Wednesday, January 11, 2012

B.C. Supreme court rules in favour of the Gitxsan Nation, Elmer Derrick and the GTS had no authority to sign anything!

Breaking News....The Supreme court has ruled, Elmer Derrick and the Gitxsan treaty council had no authority to sign any deal with Enbridge......

Read the details here

More breaking news, a First Nation in Fort St James British Columbia have erected a blockade, the First Nation`s group is upset about all the resource extraction on their traditional land without receiving any benefit...

"The band office says the protestors are upset by the continued extraction of natural resources from Nak’azdli traditional territory while members of the First Nation receive little to no benefits.

The Nak’azdli say they do not have any agreements related to forestry, fishing, mining, or mineral exploration.

The protestors are allowing public vehicles and emergency traffic through the blockade site, but industrial traffic is being asked to turn around."

Details on that here..

Stephen Harper, Joe Oliver, Ezra Levant.....Now you have opened up a whole new can of worms, particularly Ezra Levant who lied on the Charles Adler show yesterday about how most First Nations were on board...

In this day of instant news and an active internet,  Enbridge, Ezra Levant,  Harper cons and BC Lying Liberals can`t spew crappolla without being called out on it...

I imagine that more and more First Nation communities will be calling out Harper`s corporate friends, revealing the pathetic resource sharing deals...Deals that leave communities broke and poisoned..

You wanted a fight Harper...Bring it on!,dish it out, let`s go crazy!


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Kim said...

Add to the fire, the fuel that is John Duncan/Harper on Attawapiskat.

Light match.

(for the record, I am not advocating any act of violence, that was figurative) ;)

Anonymous said...

Harper and the Conservative government of Canada will rue the day they started to "dictate to democratic procedures" !!!
The people of Canada will be mighty pissed and there will much ado over Harpers Arrogance and Stupidity.


Grant G said...

What Province will be next?..Will Harper stop Quebec`s fracking ban?..How about in the Maritimes?...

What if Harper stated he was going to allow nuclear built in the Maritimes, and BC, and Harper stated.."It`s in the National interest"

If We allow this there will be no stopping Harper, B.C. is the canary in the coal mine..


Anonymous said...

Grant. Just when you are becoming a Canadian Paul Bunyan in the eyes of American conservationists, a giant among men in your righteous battle against the the 'gateway to destruction', is no time to promote videos like 'don't wanna be an American Idiot'. Especially as your average American idiot is very similar to your average Canadian idiot insofar as we are all *sensitive* idiots.

Grant G said...

Try the link again, I think you`ll approve of this one.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you've heard about Harperite and former Enbridge lobbyist Ken Boessnekool coming to work for Clark -

Grant G said...

Yes I heard, actually it`s a good thing, Christy Clark has tipped her hand on Enbridge..

Any BC Party that pushes Enbridge will be slaughtered at the polls.

Kevin Falcon has already revealed his support for Enbridge...

Here`s the deal, people come to BC to retire, they come to BC for it`s natural beauty..

Think about our slogans..

"Super natural British Columbia..Beautiful British Columbia"...Even the pathetic BC Liberal one.."The best place on earth"

Christy Clark was ORDERED to hire him, Harper gave Christy her marching orders...

But here`s the deal, Harper is falling fast in the polls, Christy Clark has hitched her wagon star that`s turned into a black hole..

Harper has bailed on National healthcare and is slashing every ministry by 10%, Harper is now a pariah!

Whoever is advising Christy....They can`t read public sentiment, all is good.

Good Day

Grant G said...

Ooops, sorry about the typo

But here`s the deal, Harper is falling fast in the polls, Christy Clark has hitched her wagon to a star that`s turned into a black hole..

Anonymous said...

But Grant.

Boessnekool is a Conservative who lobbied for Enbridge. I feel as though, Bossnekool will be governing BC to favor Harper. We know how arrogant and stubborn Harper is. He is desperate to get the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty oil tankers into BC. I'm not understanding why you say, Boessnekool is good for BC?

Don't forget what Harper said. I am the government. I am the law, and I make the rules. How do we stop Harper from doing anything? He has the majority.

Grant G said...

Would you rather Christy Clark pretend something else?

How do we stop Harper?

It`s called a 100,000 person human blaockade, it`s called storming the BC legislature, it`s called civil disobedience for the right reason.

"It`s not anarchy to fight for your children`s survival"

meadowlark said...

I'm not worried about Christy pretending. There is a rumor, Boessenkool could lobby the Enbridge pipeline to an off shore owner, who would hire Enbridge. Which country owns a huge chunk of the dirty Alberta tar sands?

Harper is one evil s.o.b. There isn't anything I wouldn't put past him. I guess time will tell.