Thursday, December 22, 2011

Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Is Illegal, it Violates Federal Law.

Hecate Strait

Marine Forecast


Issued 04:00 PM PST 22 December 2011
Tonight and Friday Storm warning in effect.
Wind southeast 50 to 60 knots diminishing to south 35 early this evening and to southwest 25 before morning. Wind increasing to southeast 40 early Friday afternoon then diminishing to southwest 25 Friday evening.


Hecate Strait - northern half

Issued 04:00 PM PST 22 December 2011
Today Tonight and Friday Seas 6 to 8 metres subsiding to 3 near midnight and to 2 Friday evening.


Hecate Strait - southern half

Issued 04:00 PM PST 22 December 2011
Today Tonight and Friday Seas 8 metres subsiding to 6 late this evening and to 5 early Friday afternoon.

Extended Forecast

Issued 04:00 PM PST 22 December 2011
Saturday Wind southeast 40 knots diminishing to south 25 in the afternoon.
Sunday Wind south 25 knots becoming northwest 25.
Monday Wind southeast 30 knots increasing to 50.

Weather & Visibility

Issued 04:00 PM PST 22 December 2011
Tonight and Friday Rain


Storm tosses B.C. ferry passengers

Waves up to 10 metres hit ship, say passengers

Passengers describe a chaotic scene aboard the Northern Adventure as it was tossed in the rough waters of Hecate Strait, with people thrown out of their chairs as cafeteria dishes flew through the air.
There were no serious injuries to passengers, but the crew turned the ferry around and returned to Prince Rupert, a port on the northern mainland about 1,000 kilometres north of Vancouver

90 km/h winds in forecast


"It just started to rock about one o'clock," coach Debbie Lockland said. "Things were flying, you couldn't walk, the cafeteria was upside down, the gift shop cash register hanging."
Environment Canada weather forecasts were calling for southeasterly winds of 90 kilometres per hour during the voyage.
Passenger Tara Sjolund wondered why the ship sailed into such rough weather.

"I would say absolutely, lives were in danger," Sjolund said. "We were listing so badly from side to side. The captain got himself caught in that storm we never, ever should have been out on. "
Fisherman Wilson Brown said he wasn't sure he'd make it out alive.
"I've spent the last 37 years fishing crab out on the Hecate Strait," said Wilson. "Smart people don't go out in that kind of weather."

Crew aware of storm before sailing

BC Ferries says the crew was aware of the storm before leaving Prince Rupert.

"But it did come in faster than what was predicted, and worse than what was predicted," said Marshall

read whole story here.


Very interesting don`t you think, straight line winds, flash storms, fog, traffic, human error, terrorism, intoxication, bad judgement, inexperience, pressure, mental disorder, health emergency, mechanical, electrical, act of god.

Submarines sink, oil rigs, ferries, oil tankers, every sailing vessel ever built by man has sank. I wonder what Wikipedia has to say about our Northern coast....


Hecate Strait

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hecate Strait, BC -c.jpg

Hecate Strait as delineated by BCGNIS, along with Queen Charlotte Sound and Dixon Entrance. Red dots indicate capes and points, gray text indicates island names. The international boundary between Canada and the United States follows Portland Canal to "Point B", thence to Cape Muzon. The "A-B Line" portion of the boundary is disputed.
Hecate Strait (/ˈhɛkɪt/) (Haida language: K̲andaliig̲wii[1], also siigaay which means simply "ocean") is a wide but shallow strait between the Haida Gwaii (formerly Queen Charlotte Islands) and the mainland of British Columbia, Canada. It merges with Queen Charlotte Sound to the south and Dixon Entrance to the north. About 87 miles (140 km) wide at its southern end, Hecate Strait narrows in the north to about 30 miles (48 km)[2] It is about 160 miles (260 km) in length.[3]
According to the BCGNIS, the southern boundary of Hecate Strait is defined as a line running from the southernmost point of Price Island to Cape St James on Kunghit Island, the southernmost point of Haida Gwaii. The northern boundary is a line from Rose Point, the northeastern tip of Graham Island, to Hooper Point at the north end of Stephens Island off the mainland.[2]
Hecate Strait was named by Captain George Henry Richards in 1861 or 1862 after his surveying vessel, the HMS Hecate.[2]




Hecate Strait, because it is so shallow, is especially susceptible to storms and violent weather. The Haida crossed the Hecate Strait to the mainland to plunder coastal villages to take slaves and booty. Only the Haida knew the real nature of the Strait's workings, and so could not be followed by the tribes of the mainland. Hecate Strait, therefore, was one of the main defenses of the Haida people from attack.[citation needed]


During the last Ice Age, the seafloor in this area was a wide coastal plain stretching south to the Olympic Peninsula and including what is now Queen Charlotte Sound.[4]

Flora and fauna

The strait once contained strong salmon and halibut fisheries.
Hecate Strait is one of the few locations in the world with species from the Glass Sponge class of fauna. Regions with these sponge are currently protected from damage by commercial fishing.[5]


And this site here has a great deal of information on Hecate Strait, plus a real big map...

Remember the Queen of the North BC Ferry sinking, it too was recently equipped with the most modern navigation devices.......Nothing is risk free, nothing, here are a few scary facts about the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill, from a shocking 2003 report....

250,000 dead seabirds....2,800 sea otters...250 eagles...22 killer whales(Orca)....Billions of salmon and herring eggs, and the oil is still there.....check out page 6 of the below link for even more ugly details of the Exxon Valdez spill

But you know what, in reading the PDF file below, it talks about the offshore oil and gas drilling moratorium around the Queen Charlotte islands, "Now known as HAIDA GWAII"....The way I read this report from 2003, the reason for the moratorium was risk, blowouts, oil spills, under the moratorium the same risk exists, therefor the Enbridge pipeline to Kitimat would be illegal, as there would be no way to move the oil....

But there`s more, not only can`t Enbridge proceed on the Environmental risk alone, but there`s a bigger 800lb gorilla in the room, the PDF file specifically states as per the moratorium, ownership of the offshore area was not firmly established by any party, Federal, Provincial, First Nation Aboriginal......

Well isn`t that interesting, because I recall something that Gordon Muir Campbell did not too long ago....

First Check out this PDF file here........Because I believe it`s game set and match for enbridge`s pipeline.

Queen Charlotte Islands renamed Haida Gwaii in historic deal

B.C.'s agreement with Haida Nation includes land use, economic development

 B.C.'s Queen Charlotte Islands have officially been renamed Haida Gwaii as part of a historic reconciliation agreement between the province and the Haida Nation, Premier Gordon Campbell announced Friday in Vancouver.

The modern native name for the group of more than 150 rugged islands off the province's north coast will appear on revised provincial maps and all other official provincial documents and presentations, the premier said.

Deal spells big changes

While the name change will mean maps will have to be updated, the reconciliation agreement is expected to have more far reaching consequences for the First Nation, which has never signed a treaty with the Crown.
"After 100 years of conflict, we have set the ground for a more productive era of peace," said Haida Nation president Guujaaw in a statement released after the protocol was signed.

The agreement builds on the success of the Strategic Land Use Agreement signed between B.C. and the Haida in 2007.

It also includes $10 million for the Haida to buy out forest tenures on the islands and revenue-sharing on future resource development in the region.
The pristine islands are in the centre of B.C.'s vast offshore oil and gas fields, but development of those reserves remains under a federal moratorium.

The deal is the second such agreement announced in as many days that establishes shared decision-making on land use and economic development opportunities between the province and B.C.'s First Nations.
On Thursday, the province signed a similar reconciliation deal with six other coastal First Nations.

 Read more  here .


Well, the way I read that file, the offshore oil n gas exploration moratorium reads in in such a way that supertankers full of crude would violate the moratorium, and the biggy, not only did the Province sign a deal with the Haida Nation, the Haida had their land put in their name, ....Haida Gwaii....

Possession is 9/10`s of the law, not to mention having it re-named after you, including very recent map name changes....

That`s ownership of the land, plus the moratorium.....

Think about this, Enbridge is in a process of securing support, easement, permissions, Enbridge is working the wrong end, the opposite end of the process,  it`s completely dishonest if not illegal to secure private approval when they can`t satisfy the most basic hurdles..


Nuclear sub narrowly avoids collision with freighter off B.C. coast: report

Look, there`s a near collision with a nuclear submarine, Enbridge can`t get past the moratorium, First Nations and money backed enviro groups should file an injunction on that ground alone, for it really is that simple, Enbridge can`t satisfy the moratorium, the very basics, risk versus disaster.....Therefore the courts can shut down this project now.

Let me put it another way, .........a builder sells 300 condos on spec, the builders arranges and signs contracts to buy labour, wood, cement, contractors, carpets. window washers, the builder arranges garbage pick up, water service, electrical connection to the grid, the builder arranges everything but...

But the land is not suitable and zoning would never happen, that`s exactly what Enbridge is doing.

The project itself including the Federal Environmental review can`t be allowed to go forward, it violates the law.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


BC Mary said...

The wonderful(?) agreement with the Tsawwassen First Nation ... same concept ... say one thing, mean something else ... and not only did Tsawwassen Reserve lands turn into private land, but it also turned rich Agricultural Land into Deltaport, to be known as a Free Trade Zone. Or, as Vicki Huntingdon said, into a "Foreign Trade Zone".

Grant G said...

Different issue Mary, there is an offshore oil n gas exploration moratorium on environmental grounds, too much risk...

Ownership is a second issue, Enbridge can`t get past the first environmental issue. the reasons for the offshore moratorium can`t be removed, giant oil tankers pose even greater risk, Exxon Valdez bears that out.


Different concept, different scenario Mary,apples to oranges but I`ll leave it to the legal experts.


Anonymous said...

Remember Harper said, "I am the government". "I am the law". "I make the rules".

Harper is even above his own, tough on crime agenda. He has pardoned all his ministers who thieved our tax dollars.

To a dictator moratorium and laws, don't apply to them. Neither do the courts, judges, police, and the media matter, Harper controls them all.

Who stopped Campbell's thieving and corruption? Who will stop Harper?