantees, they can`t, in fact Enbridge has self-admitted there will be inland pipeline leaks to the tune of 1000`s of barrels of oil per year..

One big tanker spill on our inside waters will decimate our commercial fishing industry, our eco-tourism industry, we would lose our precious orca whales, tens of thousands of First Nations would lose their food source..

The National Energy Board(NEB) has only one choice, they must and will reject the project, it`s their only choice, unless the decision has already be made, the NEB board in my opinion will reject the project or be labeled the most incompetent panel group in history or the most corrupt, if the panel approves this project I suspect they would be forced to leave Canada, or live the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders...

That leaves Stephen Harper one choice, a Cabinet over-rule of the NEB decision, but legally he can`t do that, Stephen Harper would be forced to write legislation giving him and him only sole power, the power of a king, a dictator, all encompassing power, a one-man band with Stephen Harper running everything, Canadians and even many of his own party wouldn`t let that pass, we as Canadians would have no choice but to forcefully remove Stephen Harper from office, it can be done, it would be done..

Stephen Harper`s ties to big oil in Alberta become painfully clear once someone, anyone looks at this..Stephen Harper has too many direct ties to big oil, he`s in conflict, so is Joe Oliver, it looks too like Richrd Fadden of Canada`s spy agency(CSIS) was right too, remember a couple of years ago when he made shock-waves when he came out ringing the alarm bells about Canadian politicians in British Columbia and in the crown who were controlled by foreign Governments, it was a rare occasion,  the head of Canada`s spy agency firing a shot across the bow of both the BC Government and Federal Government...

"Canada's spy agency suspects that cabinet ministers in two provinces are under the control of foreign governments, CBC News has learned.

Several members of B.C. municipal governments are also under suspicion, Richard Fadden, the director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, told CBC News in an exclusive interview.

"We're in fact a bit worried in a couple of provinces that we have an indication that there's some political figures who have developed quite an attachment to foreign countries," Fadden said.

"The individual becomes in a position to make decisions that affect the country or the province or a municipality. All of a sudden, decisions aren't taken on the basis of the public good but on the basis of another country's preoccupations."

He said the politicians and public servants see it as a long-standing relationship and have no idea they are being used.

"There are several municipal politicians in British Columbia and in at least two provinces there are ministers of the Crown who we think are under at least the general influence of a foreign government."


Harper is prepared to destroy British Columbia`s water, Salmon, coastline, no jobs for BC, all risk, the only benefactor is Big oil and China, this is exactly what Richard Fadden was talking about, the "Energy return on investment" makes this project a non-starter, the energy required extracting, steaming, pumping, trucks, tankers to and fro, the vast quantities of clean natural gas used in the processes, the water, the vast volumes of clean water wasted in the extraction process could irrigate many African Nations. it`s an energy ponzi scheme, Canada looks like hicksters being fleeced by the carneys, the amount of clean natural gas used if the expansion levels of Big Oil came to fruition would be enough to heat 30 million homes each day...It`s folly.

I could care less about the liars at Ezra Levant`s big oil front group Ethical oil and what they have to say, they are bold-faced liars who are funded by big oil, their argument is dead, Canada imports 52% of its own domestically needed oil from the same places Ezra Levant calls "Unethical"...Ezra Levant, Joe Oilver, Vivian Krauss, Bill Good, Stephen Harper can get stuffed with their argument about environmental groups funding the Enbridge protests, I don`t care, Ezra Levant is a bold-faced liar, they are super-funded by big oil, Canadians are opposed to this pipeline and tankers on BC`s coast, BCers are 80% opposed to Enbridge, those are facts..

We won`t argue with Vivian Kraus, we won`t argue with Ezra Levant, Canadians don`t give a rat`s ass about Vivian or Ezra, no one watches Sun Media in Eastern Canada....... "there are more people in a Toronto shopping mall on a Thursday night than there is watching Sun media and Ezra Levant,"

The big-enviro money argument is specious(TY, KC), I don`t care, BCers don`t care, only paid media hacks like Bill Good and Craig Oliver care, they`re wrong and hopefully karma takes care of those paid spinners..

British Columbia won`t argue on their terms, Joe Oliver can stomp his feet, Stephen Harper can break his office furniture, the argument is about extreme environmental risks on land, over 1000 salmon bearing rivers and streams at risk, pristine clean land, a fragile northern coast that is an ecological treasure, a one of a kind jewel, no where in the world can compare, like the Galapagos islands, or the Hawaiian Island chain, like the Garden of Eden, this is Canada`s eco-tourism jewel that will not, that won`t be destroyed by the spills, Canadians will make sure that will never happen, this project will be stopped!

Human error, terrorism, mechanical breakdowns, tankers having to navigate hundreds of kilometers in narrow reef filled channels where hurricane force storms occur almost weekly, fast tides, sharp turns, a recipe for armageddon, a disaster is certain, those dangers can`t be mitigated, those are the facts, Enbridge admits that their pipelines will spill 1000`s of barrels on land and rivers each year, those are facts, British Columbia doesn`t care what Vivian Krauss, Bill Good, Joe Oliver, Ezra Levant, Craig Oliver or Enbridge  has to say about Environmental groups funding, we won`t argue on those terms, those are the arguments of the weak...Arguments that Enbridge stock is held in pension plans, we don`t care, Canadians don`t care...That argument means what, that  SNC Lavalin can build a nuclear plant in Point Grey, that Petro-China can destroy BC`s coastline because people have shares, we don`t care, ....Let me repeat, those arguments are made by the weak,  those arguments are made by paid shills who have nothing else, for shame big media, for shame.

The XL-Keystone pipeline ran into strong opposition, that pipeline would have ran through some sensitive areas in Nebraska, the Northern Enbridge pipeline would run through and traverse over 1000 streams and rivers, it`s at least a 1000 times more sensitive than Keystone, and once there through dangerous channels where screeching winds and waves as high as seven story buildings occur almost weekly.

"Of equal concern was the stability of the ground. Part of the pipeline’s final route into Kitimat would pass through an area with clay soil that has been known to trigger major landslides. In 1962, a slide took out 600 metres of the highway to Kitimat and left bulldozer-swallowing fissures, some four metres wide and 10 metres deep. Earthquakes occasionally trigger submarine landslides that set off local tsunamis.
The marine environment at the surface can be equally brutal. Some tankers would traverse Hecate Strait, which Environment Canada ranks as the fourth most dangerous body of water in the world. Waves in South Hecate Strait have reached 26 metres – the height of a seven-storey building."

 B.C. coast is hostile country for oil, pipeline panel told - The Globe and Mail

ferries breakdown and crash when electronic propulsion panels fail, cruise ships sink, submarines run aground, oil rigs sink, pipelines break, human error, terrorism, suicidal captains, those are the facts that can`t be mitigated so I don`t care what Enbridge, Joe Oliver, Stephen Harper, Vivian Krauss, Ezra Levant, Craig Oliver, Bill Good have to say, I and all Canadians will not argue on their terms...

We will argue on our terms, and if Stephen Harper has to be removed from office for treasonous actions, so be it!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Grant G said...

Sorry about the late editing, I`ve cleaned it up.

Sometimes i`m in too much of a rush.

Good Day

Anonymous said...

Free Trade Zones.
Huge industrial and container parks being built like crazy. Delta and Surrey.

Anonymous said...

that brush on sj harpiod's face would suit him if it were directly under his nose,and a sieg heil to them all.

kootcoot said...

"big-enviro money argument is spacious"

I think you meant "specious" - however, the Harper/Oil Corp arguments have so many hole in them, that they may indeed have to be spacious to accommodate the holes!

The Douglas Channel out of Kitimat is almost a piece of cake compared to the Hecate Strait, I've been across the strait more than once by water, never on a really bad day, but still experienced 20-30foot swells and waves - when it blows up it is nuts and winds over 100MPH are not even rare here - combined with the shallowness of the Hecate Strait it makes for really fast transition from calm to 50+ foot whitecaps......

One morning back when I lived and worked in Sandspit it went from dead calm at sunrise to over 100mph hurricane force winds (that chased us out of the woods and broke the air speed indicator at the airport) and back to dead calm again before lunch time......all in a morning on the edge of the Gulf of Alaska weather generator for half the year for the entire west coast of North America - surfers in San Diego monitor weather in the Alaskan gulf in order to plan the next week or two's surf likelihood........

A big storm off of Valdez can predict 20-30 foot surf in a week or two at Mavericks or Lunada Bay in Half Moon Bay and Palos Verdes California respectively - and sink ships in Davis Entrance and Hecate Strait immediately!

Anonymous said...

Harper is belligerent, arrogant, stubborn, and takes his dictatorship very seriously. His announcement. China "WILL" pick up their oil from Port Kitimat, put many BC peoples backs up.

Harper said not one word about the F.N. Peoples food sources, being threatened. He could care less, the dirty diseased fish farms, are killing the wild salmon. Salmon is a staple for the F.N. to feed their family's. Bears, eagles, wolves and all kinds of wild life species, depend on the salmon. What has Harper done? Nothing.

Both Harper and Campbell worked hand in hand to financially ruin BC. Our BCR and our salmon are both a BC heritage. Campbell thieves and sells our rivers. Salmon runs, steel head fish runs, have been wrecked by those dams, that have ravished flora, and fauna. Let alone what that did to our BC hydro.

Campbell's election lie, the HST wasn't on his radar. It was on Campbell, Hansen and Harper's radar, long before the BC election. Which, Hansen caught in a lie, finally had to admit it.

The F.N. people and all of the BC people, have had enough taken away from us, for pure, utter, disgusting government greed.

The BC, F.N. and all of us, owe Harper, Enbridge, Alberta and China, absolutely nothing. We owe them the same, for the way they treated us.

Grant G said...

Thanks Kootcoot, sorry about the grammer..

Forgive me?

English was never my strongsuit, I`m just an old-time Carpenter, self-taught on the computer..

Who knew!

Doug pyper said...

Way to go Grant!!! Another classic post...2012 is going to be an interesting year in British Columbia and Canada. We're dealing with a arrogant dictator with a majority mandate under our system....we've never been here before! It worries me that Canadians are to complacent and/or perhaps too gentle to kick the shit out of Harper. Plus we have no history of a need for such. But it's will become neccesity to maintain our freedom as a people.

Grant G said...

Thank you Doug, let`s just say my mojo was roaring this morning.

The story wrote itself.


Doug Pyper said...

Yes, you were stoked. And good on ya brother!

Anonymous said...

Everything good in Canada has been brushed aside by Harper. Democracy is steadily being taken away from us. Our Civil Rights and Liberties, are being eroded. Our voices are ignored.

Obama said, he is slashing his military, and Canada has to pick up the slack. We were in a false war, because Hussein had WMD, of course he didn't. There is tension between the U.S. and Iran. So, Harper is trying to justify a war with Iran. WMD's, the same story as Iraq.

Why does Canada have to fight wars, the Americans start? Canada can't afford those kind of wars. Meanwhile, Harper is slashing all the services, the tax payers pay for. Why? To fight a war Canada doesn't even belong in? Harper will waste billions upon billions, to fight a war, we don't want. However, the giant oil and gas corporations, thrive on wars. So, a war with Iran, there will likely be.

Anonymous said...

Hey Grant, looks like Jim "not the famous one" supports dictator stevie. This from the TYEE.

Here's an idea

Let's leave our natural resources in the ground, sell them to no one, and just borrow money from all the rich union pension funds to fund our education and health care etc. etc.
Better yet, let's just all get the government to send us a check each month for which we do nothing.
The only thing that back stops our economy is our natural how else do we get them to market???

Anonymous said...

I saw this "Kathryn Marshall Talking Dolls" video on Youtube - kinda funny, in a creepy way!

Anonymous said...

To Anon 7:42:
Sure glad you have the confidence to believe that digging this oil and transporting it to its final destination will be 100% successful! Perhaps you should take a holiday in northern Alberta and enjoy the fresh air (breath deep now) and enjoy a glass of fresh well water.
Perhaps you should enlighten us with a success story on any oil production operation with a 100% no spill record?

Anonymous said...

Get ready for the fight of our lives, and the fight for our way of life.

Anonymous said...

Im scared to say what i think ! And i dont feel like a canadian any more i feel like a prisioner in a strange land that has no laws or rules to protect men.