Monday, December 16, 2013

Enbridge Will Kill British Columbia

British Columbia will never allow Enbridge to destroy our natural resources, Enbridge can drop dead, the Alberta Government can piss in the wind and the Federal Conservative Government can be reduced to third party status..



The Enbridge pipeline from Edmonton to Kitimat has to cross a 1000 rivers and streams, all of them fish bearing, the inevitable offshore oil tanker spill will make extinct our Orca whales, we lost half of them with the Exxon Valdez tanker spill, and the Exxon Valdez was a tiny spill, the tankers proposed going into Kitimat are 4 times the size of the Valdez....

The propaganda from the Federal government, Alberta government and Enbridge is just that, Propaganda, oil is $100 dollars per barrel, oil was $25 dollars a barrel in 2001, Alberta is running a $4billion dollar deficit this year, the Federal Cons are running a $50 billion dollar deficit, the Federal Government is getting out of our National  health care, Harper is cutting every ministry by 10% in the coming year, and on the 1st of January/2012 Stephen Harper lowered corporate taxes again, only China, big oil and the Koch brothers will prosper....

This is the battle, Harper will fall on Enbridge, Christy Clark Campbell Liberals will fall on Enbridge, John Cummins will fall on Enbridge, the NDP will take power both Federally and Provincially in  (BC)....

Big media is deliberately lying to you, check out the biggest oil producing countries in the world, their people are poor, impoverished, poisoned environment, big oil is the big lie, not here, not BC, not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

Stephen Harper is punishing us by not letting us out of the HST, now Stephen Harper wants to destroy our Province and extinct our one of a kind animals, our pristine coastline, People will die in this fight, the last straw is big oil taking our land, our heritage, our soul, they better be prepared to take our corpses.

Email Joe Oliver and tell him to.....

Come and join the party dressed to KILL 

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open 


Anonymous said...

Hi Grant,

I hope you have a better year then you had last year. Gwen Morgan, Pat Daniels
are economic and enviromentel terrorist they don`t care if they turn the planet
into a toilet bowl and we are at the bottom of the bowl.

What we need is a hunting season on this scum no bag limit,CEO`S AND
BOARD MEMBERS wanted dead never mind alive.

As of 2011 the biggest export of every thing that the USofA IS NOW refined
fuel,diesel, gasoline.and jet fuel. So much for drill baby drill to bring the price

I will see you on the front line with the rest of patriots

Walter v E.

Grant G said...

Thank you Mr. E

Your heart is true, I looked into your soul when we met..

I liked what I saw.

Good Day

Gary E said...

Hi Grant

Have you followed the hypocracy with the Feds whining about the "outside" interested people not wanting the pipeline? And all the while the supporters are from places like Holland, Norway, and a bunch of other European countries.

Grant G said...

That stance has already backfired on the Federal Conservatives and the sham outfit ethical oil...

Norman Spector on the Bill Good show today(A staunch Conservative)stated...

"The Harper Government and Enbridge are making a big mistake"

The Enbridge pipeline and Harper`s stance will bring down the Conservative Government in a thud.

A Federal NDP Government can remove the pipeline, reimburse Enbridge and put a stop to it.

This is the biggest fight in Canadian history.

BC Mary said...


You have a colleague in Rafe Mair today ... did you read his column? It's the best he ever wrote, and the best The Tyee has published ... much like yours.

Have a look (it's at my place, too) and add your voice to his "Stopped in Our Tracks by a Sham Democracy" His final line is addressed to Premier Photo-Op:

And how long do you think the public will take this shit without fighting back?

Good on you both!

Grant G said...

Yes I read it Mary..

I been fighting back at opinion 250..The Vancouver sun, all of them..

We must have a huge rally at the BC Legislature when it opens, and when the hearings reach Vancouver we must flood the streets.

All bloggers, all concerned, we must organize, even if B.C. has to separate from Canada...

This project Mary will bring down Governments.

Good Day

Anonymous said...

Here is a copy of the email sent this morning.
I have removed my personal particulars only - otherwise this is what was sent.
Doubt that it will do much good, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.
The present Canadian Government is making a big mistake trying to ram it through. They will need to bring out the military to help police the trouble that will ensue.


----- Original Message -----

Cc: Premier of BC ; Stephen Harper
Sent: Monday, January 09, 2012 9:30 AM

Mr. Oliver,

With regard to your latest press announcement over the Northern Pipeline project and your lame assertion of "radical environmentalists " !!!!!!!!!!

It seems that you do not care about the world in which you live. The rest of the world is concerned - yet Canada isn't ??????????
Obviously the Conservative Government of Canada is led by corporate dictates and not by doing what is best for Canada. The world sees Canada as a failing grade country where environment and future generations are concerned.
The links below illustrate just how bizarre the Conservative government have become - by blaming the radical environmentalists for their own shortcomings. Please sir, get real and own up to your faults ( extreme Conservatives).
As a Canadian that is approaching 70 years of age, I despair over the future for Canada and indeed the world, as we have come to know it. The future is bleak and barren. Companies and governments lie as much as, if not more than, the average person - classic example is Gordon Muir Campbell - the former disgraced premier of British Columbia, who was appointed High Commissioner to the UK for his service to the Canadian government. The premier who achieved an all time record low poll of just 9% approval and was forced to resign because the public of British Columbia no longer trusted this dishonest psychopath. The premier who was the worst fiscal manager that British Columbia ever !

My - how low the standards have fallen under the Conservative Governments eh !!!

Thank you

To: Joel Connelly ; Washington Post ; Wall Street Journal ; Toronto Star ; ; The Tyee ; The Oregonian ; Sydney Morning Herald ; Sun newspaper ; Seattle Times ; San Fransico Chronicle ; Sacremento Bee ; Ottawa Citizen ; Observer ; New York Times ; National Post ; Montreal Gazette ; Mick Kearns ; Maui News ; London Times ; LATimes Editors ; LA Times ; Independent ; Honolulu Star Advertiser ; Guardian newspaper ; Daily Telegraph ; Daily Express ; Chicago Sun Times ; Bellingham Herald ; Asia Times
Cc: Stephen Harper ; Premier of BC ; Mike Farnworth ; Adrian Dix
Sent: Monday, January 09, 2012 8:46 AM

See links below for details

Anonymous said...

Grant G said...

You might find this interesting, I have a direct link in my side-bar, it`s called the Big Gamble(in my side bar)..

Anonymous said...

Being pro environment is not radical, it is, however, logical. Being anti-environmetal is extremist and dangerous. Although I believe we need the cash flow, because of what Harper has done (and the Libs.), sorry, but not at the expense of a thousand rivers and lakes.
A Victoria protest is necessary to teach Harper and the Koch brothers (as well as the neo repubs in Washington) that Canadians are NOT pussies.

Anonymous said...

Why would Harper praise the Conservatives as good economic managers while shipping raw crude out of the country for processing? These Con/Alliance/Refomers are way past their due date. They drop corporate taxes, create a fiscal crisis, push P3's, plan megaprisons and now are forced to slash government services, with plans to ruin medicare. They are governing to destroy Canada's economy the same way Gordnoccio and the Fraser Institute bankrupt BC Hydro, one of the best power companies on the planet . These guys are an economic train wreck and could not run a lemonade stand.

Don F. said...

Time will tell but I don't know if it will come down to a fight to save this province. if it does than of course we will!
They are pissing off a lot of people in the world right now with their Ethical oil bullshit, a lot of whom they are not in the same league with when it comes to hardball. in fact I would venture to say they are right out of their league on this one.
Canada just might get the title of environmental terrorists and be taken over if they don't calm down, and who could blame them if they gave us that title?
All I can say is between this and the salmon virus they are trying to hide it doesn't look good, all hell could break loose over these two issues.
Take care Grant

Anonymous said...

Your headline is backwards, it should read "British Columbia Will Kill Enbridge".

Anonymous said...

These filthy pipeline promoters should be made to sign a paper making them criminally and financially responsible for the huge damage they are trying to cause. What about it Oily Joe? Will you sign a paper guaranteeing that you and Stevie Nutbar and the rest who are promoting this monstrosity go to jail when the inevitable happens? If not, you don't even believe your own propaganda.

Anonymous said...

The spokesperson for Enbridge the other night on TV, lied his face off. He said how BC is coming around to welcoming the pipeline. If Enbridge can blatantly lie like that, a piece of paper signed by them is useless. They lie just as bad as Harper and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals do.

Enbridge didn't even bother to clean up their disaster of the Kalamazoo River spill, and they want to string a pipeline into BC? There are earthquakes all over BC. There are avalanches, mudslides,rock slides. Floods with debris that could knock the pipeline right out.

Those are good video's Grant. People can only be oppressed for so long, and then all hell will break loose. You are right, other country's have been angered about Harper's bullying and his hissy fits, over the dirty tar oil, when he doesn't get his own way.

I'm with you. Harper, Alberta, China and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, can all go right straight to hell.

Anonymous said...

They will never listen to what the public has to say. We know how the chinese treat their citizens when they disagree with the government! Maybe Stevie is going for a few pointers? The Cons, AGAIN, are the worst government this country has ever had. Remember Mulroney?

Ali Bennet said...

no one will listen to mediocre atempts to stop this. this is not a small attept anymore that keeps being put off. its the story people will teach in history class 50 years from now IF we can stop them. if no one does, there might not be a 50 years. there might not be a ten years. we need some one to speak up, do something big. we need a hero. we need, we need a miracle. always remember what your fighting for.

e.a.f. said...

Unfortunately Harper and his cons will have no difficulty bringing in the military to deal with any protests. I am quite certain the provincial liebeals will ask them to. There is a lot of money at stake and no one is going to stop the corporations from making that money. perhaps people ought to read some of those free trade agreements. Just watch Harper call in the military. The federal Conservatives will not hesitate to declare protesters terrorists and throw us all in the tank. Our only hope is the soldiers will not fire upon their own citizens.

Nothing has changed much in this country since the dirty 30s when it comes to politics and corporations ensuring they make their profits.

Elwood said...

Grant, I am absolutely sickened by today's news. Another 4 export permits ofr LNg and fracking. Kinder Morgan filed its proposal and I heard today that Enbridge decision will be in a few weeks. How do you think the Cons will decide.

I have been telling everyone that the HarperCons and Lieberals are turning BC into a dirty petro state by stealth. Very sad. So sad.

Grant G said...

Export permits mean nothing, private energy compamies are merely consolidating their operations in hopes of selling a package deal... else to explain no company making final investment decisions..You`ld think companies would be racing..

This LNG game will soon collapse in BC.

Petronas and China are going to combine their BC resources..

BC will make nothing, and..And there isn`t enough BC Natural gas for more than 2 lng plants, even 2 lng plants are iffy.

As for Enbridge, not worried in the least, ..

Stephen Harper is down to 22% support, he`s done, and Harper knows he`s done..

In fact I believe Stephen Harper is doing his utmost to tank his party..

The reason..Stephen Harper was bribed and corrupted..

He was supposed to deliver Enbridge and Kinder Morgan..knowing he can`t deliver on any of them Harper needs to get out of dodge with his loot..

Everything is fine Elwood.


Ron said...

The other Ron..I wish not to impose on you, but I think this vid might explain a lot of shit that our governments do once these [people] get into office..... All the best...Ron Thomas