Friday, December 16, 2011

Time for Another Photo Op Christy Clark

Christy Clark and Pat(pledge pin) Bell earlier this year flew up to Northern BC for another photo op, they went by plane, by helicopter, with hand picked BC Pab media spinners in tow...

What was the big news?..The Kitwanga saw mill was re-opening after being idled for several years...

In typical Christy Clark fashion she boasted and bragged.....Check out the BC Liberal video of the event here, make sure you watch the part where Christy and pledge pin Bell are making flapjacks for the workers..

Well guess what, the mill has closed again because they can`t get any fiber and lumber prices have crashed(I wonder why), but the funny part is there is truckload after truckload of raw logs heading for China driving right past the mill, imagine that!

The Kitwanga sawmill in northwestern British Columbia just opened in June, but due to a swift decline in lumber demand, the mill is already taking downtime.
“We started the mill in the early summer period. All the experts leading up to that period in time were predicting stronger market outlooks,” Pacific Bioenergy president Wayne Young said. “It’s unfortunate things have softened since.”
Lumber prices have fallen this year, and Chinese demand is dropping due to an inventory build up in China.

Industry analyst Paul Quinn of RBC Capital Markets said China is known for buying and building inventory when the prices are low, then climb out of the market while prices climb.

Quinn believes we will see more short-term mill closures, but he expects this is a short-term issue.

Kitwanga Lumber applies for bankruptcy protection

December 8th, 2011 | Posted in Financial News | No comments » Kitwanga Lumber Co. Ltd. has applied for bankruptcy protection.
Kitwanga Lumber is a subsidiary of Pacific BioEnergy Corporation. Pacific BioEnergy purchased the Kitwanga sawmill in northwestern British Columbia out of receivership in the fall of 2009.
The Kitwanga sawmill had just reopened in June, but the markets softened and the sawmill closed temporarily in October. The company has said it was unsuccessful in their attempts to seek new nice markets for their specialty wood products mill, and the outlook for 2012 is not expected to improve.

Read more here


Let me say this, I don`t blame the pretend premier for the mill closing but I am sick n tired of the photo-op queen wasting $millions flying PAB and her media stooges around the Province trying to score political points.

I would like to point out something that industry experts know and what they explicitly stated above...

"China is known for buying and building inventory when the prices are low, then climb out of the market while prices climb."

If anyone thinks China will be BC`s saviour is fooling themselves, China is on the verge of a domestic housing bubble crash, their exports are falling faster than Christy Clark`s face lift.....And the news gets worse, Natural gas prices have tanked, current prices are barely over $3 dollars per unit and that means the province of BC will be short a fortune, their budget numbers were based on $4 dollar to $6 dollar per unit on natural gas...Expect at least another $400 million added to this years budget deficit before the year is out.

But  here`s the deal, British Columbia saturated the lumber market by dumping billions of raw logs into the market, by being greedy environmental sell outs they crashed the market and indirectly have led to the closure of dozens of BC mills, don`t BC Liberals understand supply and demand?....

The BC Liberals are so damn stupid with their corporate ideology, look at the natural gas price slide, here is a detailed chart....

Christy Clark doesn`t understand anything about business and even less about the Chinese...We have a finite amount of natural gas and presently there is a world glut of natural gas, Christy wants 5 LNG plants opened up, the Australians are way ahead of us and the USA is going fracking crazy too, the present price and royalty rates has BC making nothing on the gas, nothing, add  5 new massive LNG plants everywhere and the price will remain flat or worse and the Chinese will have us right where they want us, begging for crumbs!

Like I wrote about before, slow and steady wins the race and if we were smart, we would go real slow and build but 1 LNG plant and let other countries exhaust their supplies, keep the price up, british Columbia would be better of with 1 LNG plant making profits and providing decent royalties to the province than 5 plants driving down the price while ravaging the province...

Time to think long term, time to think like the Chinese!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


BC Mary said...

Poor Christy ... that one photo is worth 1,000 words, Grant.

Btw, have a look at Harvey O.'s blog. He thinks we need a spring election. I thought I had made a reasonable comment, i.e., we need a Public Inquiry on BC Rail before an election, because that's the only way we can find out how we lost BC Rail and wisely decide who best to vote for in an election. Harvey lit his hair on fire, and seems to prefer we vote blindly, not knowing. Here's what he said:

Response: Stop dreaming. It will NEVER happen under the Liberals/Clark. h.o. Like as if we'll be saddled with the BC Libs forever.

Grant G said...

Well Mary...Harvey and I usually disagree but this he`s right..

The BC Liberals will never call for a BC Rail inquiry.

As for who best to vote for.

There are two choices, BC Conservatives or the BC NDP, I prefer the latter by far.

The Liberals have to be punted out regardless of the other party`s capabilities, it`s called tit for tat, an eye for an eye...

Corruption lies and deception can`t be rewarded, the BC Liberals are the same pack of hounds who allowed this to happen, they may have a new lead DOG but they`re still pooping in the same spots.

Adrian Dix yesterday on air in Kamloops was asked directly by the first caller .."Will you hold a BC Rail public inquiry"

Adrian answered with an impassioned "Yes"

That`s the best we get Mary.

P.S....Waiting patiently for the auditor General radio and TV ads next week...This is getting interesting.


BC Mary said...

Now do the "dreaming" part, Grant.

There's a world of meaning in that "Stop dreaming" order.

Anonymous said...

I think the preemy knows her party is toast. (If she doesn't, then she is even dumber than she looks). However if she keeps clinging to her claim of non involvement in the theft of BC Rail by her benefactor David MacLean, and she wants to save her as..uh,er seat in the next election, then she would be smart to call an inquiry into the theft before she calls an election.

If she was involved, then I suspect, as do many, that she has already written the speech on how over the christmas holiday she came to the realization that the job has taken too big a toll on her family life(?) and she will be stepping down as preemy to devote more time with her son.

Gary E said...

For years now we have been watching the lies spew from this government. EVERYTHING they said they would do, they did the opposite. It started with the former chief liar saying we were going to eliminate illiteracy and earthquake proof the schools. It was just smoke and mirrors.

Every time they are called out on items like Kitwanga and others they revert to saying look what happened in the nineties.
They give negative sides like we lost 50,000 jobs. They don't tell you things like we had a NET GAIN of 30,000 jobs.
Has anyone noticed how the fast cats aren't being used as a tool anymore? Could that be because of the problems with the German Ferries lying in drydock all the time because they are worse than the fast cats ever were. (I have a copy of an engineering report that proves with minimum work the fast cats could have been refit to enable them to ply our waters, but Campbell gave these ships away refusing to fix them. Sold for less than scrap value. Given away just like our railway.
Which brings me to Marys' comment. I too noticed what Harvey said. I disagree with the way he said it. I think that if he had explained it a little further it may have been a little more palatable. The thing is, AS LONG AS THE VOTERS IN THIS PROVINCE KEEP VOTING IN THESE LIARS WE WILL NOT GET A INQUIRY. It's going to take voting them out and not voting in a clone party like the Cons.
The lies have gone on long enough BC. Wake up and look what these big business pimps are doing to you. And when the Liberals start screaming that the NDP will raise taxes, it's not the working mans taxes they are talking about, it's returning taxes to the wealthy and big business that caused the gutting of programs we are paying for.

Grant G said...

Harvey O is too stupid to imply anything Mary...He`s a racist and a dinosaur and lately..

SENILE...Time for Harvey O to vanish from the internet..

He has very little depth of thought anymore, he stopped learning a decade ago..

"You can`t teach an old dog....."


Grant G said...

Thanks Gary E...You speak the the truth, I appreciate that.

Harvey Oberfeld is a panderer, he jumps on hot button issues and sides with the masses, he puts little thought into anything..

Like the HST...Harvey O was pro HST for the longest time...

Until he realized which way the wind was blowing...

Similar to his unexplained flip flop on occupy the world...Again the wind changed and Harvey fell back in line with the MSM.

Harvey is a Gregor hater, a bike lane hater, thousands of Vancouver roads and Harvey only drives on the few with bike lanes, imagine that!

Harvey loves tar sands and pipelines and has no concept of environmental damage..

Harvey O is more worried about 2 litre pop bottle returns than the plight of wild salmon..

As for his latest post...The wind is blowing and no one likes Christy Clark..

Yet Harvey Oberfeld gave Christy Clark a...

Rave review and said she was doing a great job just a few short months ago...

Again the wind changed direction and Harvey Oberfeld leaned a new direction like wheat fields on a windy day on the prairies!

I have no time for these types..

They jump on a Tiger woods story or Michael Jackson because the story is hot...

Harvey O`s prime-time faded into the sun when he closed his mind and let the wind do his thinking.

Good Day

Grant G said...

Grant G said...

Harvey Oberfeld on the HST..

"As I’ve said before, my own greatest disgust in this matter does not concern the tax itself (I’ve always seen user-pay taxes as fairer than just piling on income taxes etc). Maybe HST is needed to keep BC business competitive with Ontario and other provinces. The disgrace is the way the issue was handled."

Harvey on Christy Clark.

Must be very windy in Vancouver!


Anonymous said...

Poor Christy.
An announcement is worth a thousand photos!!
A smile is worth a thousand lies .
A thousand lies is worth a bankrupt economy..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"China is also sending their people to school, to learn how to speak English, they will work our coal mines."
Already done. In Tumbler Ridge they have bought the rights to underground coal; beside the river, where else, have bought one of the motels in town to house their workers, are buying up property all over the place, and have no intention of hiring anyone but Chinese to work the mine. My question is - what's in it for me? Answer: absolutely nothing. There are plenty of Canadians who would work underground for the big bucks the mining industry pays in BC. But there is no way they can compete with the 'little bucks' brought in cheap from China. (and thank you Grant - I would never be able to make a comment like that on thetyee or the CBC (Canadian Bullshit Corporation)
December 17, 2011 8:56 PM

Crankypants said...

First of all, I love the photo. I couldn't possibly consume enough alcohol at a bar to even consider making a move on her.

The fact of the matter is that she is totally out of her element. She is to politics what Lindsay Lohan is to acting, plenty of exposure but for all the wrong reasons. If it wasn't for the press pimping for them, neither one of them would be known to anyone but family and close friends.

I can already predict that the next election, whenever it comes about, will be long on rhetoric from the BC Christy Party and completely devoid of substance. Let's hope that enough of the electorate that decides to excercise their franchise has enough sense to look past the fluff she is sure to deliver. If not, then BC's future looks very bleak.


Grant G said...

Glad to see back Cam..


Anonymous said...

Kinda reminds me of that seldom played Willie Nelson song.
"Went to bed last night at two with a ten
Woke up at ten with a two

I never went to bed with an ugly woman
But I sure woke up with a few"

Anonymous said...

A bankrupt company doesn't own these logs, the people of BC do. Stop this export and others now.

Anonymous said...

How can this happen and why would it be allowed? What a sham this government is and has created.