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Enbridge Northern Pipeline Must Be Stopped

This is really getting pathetic, Enbridge and the Harper Conservatives are acting like mobsters, enforcers, dealers of threats, no more Stephen Harper, I along with thousands of others will fight to stop this, even if it means my death.

There has been a new study released from the university of Calgary, home of Jack Mintz and many other oil fraudsters, this study talks about money in the hundreds of $billions of dollars over 20 odd years of this project, the study talks about people years of employment, the economic boon to Canada, to Ontario and to British Columbia, and exactly how much money would flow to British Columbia?

Before I get there I would like to toss a few real numbers around....

Vancouver trade and convention center, $400 million over budget for a total cost of....$985 million dollars.

(Meanwhile, NDP MLA Adrian Dix called the convention expansion a “financial disaster."
The original price tag was $495 million, which included a capped federal injection to share the cost. In the end, expenditures rose to $883 million, leaving the province on the hook for almost $400 million.
“This is the largest overrun of any public project in B.C. history,” Dix told The Tyee in an interview before the opening. “That money is now spent and gone.”)

New RCMP headquarters in  Surrey...$1.2 billion dollars and counting.

( "He said the cost for the RCMP's yet-to-be completed divisional headquarters in Surrey was originally pegged at $300 million, but the price tag has now risen to $1.2 billion.")

Canada line, original estimated cost, $1.6 billion dollars... (The real cost $2.7 billion dollars.
(The cost of the Canada Line is now understood to be over $2.5 billion, with some estimates as high as $2.8 billion.)

Sea to sky highway upgrade, $800 million construction cost, plus, a guaranteed $2.2 billion maintenance fee over 25 years.

BC Place upgrades and roof...$785 million dollars.

On the same day that David Basi and Bob Virk plead guilty in the BC Rail Corruption trial, news is coming out that the renovated BC Place stadium will become the eighth priciest sports stadium in North America and the 13th most costly venue in the world. The BC Place stadium’s 13th place ranking is out of 12,000 venues.
Total cost for the stadium will be approximately $835 million.

Those are real dollars...I would like to show you some more dollar figures.

BP is budgeting for maximum final costs of $41bn to settle fines, compensation and clean-up operations, based on the assumption that it will not be found guilty of any allegations of gross negligence.

However, estimates from Moody's say the figure could be much higher, with BP's estimate of the cost at the very bottom end of expectations.

"We still do not know the total cost and penalties from the spill, but our analysis suggested the figure would be roughly $40bn-$60bn," Moody's analysts said.
It is now a year to the day since the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded and sank, killing 11 men. Moody's points out it will take until late 2012 to get any legal outcomes that determine the size of fines for BP. 
The rating agency believes that BP can still afford to pay liabilities of $60bn, based on the fact that it has more than $30bn of free cash flow and is disposing of $30bn in assets. It said BP's A2 credit rating is not likely to suffer
 Read more here

Now those are real numbers my friends, real costs, but guess what...BP screwed over every little guy with help from a gaggle of high priced lawyers and these shysters delivered this result to British Petroleum..

Unbelievable! Court Rules US Taxpayers, Not BP Or Transocean, Are Liable For Gulf Oil Spill Clean Up Costs

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BP gas pump gun holds Americans hostage

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US District court has dismissed over 100,000 lawsuits brought against BP And Transocean to pay for oil spill clean up costs and environmental damages caused to the Gulf of Mexico from the BP Gulf Oil Spill. The court ruled that injury stopped the moment the well was sealed and the Federal Government, aka The US Taxpayer, is now liable for clean up costs along with any damages caused by deficiencies of the cleanup of the Gulf Of Mexico.

The US District Courts have ruled that since oil is no longer flowing from the Macando Well BP and Transocean are not liable for cleanup costs and damages from the BP Gulf Oil Spill since the “well has already been sealed and the injury has already been committed”.
In the ruling the court goes on note that Federal Government is in charge of the oil spill clean up efforts. Thus any damages related to the cleanup are now the burden of the Federal Government, meaning the US Taxpayer.
The ruling means that Taxpayers are not only liable for the clean up of the BP Gulf Oil Spill but it also means that any damages caused by deficiencies of the clean up in the Gulf is now also the responsibility of the US Taxpayer.
The lawsuits against BP have been bundled into separate packages with all of the lawsuits pertaining to BP’s liability for cleanup costs and environmental damages being dismissed with this ruling.
Activists Post reports :

BP wins a big one in oil spill litigation

Sabrina Canfield
Courthouse News Service

Friday, June 17, 2011Last Update: 9:13 AM PT

NEW ORLEANS – Ruling in favor of Transocean and BP, a federal judge on Thursday dismissed third-party environmental claims in a giant pleading bundle in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill litigation, saying the fact that the oil flow has stopped makes those lawsuits irrelevant.
“The injunction at this stage would be useless, as not only is there no ongoing release from the well, but there is also no viable offshore facility from which any release could possibly occur,” U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier wrote. “The Macondo well is dead, and what remains of the Deepwater Horizon vessel is on the ocean floor, where it capsized and sank in 5,000 feet of water.
“Moreover, BP and the agencies comprising the Unified Area Command have been and are cleaning up the Gulf of Mexico. An injury is not redressable by a citizen suit when the injury is already being addressed.”
Judge Barbier is overseeing the massive, consolidated oil spill litigation, which has been divided into “bundles,” based upon the nature of the claims.
In instances where claims in the D1 bundle pertain to how the oil is being cleaned up, Barbier ruled that even if he allowed those claims to go forward, the claimants are not directly involved in the cleanup, so a ruling in their favor would not affect how the cleanup is progressing.
“The D1 defendants do not unilaterally direct the cleanup activities in the Gulf; such activities have been under the control of the National Incident Commander, Federal on-Scene Coordinator, Unified Area Command, and the Coast Guard in cooperation with other federal agencies. Thus, plaintiffs cannot show that an order from this court would actually resolve [to the defendants for] any potential deficiency in the ongoing cleanup,” Barbier wrote.
“In order to prevail on their claims for injunctive relief, plaintiffs must demonstrate an ongoing violation of various statutes on which plaintiffs’ claims for relief is based. Because the Macondo well is dead and is no longer discharging oil, plaintiffs’ only claims are confined to seeking environmental citizen suit injunctive relief of a prospective nature to stop noncompliance in the form of a continued release of oil. Thus, the citizen suit claims brought by the plaintiffs are moot, because no future-orientated injunction can provide any meaningful relief for plaintiffs in terms of stopping discharges that already concluded in mid-July 2010.
Transocean’s Deepwater Horizon drilling rig, operated by BP, exploded and burned 50 miles off the Louisiana coast on April 20, 2010, killing 11 and setting off the worst oil spill in history. [Hundreds of] Millions of gallons of oil were spilled in the next 87 days.
More than 100,000 people have filed lawsuits seeking damages from the spill.
The lawsuits dismissed on Thursday belonged to the D1 pleading bundle.
D1 bundle claims were filed by third-party organizations that alleged environmental damages under the Clean Water Act; the Endangered Species Act; the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act; and the Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act.
This was the first ruling arising from issues addressed during a May 26 hearing on the defendants’ motions to dismiss particular bundles.
Claims with varying types of damages were included in more than one bundle, depending on type of claim.
In dismissing the D1 claims, Barbier said the claims could still be heard if they seek damages for violations other than environmental claims.
“To the extent that plaintiffs assert claims under general maritime law and/or state law, the court will consider those claims separately when it addresses the pending motions to dismiss the B1 bundle master complaint,” Barbier wrote.
During the May 26 hearing, Barbier indicated that he might find the claims asserted in the D1 bundle were moot.
“The fundamental argument is that this is all moot because the well is sealed,” Barbier said.
During the hearing, Ervin Gonzales, of the plaintiff steering committee, said the cleanup has not been adequate and “the environment is suffering.”
Greg Buppert, an attorney for Defenders of Wildlife, told Barbier at the hearing that “the Endangered Species Act is not linked to the well spill; it is linked to the take of species.”
In response, Barbier cited the federal government’s investigation of the spill. Federal attorneys have said that criminal charges will be filed if the investigation turns up evidence of willful negligence by the defendants.
Because of the continuing investigation, the government has tried to keep certain issues undercover. For instance, autopsy results of the hundreds of dead baby dolphins that have washed up along the Gulf Coast have been kept private, and independent scientists have not been allowed to conduct their own autopsies.
“Isn’t that what the federal government is doing?”  Barbier asked on May 26. “It sounds like you think they may not do it right.”
Later that day, Barbier told Buppert: “It’s speculative right now. You’re surmising that somebody is going to do something that you don’t like.”
Attorneys did not immediately return calls for comment.
Unbelievable. Shocking. The may need the entire congress to send twitter pics exposing themselves to distract the masses from this one. I guess the Judge believed that all of the oil magically disappeared from the Gulf the moment the well was sealed, just like the Federal Government told us it did. Never mind that fact that scientists reported the Feds confiscated the data of the underwater plumes and told the scientists to shut up about their research. Never mind the feds tried covering up the first plume that was discovered. You do remember that  massive 22 mile long plume larger than the size of Manhattan don’t you?
And even after the Feds said they couldn’t find the  oil the massive slick in the Gulf could still be seen from space. Then there were the fisherman that the Feds told to shut about the discovery of oil in Gulf seafood. Yep the damage, that all ended when the well was sealed, if what even sealed. Regardless of that debate that fact still remains that massive underwater lakes of oil are still in the Gulf and will remain there for years.
But none of that matters to our fascist government. Widespread sightings of oil washing up all over the Gulf continue to this very day. In fact NOAA has just recently confirmed a widespread “unexplained sickness” and lesions in sea life all across the Gulf that the Feds are desperately trying to keep a lid on.
That wouldn’t have anything to do with the almost 2 million gallons of the neurotoxin pesticide Corexit that was sprayed into the Gulf to limit BP’s cleanup costs for the Gulf.
Oh, the irony. Would BP have sprayed all of those toxins into the Gulf if they knew that the Federal courts would just let them off the hook for the clean up costs? The Feds would have never of needed to lie about the lethality of Corexit because the public couldn’t handle the truth.
The Irony. The Fascism. The Greed. The Corruption.

Read more here
Where was I, oh yea.....What exactly does British Columbia get out of this deal?..What would be worth risking Orca, Salmon, kelp beds, shellfish and our tourism industry, what exactly would BC get, certainly the university of Calgary would give us The Straight goods on what BC could expect for taking ALL the RISK.....Let`s have a little look at the university of Calgary numbers..

Sorry to keep you in suspense, there is one other number I would like to show you first..
DALLAS -- Albert Pujols could have been a wealthy Cardinal for life, planning for the day his statue would be erected outside Busch Stadium next to those of Stan Musial, Bob Gibson and the other St. Louis greats.
Instead, exactly six weeks after leading the Cardinals to a second title in one of the most thrilling World Series ever, he decided to accept the second-highest contract in baseball history for a new future in southern California with the Los Angeles Angels.
The three-time NL MVP agreed Thursday to a US$254 million, 10-year contract with the Angels, leaving behind a heartbroken fan base by jilting one of the sport's traditional teams for an expansion club with only one championship in its half-century.

Read more here....
Did you catch that number, Albert Pujois, a baseball player has signed a deal that will pay him $254 million US dollars over 10 years, that really must be a lot of money, 10 years, $25 million dollars per year for 10 years....Where was I, right, how much would the Province of BC and its 4 million inhabitants receive from taking all the risk on the northern enbridge pipeline to Kitimat over the life of the project...

Here`s what the university of Calgary has to say on that matter..

The University of Calgary's School of Public Policy issued an analysis Thursday concluding that with expanded pipeline access to U.S. and Asian markets, Canada's gross domestic product would jump $132 billion in 2010 dollars between 2016 and 2030, generating $27 billion in federal, provincial and municipal taxes and 649,000 person-years of employment.

But the study also shows that the overwhelming economic benefit of pipeline expansion to B.C. goes to Alberta.

The opening of the Asian market would trigger $10.5 billion in gains and 52,000 person-years of employment in Canada, but almost $10 billion of that wealth and 44,000 person-years go to Alberta.

Ontario would get $286 million and 4,000 person-years, while B.C. would enjoy $131 million and 2,000 person-years.

The study also "suggests" that B.C. would gain an additional $85 million in GDP and another 1,000 person-years due to increased exports to California if pipelines are built to the West Coast.

Do you see what British Columbia will receive over 15 years, $131 million dollars plus another "suggested"  $85 million dollars for a total of...$216 million dollars over 15 years, that works out to $14.4 million dollars per year, Albert Pujois will make way more than that as a single solitary ballplayer, Are you KIDDING ME!....Hell no way, Ontario gets more money out of this deal than BC without taking  any risk...

If the British Columbia number was a hundred times greater the risk still wouldn`t be worth it!

And the people are starting to fight back against this proposed atrocity...Here is what the town of Prince Rupert is submitting to the Enbridge review..
The City of Prince Rupert has released a draft of its written submission to the government hearings on the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline, which are set top begin next month.

Boiled-down to its most basic message, the submission argues that Prince Rupert depends on a pristine marine environment too much to put it at risk – no matter how statistically small that risk is – by having oil tankers sailing out of Kitimat.

The submission itself is kept clean of any slights against Enbridge the company, nor does it point out any particular aspect or perceived flaws of the project that are cause for concern. Instead of arguing the moral responsibility of protecting the environment, they make their argument with the same tools that the energy company often makes theirs: economics.

The thrust of the City's argument is that many of the existing industries in Prince Rupert depend on a clean marine environment for survival. Prince Rupert's tourism for instance relies on it for everything from the nice views for drawing in tourists, to sports fishing and grizzly bear tours.

“Needless to say a Prince William Sound-esque (Exxon Valdez) oil spill would put much of the economic activity in jeopardy not to mention the destruction of marine habitat,” reads the draft submission.

The City also worries what an accident would mean for those who make their living from harvesting resources from the ocean.

“The harvesting of salmon, halibut, herring, crabs and a host of other marine species generates tens of millions of dollars into the Prince Rupert and regional economy. Historically, a clean marine environment has allowed Prince Rupert to literally generate billions of dollars in economic activity."

The City also argues that First Nations people who live in Prince Rupert have a right to harvest the ocean for social, ceremonial and cultural purpose, a right they could not exercise if the waters off Prince Rupert were ever polluted. This, they fear, would have a profoundly negative effect on aboriginal communities.

“For time immemorial, Coastal First Nation peoples have depended on a clean marine environment to sustain their civilization. That dependency exists to this day even in our modern world.”

The City advocates that the National Energy Board's joint review panel for assessing the pipeline project should use a method called “the triple bottom line approach.” Using this approach, a potential development is assessed on its social, environmental and economic value, instead of just trying to figure out if a project's economic benefit outweighs the environmental risk.

This approach is meant to give a better idea of how a project will effect quality of life in a region. The city says that the triple bottom line approach is the basis for the Prince Rupert's Quality of Life Official Community Plan. The result has been, according to the city, that development in Prince Rupert has gone ahead while keeping in mind how much residents value their environment.

Even with growth, Prince Rupert has retained its natural and pristine look and feel. Development has been balanced as a result of the retention of natural landscapes, harbour views and mountain views and focusing higher densities and larger buildings downtown,” reads the submission.

With environmental conservation being an important factor for the survival of existing industries and for preserving Prince Rupert's quality of life for its residents, the City concludes that:

“Any negative effect on the physical environment severely handicaps the community to exist as it desires.”

The written submission will not be the only participation in the Enbridge hearings that the City is planning. The City of Prince Rupert has also registered as an intervenor, which means that it will be allowed to submit questions and present evidence at the hearings when they get underway
Read more here
This is getting ridiculous, British Columbia gets nothing, over 15 years and British Columbia won`t even get enough money for a 1/4 of a new roof on BC Place,  The Basi/Virk BC Rail corruption trial and payoff cost all toll, over $35 million dollars in legal fees, the lawsuit BC paid to Boss power was $30 million dollars, the lawsuit BC had to pay to the HEU for illegally ripping up contracts cost over $85 million dollars, add in all the BC Government`s lawyers and legal costs and those three BC Liberal scandals and crimes alone cost more to British Columbia than all the money we would receive from the northern pipeline...

Christy Clucking Clark.....Get off the fence, take a piss or get off the pot, what is your position on the Enbridge pipeline, you better think long and hard about your answer...
After all, British Columbia has a staggering $14.4 million dollars per year on the line(insert sarcasm here)

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Re the BP pump to the head picture, I well remember that video of the prick Vietnamese General shooting that shackled Vietcong kid in the head on TV and it is forever burned into the hate receptors in my brain.

I think that prick General ended up being given immigrant status in Canada where he ran a Vietnamese restaurant in Montreal for years.

To the topic of Enbridge line across BC; now that Herr Harper has done away with the long gun registry (why don't they just say rifle?), I foresee an increase in misdirected or stray high powered rifle shots accidentally or inadvertently hitting the tires or windshields or radiators or engines of any piece of Enbridge equipment that strays onto BC territory.

Given the large number of 'new' 'long gun' holders and FN hunters that will undoubtedly be scattered along the route, I really don't think Enbridge should proceed just out of safety concerns for their employees from the misdirected discharges of reckless 'long gun' holders.

I plan on doing a little target practice up there this summer myself.

Anonymous said...

Where can one start with the story(s)?
First, to blame US citizens for the BP disaster is unbelievable. It almost seems the story was written by the Vancouver Sun r/w media.
Regarding the Sun. Nice try, Sun. Attempting to relate lower E/I claims (yesterday) to a recovering economy indicates just how out of touch the msm is in this province. Just a few weeks ago, it was announced that the BC economy was faltering and now, like Penn and Teller magic, it's on its way to recovery. WOW, what a coincidence! Just when a political campaign is about to go high gear, the economy of this province is on the rebound! Even with a debt load brought to you by Gordon Clark,( a debt assumed by many to be unrecoverable:now taking place around the world),we are faced with massive tax increases that will destroy BCers ability to purchase even the most rudimentary items. How can that be any help north of the 49th. See an increase in cross border traffic after Christmas. An increase supported by Gringo Harper!
Unfortunately, I am actually thinking that the tar sands pipeline may be the only solution to this staggering debt load for now as this debt load for the entire country will demand massive revenues to assist us from declaring bankruptcy along with the rest of the world. If it has to be done, I can only pray that the environment does not suffer like the Gulf. Sadly, with Harper in charge, safeguards will be a thing of the past. Sort of like fracking is harmless to the water table. After all, what's so harmful about filling a hole with "water"?
Now as far as the long gun registry, could someone tell me what purpose owning a rifle has, other than collecting and killing? Plus, just how hard is it to temporarily disable a rifle to make it safe at home. Why would someone want a rifle ready to kill in your own living room?
I do, however, understand why so many r/wingers hate the registry. It does seem to be a waste of money, but I can name dozens of other programs that waste so much cash, it would make you vomit. One example is Nina Grewal and more than $600,000.00 in expenses for one year? Multiply that by all the MPs and it will make your head spin. But should that surprise you? After all, her husband was a disgraces MP from years ago! The nut does not fall far from the tree.
I believe that, however, when the food chain is contaminated to the point of being poison, I think we (Harper) has gone too far. What is the point of having a stable economy when our environment and food supply can no longer sustain life as we know it. All the money in the world will be unable to fix it. A point that the ultra rich cannot or will not grasp. These people will be the richest folk in the graveyard.
It's time to take our eco-system seriously. Your daily food intake is now considered poison by many. Even organic is no longer completely safe. Simple foods such as rice is loaded with arsenic. A can of pasta sauce is loaded with TOO MUCH SALT, bisphenol, and cancer causing ingredients.
Start looking at the nutrition labels, and start telling others about all the bs. Here and abroad. Even if your friends are supporters of the right wing, there is a chance that a discussion about this story might make someone stop and rethink all this. An educated voter will make better choices. Remember the above story come the next election. Your pocketbook and your health depends on it. Your grandchildren will thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thats crazy, a darn baseball player will receive more money than our entire province,there is something wrong with crunchy clarke

Anonymous said...

Typical right wing thinking..socialize the costs and privatize the profits. This is so complex tho, that thousands still vote for the right wing=nuts.

We are doomed because of ignorance and apathy.

Crankypants said...

A couple of thoughts on the report from the Jack Mintz School of Misinformation.

First of all, why do they assume that Ontario should get any direct revenue from this endeavor, never mind more than double that flowing to BC's coffers? The same applies to the direct job estimates.

The other thing that I am very suspicious of is the revenue and job projections this report contains. If Mintz's report on the impacts of the HST on BC's fortunes are any indication of the accuracy of any type of report generated from this institution, then odds are that BC won't even get enough revenue to cover Ida Chong's food expenses.

This Enbridge project stinks and the sooner it gets relegated to nothing but a pipedream, the better. As Grant has stated previously, we would be better off to have a parallel pipeline awarded to Kinder Morgan that comes to the lower mainland. This route is already carrying oil which means that we are not exposing more of BC to leaks, should they occur, than we are already. The same logic also applies to tanker traffic coming to the lower mainland rather than attempting to navigate their way in and out of kitimat.


Grant G said...

Crankypants...I assume the Ontario numbers are large because...

The pipes and connectors will be manufactured there(Ontario)

As well as Ontario is home to Da Bankers.

BC, we will get a little manpower employment and little else..

The royalty BC would receive is nothing...

Cam. that`s why I want these numbers spread around and not discredited...

Let`s tell British Columbia what benefit we will receive.

NOTHING...Or if you like, not enough to pay Albert Pujois`s salary.


Anonymous said...

I'm not big on numbers. But I do know that any oil spill in the North or in the South of British Columbia will have huge consequences on local economies which depend on fishing and tourism. You don't have to have much imagination to understand that a major oil spill from a supertanker in BC will attract huge media attention world wide. They will link it back to the fort mac tar sands; which is already largely despised the world over, and the media will just have a field day! Just like the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Tourists will stop coming to this country by the millions; just from ethical reasons, and there are already some on the internet who have said they won't come because of fort mac - which will play right into the hands of the oil companies and the Canadian Minister of Natural Resources (Joe (oily) Oliver).
Because the end result will be massive unemployment in BC - what better time to start lobbying for offshore drilling around the Charlottes? They will have us by the nuts and use it to bring in huge floating drilling rigs and further degrade the environment.

One more thing; as Grant occasionally points out: What we have; once gone, we will never get back. You can't buy a pristine environment, not even for trillions of dollars. Bad enough that fish farms have infected the wild salmon with foreign viruses, and that if you take a trip over BC by air you can see just how much of our eco-system is already gone to largely foreign interests who took not only the natural resource but also sold the jobs offshore. Now they want to pollute the ocean and destroy a way of life for what will amount to peanuts for British Columbia? No way.

Anonymous said...

Anonymouse@10:36 said:
"Unfortunately, I am actually thinking that the tar sands pipeline may be the only solution to this staggering debt load for now as this debt load for the entire country will demand massive revenues to assist us from declaring bankruptcy along with the rest of the world."
Don't believe it. Iceland refused to pay the debts run up by corrupt bankers and indeed has many bankers in court on criminal charges. (though the corporate media is spinning lies about it just as fast as they can invent a new language) Well, Iceland is just the first country to do that.

And just as the blues came from gospel, and RnB came from blues, as did jazz and Rock 'n Roll, so the groundswell of anger against the huge profits of international bankers at the expense of everyone else in the world (corporate usury) will also mature and come of age. The lid is on right now, due to the controlled media not giving much attention to protesters all over the world [time magazine only gave it publicity because they see it as a spent force in the States] but the lid will come off somewhere. There will be civil war somewhere, and the alternate media will be there to document the stories of actual people who worked all their lives and ended up with not even a pension. Greece is right on the edge - Spain, Ireland, Portugal and Italy are not far behind. People will watch even the mainstream news and ignore the slant and think, "We don't need private banks when we could have public banks where all the profits would return to the people who live here."
For example; if we had a public bank here in British Columbia, it could be used to finance all the exploitation of resources here - no 3 billion per year interest into the pockets of private banks but rather right back into our own economy. If we gave up on the fairy tale of 'globalism' being good for us, the public bank could also be used to finance just local to BC businesses which were actually owned in BC (not just having 'Canada' or 'BC' affixed to their name to make themselves more palatable to the locals). Sorry, I'm not a globalist and firmly believe that if we give away the virtual bonanza of resources we have to largely foreign corporations and countries like China and the US for some good paying jobs over a few years, then we will end up with exactly nothing.
Let me put it in plain English: BC First, Second and Third. Charge people like Gordon Campbell with crimes against the people they are supposed to represent. Hope no BC tourist in London, England doesn't decide to shoot him just for the hell of it.

Anonymous said...

No amount of money is worth the destruction of our beautiful province.

The ugly mess of, the run of the rivers is an eco disaster. Flora and fauna wiped out. The filthy diseased fish farms is another disaster. Harper and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals greed, is disgusting. They sit there with their fingers up their noses, while our sacred wild salmon are dying, from the filth of the fish farms.

As far as banks go,I never use banks. I have my accounts with Credit Unions. Harper gives, banks, mines, large company's and gas and oil corporations billions of our tax dollars. He also gives them huge tax reductions. Every dollar I can take from our corrupt governments, the happier I am.

Canada is no longer a democratic country. Canada is in a Fascist Dictatorship regime. Other country's are sick to death of Harper too. They are beginning to shun him.

Because of Harper's negligence of the F.N. people, some country's have offered donations, for, the plight of our F.N. citizens.