Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Enbridge Hearings can be Heard Here, Live on WebCast

Good afternoon friends, readers, contributors and of course those who cherish our fragile pristine Coastline...

I`ve come across a way to listen to the hearings, press this highlighted HYPERLINK HERE and presto, you`re there..

It`s of the utmost importance that as many sane people, as many VOTERS as possible hear what`s going on...

I will establish a permanent link on my Website.....

Please everyone concerned, use Facebook, Twitter, social networking, newspapers, radio, spread the word but even more importantly...Pass it around, don`t be shy

Here is the link again...


On occasion this link is troublesome, internet spooks and Pab-Bots are attempting to monkey-wrench the people`s right to hear what is going on.

If that link doesn`t work you can try this link that Contributor extraordinaire Hugh has provided.


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Cheers Ears Wide Open


Hugh said...

The link didn't work, I found this:


Grant G said...

Try it again, I just checked, all 3 links work for me, though some of you may have to download radio upgrades..


Anonymous said...

Thanks Grant. Links didn't work for me either. I pasted Hugh's link in and it worked fine.

Thanks for all your work on this.

Grant G said...

Heavy volume logging into the link, both links are available on this site, top right-hand corner.

Use what works, I ain`t fussy.

Thanks friends..

Bring it on, turn it up, let`s go crazy

Cheers Ears Wide Open

Anonymous said...

Hearing the F.N. speak, fighting for their lives was saddening. Salmon another staple food for the F.N. are being decimated by Harper's greed, of his permitting, filthy diseased fish farms.

We know, Herr Harper will use every dirty tactic in the book, to force these atrocities on the F.N. and, on all of BC. His henchman, Boessenkool is coming with his big guns, to force this absolutely stupid endeavor on all of us.

There have been, very recently, seven ships that have run aground, and tanker spills, and even a cruise ship.

Enbridge has had so many pipeline spills, they have the damned gall, to even show their faces in this province.

How many brain dead idiots, does BC have to put up with. We had over ten years, of the criminal Campbell's thefts. Now we have to put up with Harper thefts from us too? Bugger that.

In Durban, there were many country's angry at Harper. He went to Durban solely, to bully other country's into accepting the dirty tar oil. Harper is a pariah, on this planet. Other country's are fed up with his hissy fits, when he doesn't get his own way.

Don F. said...

Hey Grant thanks for the links.
It is hard hearing the First Nations people begging to be heard especially when you know it falls on deaf ears at those hearings. These links serve the purpose though of bringing their pleas to many who care and are listening. It is not however only the First nation people who will suffer should this pipeline and extending tanker traffic be allowed but all of us and our chidren and in my case grand children.
It boggles the mind how millions can be controlled by a handfull of greedy unscrupulous individuals who care nothing of our environment and more important our lives. It is time for not only the first nations people but all of us to make our stand and not only save our province but save our world for future generations. We must not allow this pipeline to happen period.

Anonymous said...

This just in from CNN:
Keystone Pipeline dead for now, says Obama.

islandpapa said...

and during intermissionyou can listen to the "ode to stevie"


Hugh said...

Article today:


Grant G said...

Thanks Hugh..I read that, but, Harper will probably write new legislation giving himself sole power to approve any and all projects.

That too doesn`t worry me, because that would outrage every province(Except Harperland Alberta) and most Canadians.

That would be reason enough to remove him from office.

Rumour has it that Harper broke office furniture in a fit of rage.

Also in the news(radio news, CKNW)..Elmer Derrick and the Gitxsan deal with Enbridge has been OFFICIALLY tossed out!


Grant G said...

Big media is so slow, we here at The Straight Goods have had the story for over a week..



Anonymous said...

I was wondering how Mr. Harper might react to the Keystone pipeline announcement today. Reminds me of a spoilt kid when he doesn't get his way.

I hope he gets spanked for it next election.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous January 17, 3:59 PM
"How many brain dead idiots, does BC have to put up with. We had over ten years, of the criminal Campbell's thefts. Now we have to put up with Harper thefts from us too? Bugger that."
Agreed. My question is how long do we have to put up with Ottawa period? We are the richest nation in Canada and maybe it's time we became a nation. Maybe it's time we recaptured our vote provincially so it actually means something other than the corporate money spent to influence it. I felt so strongly about it that I wrote a whole article which is included below, Grant willing.

Anonymous said...

I would argue that the only reason Canada should remain a country is because it would give us all some portion of the riches of the North. But as we have seen, our government is not controlled by us but largely by the Jewish media. We ourselves won't get those riches anyway, and our ideals of socialist health care and unemployment are being eroded as we speak.

'Ideals' are fine to bind a group of otherwise disparate people together for the financial benefit of a few but in real life why don't we get real and admit that government has, is and always will be the prostitutes of the 5% who control the press and most of the money in the world.

Time and again we have been screwed by 'leading' politicians for their own small financial or egotistic interests. Nothing will change until we get a real vote on the issues. We would be far better off to see people like Harper or Gordon Campbell of BC, or Mulroney coming, and just straight out offer them say 20 million dollars to retire to the Caribbean or anywhere but here.

Look at the FTA or NAFTA or our involvement in foreign by nature wars which the Canadian people rejected by poll but which were approved anyway by our government. We have no political power as voters in this current system of 'representative democracy'. We are the hewers of wood and drawers of water, oil and minerals while other often foreign elements reap the huge financial benefits at the expense of our resources and our ecology.

Which is why I have come around to the Quebec viewpoint: Better to stand alone as your own country than to languish in despair at the edicts of Ottawa. Better to deny media ownership and monopoly to certain Jewish or other FOREIGN groups because they don't represent your interests anyway.

Therefore, it is better to encourage Quebec separation because once they are gone other provinces may follow and at that point people will get interested in politics and demand a vote on issues. Take BC for example: Given actual control over our provincial resources and people resources we could be a hugely successful nation in our own right. (and yes, we could and should sue TEPCO and the Japanese government and anyone else (GE) involved in those outdated reactors which are currently raining ruin on the last best pristine environment in the world.) We would be far richer, far better educated and far healthier under a democratic direct democracy where we had a vote on all the issues which concerned us all and where local jurisdictions had a vote on all the issues which concerned only them. We would make so much more money if resources were controlled here and the best opportunities went to the best BC people and companies by law. Sorry, it would no longer be enough to register a company in BC - it would have to be owned in BC by BCers and hire BCers to get preferential treatment. As much of BC is unceded Indian land they would be offered the best educational and economic rights . Far better them than a nationally owned company in China and what better way to right a historical wrong? That money too, would largely stay at home for the benefit of everyone who lives here. That way the money which is ours would stay right here where it belongs. My fond hope right now is that the vast majority of the people in Greece who hate globalism will overthrow their government and tell the World Bank/IMF and other foreign predatory banks who bought their bonds cheap in the hopes of cashing in on pension funds and social services to go fuck themselves. (Same thing is happening to a lesser extent right here.) Globalism is just another word for world wide colonialism. This time it's colonialism by huge banks and other corporations but a turd by any other name is still a turd.

Anonymous said...

Continued article....

Why do you think Switzerland does so well? Not a captive country of the European Union, and their system is set up as a direct democracy - if the people don't like a government initiative it takes very little for them to arrange a referendum on that issue. 100,000 names on a national petition will trigger a referendum, so the Swiss government takes care to make laws which benefit the Swiss people. The leader of Switzerland is changed every year expressly to discourage political opportunists from getting in bed with large corporations at the expense of everyone else. Contrast that to Gordon Campbell who twice promised not to sell our provincial railway which was a publicly owned asset to benefit all of BC. And then he sold it for campaign contributions from CN Rail - owned in Texas. Here is a link to an article which if you take the time to read will give you a very good idea of how Swiss government works. http://www.currentconcerns.ch/index.php?id=925

Contrast that to Canada where we are led by the nose by the corporate media and are (except in extremely rare circumstances) given only the choice of one politician (tweedledum) or another (tweedldee) every four years. Small wonder that we are being pillaged at a rate comparable to Latin American countries of yesteryear when the CIA routinely assassinated and otherwise influenced their governments.

We in BC don't even think that we can have an effect on the rest of the world politically, but we would certainly like to control our own little piece of it and let the rest of the chips fall where they may. Any real country will control its banking to keep the banking predators out. And any real country will retain control of its natural resources and, after taking a reasoned and long term look into the future of commodities, decide that parceling them out slowly in an ever rising market (make no mistake, with China and India demanding ever more goods commodity prices will keep spiraling upward, which is why foreign corporations and even countries are buying, bribing and spying their way into ownership of that which should by rights belong to the people who live here) is the best way to maximize profits and our own future at the same time.

I will go to the next election and vote for the lesser perceived evil in the vain hope that it will make more difference than a fart in a windstorm, but I also know that my vote will mean nothing until we in BC become a separate nation. And until we here in BC have a direct democracy to destroy the current government paradigm which was and is designed for the corruption of government in the interests of those who corrupt them we will be no better off. Sorry Canada, but this isn't a democracy. This is 33 million suckers held together by a corrupt media, corrupt laws, and a corrupt government. So yes, if BC wanted to separate and wanted a real democracy by form of direct votes on the issues to curtail the current endemic political corruption both federally and provincially, I would jump at the chance. If we needed extra manpower we should provide direct BC government flights to and from the Maritimes, because they are decent, hard working people. We need to provide jobs for the unemployed and underemployed people of the dream which once was Canada. But Ottawa? Forget it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:51 pm

Couldn't have said it any better.

When will the people realize what is really going on instead of just thinking of their own little world and backyards? We are "all" affected in one way or another now, or soon.

Anonymous said...

"ethical oil"?