Sunday, December 18, 2011

Russian Oil Rig Sinks, 50 People Dead(Breaking News)

 The Kolskaya platform was being towed by an icebreaker and a tugboat to the island of Sakhalin at the time with 67 crew on board when it was caught in a bad storm.
Emergency officials said the platform was pounded by waves up to 20 feet high that crashed through its portholes, sending water flooding into the crew's dining area.
The rig quickly filled with seawater, capsized and sunk within 20 minutes with strong waves reportedly sweeping away the life rafts before the crew could disembark. Two of the rafts were later found empty.
The temperature of the water was apparently zero degrees Celsius at the time with high winds making survival even harder.
A helicopter was dispatched to airlift the crew off the stricken rig after receiving an SOS call. But by the time it got there the rig had already sunk and the crew were in the icy water.

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“The violation of safety rules during the towing of the drilling rig, as well as towing without consideration of the weather conditions ... are believed to be the cause of the (disaster),” investigators said on their website.
The ‘Neftegaz-55’ tugboat, also owned by AMNGR, had been towing the Kolskaya and took part in the search effort, but pulled out after suffering hull damage from the high waves.

State-controlled Rosneft this year reached a major deal with Exxon to explore for oil and gas in the Kara Sea, to the north of the Russian mainland, a largely unexplored region estimated to hold over 100 billion barrels of oil.
Poor infrastructure and chronic corner-cutting in Russia have contributed to several sea disasters,
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When will Enbridge and Stephen Harper come to their senses, Enbridge northern pipeline must die..

Oil Rig sinks, 50 people dead....Rough seas, really?...rough seas, the seas in the Hecate Strait are regularly double that wave height and winds near hurricane force are almost a weekly occurrence on the Northern coast.

Disasters at sea can`t be stopped, human error and greed guarantee that!

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